Academy’s Genius Swordmaster Chapter 358

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Abduction 41. Beasts (13)


“Gagging, gasp…damn beasts…”

Lethe gasped.

A long pole served as his walking stick.

The left leg, completely crushed, seemed hopeless any longer.

‘How dare you show me mercy?’

Lethe was leaving the fortress and heading to the village.

Although he lost almost everything, he could somehow make a comeback if he preserved his life.

I don’t know what kind of wind blew, but Jaifa didn’t destroy the village or kill himself.

How dare you show mercy to me?


The sound of molars breaking came from Lethe’s mouth.

“I will definitely take revenge… I will make you regret letting me live…!”

“Big, boss?!”

At that time, a woman’s voice was heard from not far away.

When I turned my head, a familiar face caught my eye.

Lethe, who had been dumbfounded, frowned.


“How did this all happen?! “Why are you here these days? What are those scars?”

It was Vesper, one of the branch leaders of the North Wind Order.

She fainted after being hit on the back of the neck by Varen, and came to her senses only after the whole situation was over.

In a way, this woman is the culprit of this division.

Lethe’s face distorted.

“Because of you···.”


“It’s because of you, Vesper! You ruined the North Wind Alley! “The pig you brought ruined everything!”

Lethe screamed.

Even if she hadn’t been attacked by Varen’s handsome men, the North Wind Order would not have collapsed.

Unlike the other members who were dismembered to death, Vesper had no wounds on his body.

Lethe, devastated, poured out rapid-fire accusations of what she had done wrong.

Vesper, who was quietly listening to the story, covered his mouth with both hands.

“Well, then all the gang members are dead? Blantado?”

“Okay, it’s all done! Decades of planning have gone to waste! How can you take responsibility for this?!”

“Haaa… I’m glad.”

Lethe was in the midst of pouring out her anger.

Vesper suddenly covered his mouth and took out a dagger from his belt.

There was no way to resist.


The dagger dug into Lethe’s abdomen.


“After all, my eyes are not wrong.”

Vesper muttered quietly.

As she released her hand from the hilt, Lethe’s body fell forward.

The amount of bleeding was unusual, as if the aorta had been cut.

A cracked voice escaped from between Lethe’s lips.


“Why? “You have no idea how long I’ve waited for this day.”

Vesper was smiling.

She didn’t grant Varen’s request just because he was good-looking.

She had good eyesight since she was young and was able to catch a glimpse of the power pulsating within Varen’s body.

“I took you there on purpose in the first place. If you have strong powers behind your suspicious actions, your purpose is obvious. “There’s nothing else to do but infiltrate to save your colleagues, right?”

“You, you…”

“I realized long ago that the pig was not a gang member. To begin with, there have been no new recruits for the past two months. Of course, I didn’t expect it to be such a big deal.”

Vesper laughed.

I knew he was hiding his power, but I never thought that Varen Panasir had transformed into a human.

Lethe still didn’t understand what had happened.

She brushed her hair and continued speaking.

“Lethe. “My adoptive father was a werefox.”


“I was kidnapped by the Northern Winds three years ago. The reason he joined in the first place was to find his father. But when I inquired, I found out that he had already passed away in the arena. A champion who is the pride of the North Wind Dane. “Torn to pieces by Blanta.”

Vesper’s voice lowered.

It was not uncommon in the North for beastmen to adopt humans.

Unable to recover her father’s remains, she remained active in the Bukpungdan, waiting for the right moment to seek revenge.

“From the day I found out, I went to see the arena every day. To not forget the hatred. “How do you think I felt until I reached the position of branch leader?”

“Well, like that…!”

“Lethe. “If there’s one thing I’ve learned from this organization, it’s this.”

Vesper grabbed the hilt again and twisted the dagger.


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Blood poured out along with the feeling of my internal organs being cut.

Vesper put her mouth to his ear and whispered softly.

“Anyone can become an animal if they put their mind to it. Regardless of race.”

“Big… billions.”

“bye. boss.”

Vesper pulled out his dagger and turned his back.

After completing her revenge, the woman disappeared beyond the moonlight.

Lethe, who was out of breath, fell to the floor as if she were trash.

My body was getting cold quickly.

As the puddle under the boat grew wider, my five senses were cut off one by one.


I tried to protest, saying I was also a victim, but my voice no longer came out.


“It’s time to come back…”


Nemea bit her thumbnail.

Marfez, who was sitting on her shoulder, sighed.

The two were waiting for their husbands, who had gone on a diet together.

Tomorrow is already the first day of school at Phileon Academy, but Varen still hasn’t heard anything.

‘I’m sure there wasn’t a problem. Should I ask Mr. Kratir?’

There was a dark shadow under the large eyes.

It was because I hadn’t been able to sleep well since leaving Varen.

I was so worried about his health that I kicked him out, but I regretted whether I had taken too extreme a measure.

If I had known this would happen, I would have used a different method.

She was petting Marfez, who was showing signs of anxiety.

“Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve been home. “This smell I miss.”

Suddenly the front door opened.

A familiar werelion suddenly came in.

Nemea and Marfez’s eyes widened.

Varen, who discovered the two, smiled brightly.

“Oh, ma’am! Marfez! How have you been?”


“It’s been almost two months. But somehow you look tired. “If anything happened while I was away…”

“Oh my god, baby!”


Nemea interrupted and rushed over.

Varen, who had been suffocated by the intense hug, sucked in a breath.

The two stood in the entrance hall embracing each other for a long time.

Varen patted her on the back.

“I’m home. “It’s a little late.”

“You were able to contact me at least once. Don’t worry about people…! “You must have lost the weight properly, right?”

“Haha… to a certain extent. “I tried.”

“for a moment. Now that I think about it, it seems like something has changed a lot?”

Nemea, who was holding Varen, tilted her head.

The joy of reunion was so great that I didn’t even notice the change.

The body that used to be soft like pudding became harder than a rock.

When I took two or three steps back and looked Varen up and down, a completely different body caught my eye.


His jawline was sharp like a knife.

There was no more flab to be found in the once thick stomach.

The muscles that showed through the clothes were as beautiful as if they were sculptures by a master artist.

This was better than when I was dating more than ten years ago.

Nemea’s eyes grew so big that they almost popped out.

“oh my god! What the hell happened?! “How can this happen in just two months!”

“Indeed… a lot has happened. “I don’t even know where to start.”

Varen had a complicated smile on his face.

He has received 1:1 training from Jaipa for the past month.

It was the special training of Sentai Sword Saint that every warrior dreams of, but Varen was not a warrior but just a man who came to lose weight.

– What are you going to do, you’re already begging me, fluff. If you can’t come up here, there’s no dinner!

– Hehehehe, save people!

Varen, recalling the memories of that time, closed his eyes tightly.

He attempted to escape several times, but was immediately caught.

The reason I was able to undergo training similar to that of the Waffen SS was solely due to the determination to live and see my family.

“By the way, Jaifa asked me to say hello.”

“What is it, boss? “Have you two met?”

“yes. In the North… things have been greatly resolved, but the Sword Saint final battle may be held again soon.”

Varen shook his head as if he was fed up.

Jaifa has reached the point of complete metamorphosis and has become a monster that is scary to even speak of.

The sight of a glacier the size of an island being cut away to be used as a special training ground was something I would never forget until I die.

“People who are indifferent to everything are a big deal. So will the Sword Master change again? “I think Nabirose was also planning it.”

“I don’t know about that. “It’s not a strange situation no matter who gets promoted.”

“but. “Only people who have more things to see will be excited.”

Nemea twitched.

The swordsman final battle was also her favorite spectacle.

Varen, who was thinking about something, snapped his fingers.

“Oh, ma’am. “I have a big expense coming up soon. Is that okay?”

“huh? It doesn’t really matter since it’s your money. “What are you going to use it for?”

“It’s nothing special… I just want to let the sun shine in the shade.”


Nemea frowned.

This too was something that needed explanation.

“During this trip, I realized that there are still many people in the world who are struggling. “I plan to buy land in the north and create jobs for those people.”

“Ohh. It’s like you and it’s a good thing. But is it okay for someone who is already busy?”

“Professor Secret will help you. “There is no one of my people who knows more about the North than he does.”

Secrit remained in the north with Jaifa.

The reason was that there were still many curses that had not been studied and many knots of hatred that needed to be resolved.

He would lead the contingent sent by Varen to explore the remaining shadowy areas in the north.

‘It was a miraculous compromise. Anyway, he is a great person.’

Even thinking about it again, it was surprising.

Shortly after the Bukpungdan Incident, Secrit dramatically succeeded in persuading the residents of the village below the fortress.

Now, instead of relying on the Bukpungdan to survive, they would learn how to work together with the beastmen and work together in new ways.

Washing away old hatred.

‘My compatriots will also get along well.’

Jaipa was in charge of the prisoners held in the fortress.

I don’t know what method he used, but in less than a week, Jaipa guided the prisoners who were going crazy with hatred for humans.

Well, who would go against the words of the Sentai Sword Saint?

As an exception, those who sold out their compatriots and played with the Bukpungdan were purged without mercy.

Nemea said.

“Whatever happens is fine. “Because he is a person with insight, and I believe in him.”

“I’m glad you said that, ma’am.”

“It’s obvious, but what? Right, do you want some cookies? “I thought you would come soon, so I baked it in advance.”

“Oh my god, your wife baked cookies?”

“huh. I was lonely, so I tried several times, but I couldn’t make it like you. “But I worked hard.”

Varen was dumbfounded and just twitched his eyes.

Who would have thought that Nemea, who hated sweet foods, would bake cookies herself.

Then I noticed that the whole house was filled with a sweet smell.

Before long, she returned to the kitchen and handed out a plate with cookies.

“Um, is it really okay for me to eat this?”

“of course. “I came here after going through all that trouble.”

Varen picked up the cookie with trembling hands.

It certainly didn’t look that good, but I could tell right away that they had put a lot of effort into making it.



Varen took a bite of the cookie.

Sweetness spread throughout my mouth along with a crunching sound.

It was a sweet sensation that I tasted for the first time in two months.

Varen, who was mumbling, suddenly lowered his head.


“Why, what’s wrong? “Did you break a tooth?”

Nemea shed confusion.

Varen’s shoulders were shaking.

“Woah, was I too harsh? I’m sorry honey. From now on, I won’t scold you for gaining weight.”

“No… no. Just, just…”

Varen raised his hand to indicate that he was okay.

The journey of the past two months was passing before my eyes like a flash of light.

He swallowed everything he had in his mouth and grabbed his mane.

“It’s so delicious that it brings tears to my eyes.”

Varen wiped away tears.

He continued to sniffle and ate the cookies his wife had made.

Jaipa was told to eat only meat for the next six months to train, but it was none of his business.

“What is that.”

Nemea laughed.

He gently hugged his weighty husband.

The eventful diet ended successfully.

The still warm sunlight of the fall season enveloped the two people.


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