Academy’s Genius Swordmaster Chapter 351

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Abduction 34. Beasts (6)


“It wasn’t possible in the first place. “Keep in mind that this is a special case.”

The woman walking ahead made a threat.

In the end, she was unable to refuse the request and was moving to the champion’s quarters with Varen.

Torches lined up at regular intervals illuminated the dark hallway.

“Ugh… water, give me some water…”

“Kuhung! “Kaaaaaaaa!”

A voice full of pain was continuously coming from beneath my feet.

It was the sound made by prisoners assigned to the arena just downstairs.

Varen pursed his lips and suppressed his growing emotions.

I had to do my best not to recall the images of my compatriots that I had glimpsed a moment ago.

‘This place is crazy. ‘Everyone is out of their minds.’

I even forgot how hot it was.

Prisoners of war from a defeated country would also be treated better.

Human rights did not exist for the fighters locked in huge iron cages.

A necklace that could be remotely detonated was worn around the neck, and the meals distributed twice a day were far less than the capacity, so fights always broke out.

In order to eat even that, he had to crawl on all fours like an animal in front of the Bukpungdan members.

While putting my head down in the dog food bowl.

When Varen was silent, the woman continued.

“I’m not kidding, really. “If you were a little less handsome, I would have told you to stop talking nonsense.”

“···Of course, beautiful lady. “I will definitely repay this favor.”

Varen, who had smoothed out his emotions, politely expressed his gratitude.

For now, I only had to worry about the operation to rescue Secret.

The woman who heard that she was beautiful bit her lip.

“Ugh, you said that again…”

Originally, she was a woman who changed men as if she was eating a meal, but did not give affection to them.

However, the handsome guy’s repeated compliments on my appearance had the power to salvage the shyness that had sunk to the bottom.

The woman who looked back at Varen smiled.

“I know I’m pretty too, so don’t be like that. “You definitely want to do it here.”

“Haha, please bear with me. “I don’t have much time anyway.”

“Of course it’s a joke. I also don’t have any hobbies where hair flies. And since I won’t be able to go back until tomorrow morning, it would be a good idea to think of an excuse in advance to tell my boss.”

It was a powerful provocation in many ways.

Varen responded with a confident smile.

Of course, because the species itself was different, what she expected would never happen.

‘I’m glad this ridiculous strategy worked. The Golden Lion of the Empire is not dead yet.’

Varen was inwardly relieved.

Judging by the explicit response, it appears to have been very successful up to this point.

It was a great help to have been exposed to a lot of human love, even if only through books.

How much longer did I walk?

The woman reached the end of the hallway and stopped in front of the huge iron door.

“arrived. “This is the leopard’s room.”

“aha. “Still, they give me solitary confinement because I’m a champion.”

There seemed to be a custom of giving preferential treatment to champions here too.

I could tell just by looking at the fact that there was a door instead of an iron bar to protect privacy.

The iron gate, which was three meters high, was locked with a heavy lock similar to that used in a bank.

“It’s a special case among special cases. Because we fight so well, even the boss recognizes us. “At some point, my personality became calmer.”

“Can we go inside?”

“it’s crazy? No matter how well you treat them, an animal is still an animal. “If I find even the slightest chance, I will tear you to pieces and kill you on the spot.”

The woman shook her head in disgust.

As a passionate fan of the champion, she knew better than anyone else how dangerous this leopard was.

She stretched out her index finger and pointed to the small window on the door.

“I don’t know why I was so anxious to see it. If you really want to talk, just do it through this window. “Don’t even think about sticking your finger in it.”

“Keep that in mind.”

“good. Then call me? Hey, Blanta!”

Bang bang bang!

Suddenly, the woman knocked harshly on the iron door.

The sound was so loud that the hallway rang.

Before long, a response came from beyond the door.

“Miss… I was sleeping. “What?”

“You were sleeping? You have a game tonight. “If this goes away.”

“Even if you do it roughly, you will win. By the way, is this voice… the head of the Vesper branch? “What’s going on with you?”

It was a drowsy voice, as if he had just gotten out of bed.

The sound of footsteps got closer and the window burst open.

The face of a very sharp-looking Wear Panther man appeared.

‘As expected, it’s Jaifa’s personal guard.’

Varen clenched his fists as if shouting in delight.

You could guess its strength just by looking at its face.


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The huge knife scar running diagonally across his face hinted at his rough past.

Now, two years have passed and it has deteriorated, but its true nature is still the same.

A woman named Vesper, whom I now learned, tapped Varen on the shoulder.

“This newbie wants to meet you. “Handsome, right?”

“I’m not sure because I’m of a different race… but was that kind of grunt your style?”

“What do you mean, this is just wearing thick clothes? Anyway, the two of you say hello…”

That was enough up to this point.

The woman was continuing her conversation with her eyes fixed on Blanta.


Varen’s hand blade flew like a thunderbolt and struck her in the back.

“100 million.”


Her eyes rolled back with a dull sound.

Blanta was shocked by the sudden action.

Varen held the woman’s falling body.

‘Fortunately, the. ‘He’s not dead.’

Varen was relieved to see that he was breathing.

With this, the kindness I mentioned earlier was repaid.

If I hadn’t helped you get here, I would have killed you right away.

Blanta made a fuss again.

“What are you doing all of a sudden?! “You’re doing this just to make fun of me!”

“Nice to meet you, Blanta. Since I don’t have time, I’ll get to the point. “I will get you out of here, so please help me.”

“What? help?”

“yes. I heard that you are from Zaifa’s Waffen SS. There’s someone we need to rescue right away, and we’re with the boss of this organization, so we need force. “I don’t know how big it is, but it seems like it should be at least an arena champion.”

Varen, who laid the woman on the floor, began to talk about the situation.

As the conversation progressed, Blanta’s eyes widened.

After a while, after hearing the explanation, Blanta pressed his face against the iron bars and shouted.

“Secret is here?! “Is this the secret I know?!”

“That’s right. “You are one of the heroes who saved the North.”

“That new-found nobleman was Ujja… and then I found out. I understand the situation. But how are you going to get me out of here? “Do you have your keys?”

A thick finger pointed to the lock on the iron door.

Perhaps because it was a lock to trap a champion, the difficulty level of unlocking it was also champion.

“There is no key. “But I think I can do something about this.”


“It’s dangerous, so would you please stay away for a moment?”

Suddenly, Varen clenched and opened his fist several times.

I had been gathering my strength earlier, but I had doubts about whether it would work out well.

He held the lock with both hands.


My heart started beating rapidly.

The sound generated by the pulsating aura penetrated even the lumpy flesh and resonated outside.

A golden color seeped out onto his thick palm.

I didn’t care about the sweat pouring down like rain.

Varen slowly increased his pressure on the lock.


“What are you doing?”

Soon, Blanta’s eyes widened.

A crack was forming over the lock.

The light coming out of the spider web-like marks had the same golden color as before.

By then the cracks had covered half of the lock.

Varen took a deep breath and let out a roar.



At the same time, the lock wrapped in light exploded with a loud noise.

Debris flew through the darkness and landed throughout the hallway.

Blanta, who had gone over screaming, stuck out his face again.

He laughed when he saw the shattered lock.

“Sir, are you really human? “I don’t think even our captain can do this.”

“Whew, wow… for now, that’s right.”

Varen hesitated.

I don’t know why, but my pants felt baggy.

Although more than 70% of the available aurors were used, it was somehow successful.

The iron door opened with a screeching sound.

“This guy is really crazy. “Come in first.”

“…I will take care of you.”

“okay. “If you lock it from the inside, even golden horses won’t be able to come in for a while.”

Blanta pulled Varen, who was staggering.

His whole body, finally revealed, looked worthy of a champion.

Only the upper body is removed, wearing leather pants.

The Were Panther’s unique flexible yet wild muscles were sufficient to join Jaipa’s royal guard.

That would be possible.

Varen was looking at Blanta with pride.

His eyes stopped at one point.

‘···A necklace?’

The bomb necklaces that all the other prisoners were wearing were not visible.

Hanging around her slender neck was a gorgeous choker made with delicately woven gold.

They were not shackled or handcuffed, which suggests they were being managed with some other device.

Only extravagant jewelery glitters on the wrists and ankles.

‘no way.’

Suddenly, goosebumps ran up Varen’s spine, as if a ghost was licking the back of his neck.

Just as I was about to say something, a deep voice rang out.

“Ohh. “You are the rat who was captured along with Secret.”


Varen froze.

It wasn’t Blanta’s voice.

When I belatedly came to my senses and looked ahead, a room as luxurious as the bedroom of a nobleman came into view.

There was no shortage of space filled with luxurious furniture and decorations.

“you are···!”

Varen looked in the direction the voice came from and sucked in a breath.

A man in a red coat was sitting on the sofa with his legs crossed.

At his feet lay a bloodied Secret, tied tightly with rope.

“This is Lethe, the leader of the North Wind Order. Nice to meet you.”

“Oh my god, Professor!!”

The man greeted him, but that didn’t reach Varen’s ears.

His body reflexively jumped.

It was indeed an incredibly agile movement for a human being, but unfortunately, it was Zaifa’s former Waffen SS that was holding him down.

“Eek. “Where?”


Blanta bent Varen’s arm back.

He fell forward and landed face down on the floor.

Secret, whose eyes met, chanted in a cracked voice.

“Baren…why are you here…?”

“Professor, what on earth is this…!”

I didn’t understand the situation.

Exactly, I didn’t want to understand.

The leader of a group that treats beasts like beasts and the Jaipa royal guard are in the same situation.

Blanta chuckled while holding Varen.

“Hey, I heard you almost got screwed. If it weren’t for me, wouldn’t you have laughed?”

“This too must be fate. “What an unlucky guy.”

The man who introduced himself as Lethe smiled.

He got up and crouched down in front of the two people.

“Don’t you think we have something to talk about? huh?”


“Tsk, it’s definitely around here.”

The black weretiger clicked his tongue.

The black body looked like a shadow was standing there.

The surrounding area was all red, so the unique black color seemed even more emphasized.

The dismembered corpses of monsters and people were strewn everywhere.

The blood that was flowing down the ice could not overcome the cold of the Alcalto Valley and turned into icicles.


A member of the Northern Winds was held in his hands.

The man’s face, holding his neck with only his index finger and thumb, was red as if he was about to explode at any moment.

Were Tiger asked.

“Hey. You really don’t know? Don’t you guys have an organization too?”

“Mall, la…sa, considerate…ok.”

The man shook his head.

At the same time, Wear Tiger tightened his fingers.


The body with the broken neck bone was limp.

“Anyway, you’re bothering me.”

Were Tiger sighed.

He was very uncomfortable now.

It was because he lost in a sparring match with his fateful rival a few days ago.

‘What on earth did that elusive snake do? I felt like I had gotten younger somehow.’

No matter how long it had been since I last saw him, he had become so strong.

The southern swordsman who had brutally defeated him returned to Phileon Academy with a bright smile he had never seen before.

He was so motivated that he wanted to focus on his training, but unfortunately, he was assigned the important responsibility of managing public order in the North.

After shaking off the blood on the scissors, Jaipa walked back into the valley.

“Well, if you keep killing them, something will come out.”


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