Academy’s Genius Swordmaster Chapter 349

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Abduction 32. Beasts (4)



Varen’s eyes widened.

Dozens of prisoners were imprisoned in iron cages.

Their haggard faces had number tags on their ears that looked like those used on livestock.

There was a terrible stench in the filth-strewn interior.

‘To me too…!’

When I looked closely, I saw that he too was handcuffed.

Because it was manufactured for use by prisoners, it was excessively large and heavy.

The old werewolf who had spoken to Varen asked the question again.

“At first, I thought he was a compatriot, but he turned out to be just a very overweight person. “How did you get caught?”

“···I don’t remember very well. “I remember being attacked… but where exactly is this place?”

“We too were brought in blindfolded, so we don’t know where we are. But I know the future is bleak. Haha… I never thought I would be captured by the Northern Winds.”

The old man sighed.

His pure white beard was drooping.

Varen tilted his head at the unfamiliar name.

“North Wind Almond?”

“What, aren’t you from the North?”

“I’m sorry, but that’s true.”

“Well, it’s only recently that it started getting rampant, so you might not know. One of these northern indigenous groups. “They are a people who view beastmen as beasts, not people.”

The old man continued his explanation in a cracked voice.

To put it simply, the Bukpungdan were extreme racial discriminators.

Extremists who discriminate against not only beastmen and other sub-races, but also humans from places other than the North.

In the distant past, their ancestors were indigenous people who were defeated in a power struggle with the beastmen and were pushed to the border.

“It’s not that I don’t understand their hatred. Before the empire began its conquest of the North, humans had to live through painful days. But it was our distant ancestors who committed the sin, not us.”

The old man sighed.

The light in the eyes that had lost hope had long since gone out.

A hunter, he was kidnapped along with his grandson while chopping firewood.

Now, he is awaiting disposition along with other victims.

The main job of Bukpungdan was to kidnap beasts wandering alone and treat them as livestock or sell them as slaves.

“It’s been over ten years since Barka died…”

Varen sighed.

I didn’t know something like this was still happening.

Treating people like livestock just because they are of different races?

In fact, discrimination was almost non-existent not only in the empire where the policy of racial harmony was fully established, but also in the large cities of the north.

“Is the Empire doing nothing?”

“summer solstice. Why wouldn’t you do it? However, even on a sunny land, shadows are cast. “In a place like this where not only the power of the emperor but even the sword of Jaifa cannot reach.”


For a moment, the name Jaifa flashed through my mind.

I’m sure we had a similar conversation the day before yesterday.

Forgotten memories suddenly surfaced.

Varen, very excited, asked as he held on to the iron bars.

“Yes, that’s right! Have you ever seen Professor Secret?! “It’s a wearfox with silver fur!”

“Secret? “I’ve heard this name somewhere… Are you referring to that curse scholar?”

“yes! I was captured with him. He was definitely with me when he was kidnapped…!”

“I’m sorry, but I haven’t seen you before. It’s unfortunate news for you, but if it’s such an important person, there’s a high possibility that it was stolen separately. “There is room for political use.”

“Isn’t that possible…isn’t there some way? “It’s time to take advantage of the opportunity… Ugh!”

A burning headache suddenly struck Varen.

He leaned against the bars, clutching the back of his throbbing head.

The texture of the hair instead of the mane was still unfamiliar.

“Are you okay? From my perspective, I don’t think it’s time to worry about others. “Isn’t that a knife mark on your stomach?”

“I’m fine… Ugh.”

“He is a person with grit.”

Varen waved his hand.

I once again realized how fragile the human body is.

I can’t believe I should feel this pain just because I was hit with a stick a few times.

Varen, who had managed to shake off his headache, was about to say something more.


Suddenly, the door was opened roughly, and three men, led by a bald man, came in.

“noisy. You trash. “Why did you fall asleep talking so much about Miju?”


“Be gentle before I turn you into a stuffed animal. It would be the last time I would be able to be comfortable. ”

Silence fell.

The frightened beastmen curled their tails.

They were wearing the same red coats as the kidnappers.

Judging by the key hanging from the bald man’s waist, he seemed to be acting as a guard.

The bald man’s gaze, which was looking around, stopped at Varen.


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“Ah, you’re awake. I’m glad I didn’t fall for nothing. “I guess the treatment went well.”


“okay. I can’t wait for the guy who killed our colleague so cruelly to be treated well. “You will live to experience hell.”

The bald head growled.

Varen asked in shock after hearing the word murder.

“Now, wait a minute. What does that mean? “I committed murder?”

“What’s wrong? “This is completely crazy.”

The guard laughed.

I was so shocked that I couldn’t even speak.

He was the one who witnessed the sight of Randolph’s head being smashed back and forth.

“At first, we tried to accept him as our colleague. I thought that if I had the stamina of yours, I would be able to fight to some extent with furballs. “A monster that kills people with one punch.”

“With just one punch, that’s impossible…”

I remember hitting someone, but I didn’t know they died.

I was in such a state of disapproval.

Did you hit it that hard?

“But I changed my mind. It’s no different from a discarded animal that kills people but doesn’t remember them. “We are not merciful enough to accept beasts as companions.”

The guard rolled his slitted eyes.

Varen’s plan to recruit the North Wind Troupe was canceled unanimously.

Now, only a cruel fate remained for him.

“You will work in the mines until you die. He won’t be locked up for as long as you think, so don’t worry too much. “The furballs I work with will eat you within three days.”

“Oh my god, do you even run a mine?”

“Is it just the mine? Farms, salt farms… there are plenty of places to feed the strong furry creatures. “There is no need for a salary, so there is no business left like this.”

“It’s terrible.”

Varen sighed.

The scale of the organization seemed to be larger than expected, to the extent of running a separate mine.

Well, the equipment like the net crossbow was unusual.

I never thought I would experience something like this after coming here to lose weight.

Suddenly, the guard took out a key.

“Wow, you seem quite shocked. Then please follow me slowly.”

“Are you leaving right now? To the mines?”

“okay. “Unlike the fox, you are of no particular use.”

The guard chuckled.

The prison door opened with the sound of a key turning.

Varen’s eyes widened when he heard the word fox.

“If it’s a fox… is Professor Secret still alive?!”

“Who dared ask questions! “Do you want to leave this place?!”

“S-sorry. Please let me know. “He is a very important person to me.”

Varen bowed his head.

The guard, seeing his forehead hit the floor, smiled in satisfaction.

Subduing the weak was always a pleasant experience.

“Where is the strength you had when you beat Randolph to death, you coward? Well, he’s going to die soon, so should I tell you something special?”

“please. Please have mercy…!”

“Yes, he is alive. We didn’t know it, but he was a lot more capable than we thought. He showed it to the boss and he loved it. “Maybe he thinks it will be an important political card.”

The guard said that Secret was being held captive by the leader.

It may be a very different image from what is commonly thought, but first of all, it is also a ‘negotiation’.

Varen’s eyes became blurry.

He muttered in a wet voice.

“Haha… I’m really glad. “You’re alive.”

“There is no reason to kill even a wandering animal if it is useful. “If your curiosity is resolved, come out now.”

But there was no time to feel relieved.

The guard who answered the question immediately opened the door of the cage and pulled Varen out by his hair.


“Hahaha, it’s time to go to hell!”

Varen groaned in pain as if his scalp was being pulled out.

The fact that strength was his trade did not seem to mean that he had bought the position of a jailer with money.

The two colleagues who came in together were aiming at Varen with a crossbow from behind.

The guard turned his attention to the prisoners and shouted.

“Oh, you’re all going to go to the arena. “I will send you away after I dispose of this pig, so be prepared!”

“Two, an arena…!”

The faces of the prisoners turned white.

Although it had only been three days since he had been caught here, he knew well about the arena’s notoriety.

Occasionally, cheers and screams echoing beyond the wall could be heard coming from the arena.

“Don’t do this! “What on earth did we do wrong?”

“Please at least send my daughter to the farm! “I don’t care if I go to the arena or get taxidermied!”

“Ugh! mom!”

Soon, there was a commotion in the quiet room.

Sending someone to an arena was like a death sentence.

Average survival time is one week.

It was one of the most terrible places in Bukpungdan, where people fought and died as entertainment.

The gang members were admiring the prisoners in despair with expressions of joy.

It was the moment when the eyes of the two men holding the crossbow were all focused on the prisoner.

Varen, who had been hanging his head down, got up from his seat.



It was thanks to him lying down and quietly narrowing the distance.

Varen had already reached a distance where he could catch the guard.

The murder occurred in an instant.

Varen waved his handcuffed hands upward.


The guard who had been hit directly in the chin soared into the air.

The body collided with the ceiling and fell to the floor.

“Ugh. “Ugh.”

“What is this!”

Two colleagues gasped.

When I turned my head again, the situation was already over.

The guard’s body, which had been shocked from top to bottom, was already damaged beyond repair.

Strangely twisted limbs.

The cervical vertebrae that tore through the philtrum and protruded were as white as milk.

“You pig!”


The men belatedly pulled the trigger.

Varen rushed forward, covering his face with handcuffs.

Because it was made for use by prisoners, it was very heavy.

Enough to easily block a crossbow.


Both crossbows bounced off, leaving only scratches on the handcuffs.

The men immediately drew their swords, but the distance had already narrowed.


The men in front of Varen screamed.

It seemed like a round rock was rushing towards me.

I wanted to avoid it, but it was already too late.


Varen’s stomach, which swallowed the two people, crashed into the wall.

Silence came along with the crushing sensation.


That was the end.

Varen slowly pulled away.

The front of the coat was covered in blood.

Two corpses with broken bones all over their bodies slid down the wall.

He breathed a sigh of relief.

“Whew… it’s true that you will get used to it over time.”

Aside from the headache, my strength was coming back.

This was something I realized after hearing that he had unconsciously sent a human being with a single punch.

The halo of light that shimmered over Varen’s shoulder disappeared.

A very small amount of miraculously manifested aura allowed him to run rampant while wearing prisoner shackles and handcuffs.

Although his strength was mediocre compared to his original body, it seemed to be enough to overcome a crisis.

The prisoners were completely frozen.

I thought the fat human was jumping, but in an instant, three members of the North Wind Troupe died.

“There you go. “What on earth is that power…?”

The first to come to his senses was, of course, the old werewolf.

Instead of answering, Varen took out the bundle of keys from the guard’s hand.

He said as he unlocked the iron cage that imprisoned the prisoners.

“Could you please take off my handcuffs? “Because I couldn’t reach it.”

“Yeah, that’s right. “Come here.”

The old man did so.

The shackles and handcuffs fell from the body with a heavy sound.

Varen smiled after wiping the brain fluid from his face.

“thank you. I would advise you to escape, but would you please stay here just in case? “If you bolt it up, you’ll be able to hold out for some time.”

“I will do that…what do you plan on doing?”

The atmosphere was completely different from before.

Varen’s sharpened eyes were shining golden.

“well. “I want to get rid of all this trash as much as possible, but…”

Varen trailed off.

If my body was normal, I would have been wiped out before something like this happened, but right now the situation wasn’t so good.

He approached the door and continued speaking.

“We have to save Professor Secret first.”

Varen Panasir.

The Duke of Bryn Hills, the richest man of the empire.

A man who was once a nightmare for poachers.

His ‘expeditions’ spanning decades included not only eliminating villains but also rescuing hostages on numerous occasions.

Varen pulled the doorknob and recited the line he always said.

“Do not worry. “Everything will be fine.”

I just hoped that the extra fat wouldn’t grab my ankles.


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