Academy’s Genius Swordmaster Chapter 348

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Abduction 31.

Beasts (3)


“Didn’t you hear the old man tell you to stop there?”

The sound of loud laughter echoed through the valley.

Varen and Secret turned their heads at the same time.

On the cliffs rising on both sides, about fifteen or so assailants were positioned.

“What about you?”

Varen hesitated.

The unidentified strange group was comprised entirely of humans.

It looked like some kind of organization, with a similar outfit as if it had been printed out.

The crossbow on his back and the red coat that seemed to be dyed with blood gave off an ominous look.

The man wearing goggles shouted in a mocking voice.

“That’s none of your business, you pig. launch!”

At the same time, two gunmen aimed their crossbows.

With the sound of a string snapping, two crossbows were fired towards Varen and Secret.

Although it was a lightning strike in broad daylight, Varen was internally relieved when he saw the scene.

‘Phew, this is easy.’

Fortunately, my visual acuity was the same.

Were Lion’s keen senses were able to easily read the crossbow’s trajectory.

It seemed like all he had to do was repel what was aiming at him and lightly push away Secret.

Varen, who was confidently trying to stretch out his arms, tilted his head.


Something was strange.

My body didn’t move as expected.

My mind had long since grabbed the crossbow, but my arm was still in front of my thigh.

It seemed that the human body could not keep up with the were lion’s senses.


I can’t stop it like this.

Varen’s face turned pale as he belatedly sensed a crisis.


Death was just around the corner.

The arrowhead, which was several times larger than the one commonly used, seemed like it could catch even a whale.

Varen noticed that the crossbow was aimed precisely at his heart.

He was imagining a terrible ending.


Suddenly, crossbows exploded one after another and a huge net was spread.



It was an instant.

A net spread out like a grip hit Varen and Secret.

After confirming that they were neutralized, the gunmen disappeared from sight.

“Oh my…!”

“This isn’t very good.”

Secret muttered.

No matter how hard I struggled, the net only became tighter.

It seemed to be a specially made object like Caribolo’s noose, as it barely felt any weight.

“Gotcha! “There are two from Daetbaram, so you’re lucky today, aren’t you?”

“Kekeke, the boss will like it.”

The gunmen who came down from the cliff surrounded the two people.

It seemed quite happy to see them smiling and giving each other high fives.

What are they doing?

I don’t think it’s just a bunch of thieves.

Varen rolled his eyes trying hard to understand the situation.

Secret, who was lying down in the same position as he was hit by the net, opened his mouth.

“Look. “The charlatans.”

“What is it, fox? “Do you know us?”

“I know. Isn’t this the home of the North? “I didn’t know that they expanded their territory to the Alcalto Valley.”

Secret nodded.

It seemed like he knew the identity of the assailants.

The gangsters seemed to like the title Teojudaegam so much that they took a silent attitude of listening.

“I say I am Secret. I came to collect materials to lift the curse of Barka Turgeng that still remains in the north. “If you need money, I’ll give it to you as much as I have, so why not just let me take the materials inside the valley?”

“Oh… I’ve heard of the furry curse scholar. “Was that you?”

The man wearing goggles shrugged.

The others also began to fuss.

After thinking for a moment, the man turned his back and walked away.

“good. “Let me talk to my colleagues.”

“Thank you. “I hope we can come to an amicable agreement.”


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“Huh, it could be like this.”

Varen was impressed by the smooth flow of conversation.

I realized once again that Secret was a famous person in the North.

Even a group of bandits with unknown origins know their names.

Before long, the man who had finished the discussion stood in front of Secret.

“The story is over. “It was just as expected.”

Varen swallowed.

Seeing that his voice was bright, I thought I could look forward to it a bit.

He took out a cigarette and smoked it, scratching his head and saying.

“Everyone rejects it. “If you had any hope left, you should give it up here.”

“I expected it. “Have you still not given up your hatred?”

“okay. We don’t like hair flying. “Extremely so.”

“W-What is that…!”

It was an absurd reason.

Varen was trying to refute this on behalf of the resigned Secret.


The man who threw away the cigarette kicked Secret in the stomach.

“You arrogant bastard! “How dare you, a beast, try to negotiate with a human!”


It was an instant.

A small body wandered around in the net.

Secrit fell face down on the floor and retched.

“Oh my god, Professor!”

“Cough, calm down, Varen… It’s all because I said something unlucky.”

Secret calmed him down.

It felt like I was hit in the stomach harder than I thought.

Blood-laced saliva was flowing out from the open mouth.

“The situation is the worst, but if you don’t lose hope and will, there is definitely a way to come back alive… Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve been tied to a rope.”

“Are you saying that now? Everyone, stop!”

Varen shouted urgently, but there was no way it would work.

The assailants were trapping Secret with unerring movements.

Everyone seemed to be experts, with no hesitation in their movements.

Varen, unable to bear it any longer, shouted once again.

“Didn’t I tell you to stop!!”

“Hey man, it’s a surprise!”

It was a voice that resonated throughout the valley.

The attention of the surprised assailants was focused on Varen.

One person who suddenly saw his face frowned.

“wait for a sec. “This kid is human.”

“What, wasn’t it a fat weredog?!”

“I thought it was a werehog.”

The monsters’ eyes widened.

They definitely thought that Varen was a prisoner.

I had been fooled by his strange appearance.

“Damn, then what? Should I kill him?”

“It’s too precious of a skeleton to do that… I don’t think there’s anyone there, so if I take it with me, wouldn’t there be some way to use it?”

“I agree. “If you are a smart person, you can become a warrior.”

After discovering that Varen was human, the gunmen held an emergency meeting.

Varen once again tried to shake off the net, but this time it was in vain.

The more force I applied to the thin fibers, the more they tightened.

First, we need to save Professor Secret.

Varen appealed in a trembling voice.

“Well, if you need me, I’ll follow you. So please free the professor. Judging by the bleeding from the mouth, I feel bad…”

“Hey, you’ve been annoying me since before!”

But again, the negotiations broke down.

One woman was irritated and swung her club.



When about five dull sounds rang out, Varen lowered his head.


“Tsk, you should have quieted down a long time ago.”

After that, everything went smoothly.

After voting with a show of hands, the gunmen decided to take Varen with a vote of 8:2.

The goggled man pulled a sword from his waist.

“Hey big guy, if you don’t want to get upset, stay still.”


Varen groaned.

Fresh blood was dripping from the spot where he was hit with the club.

The assailants untied the net that bound the man while he was aiming at Varen’s neck.

“I hope you don’t take what I say as a joke. “This is a famous sword that can even rip off the skin of a werebear.”


“Well, what can a coward this big do?”

The goggle man snorted.

The blade pointed at my neck was flashing sharply.

It was a sword that made me proud every time I saw it, and had saved the lives of triple-digit numbers of people so far.

Eventually, the net fell away from Varen’s body.

“good. Now stand up and walk calmly.”

The man said.

But Varen just stood still.

My head was beaten so hard that I was dazed.

The man who was laughing was now aiming his sword at me.

Varen, who had not moved, rushed towards him.


“I knew it, you idiot!”

It was what I expected.

The man thrust out his sword without hesitation.

The size of the torso and the thick clothing made it easier to stab rather than cut.


The sword dug straight into a corner of Varen’s abdomen.

The sensation of the blade cutting through flesh was felt through the hilt of the knife.

‘I guess I’ll just kill him like this.’

The man with an evil laugh twisted the blade.

And then, it froze in place.


The blade remained stuck in Varen’s stomach and did not move.

This was my first time swinging this sword.

Even the thickest fur can be cut like tofu.

The man frowned.

“Damn it, what kind of body came into being like this…”

It was the moment when he was about to say something to his colleagues.

Varen’s body, which had stopped, moved again.


His fist fell like a meteor and landed in the middle of the man’s face.


My vision went dark.

The man hit the back of his head on the ground as if someone had pulled his hair.

The biggest misfortune of my life was that I was in a place with a rock.

The skull shattered and its contents burst out.


An eerie sound rang out.

“Oh my God, Randolph!”


The monsters were astonished.

The man’s face was so sunken that it could be used as a bowl.

Five or six pure white teeth were embedded in Varen’s fist.


Varen growled.

The assailants froze at the low-frequency sound that made their bones tingle.

Although it was not comparable to the time of Wear Lion, it was still effective enough.

His eyes wandered around and stopped at one place.

Secret was hanging limply and being carried on a woman’s shoulder.

“Monster, monster!”

He was the one who hit Varen with a stick.

Her eyes met and she started running.

Varen staggered like a drunk person and chased after the woman.

The gangsters fell over every time he swung his arm.


“You bastard! “What power…!”

“catch! “Don’t kill them, catch them!”

But if you ask whether the situation has improved, it hasn’t.

One by one, the frozen monsters came to their senses.

They did not even think about approaching and chose a strategy of shooting from a distance.

The gunmen, who had applied anesthetic poison to the arrowheads, fired their crossbows in unison.


In an instant, seven crossbows grew on Varen’s back.


The effects of the paralyzing poison were fast.

Varen tried to manifest his aura even while he was unconscious, but the power trapped in the human body could not be awakened.


He fell down on one knee.

“I dare you to move Randolph to headquarters. “I will definitely show you hell, you little pig.”

The assailants came sneaking up about five minutes after Varen fell.

All remaining ropes and nets were used up to tie Varen up.

The men who were there to carry him were swearing.

“Urajil, why is this bastard so heavy? “Is your body made of stone?”

“Wow, wow… I think this is similar to a real werewolf.”

There had to be as many as five people.

The gunmen who subdued Varen immediately began moving deep into the valley.

On the way, a lump fell at Secret’s feet and rose into the sky, but no one noticed.



Varen, who was groaning, opened his eyes.

I couldn’t tell how much time had passed.

I knew that I had swung my fist, but I couldn’t remember what happened after that.

“here is···.”

He slowly looked around.

There was an iron bar as thick as the forearm surrounding it on all sides.

The red lights shining overhead reminded me of a slaughterhouse.

Where are we?

Is this their lair?

The secret was not visible.

Varen was in the middle of clutching his throbbing head.

“Are you awake?”


“This is my first time seeing a human being captured. Did they break someone’s head?”

A cracked voice rang out not far away.

Varen looked in the direction the sound came from and stiffened.

In the iron cage right next to it, there were probably about fifteen prisoners lying around in shackles.


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