Academy’s Genius Swordmaster Chapter 334

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“···My father once killed me?”

【okay. This terrible scar is proof of that. After being cut into pieces with a knife, he fell off a cliff.】

After hearing Ranse’s question, Darman rolled up his sleeves. The inner skin was revealed to be in a much more terrible state than the externally exposed parts. The three chicas covered her mouth and retched.


【The whole body is like this. No matter how much I use, the traces of this joint will not disappear.】

Darman chuckled. Lance concentrated his mind as much as possible and waited for an opening to appear. Darman, who was silent for a moment, opened his mouth.

【But… judging by your expression, it seems like you don’t know me. Didn’t your father tell you about me? About the bloody battle that took place in the Festival of Swords.】

“I don’t know. “Someone like you.”

【This is disappointing. I thought I had a great match.】

“Aren’t you the only one who thought that? “You talk about other people a lot.”

Lance raised one corner of his mouth. It was an intentional provocation. Of course, it was true that there was no story about Darman among Ronan’s childhood sagas told by Adeshan.

【Right. That’s right…】

Darman’s face hardened. It felt like I had stabbed a sore spot. Ranse, seizing a moment’s emptiness, pulled the hilt of his sword.


Baldosul, who had him admitted to Phileon at the top of his class, was fired. To be honest, I was still embarrassed, but I knew two things. The man in front of me is the culprit of the kidnapping incident. And that it is extremely dangerous.

It was the moment when the arc-shaped blade was about to touch Darman’s neck. Kagak! The sword stopped with a strong recoil.


【Surely this was the best?】

Darman opened his mouth with a straight face. The blade was held steady between his index fingers. Lan Se tried as hard as he could, but he didn’t move, as if he had been stuck between black rocks. Darman, who was looking at Lance and the sword in turn, chuckled.

【It’s ridiculously slow. Even taking his age into account, he’s trash compared to his father. The slash from the back alley at least left a scratch.】

“Ugh…let go of this!”


Suddenly, Darman released his fingers from holding the blade. Lanse, who really didn’t know how to let go, lost his balance and stumbled. At the same time, Darman dug in and delivered a knee kick to his abdomen. Kwasik! Blood poured out of Lance’s mouth along with the sound of bones breaking.


【Now be quiet. It will be over in a little while.】

“La, Lance!”

Lance fell forward. Sechika chanted the spell almost reflexively. A dozen spears made of wind were about to be launched towards Darman. Shriek! For a moment, his blurred figure appeared behind Sechika.

【Do not intervene. On the subject of ordering.】


Darman grabbed Sechika by the hair. As soon as her magic was cancelled, she let out her scream of pain. Ran Segai, who stood up using her sword as support, clenched.


【The Archmage’s daughter is not much of anything either. I heard that your father stopped the island from falling. As expected, the blood becomes cloudy every time it passes through the stem.】

“Don’t touch that girl. Hehehe, your target is me anyway!”

【Not really. This woman also has business with someone. To Mage Asher’s eldest son.】

Darman raised his head with those words. Scarlet eyes that vaguely resembled Ronan’s were looking at the coiled snake.

Kugugugu…! Suddenly, the snake began to move with a vibration that felt like the earth was shaking. The head rising from the darkness reminded me of a mountain rising before my eyes. The snake finally looked this way and opened its mouth.

【Ah… Cell?】

【exactly. Lord of the Pandemonium. I have captured your enemy’s daughter.】

【Yes…they indeed resemble each other. Especially that hair color… the guy who took everything from me…】

The one remaining eye was shining brightly. Ranse and Sechika shrugged their shoulders at the eerie voice that made the hairs on their bodies stand on end. Only then did the two people realize who had caused the wounds covering the snake’s entire body.

“Ah, it couldn’t be the snake that my dad caught in the New World…!”

Sechika’s eyes widened. Marya once said this. He said that Asher once caught a huge snake in the New World around the time she was pregnant with him. They covered it with ice and threw it into the deep sea.

Judging by the various circumstances, it was clear that it was a snake. Sechika laughed as she recalled Asher waving his hands and saying it was no big deal.

What, Dad? That’s not a big deal?

It was clear that Darman had released the seal. Because it was his father’s seal that not even the dragon could break on its own. Suddenly, the snake that was glaring at her opened its maw and lunged at her.

【I’ll swallow you all at once! Wow!】


Sechika’s eyes widened. It was a lightning-fast movement that did not match his size. It was the car in which she, sensing her death, took her last breath. Her darman stepped forward and blocked her, and at the same time her snake stopped.

【It’s different. What is this doing?】

【Preparations will be over soon, so why not be patient. Our goal is complete resurrection, not petty revenge.】

【Hmph… If you don’t hurry, I’ll eat you too.】

【Thank you. Let’s finish it quickly and toast with the blood of these brats.】

Darman bowed lightly. He turned his head as if disapproving at the snake that was glaring at the three chicas. Breathing heavily, she opened her mouth.

“···You are trying to be resurrected. By absorbing the mana of these people. And I plan to get revenge on my parents.”

【okay. That’s the correct answer.】

“But why did you kidnap people only on the outskirts of the island? “If I had done it somewhere else, I might not have been caught at all.”

As a rational person, she couldn’t understand. Is it really necessary for her to take risks by using her system as a hunting ground? Darman shrugged his eyebrows in surprise.

【The head is useful. Since you’re going to die anyway, I’ll tell you specifically. The place where we gathered the offerings was not the outskirts of the system, but the place where the war took place.】


【okay. Between the abominable Allied Forces and the Church… Now, time has passed and the village has been restored, but the mana that was overflowing at the time remained intact and accumulated in the bodies of the residents. Do you understand?】

“Then they kidnapped mainly children…!”

Sechika, who understood what he meant, was shocked. They searched for prey in places that were former battlefields in order to obtain high-purity mana. The corners of Darman’s mouth rose.

【The quality of mana was more important than the quantity.】

“These devils. “How could you do something like that?!”

【Anyway, when we are resurrected, everything will end. And boy, if you were going to act, you should have done a good job.】

Suddenly, Darman turned his head. He clenched at Ransegai, whose eyes met his. While Sechika was speaking, he was approaching with no sign of presence to deliver a blow.


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“D-I got caught!”

Sechika was shocked. At the same time, Lance’s new model disappeared from sight. Darman’s eyebrows twitched.


The speed was twice as fast as the sword attack just before. He quickly took a defensive stance, but Lanse’s sword was already cutting through his body. Sigh! A long red diagonal line was drawn on Darman’s chest.


Ranse, covered in blood, chewed her lower lip. Her blade went in too shallow. Enraged, Darman drew his sword.

【You damn brat!】


It was an excellent move befitting his position as the head of the entire Lycoforce. Lance’s time slowed down. The slash coming at a bizarre angle once defeated even Zyfa.

‘It’s over.’

It was possible to see Geomro, but it was impossible to respond. Sechika’s screams were ringing in my ears. Everything he loved was flowing before his eyes like a river.

A loving mother and a loving sister. The friends I laughed and talked with, and the father I actually respect even now. The regret that only those who are about to die could feel glimmered in his heart.

‘Why couldn’t I be honest?’

I should have been more honest and loving. Especially if I knew it would end like this.

But it was already too late.

In the end, Lanse gave up and closed his eyes. Suddenly, white light burst out from his coat pocket.



Darman paused as the light was so strong that it brightened up the entire subspace. The blind blade was about to split Lanse’s head. Kachang! Darman’s sword shattered with a fierce metallic sound.


Darman opened his eyes late and raised his eyebrows. To be specific, a white bird resembling a hawk, all white, was flapping its wings blocking his path.


【bird? Wait, this is…】

Suddenly, Darman’s face distorted. A protective shield of bizarre colors was spread out around the bird. The hemispherical curtain that completely covered Lance and Sechika was something he was familiar with.

【Rice, the protection of the stars?!】

Darman was astonished. It was undoubtedly the blessing of the stars. The power that had been lost after the death of both the giant and the religious leader was unfolding before my eyes. Lance’s eyes widened.


I could no longer feel the sphere in my pocket. It seemed clear that he had broken it. Ranse, who helped Sechika up after she fell, stuttered and spoke.

“W-Did you come from here?”


The bird responded. It felt like I could understand what people were saying. Darman, who had been dazed for a while, was about to take action again.


A loud noise, like a million sheets of paper being torn apart at the same time, echoed overhead. A faint light poured into the dark space.

【What is this…!】

Darman belatedly came to his senses and raised his head. And he just froze. A sky full of stars stretched out above the pocket-like ceiling.

“Woah, it’s open! Ronan!”

Two men with different hair colors were floating in the center. Asher’s crying voice echoed. Ronan, who discovered Lance and Sechika, opened her mouth.


“Oh, Dad?!”

Lance was shocked. I was so shocked that I even forgot his name, father. bang! Ronan, who landed in front of the two, opened her mouth.

“Is everyone okay? “Are you hurt?”

“Ro, Uncle Ronan. “How are we here…”

“There was a drop of blood where you disappeared. “I followed it.”

Ronan glanced at the ceiling. Next to Asher, who was relieved, a familiar strange bird was flapping its wings. Sita spread her four wings and roared.


“Lance, you did it, right? Good job.”

Ronan grinned and roughly ruffled his son’s hair. If it weren’t for Darman’s blood traces, the chase would have been very difficult. He was in the middle of checking the condition of the two people.

“wait for a sec. you···.”

“Why, what’s wrong?”

“Are you hurt? “Look!”

Ronan’s eyes narrowed. His keen gaze was fixed on the blood stains on the corner of Lanse’s mouth. He looked closely at his body and found that a couple of his ribs had been knocked out.

After being silent for a moment, he looked back at Darman.

“···hey. rags.”

【You’re finally looking this way. But rags are not too much…】

Darman, who was grinning, froze. Eyes burning with the color of a sunset were glaring at me.


I just made eye contact, but I couldn’t move my body. Ronan, who adjusted the hilt of his sword, spoke.

“Did you do this?”

【Hehehe…who else could there be? Anyway, the atmosphere has changed a lot, Ronan. I don’t know.】

He seemed like a completely different person than when I saw him in Farzan in the past. The burden of living was heavy on my shoulders. He barely regained his composure and opened his mouth.

【But I also became stronger. I collected the abandoned relics of the church, absorbed them, and developed my strength. It won’t be easy to defeat us here in alliance with the White Lotus King…】

He turned his gaze and was about to wink at the snake. thud! Suddenly, a lump the size of a house fell next to Darman. It was pure white and had the head of a huge snake.


Darman sighed. The head of the leader who once led the Pandemonium had a dumb expression on his face, as if he was not even aware of his own death. Fuwaaaaaaa! His headless body collapsed, spewing out a fountain of blood.

“oh my god.”

“Shit, snake…!”

Ranse and Sechika were astonished. The snake’s beheading occurred at the same time Ronan entered subspace, but no one saw the scene. Darman’s legs became weak.

【This… This is ridiculous!】

Something is wrong. Darman, who felt the threat of his death, was trying to escape. As Ronan grabbed the hilt of the sword, the colors of the sunset filled the sword body.

Hahaha! At the same time, a scarlet flash covered the collapsing subspace. When Darman closed his eyes once and opened them, he was standing right under Ronan’s nose.

“by the way···.”

This was before Darman let out a scream of death. As soon as Ronan’s arm disappeared, hundreds of red lines were drawn over his body. Ronan tilted his sword and tilted it.

“You’ve been making a fuss since a while ago, who are you?”

【That’s right, it’s possible…】

Despair filled Darman’s face. Ronan had forgotten his own existence. Whoa! Without a word to say anything, the body that had been reduced to six pieces was scattered in all directions.


Lance muttered as if possessed. I knew her father was strong, but I didn’t know it was to this extent. Hehe! Ronan, who spat on the blood, looked up and said.

“You’re acting like you know everything… Sword Saint Nari, please clean up after me.”


Then, someone else’s voice was heard. Next, a tall man landed in front of Ranse. Dark blue hair and sculptural appearance. Lan Se’s mouth opened again when he saw her familiar face.


“It’s been a while. “Lance.”

Schlieffen nodded. He, who officially became the Duke of Grancia, was Lance’s favorite relative. Schlieffen, who was looking at Lance and Sechika alternately, smiled slightly.

“You’ve become brave because you haven’t seen it before. “You protect your woman even when you’re injured.”

“Yes, yes?! Well, it’s not like that! “Sechika is just a friend!”

“What are you saying, you bastard? Oh, no… that’s right! “Who would date someone like this?!”

The two people shouted at the same time. Ranse and Sechika immediately made eye contact and blushed at the same time. Schlieffen turned around with a smile on his face and raised his sword.

“anyway. Good job.”

Quaaaaa! The whirlwind that erupted from the ground began to grind up the bodies of Darman and the snake without leaving a trace. While they were admiring, a different yet familiar voice rang out again.

“Sechika! “My daughter!”

“Uh, Mom?”

Sechika’s eyes widened. Marja, who should have been at the top, was running towards her, her golden hair flowing like a mane. Closing the distance in an instant, she hugged Chika and Ranse.

“You naughty colt. “You are banned from going out for a month!”

“Kek! “Soo, I’m suffocating…!”

“Ugh. Why am I…”

Tears were flowing freely from Marya’s eyes. The two people with their faces pressed against their chests were shaking. Ronan laughed at the sight, which somehow reminded him of the old days.

“Good experience, son. i envy you.”

“Wow, it’s noisy…!”

It was not until much later that they were able to break free from the violent chest restraints. At that time, the white bird from before landed on Lanse’s shoulder, who was struggling due to lack of oxygen. Ronan shrugged his eyebrows.

“ok? “What is this?”

“ah···! I was born from a sphere given to me by my father. What on earth did you give me…?

“What, did it wake up?”

Ronan’s eyes widened. If I remember correctly, what he handed over was Abel’s egg. I had given up on it because there had been no change in over ten years, but it seemed like it had hatched now.

The bird’s entire body was as white as a snow field, and its eyes were scarlet like Lansei’s. I felt like I could tell without looking whose dream I was born. Ronan, who was quietly staring at the bird, nodded at her.

“Have a good time in this life. men and horses.”


The white bird cried as if responding. I couldn’t tell if I understood what she said. The bird immediately took off and started playing with Sita.

Paaaa…! Soon, the darkness that had gradually cleared away disappeared. Finally, beyond the extinct subspace, the moonlit sky, fields, and the soldiers called by Schlieffen were revealed.

“This, this!”

“…Oh my God, Your Majesty the Emperor.”

The sight of people lying in a row and a whirlwind shooting up into the sky shocked them. Ronan then breathed a sigh of relief. Now that the main culprits have been cleaned up, they will take care of the cleanup. He placed his hand on Lanse’s hesitant shoulder.

“Then shall we go too?”


The subspace where Lanse was kidnapped was spread out in the countryside on the outskirts of the archipelago. It was already dawning when he arrived in front of the house in his carriage.

The sunlight coming through the gaps between the buildings illuminated the rich man’s face. Lance, who was hesitant, opened his mouth in awe.

“Mom… did you cry a lot?”

He still couldn’t believe what he had experienced. On the one hand, he felt how unfilial and unfilial he had been.

Swept up in a moment of emotion, Ronan, Asher, and the best forces in the empire were made to clean up shit. Ronan nodded without hesitation.

“Of course. I told you how hard I tried to stop him from following me while crying and screaming. You know, right? “Your mom is usually nice, so she’s really scary when she’s angry.”

“Yes… Ugh, as expected.”

“Thank you for your sister, man. If Erin wasn’t home, she would have followed. And she would beat your surviving asshole until it was a slut. “In front of Sechika too.”

“yes. sorry···.”

Lance lowered his head. Even though his mouth had a thousand words, he had nothing to say. He was trudging along like a sheep being led to the slaughter. Ronan, who was scratching his head, opened his mouth.

“I-I’m sorry.”


“The entrance ceremony. I wanted to go too, but I just couldn’t find the time. The disappearance case was just beginning. “I really didn’t go on purpose.”

Ronan said in an innocent tone. Lance’s eyes widened as he understood what she meant one step late.

“Why did you suddenly say that… Well, I’m fine. really.”

“Are you f*cking okay? Even if it were me, I would feel dirty. Honestly, I must have thought to myself. If I grow a bigger head, Ronan won’t leave this son of a bitch alone. Every night, you stab the pillow with my name on it with a knife, okay?”

Ronan suddenly took a stance and pretended to stab himself in the air. Lance waved his hand urgently.

“Well, I didn’t do that!”

“I’m scared. I’m kidding.”

“Ugh! Ugh!”

Ronan chuckled. Lanse’s body swayed every time her rough hands tapped her son’s back. Looking at his body and bones, in just ten more years he will be taller than me. He smiled happily and blurted out.

“I’m proud of you. son.”

“yes? “What now…”

“I’m proud of you, man. It was a situation where my balls would have shrunk, but I did a good job. “You will definitely become a great person.”

Ronan, who said that, took the first step. Ran Se was dumbfounded and just stared at his father’s back. Are my ears broken now? I’m not the type of person to say things like that.


But apart from my embarrassment, I felt my heart beating fast. The feelings from the past when we were close friends were rekindling again.

For some reason, I felt like crying. Before she knew it, Ronan had added another word to the front door.

“Of course, not as much as me.”

“Ah, I was so touched, but how can I do that?!”

“If I screw you up, you’ll save the world too. “Dad, let’s go in.”

Ranse shouted in bewilderment. Ronan chuckled and pulled on her doorknob.

“Oh really, Dad!”

The tears that were trying to come out were gone. Ran Se, who had been fuming, took her strides as if he wanted to argue with her about something. Of course she kept her mouth smiling.

Academy’s genius swordsman

It’s really over.

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