Absolute Necromancer Chapter 97

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Episode 97

A forest located at the ‘boundary’ on the 60th floor.

Jinhyeok appeared again in the dark forest he had already visited for a conversation with Elione.

“I never thought I would come here twice in one day.”

“Oh, was this the place? Where did she have her conversation with her?”

“That’s right, it’s here.”

Right there, where he and Hendrick were clinking glasses and having a conversation, Jinhyeok looked around with a new emotion on his face.

Well, only a few hours had passed at most.

“Hey, I’m there too. Why don’t we talk together?

Shane, who felt left out(?) by the two people who were talking without him, immediately started talking about something else.

The two people then realized that they were not the only ones and stopped talking.

“Stop it.”


“… … Tsk, I was wondering if I could get some information.”

Shane couldn’t hide his disappointment when he saw the two people stop talking.

A conversation between two people that I did not know.

It must have been something that would make money.

In particular, if it is a secret story recently shared between a famous person at the

top and his colleagues, it will be firmly attached even if a premium is attached.

When she thought about it, her regret doubled.

“It’s ridiculous to talk about important information in front of a bounty hunter.”

“I’d rather talk to a member of the information guild.”

“I admit it.”

Of course, the two of them had no intention of continuing the conversation that had stopped just because she said that.

The bounty hunters were the ones who had to worry about the flow of information

more than the members of the information guild.

“… … That’s too much. “Still, you say something like that to someone who changed

their mind.”

Shane, the person involved, expressed his bitter feelings, but the two people were

not interested in her feelings.

“So you’re saying we’re going to have a fight here?”

“Are you planning on going 2-1? “You’re arrogant.”

She just wants to move forward with the bet she made.

Shane nodded, glaring at the two people who didn’t even care about him.

“Okay, I plan on fighting two-on-one. Because there aren’t many opportunities to

compete with people as strong as you. Especially when your life is not in danger.”

It is true that Shane’s aggressive nature played a role in this bet.

But what was more important was that she thought it would be more beneficial to

spar with the two without losing than to gain from the bounty.

Of course, she was stronger than both of them individually, but she did not show her courage and arrogance in front of Jinhyuk and Hendrick, who broke the formula

of 1+1=2.

“There is a condition instead.”

“I guess it was like that. “Just say something and see if he listens.”


Of course, there was no way she could fight those two unless she went crazy.

Since he had already seen the two up close once, Shane had a rough idea of what level they were at.

I was convinced that it was Jinhyeok, not Hendrick, who was especially dangerous.

‘One-on-one with a practitioner is never an ordinary one-on-one. It is highly likely that it will be tens or hundreds to one. It’s especially dangerous since it seems like

close combat isn’t enough.’

A bounty hunter’s information gathering ability is in no way inferior to that of an information guild member.

Among them, Shane, a fairly skilled bounty hunter, had already collected as much information as he could about the two before coming here.

Of course, I looked through all of Jinhyeok’s movements, and I knew well that Jinhyeok was a necromancer, but he was also a formidable melee fighter.

‘It’s quite similar to the Demon King. ‘I wasn’t called the Demon Prince for nothing.’

After thinking about the ‘King’ level being who had entered a level higher than himself, Shane brought up a condition.

“Two to one. Instead, you must fight me without using summons. “It doesn’t matter

what weapon you use, but at least I won’t allow any summons.”

“… … I guess I figured it out correctly. Well, I have to accept that kind of penalty.

“It’s nice to be able to pass the burden on to Hendrick.”

For Spirit Masters, who became one of the necromancers and the main branch, the penalty of not being able to summon summons was quite large.

Nevertheless, Jinhyeok did not back down on the bet.

It might have been in the past, but now he is confident enough in close combat.

Above all, Jinhyuk was not alone.

Since there was a great replacement called Hendrick, even if he couldn’t perform

properly in close combat, it was enough to blame Hendrick.

Naturally, Hendrick immediately protested.

“Do it right, car… … .”

“Okay, that’s it.”

Jinhyuk took a stance while unconsciously cutting off Hendrick, who was trying to



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call his name.

“Should we do it right away? “People who are both busy.”

“You have to swear. Stop before they kill each other. If you are a ghost, you must not use summons. Do you agree?”

“Okay, I swear. I, Ghost Face, agree not to kill my sparring opponent and not to use any summons. “Shane, you swear too.”

Hearing from Jinhyeok, who finished his oath in an instant, Shane and Hendrick also finished their oaths in an instant.

[One. Hendrick, Demon Face, and Shane must not kill their sparring opponents.]

[2. Ghosts must not use summoned beasts.]

It was a simple oath, but it was also an intuitive and certain oath.

Through this sparring, they cannot kill each other, and Jinhyeok goes one step further and incurs a penalty of not being able to use summons.

However, even though he had to pay a special penalty, Jinhyuk was relaxed.

“Then let’s begin. “It’s been a while since I’ve been able to properly use a sub job.”

“Sub job? I haven’t even reached the 100th floor yet, but… … After all, there was a

reason why I took the oath right away.”

Sub job.

That’s because he has a sub-job called All Master, which is close to a hexagon.

Furthermore, Shane was surprised to learn that the climber still on the 60th floor had a sub job.

In addition, Jinhyuk, a necromancer and a ‘magician’ who additionally manipulates souls, engages in close combat and long-distance combat.

He looked refreshed as he learned why he immediately accepted the sparring method in which he had to move himself.

Since Jinhyuk showed one of his cards, Shane also took out one of his cards without hiding it.

“I told you the sub job in advance, so I guess I’ll have to pay you an advance for the bet. They hired me. To be precise, the group that has placed a huge amount of gold as a bounty is the ‘Guild Alliance.’”


Jinhyuk nodded as he looked at Shane, who used the advance payment to unlock one of his pieces of information.

“I roughly expected it.”

Guild union.

Perhaps that guild union is the main body of the guild branch that it destroyed.

Jinhyuk guessed that it would be their union.

In the first place, it was easy to reason because other than them, there was no one

else who could put a bounty on the heads of Jinhyeok and his colleagues that a bounty hunter of Shane’s level would want.

“Then, since I received the advance payment, let’s get started right away.”

“I’m ready too.”

In response to Jinhyeok and Hendrick’s response, who received the advance payment and completed preparations, Shane also moved away from being a bounty hunter and completed his preparations as a climber.

“Okay, then I’ll go first?”

With a grinning and seductive smile, she threw the visor (helmet) she was wearing

into the air.

UghSomething similar to wings came out from both sides of the helmet that was floating in the air, and soon it moved quickly.

The speed is reminiscent of Paris.

At the same time, a voice came out along with the shape of a face floating on the f

ront of the visor.

– Master commands.

“… … AI?”

Jinhyuk was surprised to learn that the helmet he was wearing as protective gear was actually something similar to a drone equipped with AI.

It was amazing that even on Earth 10 years after his death, Shane was able to skillfully handle a product that had never been commercialized, let alone released.

“You weren’t a climber on the Earth side.”

With that, Jinhyuk briefly realized that she was not a climber from Earth.

There is no way such high technology exists on Earth.

And Shane readily admitted it.

“That’s right, let’s get rid of the misconception that all climbers will come from Earth.”

“… … Don’t make that mistake. “To begin with, I am the only Earthling among those around me.”

Hendrick and other downstream, Miho, Balkan, etc.

Not all of them are from Earth.

Of course, there was no such illusion as Shane mentioned.

It was only possible to infer that Shane was not from Earth and that her attack method was a method that integrated high technology that could not be found on Earth.

‘Thanks to you, I got some information.’

Satisfied that he had slightly escaped the handicap of knowing Shane but not knowing himself, Jinhyuk was wary of the drone.

If it was a drone with high technology, it would definitely have extraordinary power.

In particular, since Shane is believed to have easily passed the 200th floor, her drone must also be at a corresponding level.

The boundaries were natural.

Jinhyeok’s warning was right.

“Visor, containment mode. “Be careful not to let me touch it.”

-YES, SIR. Good luck, Master.


As soon as Shane’s voice finished, dozens of lids opened on the small drone, and various firearms came out of them.

Each one of them is a firearm that has never been seen on Earth.

It goes without saying that the firepower is something that cannot be seen on Earth.


Jinhyeok gritted his teeth and shouted after confirming that the bullet-filled membrane was targeting them precisely.


“I know, Hoeryong (回龍).”

Even before Jinhyuk’s voice calling him, Hendrick was already preparing for Shane’s attack.

Hoeryong (回龍).

As I gently rotated the sword, the dragon named Sword appeared and deflected all

of the bullets.

Titty teating!

Dozens or hundreds of bullets hit the dragon and bounced here and there.

While looking at them, Shane tapped the goggles he was wearing.

“Check the trajectory.”

-Integrated with goggles. The trajectory of the bullets has been confirmed.


At the same time, a blue line was drawn in front of Shane’s eyes.

It was the ability of AI ‘Visor’ to instantly calculate the trajectories of all the bullets

that bounced off Hendrick’s gray dragon.

Tap-tap-tap-tapThe moment when checking the trajectory of a bullet flying according to the trajectory calculated by the visor was not enough, even superhuman physical abilities were added.

Hundreds of bullets failed to touch even a single hair of Shane’s hair.

“Damn it, Hendrick!”

“Tsk, avoid it on your own. “If it’s hard to avoid, you can at least use the mask ability.”

“If I could have used it as I wanted, I would have used it right away! Do you think

I’m from the lower class?”

Rather, the one who suffered damage was Jinhyeok, who was struggling under the

barrage of bullets fired by Hendrick, who was on the same team.

As Hendrick said, if he used the ‘battle foreknowledge’ contained in the ‘mask’, he

could avoid it by using abilities much higher than Shane’s, but Jinhyeok’s current ability was insufficient to use it at will.

It could not be used arbitrarily in general situations, as it might be possible to use

‘Demonization’ after using the characteristic, ‘Ilwon’, or to use ‘Real Eyes’ by concentrating spiritual power in the eyes.

In order to block the barrage of bullets scattered in all directions, Jinhyeok put on

several layers of shields and made full use of his superhuman vision.


“… … Wow, this is the first time I’ve felt irritated by fire after climbing the tower.”

In a tower overflowing with superhumans, firearms, a product of humanity and science, were not that dangerous.

Unless it is an anti-tank or anti-state weapon such as a missile or nuclear bomb.

However, the power of the bullets fired by Shane’s drone, Visor, was not at a level

that the climber could ignore.

Shane, who used them skillfully and had a superhuman body, was capable of easily

crossing the 200th floor.


“… … Damn it.”

While Jinhyeok and Hendrick are struggling under the barrage of bullets.

Shane reached in front of Jinhyuk.

The moment Jinhyuk curses after seeing Shane greeting him.

TungShane threw something at Jinhyuk.

Something like a round sphere.

That’s none other than that.



“… … Damn it!”

“Is it a flashbang? “It feels like I maximized the light magic and set off a shock wave.”

It was a flash bomb.

The two people frowned, thinking they would make a physical attack but never imagined they would use flash grenades to block their eyes and ears.

A situation where you can’t even open your eyes properly and the tinnitus won’t stop ringing in your ears.

‘What kind of flashbang is this that even disturbs the mood?’

Surprisingly, Shane’s flashbang even disrupted Jinhyuk’s spirit.

I was in a situation where I couldn’t open my eyes, my ears were deaf, and even my senses that served as my third eyes and ears had become muted.

In the end, the only choice the two had was to curl up like turtles.

This is natural since you never know where and what kind of attack will come from you.

‘It’s just choosing the lesser evil rather than the worst.’

‘An attack is coming.’

Of course, it wasn’t a good idea.

Of course it wasn’t the best, it was a lesser evil that was slightly better than the worst.

Of course, the worst thing was moving around randomly while being worse than blind.

The two people chose the lesser evil and prepared for the imminent attack.

If they were Shane, there was no doubt that they would attack their turtle status.

However, there was no follow-up attack from Shane.

The two people thought at the same time as they felt the sensations slowly returning.

“… … “You’re screwed.”

“This is the worst.”

Shane’s strike that transforms the consequences of choosing the lesser evil into the


It was done towards the end, not during a state of sensory disturbance.

What it meant was simple.

It is said to be the most perfect attack and at the same time the most powerful attack.

In fact, as soon as the two opened their eyes, what they saw was Shane with an adult-sized anti-materiel sniper rifle strapped to his shoulder and pointing it at them.


KiiiiingAlong with the tremendous kinetic energy gathered at the tip of the anti-materiel sniper rifle, one word flew into the ears of the two people.


The energy gathered together with words that sounded very familiar to Jinhyuk, who was from Earth, fired a bullet.

A single bullet that is so concentrated in scientific power that it can be said to be


The bullet left the anti-materiel sniper rifle and was fired at the two people.

KwakagagakThe approaching bullet, destroying the surrounding land and forest, had such power that it could no longer be called a bullet.

However, despite facing such bullets, the two did not back down.

“I will stop it. “Please assist me.”

“Yeah, that’s a bit difficult for me to stop.”

A single bullet fired from an anti-materiel sniper rifle made by miniaturizing and compressing a rail gun.

Even the all-powerful energy called Mana could not be stopped in a situation where Jinhyeok was unable to summon summoned beasts.

However, it was only possible to provide assistance that lessened the burden of those who had to block it.

After thinking about it, the two people divided up their roles and prepared to block the flying bullets.

“Ryu Seung-ryong (流乘龍).”


Accurately striking an incoming bullet and simultaneously raising the sword to direct the bullet’s trajectory into the air.

Knock knock knockChanging the trajectory of a bullet with enormous power was no easy task.

Because it was a very difficult task even for an outstanding person like Hendrick, Jinhyeok immediately joined the assistant.

“Soul Skin.”


The spiritual power that escaped from Jinhyeok’s body was spread thinly and at the same time coated Hendrick’s entire body.

Of course, it wasn’t just a coating.

It is a type of armor that amplifies the physical abilities of the coated user.

‘It can also be called an exoskeleton suit.’

Compared to an actual exoskeleton suit, the appearance is very different, but the effect is superior to that of an exoskeleton suit.

This is natural as it is an ability that strengthens the fundamental strength of the wearer.

As Jinhyeok’s assistance increased, Hendrick’s sword, which had been competing against the bullets that had already been fired, struggled to reach the sky.


A crater appeared on the ground where I stepped on it, as if a meteor had fallen.

The bullets of the railgun soared into the sky along with the sound of something being thrown out.



It exploded.

It was also a moment when a shock wave more powerful than the flashbang that exploded right in front of us swept through the forest.

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