Absolute Necromancer Chapter 96

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All Master Necromancer Episode 96

“…I am leaving.”

“okay? Then there’s nothing we can do.”

Elione’s choice was to leave.

After hearing her answer, Jinhyeok stood up and removed all the shackles on her limbs.

“Tsk, what’s so complicated?”

As the keys that fit each shackle were different, I spent a long time looking through the manual.

Toad duduk-

Jinhyeok succeeded in removing all the shackles that bound Elione’s entire body.

As the sealing function attached to the shackles disappeared, mana rushed through Elione’s entire body like a dam bursting.

She still only had a little mana, less than 1/10th of her total, but that was enough to bring her to her senses.

“They released me. And do you remember what I said earlier? “Swear with everything you have.”


While climbing the tower, people make many promises.

However, if it is a verbal promise, there are many cases where the promise is broken, so the oath existed.

Now, Jinhyeok demanded that Elione risk everything on that oath.

“…I, Elione, swear with everything I have to keep quiet about all stories about the ghost.”

Elione also did not deny it.

At first, she thought about attacking Jinhyeok as soon as he released her shackles, but now she was compliant.

As soon as she took off the shackles, the alcohol was lightly washed away by the mana that flooded her like a sea, so of course it wasn’t because of the alcohol.

‘I chose to leave, but I don’t want to have to deal with you.’

So, the reason was my liking for Jinhyuk.

He showed respect and fondness for his seniors who showed him the path to follow and who were on the path of revenge ahead of him.

That was the feeling Elione had for Jinhyuk.

‘I will never forget my debt, ghost.’

Furthermore, there was also gratitude towards Jinhyuk, who spent a large sum of 20 million gold to save himself from being almost sold as a slave in the black market.

Elione stood up from her seat with a variety of emotions in her arms.

“Are you going?”

“Okay, I’m going to do what you suggested.”

Jinhyeok chuckled at Elione’s words that she would do what she suggested.

“It must be difficult. Why don’t you come next to me? Wouldn’t it be more comfortable then? I didn’t say it before, but there are many useful people by my side. “There is also a guild where they, including me, gathered together.”

The path of revenge that Elione must take in the future is not much different from the path that Jinhyeok is walking.

Of course, if she were to join her ‘Yeokcheon’, her Jinhyeok would be able to provide her with ample help.

Of course, the elf kingdom is located beyond the 300th floor, so it may take too much time to reach there.

But that’s the same even if Elione moves alone.

Two people are better than one, and many people are better than two.

Nevertheless, Elione’s answer was the same.

“…I know that even if I don’t hear it. I didn’t expect it to be a guild, but from what I saw, it was full of formidable people, so it was natural. “Nevertheless, I will leave.”

“At least listen to the reason. “Can’t you hear that much?”

Elione calmly confessed her reason to Jinhyeok, who shrugged her shoulders and asked for the reason.

“Because the path to revenge shouldn’t be easy. ‘Elione von Yggdrasil’s revenge is meaningless if it is achieved only by relying on someone else. That’s why I want to walk the same path as you someday when I reach the same level as you. When you can become someone who helps you rather than someone who is helped by you. “Could you recommend me to join again then?”

“…Hehe, if you say that, I have nothing more to say. go. Go and achieve your goal as you said. I can recommend someone of your size to join not just a few times, but hundreds of times. “But you must keep what you say.”

In the face of Elione’s reasons for not even giving him any room to hold on, Jinhyeok ended up putting up both his hands and feet.

Then, as she slowly left, he asked her about her future destination.

“So where do you plan on going? “If you don’t want to be caught by the elf kingdom, you will have to make up your mind to hide.”

The target of her revenge is the Elven Kingdom.

Since they have been rooted in the tower for a long time, their eyes are spread throughout the tower.

In other words, Elio, even if you decide to hide, there is a risk that she will be discovered by them.

But Elione shook her head as if to tell her not to worry.

“Beyond the 100th floor, there are dark elves hiding from their eyes. It’s a hiding place that only I, who moved for them, knows about. “I plan to go there.”

“Dark elves… they were exactly the purpose you spoke of. “Are you planning on recruiting them?”

Only then did Jinhyuk exclaim when he felt the angle fit firmly into place.

Dark elf.

An unfortunate race abandoned by the elves.

Their strength was by no means inferior to that of the elves, but due to the small number of races and the despair that came from the fact that they had been abandoned, they chose hiding rather than fighting.

‘But if we can unite them and move in earnest, we can say that it is a force that even the Elf Kingdom cannot ignore.’

Even if a tiger hides its claws and lives in hiding, a tiger is still a tiger.

If only he had the will to pull out his claws, the tiger would once again command the mountains.

Dark elves were exactly like that.

The moment when they break their hiding and seclusion and appear in the tower again.

No one can ignore them as an abandoned race.

“It won’t be easy.”

“I know. But that’s all I can do. “The only thing left for me, who has been abandoned, are the dark elves who can now be called my compatriots.”

“…Is that also true?”

Elione, who was an elf, was entirely based in the elf kingdom, and it was clear that even that had been absorbed by her other brothers and sisters.

Funnily enough, when she became a dark elf, only her fellow dark elves became her lifeline and foundation.

Jinhyuk had no choice but to nod his head at that fact.

If she really wanted to stand on equal footing with herself, all she had to do was unite them.



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A thorny road.

Jinhyeok shook her hand, understanding that Elione was about to walk down what could possibly be a more difficult path.

“Goodbye, it may take a few months, but I’ll make sure to visit you at least once.”

“…It’s the 110th floor. Find the dark forest there. I don’t know if we can rally them until then… but we will strengthen our position to the point where they won’t attack you if you mention your name.”

“It’s the 110th floor… Got it, look forward to it.”

110th floor, dark forest.

Jinhyeok looked at Elione leaving, imprinting the dark elves’ hiding place that Elione had told her about in her mind.

Elione shouted to Jinhyuk as they left the forest located on the 60th floor.

“What’s your name? “Not your nickname ‘Gwimyeon,’ but your real name.”

“Well, now that we’re in the same boat, we can figure it out. Jinhyuk Cha. “Cha Jinhyuk is my name.”

“…Spirit Master Cha Jin-hyuk. Yes, that’s right. Now I understand your strength. “You were Cha Jin-hyuk, the Death Star.”

The moment I heard Jinhyuk’s name.

Elione burst into laughter as she remembered a climber commanding the tower.

His strangely powerful strength was finally understood.

Elione, who had solved her curiosity, stepped out of her seat with lighter steps and shouted.

“If I die, you can use my soul or my corpse as you wish.”

“I was already thinking of doing that.

“Hahaha! Okay, see you later, Cha Jinhyuk!”

Even though I knew it was her Spirit Master, she said she wouldn’t hesitate to use her soul and body after her own death.

And Jinhyuk nodded his head as if it was obvious.

Elione burst into laughter at Jinhyuk’s attitude as if she had heard something obvious and quickly walked away from Jinhyuk.

“Has everything already recovered? “It’s definitely a monster, as expected from a climber who has surpassed the 300th floor.”

Just a few minutes of conversation.

Jinhyeok clicked his tongue as he looked at Elione’s back, who seemed to have recovered all her sealed powers.

“Then, should I go back too? I guess I should call Hendrick over and have some more drinks. “I was just about to get drunk, but when I thought about the timing, tsk.”

Jinhyeok walked toward the 60th floor of the city, leaving behind Elione, who left just as he was about to open his mouth after drinking for the first time in a long time.

“Come back, let’s go back.”

At her own command, she called out to Balkan and Haryu, etc., who were trying to enter the forest from the outskirts of the forest.

“Is that woman gone?”

“Yes, I checked. What was so happy about it seemed like her mouth was on the line. “Onii-sama, are you really not going to tell me what you did?”

Her returning Balkan and her brethren immediately sought out her Elione or inquired about her.

However, before hearing what happened between Elione and Jinhyeok, Miho, who could not overcome the surging water horse, was stuck with Ha-ryu with her confused face.

“Wow, I’m sleepy. Hug me, sister.”

“…Okay, go back to your fox form. “I’ll hug you all the way to your hotel room.”


As it was time to get sleepy, Ha-Ryu ended up hugging Miho, who had changed into a fox form.

However, she closed her mouth as she had already missed her timing to hear the answer.

Once again, she had no reason to ask Jinhyeok, so she had no choice but to do so.

In the end, Ha-ryu gave up listening to the answer and took Miho in his arms, taking steps that became even heavier.

They returned to the city on the 60th floor, each with their own thoughts.

Considering that I went out to buy gifts for Ha-Ryu and Miho, I spent a lot of time and money.


Inside the bar, Jinhyuk and Hendrick, who were drinking while facing the bartender, put down their glasses at the same time.

“20 million gold… Gold Rich will say something. No, I feel like I want to say something too.”

“You used it in a good place. Then that’s it. “In essence, money is meaningless if you just collect it.”

“…It only has meaning if it is the person who earned it. “If a guy who only spends other people’s money says that, he’ll probably get beaten up.”

“is it?”

Jinhyuk smiled at Hendrick’s scolding.

Seeing him smiling as if Goldrich’s nagging couldn’t stop him, Hendrick ordered a new drink with a sigh.

“But does this mean I have a future colleague?”

“maybe. If she’s that girl, she’ll definitely make it. You should have seen it yourself. “The venom in her eyes was no joke.”

Elione’s sincerity.

Jinhyuk was sure because he saw it from the front.

She knows that not only has she rallied her dark elves, but that they will be of service to her, as she declared.

“Dark Elf… I’m sure it will be a good force.”

The Dark Elves felt comfortable thinking that the Elves controlled the Magi.

A race that uses magical energy while maintaining elemental arts and archery.

That was the Dark Elf race.

“Of course, there are cases where spirits of some attributes do not make contracts with dark elves, but it is not a big problem.”

“That’s right, because the Magi’s specialness offsets their shortcomings.”

It was not without its shortcomings, but Magi’s special qualities more than offset those shortcomings.

When we were having a long conversation about Elione and the dark elf who left like that.

A voice came from the seat next to the two people.

“What are you talking about so funny? “Can I wear some too?”

“…who are you?”

“…You lied to me and came in. “What are you?”

A soft female voice.

But the two immediately cheered up.

Even though it is said that it is a city where fighting is not allowed, there are many people who ignore this and attack.

In addition, the two people were not foolish enough to ignore the person who naturally deceived the two people who had already easily surpassed the 100th floor level.

Even in the face of Jinhyeok and Hendrick, who were spewing sharp killing blows at her, the woman equipped with various weapons was not afraid.


“The person who came to take your heads.”

She confidently stated her purpose.

As soon as she heard of her purpose, Jinhyeok and Hendrick were able to figure out her identity.

“Bounty hunter.”

“Are you a bounty hunter?”

Bounty hunter.

Climbers often encounter various crimes and forces while climbing the tower.

Of course, although the tower is a lawless area, there are of course personal benefits, so those who were harmed by certain climbers put a ‘bounty’ on their heads.

And the woman who sits in front of the two and confidently states her purpose is a professional hunter aiming for just such a bounty.

She was a bounty hunter.

‘Neither of us noticed until she came in. ‘You are a proper hunter.’

Furthermore, while there are simpletons among bounty hunters, there are also decent ones.

The woman in front of me was the latter.

She was confident and relaxed, making her a proper bounty hunter.

“…is that all there is to the will?”

But whether she was a proper hunter or not didn’t matter to Jinhyuk.

She said if she was targeting her, she would just give up and she would be done.

Above all, bounty hunters were the type of person Jinhyeok encountered the most in his past life, so there was no surprise.

Because he moved like a maverick, he received a lot of hate from other climbers.

As Jinhyeok raises his spirits in the quiet bar, others also hold on to their weapons with stern faces.

“That was it, but I changed my mind.”

Jinhyuk burst out laughing at her words that made her feel relaxed.

“You want me to believe that?”

The tribe of bounty hunters is simple.

A group of people willing to risk death to take the bounty on the head of a target.

That bounty hunter changed his mind?

But she was confident.

“Let’s make a bet instead. “A good bet for both you and me.”

“…Let’s hear it. However, if you say something strange, you will have to be prepared to make a life-or-death decision.”


Jinhyeok lost his energy with an annoyed look on his face at the sudden offer of a bet from a bounty hunter.

Of course, it was natural to be ready to cheer up at any time.

As Jinhyuk and Hendrick got into a position to talk, she introduced herself.

“Nice to meet you, my name is Shane. “He’s a bounty hunter, as you know.”

“I never tried to know your name or anything. “Just the main point briefly.”

Jinhyuk frowned at Shane’s introduction and waved his hand.

Hearing her voice mixed with irritation at being interrupted for the first time in a long while, Shane moved on to the main topic.

“If you win the bet, I’ll tell you who the bounty is and what information I know. “I guarantee you this will definitely be the information you need.”

“…It’s not up to you to decide what you need or not, it’s up to us.”

“But there’s good reason to listen. “What do you want to bet?”

At the word information, the two people’s hearts began to lean toward making a bet.

Contrary to what he was complaining about, Jinhyuk also felt the importance of information in the current situation.

‘Soon, the guilds under Seongguk must have noticed. There is a high possibility that they are the clients who placed the bounty. If there was more important information than this, it would be helpful in moving forward. ‘I don’t know what the bet is, but I think it’s a good idea to make it first.’

Jinhyeok did not know that attacking the guilds under Seongguk was becoming more difficult by the day.

There was a high possibility that they were behind this bounty incident as well.

That also meant that there was a high probability that they would realize that they were the culprit of the attack on the guild branch.

In other words, if the two of them win the bet Shane proposed, their future work will become easier.

Because it means you can find out what they are thinking.

The moment the two accepted the bet, Shane opened his mouth with an alluring smile.

“Competing against the strong is always fun. “Let’s have a fight.”

“…I’m embarrassed, but since I’m betting on what I’m best at, this is completely free.”

“I agree.”

Jinhyuk also smiled coolly after hearing the bet she proposed.

The identity of the bet is none other than sparring.

It was something Jinhyuk and Hendrick could do better than anyone else in the world.

“Are you too confident?”

“Then get up. I know a quiet place, so that would be a good place.”

“Okay, it’s not a bad idea to go right away. “The faster the pleasure, the better.”

After confirming the bet, Jinhyeok stood up without saying a word.

After paying for the drinks, Jinhyuk, Hendrick, and Shane left the 60th floor of the city.

A quiet forest located on the border of the 60th floor where I spoke with Elione today.

That was the sparring ground Jinhyeok chose.

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