Absolute Necromancer Chapter 95

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All Master Necromancer Episode 95

Gulp –

They said they would drink and talk, but the two just drank in silence for a while.

Meanwhile, unexpected guests visited the forest several times.

“go away.”

-Chuck! Chwiik!

Either run away from the fierce threat of the Balkans.

“You can’t go this way.”

“I can’t go! “My brother told me not to let anyone in!”

“…Tsk, I understand, so why don’t you stop living?”


I gave in to Ha-Ryu and Miho’s restraint and chose to go back.

Of course, not everyone did that.


A group of red orcs.

They had already met on the 50th floor and were trying to enter the forest as a group.

“I’m more curious because I blocked you? Now that I think about it, you are Ghost Face’s colleague? Then there must be a ghost inside. I’ve always wanted to meet you once, so it turned out great. If you want to stop it, try blocking it!”

Climbers who were curious and interested chose to fight instead of surrender despite Ha-ryu and Mi-ho’s restraint.

But their endings were all the same.

“Eat it up.”

-I follow orders.


As soon as Vulcan’s dull command was given, the spirit soldiers who had been under his command rushed out and tore the Red Orcs to pieces.

-Chwi… Chwii Iik!


The life of the soul soldiers was so great that even monsters that knew no fear felt fear and ran away.

In the end, they chose to turn around and run away like those who had previously faced the deadly forces of the Balkans.

However, the difference between them and the Red Orcs just now was that Vulcan had no intention of keeping them alive.

“Chase, don’t miss a single one.”

-All right.

Balkan’s orders, which received all authority from Jinhyeok, his lord and soul master, are absolute.

The soul soldiers, who were human souls and had the status of ten seals who commanded other soul soldiers, chased after the defeated soldiers.

Since the soul soldiers had the upper hand in speed, strength, and number, their escape could not be successful.

“…Ouch! Now… wait! If you’re a climber like me, this will definitely help you too! You say I respect that man? “I’m a fan!”

Unlike the massacre of the red orc group, the climbers who were interested in Jinhyeok and tried to enter the forest were slightly different.

In the face of overwhelming inaction downstream, they could never cross the border of the forest.

Everyone knelt in front of Ha-ryu without even being able to enter the forest.

“My brother doesn’t need someone like you. And although your brother may determine the necessity, you have to prove it. Get down on your knees and raise your hands. “Then I will not take my life.”

Unlike when dealing with Jinhyeok or the others, Ha-ryu cut them off with a sharp, cold-winded remark and looked into the forest with an uncomfortable face.

Thinking of Jinhyeok and Elione chatting alone in the forest, hidden in the shadows of the forest and unable to see even an inch in front of them.

“…Nothing will happen, right?”

A woman who was more overwhelming than herself.

Haryu was overwhelmed by Elione, not in terms of strength, but person-to-person.

Tall height, voluptuous body, and tanned skin.

Ha-ryu knew very well that she was a woman that any man would feel attracted to at least once.

She tried to calm her nervousness by biting her fingernails, but she couldn’t relax as the elf’s uniquely beautiful appearance glimmered around her

This was especially true because the elf’s beautiful appearance remained the same even after becoming a dark elf.

“Ha, I’m confused.”

“Sister, are you sick?”

“no it’s okay. “Like your brother said, let’s be on the lookout for intruders, Miho.”


Fortunately, Miho’s lively voice spoke to her just in time, and she came to her senses and grabbed the handle of the dragon slayer sword.

Feeling the coldness of the dragon slayer sword, my previously foggy mind felt quite clear.

So Ha-Ryu shook off his worries and took a quick glance inside the forest.

We entered the border again.

‘Brother, I can trust you, right?’

Although I said I would not choose Elione as the object to quench my lust, there is no need for men and women to quench their lust.

Even if it progresses into a romantic relationship, or perhaps a deeper one, there is nothing to say.

However, Ha-Ryu has not yet been able to give a definite answer about her feelings for Jin-Hyeok.

‘…Is it because of gratitude toward a benefactor? Not only that, but like Grandpa Muyoung used to tease, I will protect your brother… No, right now, it is more important to be wary of intruders than to think about useless things.”

Ha-Ryu was still too young a goblin to have confidence in his own heart.

“The alcohol tastes good.”

“Now that I think about it, the elf also drank alcohol.”

“…I don’t usually drink it. But now I’m not even an elf. “There’s no need to keep the law, right?”

“Well, there is nothing more funny than becoming a dark elf and keeping the elf laws.”

The silence of the two people, who had been drinking in silence for a while, leaving the security of the forest to Balkan and others, was broken by Elione’s praise of the drink.

“…Okay, okay. Right. “I’m not an elf anymore.”

Elione mocked herself with a bitter smile at the bitter taste of the alcohol.



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Although I had lived my whole life as an elf, the sense of futility and despondency that came from the fact that I had ceased to be an elf in just a few days took over my whole body.

The fact that I got drunk more quickly because I had a body like that of an ordinary person probably played a role.

Jinhyeok, who noticed her condition, moved on to the main topic.

“What do you plan on doing?”

“What are you doing? I’m just a slave right now. Do I even need to think?”


shook his head at Elione’s words as she lifted up the shackles that were constricting her body.

“Didn’t you say you would be released? “What do you want to do after you take off your shackles?”

“I know. What do I want to do? No, what should I do?”

Dreaming of the future can only be done by those who are chosen.

For people who have no goals or anything, the future only symbolizes the time that has passed and the date that has changed.

It was a perfect situation for Elione today.

To someone who had nothing to do or anything to do, the future simply symbolized the passage of time.

“I have lived my whole life for someone. It wasn’t there for me. But, as a dark elf, am I really called ‘Elione’? Even if I say I live for myself now, is it really for ‘me’?”

With a red face and slurred pronunciation due to being drunk, she confessed her inner feelings.

Is the dark elf ‘Elione’ really the same person as the elf ‘Elione von Yggdrasil’?

So, even if you now live for yourself and not for others, is that really for ‘yourself’?

“I… I don’t know. “It might be right for the dark elf ‘Elione’ to live with these shackles as just a slave.”

In the end, it got to the point where even my desire to become free somehow faded away.

My heart breaks.

Although it was unusual for a person to climb over 300 floors and have greater strength, it was natural.

‘Everything about myself was broken. In a way, it’s similar to me, but worse.’

Jinhyeok never lived for anyone his entire life, but he was betrayed and died.

However, Elione lived her whole life only for someone and ran into a wall, which soon overtook her and erased her existence.

Since she was stamped with the seal of being a slave worse than death, it is safe to say that Elione’s situation is one level higher than Jinhyeok’s betrayal and death.

But that didn’t make it a problem for Jinhyuk to give her advice.

“What if the person you are now and the person you were in the past are different?”

“Elione von Yggdrasil is dead.”

“…I’m still alive like this.”

“It’s symbolic. I believe that a non-human entity named Elione von Yggdrasil has died. From now on, you just have to live as the dark elf ‘Elione’.”

“…How can that be? I have lived my whole life as Elione von Yggdrasil. That is who I am. That person is me…”

Elione harshly refuted the suggestion that she live as an ordinary dark elf, ‘Elione’, rather than Elione von Yggdrasil.

Because to her, ‘Elione von Yggdrasil’, the crown princess of the Kingdom of Yggdrasil, was no different from everything else.

In other words, as Jinhyuk said, the death of the personality ‘Elione von Yggdrasil’ was no different from the death of Elione.

But it was none of Jinhyeok’s business.

“whatever. Then hang yourself and die. You don’t want to do that, right? Then you have to live. Live and take revenge on those who killed Elione von Yggdrasil, who was everything to you. “That is probably the first thing you need to do in order to live as ‘Elione.’”

“…Revenge on those who made me like this…? Are you asking me to kill my brothers and sisters who share blood with me?”

“To be naive. Your brothers and sisters mean that you are like brothers and sisters to them as well. They did it first, so why can’t you?”


I couldn’t refute it.

Because what Jinhyuk said was right every word.

If the other person betrayed me, I can betray myself too.

If the other person tried to kill me, I just try to kill him and that’s it.

Of course, the opponent would have an advantage as he went first(?), but as a result, Elione survived, and Jinhyeok was reborn.

“Take revenge more thoroughly. Several times, dozens of times more than what they did to you! Because I think so too. “This was one of the things I wanted to say to you.”

“Revenge… Revenge… Is this something suitable for ‘Elione’?”

“Whether you hang out or not is up to you, not me. There are so many things that suit ‘Elione’. However, among them, ‘revenge’ suits me the most, and it is also a task for your future. “Your brothers and sisters won’t sit by and watch you walk around alive.”

“…I guess so. “If the former crown princess who was sold into slavery wanders around the tower again…” “

Then she will be in an even more dire situation than she is now. “I assure you.”

The situation was worse than the situation where she changed from an elf to a dark elf, was dethroned from her position as crown princess, and became a slave.

It was also the future of ‘Elione’ who did not take revenge.

Elione realized that, her molars ground apart.

Because she thought her brothers and sisters were okay with that.

This was especially true because the Wise King, who was no better than a scarecrow, would never be able to stop them.

“…But if what you just said is one of the things you wanted to say to me, what is the other one?”

But rather than answering and making choices, Elione chose to ask questions about what she was curious about.

Jinhyuk, who was about to talk about the other one she asked about, obediently confessed the other one.

“Did I tell you? “I will do the same.”

“You mean revenge? Yes, I heard you. I said I would repay you several times, no, dozens of times. “Was it about your revenge?”


The best thing to do that Jinhyuk recommended to Elione.

Furthermore, Jinhyuk nodded, saying that it was the best thing he could do.

“That’s right, I was hit in the back just like you and died.”

“Wait a minute, are you dead? “Then what are you…?”


Elione looked at Jinhyeok with a surprised face as he told her that he was dead.

However, Jinhyuk chose to continue speaking calmly rather than explain it.

“Listen quietly. “I, who died, was revived through some kind of skill, and I, who was reborn, am slowly sharpening my sword for revenge.”

“…So you’re wearing that mask?”

“Yes, this is the secret story of the birth of ‘Ghost Face’, which caused a stir at the top and is still ongoing.”

After hearing everything, Elione felt her mouth becoming dry.

As the crown princess leading the elf kingdom ‘Yggdrasil’, she knew the tower’s information intimately, and ‘Ghost Face’ was a name she heard very often.

Just a few months.

The story about him, who boasted an enormous reputation among climbers in less than a year, was a story that would interest her.

‘But all of that is just the tip of the iceberg that comes from the process of sharpening the blade of revenge. ‘Who on earth is the target of revenge?’

I was curious.

In a situation where a sense of futility, desolation, and a desire for revenge stemming from the ‘job to be done’ of revenge suggested by Jinhyeok were combined, curiosity arose among them.

“…who the hell are they?”

Therefore, without realizing it, she opened her mouth and asked a question about the target of Jinhyeok’s revenge.

In response to Elione’s question, Jinhyeok smiled and took a swig of his drink.

After I finished drinking, I slammed the empty bottle down on the table.

“Nine Star, and the Four Emperors. This is the end of what I have to say. “Now I just need to hear your answer.”

Unable to contain her curiosity, the moment Elione heard the targets of revenge she had asked about without knowing it, she couldn’t contain her surprise and opened her mouth wide.

However, Jinhyeok roughly brought Elione, who could not control her surprise, to the crossroads of choice.

“What is your choice? Elione?”

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