Absolute Necromancer Chapter 94

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All Master Necromancer Episode 94

‘Border’ on the 60th floor.

In a place where many climbers passed by, someone appeared in the deserted forest.

“Vulcan, block the area.”

The person who appeared in the deserted forest was none other than Jinhyeok, who had disappeared in the black market.

Jinhyeok, who appeared, ordered Balkan to be on guard.

Only after Vulcan disappeared to monitor and control the surrounding area did Elione grasp the reality.

A place where not even monsters frequent, let alone people.

Even though she was a powerful climber and a high elf who was called the chosen one, she had no choice but to be afraid.

Nevertheless, although Elione was scared, she did not close her mouth.

Elione asked Jinhyeok, who had brought her to a place where not even monsters, let alone people, often went, with a slightly frightened face.

“…Why did you bring me to a place like this?”

“Don’t be mistaken. “Because I have no idea what to do.”

No matter how strong she was as a climber, it was only natural that she experienced a series of shocking events and was even sold as a slave.

Because Elione was just one woman.

It must have been even more so since his superhuman body and energy were sealed.

However, contrary to Elione’s worries, Jinhyuk had no intention of harming her.

“If I wanted to do something to you, I wouldn’t have brought these young kids along.”

Balkan left for vigilance and control, but Jinhyeok expressed his thoughts by pointing to Ha-ryu and Mi-ho, who were still staying.

“…I guess it’s just one thing, but what’s the difference between a child and an adult?”

There was no way Elione would believe that.

Jinhyuk chuckled as he looked at Elione, who immediately gave a sharp answer.

“Whether you believe it or not, that’s your choice. “What’s your name?”

“…Elione. This is Elione von Yggdrasil. “I’m not royalty or anything anymore, so I guess you can just call me Elione.”

“Was he really royal? “It’s amazing how you can tell that it’s a high elf just by looking at the Vulcan.”

Jinhyuk was truly surprised by Elione’s explanation.

This is because what Balkan said at the auction house turned out to be true.

A bit of a surprise.

Jinhyuk came to his senses and opened our door.


the lock was unlocked and the door to the cage, which seemed like it would never be opened, was opened, Elione made a shocked expression.


“come out. “It’s uncomfortable to talk to because it’s inside us.”

Although we were tall, we were at a very low level for Jinhyuk, who is tall.

Of course, it was even more uncomfortable because not only could Elione not be seen properly inside, but even her words could not be heard properly.

Elione was more uncomfortable, so she came out of the cage obediently at Jinhyuk’s words.

For her, who is smaller than Jinhyeok but tall like an elf, we were like a very narrow prison.

“Whew… I guess I’ll buy something now. So what are you planning to do to me? Are you planning to indulge your lust like the other guys who tried to win me over? This place is definitely the perfect place. It’s quiet and there’s no one there. “It’s hard to let go of a powerless dark elf by quenching his desires.”

“Wha… what are you talking about! “Your brother is not that kind of person!”

“Lust? Desire relief? “What is it all about, sister?”

“…Miho cover your ears!”

Perhaps it was too provocative for Haryu, who was still young, to hear, but in the aftermath of meeting Hamiel, Haryu’s pale face turned red.

However, Miho, who was younger than him, asked Ha-ryu back with an expression on her face that said she knew nothing, but what came back was Ha-ryu’s hand like corn covering her ear.

In addition to Miho covering her ears and tilting her head with a puzzled expression, and Ha-Ryu blushing brightly, even the message windows went crazy.

[The pinnacle of all evil preaches to you that it is still too early.]

[The Nine-Tailed Fox further preaches the techniques of the Art of Arrival.] [

King Mifu says that any hero must have at least one concubine.]

[The God of Lightning is you. I would like to join the harem.]

[The most perfect wife, Shin, glares at someone.]

“…You guys are crazy. They’ve gone beyond voyeurism and are now trying to interfere with other people’s women’s problems. “It’s not what you think, so everyone get out!”

[The pinnacle of all evil leaves the room with a sullen face.]

[The Nine-Tailed Fox closes someone’s door.] [

The pinnacle of all evil knocks on the door with a perplexed face.]

[The God of Lightning is grabbed by the scruff of the neck by someone. [He is dragged out.]

“…They are having fun.”

Jinhyeok, who had drawn attention from the gods and demons who were making a fuss through the message window, waved his hand toward Ha-ryu and Mi-ho with a gaunt face.

“I’ll take care of this, so you two can help with Vulcan.”

“…Isn’t it really true, brother?”

“…I said no!”

Jinhyuk shouted harshly at Ha-Ryu, who never let go of his suspicions until the end, and waved his hands even faster.

At his gesture to go quickly, Ha-Ryu eventually walked away while holding on to Miho’s ears.

Elione said as she stared at the two people slowly moving away.

“Now that I’ve sent the saboteur, I’ll do it properly….”

“Let’s do it properly, right?”


Elione clicked her tongue when Jinhyeok, who could not have known that it was a typical mind-shaking plan, noticed.

Unlike how he reacted violently to s.e.xual provocation just a moment ago, Jinhyuk now felt that he was looking at him with an emotionless face.

‘Isn’t it really because of s.e.xual desire? Well, in the first place, there wouldn’t be a crazy person who would pay 20 million gold to satisfy their s.e.xual desires. The person in front of me seems like he’s crazy, but he’s not that crazy.’



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Elione, who noticed that Jinhyeok was looking for conversation, sat down on the floor with a sad face.

“What are you doing?”

“Aren’t you trying to talk? “Then why don’t we sit down and talk?”

“I think I was thinking of running away. Did I see it wrong?”

When he pointed out that Elione was trying to shake him, take the keys, and run away, Elione looked at Jinhyeok with a puzzled expression.

“Are you thinking about letting go? No matter how many of the shackles are removed, it takes time for the sealed power to return. And I don’t think the people you sent to guard the surrounding area will only guard the outside? Not only that, even if my physical abilities and energy were sealed away, it doesn’t mean I couldn’t feel the stabbing death around me.”

It was clearly true that he was trying to run away, but he was not unaware of the atmosphere around him or the strength of Jinhyeok’s colleagues.

Moreover, the number of signs that could be felt around the forest where they were right now was more than dozens.

Even if you were to break the shackles and regain your sealed power, you wouldn’t even be able to think about running away.

Furthermore, Elione was unable to overcome the unsealing of the shackles, which should have been the first step.

‘This guy is the strongest. Stronger than all those who came before combined. The odds of me being able to steal the key from someone like that, who has neither the physical ability nor the energy, are low. In that case, let’s just listen to his demands first. It is not too late to postpone the final desperate resistance until later.’

That’s why Elione thought quickly and chose the conversation Jinhyeok wanted.

And the moment Elione gave up the idea of running away, Jinhyuk shrugged his shoulders and snapped his fingers.

“Did you get caught? Well, it doesn’t matter.” As soon as

I could lift

a finger, dozens of soul bottles hiding in the forest and twice as many undead walked out from the darkness of the forest.

“Ha, when did you release it? And the soul? “Tweaking someone else’s soul… what on earth are you doing?”

Elione made a dumbfounded expression as she looked at the two or three layers of people who had surrounded them in a circle.

It is hard to believe that in the process of summoning this many troops, no matter how much energy was sealed, they could not feel anything.

But it was only natural that she felt no signs.

“The first soul I sent was deeply connected to me. He can summon the troops I have on his own. Even if I don’t move my energy. “I often use it because I can summon it very secretly.”

Because it was not Jinhyeok himself who summoned the spirit bottles and undead.

Since they were summoned through Vulcan, it was natural that they could not be noticed.

“…It’s beyond my imagination. Why didn’t you turn that Elyos b*tch called Hamiel’s face into a mess?”

Elione was taken to a level beyond what she had imagined.


Jinhyuk smiled bitterly at Elione, who spoke of her as the Elyos he had seen at the Black Market and who had had a war of words with Jinhyeok at the main gate.

“As you know, there is no benefit in going against their intentions at the level I am now. And that woman was not easy either.”

“Enduring humiliation for the greater good… That’s different from me. “If I had lived patiently like you, I wouldn’t be here.”

Elione smiled bitterly as she remembered Jinhyeok, who suppressed his anger and held back until the very end even after being provoked by Hamiel.

She didn’t hold back.

As the crown princess, she demonstrated a power that was close to iron fist, mobilizing all of the work and power she could.

There was a lot of noise and backlash in the process, but she had the power to suppress them all.

When he suffered humiliation, he used his strength to suppress it, and when he was provoked, he destroyed it and used his power to bring harmony between the elves and the dark elves.

‘The result was slavery. ‘He was transformed into a dark elf and had shackles all over his body.’

Of course, the ending was very bitter.

Betrayed by her own people, she was injected with magical energy by the demons and became a dark elf, and was handed over to a slave auction with all her strength and energy sealed away.

In the midst of all the incredible events that happened in just a few days, wouldn’t Elione’s present have changed if she had acted like Jinhyeok, the man in front of her? I had a bitter thought.

However, changing the past is impossible even if you are a god.

In the end, Elione decided to accept the present.

“…Do you have alcohol?”

“However much.”

Boom –

As soon as Elione finished looking for alcohol, Jinhyuk took out a table and bottles of alcohol from subspace.

“It might take quite some time. And the answer you get at the end may not be the answer you want.”

Elione spoke hesitantly while fiddling with the bottles of alcohol on the table.

Although he chose to talk with Jinhyuk, he knew that the answer he gave might be far from the answer Jinhyuk wanted.

But Jinhyuk calmly shook his head.

It was the exact opposite of the emotionless and blunt appearance he showed earlier.

“It’s okay, not everyone can agree with my decisions. I have no intention of forcing that. I just created this place because I felt like I needed you. When it’s all over, you can make a choice. Either leave or stay by my side. I promise I won’t kill you no matter which option I choose. “Of course, I have to sign a contract promising to keep everything about me a secret.”

Elione felt moved by his words that not only did he respect her choice, but he would release her if she made a suitable agreement and contract.

Of course, despite being moved, she had no intention of stopping the conversation.

‘I wanted to know a little more about you. Ghost face. It won’t be too late to give an answer then.’

An emerging powerhouse and super rookie who was making headlines even before he became like this.

Even if he regains all of his original strength, victory cannot be guaranteed with the current penalty.

Because I wanted to know more about him.

“Just drink it and think about it.”

That’s why she picked up the bottle.

Seeing her picking up the bottle of alcohol, Jinhyuk also grinned and picked up the bottle.

It was a drinking party that took place at the border, where others risked their lives to enter.

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