Absolute Necromancer Chapter 93

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All Master Necromancer Episode 93

“…Payment has been processed.”

“What about the goods?”

“It will be delivered here soon. But… are you sure you’re okay?”

The employee who made a mistake with Jinhyuk earlier was assigned to Jinhyuk again.

After he returned after completing the processing of Elione’s purchase payment, he spoke worried words to Jinhyuk.

Even though Jinhyuk was the one who broke everything to his superiors, it was only natural considering the money he spent in the black market today.

A huge amount of money, over 21 million gold in total.

The reason was that since he was a climber who would like to visit the Black Market often in the future, he had openly lost his favor with the Elyos, so we might not be able to see him again from now on.

“What’s not to be okay with? Please bring it quickly. “Along with a key or a method to remove the shackles.”

“Yes, I understand.”

However, despite the employee’s concerns, Jinhyuk remained calm.

He just urged me to quickly bring back the items I purchased and to include the user manual(?).

In response to his calm demeanor, all the employee could do was bow his head.

At that time, I was looking at the back of an employee who was quickly disappearing.

“Brother, but are you really planning on making that slave… no, that dark elf as a slave?”

Ha-ryu’s voice, filled with mysterious emotions, struck Jin-hyeok’s ears.


Since anything could happen in the tower, there was nothing strange about using someone as a slave.

Because it was a place full of even more terrible and unethical things.

“I’m crazy? To enslave someone?”

Jinhyeok was negative about using slaves, as was his reaction from the time he faced the dark elf, Elione.

“Aren’t you using me as a slave?”

“Vulkan, you are not ‘someone.’ “The soul must obey its master.”

“Damn you.”

Of course, the soul Vulcan was an exception.

It is as natural as being hot in the summer and cold in the winter that the soul (spirit) obeys and is dominated by its master (spirit master).

Jinhyeok shook his head, looking downstream, leaving the grumbling Vulcan behind.

“Certainly dark elves would be good human resources, but if the target does not agree with our opinions and sincerely follow them, there is no need for them. You were like that, Gold Rich was like that, and Hong Gil-dong was like that too. I only accepted them because everyone followed my wishes. If I forcefully use someone and bring them in, what difference is there between me and the Four Emperors? is not it?”

Dark elf Elione’s strength is special.

A high elf even before becoming a dark elf.

In other words, as a member of the royal family, there is room for further growth, and the magic energy gained by becoming a dark elf will also help you perform well in battle with its powerful energy.

But more important than all that was the mindset of those entering ‘Yeokcheon’.

No matter how powerful and helpful the person was, if the person did not want Yeokcheon’s will, Jinhyeok would never force it.

‘It seems to be the same in the Balkans.’

Although he was a Vulcan who grumbled at people treating him like a slave whenever he got the chance, he had never truly expressed his dissatisfaction with him, except when he was first captured.

He was just annoyed that he was caught by someone.

He knew, both in his head and in his body, that a soul must be under the care of a Spirit Master.

Additionally, the fact that Jinhyuk rarely dealt with souls also played a role.

“But you thought of me as someone who enslaves others? This is a little disappointing, but it’s downstream. “Did I see that guy?”

“Ah… no, that’s not it, just in case…”

I thought for a moment.

Jinhyeok put pressure on Ha-ryu, who thought he would make Elione his slave.

I know it was a playful tone, but Ha-ryu knew his mistake, so he fidgeted and apologized.

It was when Jinhyuk burst into laughter, picking on Ha-Ryu, who was red-faced and apologizing.

“Cha Jinhyuk.”

Balkan’s grumbling voice, which had just disappeared, turned to Jinhyeok.

And Jinhyeok, who figured out why he was calling him, stopped playing and clicked his tongue.

“Tsk, here comes a pigeon with a lot of pride.”

A being coming toward you from afar.

Now, the Elyos are walking without hiding their wings or face.

“Nice to meet you, my name is Hamiel.”

Because Hamiel was there.

Jinhyeok clicked his tongue again at the appearance of her, who had been competing with him at the auction house for Elione until the very end.

“I have nothing to say. “I have no intention of handing over the auction item I bought.”

Even though he did not think of Elione as a slave, Jinhyeok referred to her as an ‘auction item.’

Of course, the reason was Hamiel, who was smiling brightly in front of me, but was clearly showing the spirit of a predator.

‘There’s no reason to get caught for no reason. There is no need to show that you are prioritizing her wishes. Just the sight of a climber treating a slave is enough.’

I don’t know what Hamiel thinks of Elione, but I can tell that he is quite interested in her from the fact that he tried to purchase her.

And Jinhyuk was thinking of telling her some of his thoughts and then letting her go after seeing her reaction.

However, if Hamiel noticed this, there was a strong possibility that Jinhyeok would be in trouble in the middle.

Maybe she could snatch up Elione once again after she released it.

Therefore, Jinhyeok decided to take on the appearance of a typical slave owner.

This is how they treat slaves as objects rather than as living beings.

“…Excuse me, but may I know why you purchased her?”

Perfect acting.

Hamiel also changed direction by asking why he purchased her.

It was an extremely polite question, but of course Jinhyeok’s answer was completely deadpan.



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“If it’s rude, don’t ask. “Do you think that just because everyone supports you, they will also support me?”

Hamiel glared at Jinhyeok, who gave him no room, but it was impossible to respond further.

Not only was the momentum that Jinhyuk was currently giving off, but there were many penalties for her as a high-rise climber on low floors.

Of course, it is not a penalty to the extent of being crushed by Jinhyeok, a climber on the 60th floor, but it is true that it is unreasonable.

In the end, she had no choice but to take a step back.

“I want to hold on to it and learn more about you, but I can’t help it. “Anyway, a report about you has already been reported to the higher-ups.”


A proper counter strike.

Jinhyuk could not help but frown beneath his mask.

‘Has a report already been sent to the higher-ups? ‘That sucks.’

The place that Hamiel, an Elyos, would refer to as “upwards” had been decided.

This means that he passed on information about himself to the upper echelons of the Four Emperors or the Elyos.

Of course, it was not a good thing for Jinhyuk to hear.

However, just as she could not bare her teeth towards Jinhyuk, so did Jinhyuk.

‘Not yet… it’s not possible yet. It’s worth a try for that one pigeon who applied the penalty well, but for the greater good, we have to endure it for now.’

As far as Hamiel, it’s okay.

However, Jinhyeok has already caught the attention of the Elyos clan and the Four Emperors clan.

Of course, they would find out about everything Jinhyeok was going to do.

It was clear that no matter how perfectly he hid it, that fact would not change.

In other words, if Hamiel is killed, the connection with Jinhyuk will be investigated and the answer will eventually be derived that Jinhyuk killed Hamiel.

‘From then on, the chase begins. ‘It is impossible to pretend to be perfect with them when we do not have proper strength or foundation.’

In the past, when challenging the 600th floor ordeal, Jinhyeok lost moderately to the Four Emperors, but did not lose to the Four Emperors completely.

Since there was no proper response from Jinhyuk’s side, the Four Emperors were unable to launch an all-out war, and in the end, they used the sword called Nine Star to strike Jinhyuk.

From their perspective, justification was a very important factor.

It is okay to persecute someone who is passing by.

Because they are the ones with the power, ability, and organization to do so.

However, there is a problem with killing a passerby.

That is no different from saying that the entire tower will turn into an enemy.

No matter how strong the Four Emperors are, they cannot turn the entire tower into enemies and still get away with it.

They have always lived within the appropriate line, and so climbers also showed respect to them.

That will still be the same now.

‘waiting. Perfect timing to stick a dagger in their neck. If I wait for that, it will be my victory.’

That’s why Jinhyuk suppressed the desire to take action right now.

Hamiel looked at Jinhyeok, who was quietly letting go of his anger, with a gentle smile on his face, and took a step forward. The sound of


footsteps echoed through the Black Market lobby.

As she walked through the lobby to the entrance outside the building, she spoke to Jinhyuk, or more precisely, to Ha-ryu, who was standing next to him.

“The flowers look good on your hair. I just picked it, but it’s really pretty. “It’s such a shame that I burned it all myself.”

Obvious provocation.

The host directly said that the person who put up for auction the goblin flower that Ha-ryu was wearing in her hair was a member of the Four Emperors.

However, Ha-ryu and Jin-hyeok, who had never imagined that Hamiel, who participated in the auction, would put up for auction himself, could not help but be surprised.

For example, like Jinhyeok, the pupils of Ha-ryu, who was wearing a mask, were shaking violently.

Jinhyuk, who had already seen Ha-Ryu’s eyes shake and her whole body tremble to the point where it was difficult to maintain her composure, gently wrapped her arms around Ha-Ryu’s shoulders.

“Hold on. Even if you step out here, you won’t be able to catch that b*tch.”


“But go to sleep. What do you think you can do against someone who deserves all your strength? “Now is the time to be patient.”

Cough – Ha

-ryu, barely able to come to his senses as Jinhyeok felt his warmth on his shoulder, grabbed the scabbard of the dragon slayer’s sword until it broke apart.

Hamiel, who confirmed that the last provocation did not work, left his last words with a sad expression.

“The person next to me looks familiar. Like I’ve seen it before. And if he is the person I remember, we will see him again soon on the 100th floor. I’ll just be waiting for then. Let’s calculate the humiliation we received today. Oh, and you have a pretty eccentric hobby, taking a soul with you.”

100th floor.

There, she emphasizes, is a ruined goblin village.

Moreover, the spirit she was talking about was not Jinhyeok, who did not know that she was talking about Balkan.

It was surprising that one could see the invisible Balkan just by looking, but there was something else that was truly surprising.

“…How much do you know?”

The fact that she would be waiting for them on the 100th floor meant that she had a vague guess about the identity of the downstream.

Jinhyeok, who noticed him, asked back in a cold voice…

“Tsk, is he gone already?”

All that came back was the empty sound of the wind.

At the spot where Hamiel was standing just moments ago, there was only the wind blowing in through the open door.

Jinhyuk clicked his tongue and stamped his feet in frustration towards Hamiel, who disappeared in an instant.

“F*ck, yes. “Wait a while in the goblin village, because you’re not the only one who has to figure it out.”

Hamiel prepares to account for what happened at the Black Market, but Jinhyeok still has to account for her and her entire race who were involved in his death.

Therefore, Jinhyuk gritted his teeth and waited for the encounter on the 100th floor.

At that time, the Black Market employee, who had been observing Jinhyuk and Hamiel, hesitantly approached Jinhyuk.

“This is the ‘Dark Elf’ that you purchased. These are the keys that can unlock the shackles. “There are different shackles that fit each person, so it will be easier to understand if you look at the enclosed booklet.”

The Black Market employee delivered the remaining auction items and their appendix to Jinhyeok, who was furious.

Elione is locked in a cage, keys that can unlock or tighten the shackles on her, and a booklet with information about them.

Those were the auction items Jinhyuk received.

“Okay, I have work to do from now on, so go.”

“Thank you for using our Black Market so far. Please visit us again next time.”

Jinhyuk left the Black Market holding the cage containing Elione, leaving behind the employee who nodded humbly and bowed gently.

And Jinhyuk, who left the black market, disappeared as soon as he left the black market.

This is because the work to be done from now on was secret work with slaves.

These are things that others should not see or hear.

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