Absolute Necromancer Chapter 92

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All Master Necromancer Episode 92

“…I think you know something about that woman. Why don’t you tell me?”

Sub-race as auction item.

Among them, for a moment, I felt disgusted at the situation where a dark elf, known for being powerful, was being auctioned off.

Jinhyeok asked about the girl in the cage whose eyes were burning with anger.

It was clearly a decision made because Balkan seemed to know something about her from what he said.

Since there was no reason to hide it, Balkan obediently told about his evaluation of the dark elves.

“Dark elf. “It is not a pure-blooded dark elf, but rather an elf who was originally corrupted or transformed by demonic energy.”

“The reason is?”

“The demonic energy that is the source of corruption and degeneration is too strong. In the case of purebloods born through the marriage of dark elves, they share the magical energy flowing from their parents, so its concentration is relatively lighter than when it first experienced transformation and corruption. “It’s like the complete opposite of a woman’s condition.”

“The magic scent is definitely strong.”

Jinhyuk sniffed at Balkan’s words and nodded.

Magical scent.

It is a scent that is naturally absorbed into the body of anyone with demonic energy.

It was a scent that Jinhyuk could also smell as he gained the magic stat.

The dark elf trapped in the cage also had that magical scent.

It’s a powerful scent that stings your nose.

As he said, it was a scent that could never be possessed by anyone who had passed one generation, so Jinhyuk moved on to the next question.

“By upper class, what level are you talking about? Are you a noble?”

upper class.

Elves had an aristocratic class under the High Elves, who were called royalty.

The strength of these individuals, who could clearly be said to be of a higher class, was all powerful.

‘The Four Emperors are not the only powerful race within the tower.’

The Four Emperors are not only different in terms of their potential, but they have also been called the strongest because they have already been infested with monsters that have settled almost at the top of the tower for a long time.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t races that rival each of them.

Some of the lower-class goblins were also powerful enough to compete with individual members of the Four Emperors.

Elves were also one of those races.

In particular, the strength of the elves belonging to the noble class, which can be said to be the upper class, was extremely strong.

“I am a high elf. No, it would be more correct to say, ‘He was a high elf.’”

“…what? High elves became dark elves? “What kind of nonsense is that…”

However, Balkan’s words that followed were enough to surprise Jinhyeok.

High elf.

The noble class alone is enormous, but it’s different when it comes to high elves.

Because it was said that they were blood relatives of the king who led a country.

“…I guess that’s true, right?”

Unlike his denial, Jinhyuk sent a look of trust towards Balkan.

Vulcan nodded resolutely, as if he would not deny his belief.

“Trust me. My knowledge is never wrong. That woman must have been a high elf before becoming a dark elf. A high elf with a strong blood heritage. “Maybe he was closer to being the next king.”

“…Then you believe and make decisions?”

“I take full responsibility. “I guess it’s not Cha Jin-hyuk of the world who did it?”

A proud Balkan statement.

Jinhyeok was left with only one option, as he went on to challenge him by asking if he was scared.

“…1 million gold!”

-Ah~ 1 million gold came out from there. Is there anyone else you would like to call?

Auction bidding, which had become more and more heated during the conversation, was like throwing oneself into a fierce battle.

That was the only option Jinhyuk had left.

‘…dirty things.’

The thought was that Elione, a direct descendant of the high elf kingdom and the crown princess who would become the next king, was locked in a cage.

Of course, the position of direct lineage in the elf kingdom was already destroyed, and the position of crown princess was also taken away as she became a dark elf.

In addition, what should have ended with banishment ended up being sold to a slave trader with shackles that prevented Mana from moving.

‘I planned to aim for it, but I lived without knowing it, so is it natural?’

Elione did not forget the situation in which the next crown princess was turned into a dark elf and the position of crown princess was immediately taken away, and shackles were also prepared to restrain Mana.

It would be correct to say that I couldn’t forget it.

My brother was shackling his own limbs.

Even his brothers and sisters who were giggling as they watched him fall helplessly to the floor.

All of that was clearly etched in my memory.

‘…I will never forget. Even in death, I will take revenge on you.’

even though she was locked in a cage and about to be sold as a slave, Elione’s spirit was terrifying.

As she was originally a climber who had surpassed the 300th floor and was an elf, a high elf at that, she was much stronger than the average 300th floor climber.

However, not only was she wearing shackles that restrained the mana that could be used to summon spirits, but she was also tied up so that she could not even move her superhuman body properly, so she was worse than an ordinary person, let alone an ordinary elf.

‘It’s so colorful. I worked harder for the Elven Kingdom than anyone else and tried to restore the abandoned and exiled Dark Elves to the Kingdom… but in the end, I became a Dark Elf and became a slave.’

Even though she had a strong body and a strong mind, she felt her mental state shaking violently.

This was because his situation was so miserable that he had been abandoned despite all the years he had lived for the Dark Elves, whose skin had turned black and who had been able to control a little of the demonic energy solely due to the elves and the demonic energy.

“…Okay, Elyos. You’re trying to make me a bluebird in a cage. “If I fall into your hands, I will definitely not play the blue bird as you wish.”

Of course, she gritted her teeth as she looked at one participant sitting in a particularly luxurious seat (room) among the auction house seats.

A demon who was the decisive factor in becoming this way.

That’s why the Elyos, who were tied to the title of the Four Emperors, were sitting there with him.

The wings were barely covered, but the angel ring, which is the identity of the Elyos, could not be hidden.



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The splendor and warmth unique to the Elyos, which could not be hidden even with a mask on their faces, actually felt like an unbearable filth to her.

From her perspective, they were just beings no different from demons or elyos.

‘Maybe the Elyos also participated in this plan. ‘My presence would have been a turn-off for them as well.’

The power of the elves was one of the strongest within the tower.

In particular, elves live as long-lived people for a long time and often make contracts with high-level spirits due to their exceptional affinity for spirits.

In addition, they are an absurd race that receives additional corrections to their mobility in the forest and uses the bow, which can be said to be the basic and best among long-distance attacks, at a high level.

Of course, the strength of not only ordinary elves, but also the noble class that formed the basis of the elf kingdom, the royal family that reigned over them and led them, and the high elves were not a force that could be ignored, even by the Four Emperors.

However, since he was hostile to the Four Emperors, it was obvious that they would have viewed him as a thorn in their eyes.

‘Elad… You’re trying to dedicate the entire kingdom to the Four Emperors. ‘My stupid brother.’

It was about time when she let out a sigh, thinking of her brother who was greedy and did not want to let go of what he had in his hands.

The auction has already reached its end.

“5.5 million gold.”

Although he spoke calmly, the impact his words had was quite significant.

The amount was so large that it surprised even Elione, who was trapped in a cage, venting her anger and mulling over it.

And her beautiful face was crumpled like a piece of paper when she identified the participant who had paid that large amount of money.



The Elyos who vowed that they would never go as far as she did was the one who brought in 5.5 million gold.

Naturally, if Elione, in a fit of rage, had hit the cage roughly, there was no way that the cage, which was made by a skilled craftsman by mixing high-quality steel and various monster by-products, could have been broken by Elione, who was no different from an ordinary person.


“Oh my, please don’t lose your strength and just stay still. “It will soon be mine, but if it has any flaws, its value will drop and it will be less fun to look at it.”

“Don’t treat me like an object!”

Rather, Elione’s delicate body was prone to injuries when it hit the iron bars.

Elves are born with thin bodies and little muscle.

He compensates for his physical shortcomings with superior mana and elemental magic.

However, since both her mana and elemental magic were blocked, her body was no different from that of an ordinary person.

As the Elyos continued to kill each other, Elione forgot the pain and shook us again.

Bang bang bang!

Even though all of her energy and physical abilities were clearly sealed, the contestants who were trying to make the highest bids quietly lowered their signboards due to her explosive appearance.

Because what they wanted were obedient and gentle dark elves, not violent dark elves.

Moreover, the fact that the person making the bid was an Elyos also played a decisive role in their decision to put down the sign.

This is because I don’t want to create a situation where I have to lose against the Elyos because of a useless slave.

Of course, they wore masks and hid most of the information, but with the power of the Elyos and, by extension, the Four Emperors, it was not a task to hunt down even one climber who had bid on a Dark Elf among those who visited the Black Market.

In the end, while one by one they were giving up, only the speaker shouted with a smile on his face.

-5.5 million gold! Up to 5.5 million gold has been reached! If there are no more, the auction will end!

The sight of him catching the wind as if there were no more people coming out was certainly strange, but the participants had already given up on the auction a long time ago.

The host, realizing that there was no use in grinding his neck any further, lifted the hammer that was lying on the podium.




Only the sound of counting numbers and hitting hammers echoed hollowly in the auction house.

Just as the sound of two hammers was heard and the third and final hammer sound was about to be heard.

“Get 5.5 million gold and get 4.5 million more.”

-Cheer… Cheer… 10 million gold….

The host’s mouth opened wide as he heard a man’s low-pitched voice.

5.5 million plus 4.5 million.

He wasn’t so stupid that he couldn’t do this simple arithmetic.

To put it simply, what the man said just now is…

-10 million gold has been found! I think this is the highest price in black market history! Ho… do you want to add more?

It was said that a whopping sum of 10 million gold was sold for one auction item(?).

As a result, the host, who suddenly had a surge of excitement that had never existed before, was happy for a while.

I noticed the attention of the Elyos who were the bidders before the 10 million gold.

Whip –

With his question, the head of the Elyos wearing a pure white mask turned.

What kind of idiot would bid the highest without fear of the amount he bid?

It was also because he was curious about whether he could add an amount of 4.5 million that seemed to look down on him.


What an incredible life.

Among them, as an Elyos, her energy was clear and clean, but the way she used that energy was extremely extreme.

The contestant, who faced her fierce will to tear the opponent to pieces in one fell swoop, could only say this.

“Hey, moderator. “It seems like the auctioneer is trying to give up the auction by force. Is this okay?”

The host’s face turned pale at the sight of the man shrugging his shoulders in a sly manner and looking like he was making fun of the Elyos.

As he said, it is impossible to force an auction to be abandoned.

Of course, it was right that the organizers had to stop it.

‘…Who on earth can speak against the Elyos!’

No matter how much he messed up, he had no choice but to keep his mouth shut as long as the opponent was a member of the Four Emperors or Elyos.

Because he was a person too and wanted to live.

At that time, everyone became quiet except for the two people.

The one who gave up first was the Elyos.

“11 million gold.”

-Well… 11 million gold has been found!

An expression of the will to suppress with money, not force.

Accordingly, the host, who barely came to his senses, suppressed his happiness and looked at the other contestants.

-Do you have any more?!

Even though I felt like I wanted to sew up the host’s mouth right away, I couldn’t do that.

A being who has not committed any crime, even if the other person has insulted or harmed him/her.

Furthermore, persecuting and destroying the organization was impossible in Yangji.

However, after hearing the last participant’s words, she began to seriously consider changing her thoughts.

“20 million gold. “If you’re scared, just run away.”

A participant who casually raises 9 million gold.

Naturally, he was Jinhyuk, who had already won two auction items.

And the Elyos stared intently at the demonic face that could be said to be his trademark.

If you could kill a person with your eyes, you could have killed him a hundred times, but Jinhyeok, who was actually involved, snorted.

‘What are you staring at, little pigeon? I think I’m going to tear my eyes out. ‘I don’t have enough strength right now to beat you with force, so I’ll be satisfied with beating you with money for now.’

The Elyos are the target of revenge and one of the damned Four Emperors that must one day be wiped out.

No matter how much stronger he was than he was now, there was no reason for Jinhyuk to be afraid.

On the contrary, Jinhyuk liked the current situation where he could harass her with money.

Even though they were members of the wealthy Four Emperors clan, it was impossible for a single individual to spend more than 20 million gold, especially in an auction held on a lower floor.

And that meant only one thing.

Bang, pound, pound!

Three hammer blows.

-The successful bidder for the auction item ‘Dark Elf’ is participant number 38!

The moderator’s voice announcing the winning bid.

Participant number 38.

This meant that Jinhyuk won the bid for the dark elf Elione.

Upon hearing that the item he had wanted was taken away, the Elyos opened his eyes wide and glared at Jinhyuk, but Jinhyuk only laughed heartily.

“You look good, little pigeon. “Who are you bragging about your money to? You don’t have any money.”

Of course, it wasn’t Jinhyuk’s own money, but no one found fault with him.

It was also a moment when Gold Rich earned money like a Jeongseung and Jinhyuk spent it like a dog.

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