Absolute Necromancer Chapter 91

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All Master Necromancer Episode 91

– 1 million gold?

-Burning 1 million gold on just one flower? Are you sane?

-You’re crazy, you’re crazy. Even if you’re a ghost, there’s no way you have that much money.

1 million gold.

This is an amount of money that most climbers cannot even touch in their lifetime.

The auction participants could not believe that such an amount of money was used to buy just one flower.

But on the other hand, there were also those who laughed at him.

– No matter how much you want it, you will be completely humiliated if you ask for money that exceeds your limit.

-Is it just embarrassment? Black market guys don’t take cancellations. He will have to suffer from debt collectors until he repays the large sum of 1 million gold.

-It’s funny that a super rookie who has been around for a long time ends up in debt.

This is because they knew well the weight of a large sum of money named 1 million gold.

Furthermore, Black Market never accepts cancellations for incorrectly priced prices.

People who hand over goods and receive compensation in some way.

Even if it was slaves or organs, they were the ones who somehow collected the money.

Recently, I heard a lot of rumors about ghost visits, and I was surprised to hear that I received a black level invitation, but no one knows that this is not an amount that a climber on the 60th floor can afford to pay.

“I… sir. “Can I first check whether you can afford to pay the amount?”

Jinhyuk turned his head to look at the employee who had already approached the private room and asked about his ability to pay.

‘It’s bloody.’

It wasn’t Jinhyuk who couldn’t feel the emotions contained in the employee’s words and his gaze.

The nuance is that if you say something wrong or say you want to cancel, you will immediately go through the collection process.

But there was one thing they didn’t know.

Obviously, 1 million gold is a large amount of money, and it is money that is quite difficult for an ordinary climber to obtain, and even more so for a climber on the 60th floor.

“Pay with this.”

“Go… Gold Rich Card. “Tuesday… Confirmed.”

His financial resources move tens or hundreds of times more money than him, and he is the one who wins thousands or tens of thousands of times more money.

It was Gold Rich.

Since he was in charge of finances, he invested thoroughly in Jinhyuk.

‘It’s a gold rich card… It feels like a credit card.’

To be exact, on Earth, it was a card several levels higher than the highest level credit card called a black card.

‘I have cash, but I can’t pay a million gold in cash.’

Despite his visit to the Gold Rich Company, what Jinhyuk ended up taking was the Gold Rich card.

It was expensive, but carrying it around was a daunting task, so it was only natural.

And there is no climber who does not know the name Goldrich, especially the employees of the Black Market who are no different from merchants.

In particular, I naturally knew about the ‘Gold Rich Card’ created by Gold Rich, which has a strong presence in the merchant world.

‘No limit. Identity assurance. Just these two things are certain.’

A perfect card that allows you to buy anything and even guarantees the identity of the card holder.

Naturally, that power was almost omnipotent, at least in the merchant industry.

“…Excuse me.”

The power of the Gold Rich Card must have been sufficiently proven just by looking at the change in the attitude of employees who had been treating employees differently depending on whether they had money or not.

“Then I won that bid, right?”

Jinhyuk became polite to him and pointed his finger at the ‘goblin flower’ placed on the podium.

“Yes, that’s right.”

There is nothing you can’t buy with the Gold Rich Card.

Knowing that well, the Black Market employee responded politely.

“I wonder if I can get it right now. “I want to see you quickly.”

“…All auction items can only be received after the auction ends.”

However, even so, Jinhyuk’s request went against the operating principles of Black Market, which runs the auction house.

It is true that he was a VVIP customer who spent a large amount of money, over 1 million gold, but it was not a reason to break the principles they had been operating under.

“Please forget about the rudeness you showed me just now. how is it? “If you were a merchant, you would know how to make a deal.”

“…I will bring it to you as soon as the transaction payment is completed.”

Their operating principles were none of Jinhyeok’s business.

Their poor attitude toward themselves.

Furthermore, downstream’s desire to obtain the goblin flower as quickly as possible.

It was just more important to him.

Naturally, the employee in front of me was a climber who had surpassed the 60th floor, but he was not a combat climber.


They are good at selling something better and buying it cheaper.

Of course, he has the ability to get lightly steamed by climbers at lower levels, but he is a climber of the same class.

In front of Jinhyeok, who had reached the peak among combat climbers, he was just an ordinary climber.

Well, it might still be the result of flipping the abacus in my head, but the result was the same.

“…I’ll be right back.”

The employee who politely bowed his head and accepted the Gold Rich card thrown by Jinhyuk quickly turned around and headed towards the owner.

The purpose was to immediately take over the items that had been auctioned off.

Even though he was just an employee, permission from the manager, the owner of this place, was essential for him to receive auction items in advance.

Jinhyeok leisurely looked at the back of the employee who disappeared in an instant and picked up a glass of drink.

“It will come soon, don’t worry. “It’s not a place where it’s good to show that you’re nervous.”

“…thank you.”



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“It’s only one million gold. It’s not enough to cost my life. If Miho had something like that, she would have bought it, and the same goes for everyone else. “There’s no need to be thankful.”

Ha-Ryu responded bluntly, but knowing that that was not Jin-Hyeok’s true intention, Ha-Ryu returned from his pale face to his usual appearance.

With a faint smile on his face.

Jinhyeok glanced at the stream that had regained stability and then turned his attention to the auction that was continuing.

“If the middle items are like this, I think we can look forward to the last items.”

The item that appeared as a mid-boss was the ‘Goblin Flower’, which is no longer available.

Normally, it would be the last item to come out and decorate the grand finale.

Nevertheless, the goblin flower appeared in the middle, not last.

What it meant was simple.

‘That means that the product that will come out in the end will be better than the goblin flower. I’m looking forward to it. I wonder what’s coming.’

It was said that something greater than the goblin flower was waiting at the end.

“I’m looking forward to it.”

Looking at the podium where the auction was in full swing, Jinhyuk smiled with anticipation.

“These are the auction items you mentioned. It is a thick rope containing spiritual energy and a goblin flower. “The full price has been paid, so if you have nothing more to purchase, you can leave the auction house as is.”

“Thank you. With this, I’ll pretend I don’t have any debt from before.”

“…Thank you for your consideration.”

An employee with a lighter face than before, who must have been quite distressed, carefully approached Jinhyeok and handed over the auction items.

Although it was a private room, there were other people’s rooms nearby, so they looked cautious.

However, the employee’s face brightened when Jinhyuk said that the debt would be gone for a while.

That’s why it bothered him to have a relationship with a big man like Jinhyeok.

After handing over the auction items and handing over the Gold Rich card again.

The employee bowed at a 90-degree angle and then disappeared at a slow pace.

He disappeared without causing trouble to other participants enjoying the auction, and he resembled that of an assassin.

“…I don’t know if that’s an assassin or a merchant.”

Jinhyuk shrugged his shoulders as he heard Vulcan’s absurd expression coming from next to him.

Because he was thinking the same thing.

The idea of a merchant similar to an assassin did not last long.

“I forgot. “There were kids who would have waited longer for this than me.”

“…You can give it to me slowly.”

“…me too.”

The owner of the auction items brought in by the employee.

It was because he felt that Ha-ryu and Mi-ho were staring at him.

Jinhyuk clicked his tongue at the two people who pretended to be calm and nonchalant, saying they were okay.

“lie. It says ‘Give it to your face quickly.’ Do you want to lie? “It’s old.”

You can lie with your words, but you cannot hide your appearance.

The same goes for the anticipation on the faces of the two people.

Jinhyeok threw the auction item into the arms of those who wanted to receive it as soon as possible.

For Miho, a thick rope containing spiritual energy, and for Ha-ryu, a goblin flower.

“Hehe, thank you. Brother.”

“Thank you!”

The two people who received their respective gifts expressed their gratitude to Jinhyuk with brighter faces than ever.

Hearing a thank you for the first time in his life, Jinhyuk rubbed the underside of his nose with an embarrassed expression, cleared his throat, and turned his head to the podium.

“…I didn’t buy it with my own money, so how can I be thankful? “Do it later when you meet Gold Richie.”

Ha-ryu shook his head and said to Jin-hyeok, who answered bluntly.

“But it was my brother who bought it for me. You can do it to your brother, and you can do it to Mr. Goldrich.”

“Yes, I will do it too.”

Ha-ryu says that although the original owner of the money is Gold Rich, it is natural for Jin-hyuk to say thank you because he is the one who bought the auction item.

In addition, Miho responds by fiddling with the thick rope in her arms.

In the end, Jinhyuk had no choice but to lift both hands and feet.

“…do whatever you want. “The auction is slowly coming to an end, so get ready to go.”

“Sister, do this for me.”

“Okay, turn around and sit down. “I’ll tie it up nicely.”

“huh! Hi-Hi.”

When Jinhyuk told them to prepare to leave while hiding their true intentions, the two nodded and played with each other’s auction items.

It was really nice to see Ha-ryu neatly tying a thick rope around the waist of Miho, who was sitting with her back turned, and Miho smiling brightly as she felt her touch.

[The nine-tailed fox looks at the two of you happily.]

[The nine-tailed fox looks at you warmly.] [

The pinnacle of all evil finds its own gift.]

[King Mifu claps, saying it is nice to see.]

[Many people . The gods are interested in you.]

“Tsk, the number of voyeurs is not decreasing.”

“Isn’t this something that a capable person should take on? “I’m just trying to focus on the last auction.”

“That’s right. “Because I can’t avoid them for the rest of my life.”

Apart from the good-looking appearance of the two people, the interest of gods and demons also naturally increased.

Miho is the child of the ‘nine-tailed fox’, who can be said to be a neutral god.

In particular, as it is related to the ‘peak of all evil’, which can be said to be the pinnacle of devils, interest in Jinhyuk, who has Miho as his pet, was bound to increase.

In addition, there was a lot of interest in Jinhyuk himself, the last remaining young goblin and the person who monopolizes the attention of the pinnacle of all evil.

One person alone would be worthy of the attention of gods and devils, but with three of them gathered together, the overwhelming attention seemed natural.

About the time when gods and demons started complaining about their increasing interest.

The auction is nearing its end.

-ruler! Then, we will finally begin the long-awaited final auction!

The alluring and lively voice of the host that makes people buy things.

Of course, there weren’t many people who got caught up in that kind of wind-catcher, and Jinhyuk was one too, but this time was different.

“I guess it would be better to just buy that, right?”

“maybe. The goal of the other participants gathered here seems to be the final auction. “The momentum has changed.”

“surely… “I don’t know what is it that makes the participants so enthusiastic.”

Desire to purchase.

Because something that had never happened before raised its head.

To be precise, it was largely because I was convinced that the goal of these people, who seemed to have come from dozens of floors higher, was the final auction.

In fact, the presence of excited participants could be felt throughout the auction house.

-Whoosh… Whoosh… I really need to have ‘that’.

-It doesn’t matter how much money it costs. Quickly bring your items to the podium!

A participant breathing heavily.

Since money doesn’t matter, participants are told to bring things first.

The moment when a feast of disheveled appearances that had never been seen before continued.


came up onto the platform with a sound as if something was being dragged.


“Looking at its shape, it appears to be a cage. “Is it some type of pet, like a spirit beast or a spirit creature?”

A cage covered with a tent.

It was the identity of something that had climbed onto the podium.

Of course, since it did not have the abilities of Jinhyeok, Balkan, or clairvoyance, it was only an inference, but it was still true that it was a fairly large cage.

“I feel alive inside.”

“I felt it too.”

The vitality and presence felt within it.

It added confidence to the speculation that there was a living being inside.

When Jinhyeok and Balkan thought of the being inside the tent as a ‘pet’, the host, who confirmed the heated atmosphere, roughly removed the tent.

-ruler! A great meal specially prepared for you! This is the last auction item!

“…What are these crazy b*stards selling?”

“…Tsk, that’s disgusting to look at.”

Inside the peeling tent, there was a cage to confine the animals as they thought.

But there was one thing wrong with them, and that was…


“No, dark elf. That’s also a high-ranking dark elf.”


Among them, there was a dark elf who had been transformed by accepting demonic energy.

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