Absolute Necromancer Chapter 87

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All Master Necromancer Episode 87

“Then, take a light hit first.”

Jinhyeok, who took the lead, kicked up his seat and raised his internal mana.

Recently, he mainly used spiritual power and magical energy, but Jinhyuk’s main focus was mana.

Compared to other stats, the ship’s mana was already at the level of a 100th floor climber.

With his high intelligence added, Jinhyeok quickly prepared the magic for the first attack and grabbed the magic with a grin.

“Fly, Gungnir.”

[The wise man’s disciple smiles.]

[The wise man’s disciple asks me to use it often.]


A basic (?) special move that you can now master and master in an instant.

The wise man’s disciple, Odin’s message window, blocked his eyes, but Jinhyeok naturally pushed it aside and threw Gungnir.

Gungnir’s destructive power was fearsome as it was created by using Magic Arrow, a non-attribute magic, and injecting various magic into it.

In particular, as he grew as he climbed the tower, Gungnir was more powerful than when he killed the Orc warrior in one go on the 9th floor, so he deserved to be called a special move.

‘It is stronger than Yeongchungtan, but weaker than Gangtan. This much is enough.’

Among Jinhyuk’s current anti-personnel attacks, it has a medium level of destructive power, but it is better than a strong bullet in that it does not take as long to make as before.



Hendrick muttered quietly and crossed his arms without even drawing his sword to block Gungnir.


A loud explosion echoed throughout the forest on the 51st floor.

The cloud of dust that rose with the heavy drinking obscured my eyes.

However, the acumen of those around Jinhyeok’s level allowed them to clearly identify their opponents even in a forest filled with dust clouds.

‘As expected, he’s fine.’

Jinhyeok, who sensed through his senses that Hendrick was unharmed from the attack, stuck out his tongue.

Even though he didn’t use Wonwon, Jinhyeok has definitely become stronger.

However, Hendrick also became stronger, and his bravery also became stronger.

In the end, it was proven once again that even Gungnir could not penetrate Yongrin.

‘It might be possible if we mix up the members… but for now, let’s continue sparring without the members.’

The power of ‘Ilwon’, a mixture of the two, was great.

It might have been enough to deal a blow to Yongrin, but Jinhyuk took his stance because he had no intention of taking out the main dish and eating it right away.

‘I will write about it later. And now… it’s time to stop Hendrick’s attack.’

Because he was too busy trying to stop Hendrick’s attack from now on, he was too busy thinking about his family and Yongrin.


who was approaching with a cloud of dust, was holding a drawn sword in his hand.


“…it’s too black from the beginning.”

Jinhyeok clicked his tongue at the dark red sword on the sharply forged sword.

Black energy.

A crystallization of technology that can cut down almost anything.

When Jinhyuk complained, Hendrick scolded him harshly.

“If your attack had been someone other than me, the sparring would have ended immediately. Do your best, Cha Jin-hyuk!”

“If you say that, I don’t have anything to say.”

Jinhyeok acknowledged Hendrick’s words, pointing out the contradiction with eyes shining with madness.

As he said, his Gungnir was a technique worthy of the name of a special move that could send away most people in one blow.

“Then I’ll go with all my heart.”

Puhwaaak- Purple-

black spiritual power.

It erupted from Jinhyeok’s body and wrapped around his arms.

In addition, the spiritual power remaining in his body immediately strengthened Jinhyeok’s body.

Jinhyuk, who instantly gained a body stronger than that of most close climbers, immediately changed his mask.

“…Whew, that’s tough.”

Fox mask.

Hendrick arrived in front of Jinhyeok, who had undergone an experience similar to a complete transformation through the power of the mask that gave him the body of a fox.

“Go lightly. “Paryongcham (破龍斬)”

As he arrived, dark red sword energy burst out from his swung sword.

Jinhyuk gritted his teeth as he watched the sword energy, which was created to destroy rather than cut, fly.

“…Soul Fist.”

He violently thrusts his two fists filled with spiritual power and shoots out spiritual power.

phut! Let’s go! Paba babang!

The fists made up of spiritual power shot as quickly as the fists were thrown collided with the blue dragon charms.

When an explosion as loud as when Gungnir and Hendrick collided earlier shook the forest again.

Two and three strikes continued to pour in.

“Chamryonggyeok (斬龍擊).”

Jinhyeok’s eyes sparkled with spiritual power in an eerie situation where a dragon-slashing sword was flying towards him to cut him down.


Jinhyeok, who was measuring the perfect timing, moved his body the moment Hendrick swung his sword.

He lashed out at his body, which moved lightly like a fox’s body, and threw away the daggers he had drawn out of subspace.



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Since the dagger imbued with spiritual power was thrown with great strength, it could no longer be called a dagger throwing.


Hendrick also clicked his tongue and took a step back when he felt the formidable power contained in the flying dagger, so you can guess its power.

Jinhyeok made a change towards Hendrick, who withdrew his sword and retreated to block the dagger.



of The fragmentation used in Soul Arrow was applied to the throwing dagger.

A dozen daggers instantly doubled or tripled in size and attacked Hendrick like a wave.

A tsunami named Dagger, each of which was real and contained full power, crashed down violently.

Kagang! Kang! Kaga River!

Hendrick could strike down multiple daggers with a single sword strike, but even so, there was no sign of the number of daggers decreasing.

Moreover, the power contained in the dagger was so enormous that even Hendrick could not block it with just his body.

Just swing the sword hard, absorb the shock, disperse it, and repeat.

The dagger tsunami that seemed endless ended before we knew it.

“You really are a monster. “I didn’t know you could block it without getting hit at all.”

“…It was nothing! “Looking at that thing in your hand, I’m sure you’re a monster too!”

Jinhyeok said while looking at Hendrick, who was drenched in sweat from cutting out the daggers.

Hendrick also responded lightly to his words.

While he was swinging the dagger away, the move Jinhyeok had prepared was flashing before his eyes.

“Strong bullet.”

Kangtan played a decisive role in the fight against the Demon Ship.

It was now dangling from Jinhyuk’s fingertips, with an even darker color.

It was too late to stop now, and Hendrick, who had no intention of dodging, taunted by clapping the hand that was not holding the sword.

And Jinhyuk responded to the provocation.

One gunshot.

The moment the gunshot rang out, a bullet flew from Jinhyuk’s fingertips toward Hendrick.

A bullet flew at the speed of a beam of light and struck his sword.

sword and bullet.

bullets and swords.

An unbelievable sound made by two dogs colliding shook the forest.

Even Jinhyuk looked at him with a surprised face and muttered.

“…What on earth is that sword made of? “It’s not even worth it.”

“Yonglin sword. “It is a sword made by tearing off my scales, melting them, and smelting them.”

“…Crazy guy.”

Jinhyeok clicked his tongue at the fact about Hendrick’s sword that he finally learned while climbing the tower together.

Yongrin sword.

As the name suggests, the sword was made of dragon scales.

And Jinhyeok, who found out through his mouth that the dragon’s scales were none other than Hendrick’s, looked at Hendrick as if he were truly crazy.

‘Even though his scales will grow back, the pain he will go through during the process will be no joke… After all, he is not normal either.’

To the dragon race, scales are like flesh.

In other words, Hendrick melted his own flesh and created a sword that best suited him and was outstanding.

But that also meant that Hendrick ripped off the raw flesh to make a sword.

Jinhyeok, who could not even imagine the pain Hendrick must have felt in the process, sighed as he looked at the unharmed Yongrin Sword.

“I mixed up a little of the power I gained this time, but maybe it wasn’t enough?”

“That’s not enough to pierce the sword that boiled my blood and melted my flesh, Cha Jin-hyuk!”

He was pushed out, and his clothes were torn apart due to the collision between the bullet and the Yongrin sword, but Hendrick was unharmed.

As he said, Jinhyeok had no choice but to admit that the Yongrin sword could not pierce it.

“It’s impossible to tie it up.”

One won (one won).

I realized that if I just mix the magical power that became one and the explosive power of divine power, it would only be of the same level.

Realization soon led to thoughts, and thoughts soon led to decisions.

“The sword might break.”

“The Yonglin Sword is unbreakable. “The Yonglin Sword is like my will!”

Jinhyeok bowed silently to Hendrick, who opened his eyes wide and scolded him as if to give it a try if he could.

It was to show an example to the person who could be said to be a rival or rival who brought out everything in oneself.

“…I won’t talk too much, come! Come on and make me happy, Cha Jin-hyuk!”

Accordingly, Hendrick also sensed that the ‘real thing’ would come from now on, so he swallowed dry saliva and shouted.

The hand holding the sword was shaking with excitement, and the corner of his mouth was not hiding that he was so excited that he couldn’t control it.

Jinhyeok looked at Hendrick, whose face was flushed red and his whole body shaking with excitement, with an expression of understanding, and expressed his strength to overcome him.

“…one won (one won).”

A power that was mixed with spiritual power and mana during sparring with Hendrick, but whose name was never mentioned.

The moment I said that, change began.


First, the surrounding atmosphere suddenly changed.

The space seems to be distorted.

Hendrick, whose excitement for battle had cooled slightly before seeing this sight for the first time, looked at it with a blank face.

“…What is that?”

Like everyone else, they are bound to harbor curiosity and fear when faced with a sight they see for the first time in their lives.

It would be even more so if the ferocious force felt from seeing the sight for the first time in one’s life was added to it.

And the ferocious force felt around Jinhyeok was enough to instill a feeling of fear in the viewer.

The second change came when Hendrick was embarrassed by the suddenly rapidly changing surroundings and Jinhyeok’s momentum.

Black energies emanating from Jinhyeok’s body.

It was none other than Magi.

Of course, it was less pure than the magic energy contained in the Dark Force Ring, but the amount was enormous.

An enormous amount of magical energy began to gather, covering the forest and the entire 51st floor.

‘…It’s like dragon power. Condensing the demonic energy, condensing the condensed demonic energy again. Is that the principle?’

A condensation method of magical energy reminiscent of dragon power.

Hendrick took a deep breath because the density and power felt from the slowly condensing demon energy was unusual.

‘If I move here, can I stop him?’


Can’t stop it.

The surrounding space was distorted due to the condensation of that demonic energy, so even if it were Hendrick, entering there would have been an act of suicide.

‘So what’s the best I can do?’

At this time, Jinhyeok is about to show off his newly acquired strength and unusual ability.

Hendrick, who was thinking about the best and best move he could make, felt his mind become clearer and found the answer.

‘…fight back. ‘You’ll find out if my fire is stronger or your fire is stronger.’

Stronger fire devours weaker fire.

And Hendrick had no doubt that his fire would be stronger than Jinhyuk’s fire.

After thinking that far, Hendrick grabbed the handle of the sword.


, who was holding the sword in his hand as the handle cracked, also prepared to ignite the strongest fire to match Jinhyeok’s attack.

Crunch –

Hendrick even beats his body for just one attack.

Even as he built the most perfect body and gathered energy for the strongest blow he could deliver, Hendrick’s eyes never left Jinhyeok.

‘What on earth are you trying to do, Cha Jin-hyuk?’

Hendrick fell into a trance as he thought about what the strongest attack he would prepare would be.

‘…Isn’t that guy a joke?’

Jinhyeok frowned as he used his newly created characteristics to change all of his divine power stats to magic stats.

This is because Hendrick’s momentum as he prepared to strike from afar was formidable.

But even so, Jinhyuk did not stop.

[You are using the trait, One Won.]

[You have selected the Magi stat.]

[All divine power stats are converted to Magi stats.]

[Caution, if you remain in the unit status for a long time, your body may collapse. .]

‘…status window.’

Status window in member state.

Jinhyeok, who was curious about this, checked the status window while condensing the demon energy.

And when he entered the member state, his status window was amazing.

[Status window]

Name: Cha Jin-

hyuk Occupation: Spirit Master

Sub-occupation: All Master

Body: Mana lag, half-sacred half-demon


Strength: 88 (+33)

Stamina: 89 (+33)

Dexterity: 91 ( +33)

Intelligence: 127 (+33)

Mana: 166 (+48) Magic Energy

: 249 (+10)

Holy Power: 0 (+0)


  1. Predation
  2. Versatility
  3. Ilwon


Comprehensive resistance, tenacity

‘… crazy, the magic stat is 249? ‘What kind of ridiculous stat is this?’


This was Jinhyuk’s current magic stat.

If you count the stats from the dark force ring, the stats are enormous, approaching 260.

‘When I was between the 200th and 300th floor. Mana was around 300… Is this a possible number? Considering that I also have mana retardation, 300 is a stat that only a climber above the 300th floor would have… You can have the same stats on the 50th floor?’

Jinhyeok was shocked when he remembered that the mana stat he had in the past on the 200th to 300th floor was around 300.

The mana stat around 300 was reached thanks to the addition of a special body called Mana Regiment.

Of course, this was the result excluding the increased stats due to items, etc., but that alone was still great.

But now, looking at a ridiculous stat of 249 just around the 50th floor, he was starting to wonder if he was looking at something in vain.

But this was clearly reality, and it was also the effect of the characteristic: one won (一元).

‘…Yes, it’s a trait I gained by risking my life, so it should be at this level.’

After calming down his mind and even hinting that it was a natural thing, Jinhyeok entered the final condensation with a pounding heart.

‘It condenses all of the enormous magical energy amounting to 249 and receives it into the body. I’m really looking forward to seeing what the results will be.’

It was creepy.

The stats that a climber on the 300th floor would have were achieved on the 50th floor.

It would be even more strange that I had no expectations as I was about to face the absurd task of condensing enough energy to cover a layer and accepting it into my body.

Jinhyeok completed all preparations with excitement and heart pounding in his arms.

“…Is this a sphere where all my demon energy is condensed?”

After finishing condensing, Jinhyeok opened his eyes and looked in front of him.

A dark sphere that absorbs even light floating in the air.

Although it was a sphere the size of a fist, the power contained within it was massive and powerful enough to destroy a layer.

Jinhyuk, who was staring at it, stretched out his hand and held the sphere.

The sphere gently held in his hand was gently absorbed by Jinhyuk without Jinhyuk having to use predation.

And with that came change.

[Condensed and refined demonic energy has been absorbed.]

[Body: Half-sacred half-demon temporarily accepts demonic energy and changes.]

[Body: Half-sacred half-demon Body: Demonized ( [ Caution

! If you remain demonized for a long time, your body may collapse.]


Various messages came to mind the moment I absorbed demonic energy.

With the unexpected message that his body had changed, Jinhyeok felt his heart beating wildly.

At the same time, a change came to Jinhyuk.

Crack –

Two black horns sprouted from its forehead.

Two horns made of demonic energy darkly absorbed the light, showing off their presence.


A pair of wings sprouted from its back and spread out, emitting a force that overwhelmed the surroundings.


The black demonic energy moves through Jinhyuk’s whole body and eventually covers his entire body.

Barding (魔甲).

It was an armor made of demonic energy.

The moment when all changes come to an end.

As they looked at Jinhyeok, who had completed his transformation, everyone thought of one being.


An explosive message window greeted Jinhyeok, starting with the voice of Ha-ryu, who was watching the sparring match.

[Many demons cheer at the sight of you.]

[Many gods despise your form.]

[The pinnacle of all evil whistles.]

[The pinnacle of all evil claims to look just like him. .]

[King Mihu applauds.]

Jinhyeok took a deep breath as he looked at the message window of gods and demons whose names he had never even heard of.


The moment I took a deep breath and my chest swelled.

The surroundings fell into a temporary vacuum.

At most, the absurd situation created by one being pointed to only one thing.

[The pinnacle of all evil screams that the devil has descended on Ince.]

The devil has descended on Ince.

It was a term referring to Jinhyeok, who had been demonized.

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