Absolute Necromancer Chapter 86

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All Master Necromancer Episode 86

“…Brother, you’ve been sitting sedentary for a few days already. Are you okay?”

“I don’t know if it’s okay or not, but since the cases of hemoptysis have disappeared, it would be better to think of it as a stabilizing period. Don’t worry. “He will wake up safely and smile like always.”

“…I guess so. “No, I won’t.”

Ha-ryu looked at Jin-hyeok, who was sitting still with his eyes closed from a distance, with a sad expression on his face.

It’s already been a few days since Jinhyuk fell into that state.

On the first and second days, there were several times when I was surprised to see a bucket of black blood vomited out, but as Balkan said, after a few days, there was no sign of that happening.

‘Stabilization… yes, it would be stability. ‘I’m sure your brother will open his eyes soon.’

It was of great help in maintaining Ha-ryu’s unstable mental state.

If he had been bleeding until recently, Ha-ryu would also have been lying next to Jin-hyuk.


“They’re busy these days too.”

“…Because the repercussions of what Masun brought were too great.”

“Tsk, but if they don’t want to come, they shouldn’t come. If they keep coming even after they explode, they aren’t normal either.”

“Information means money to them, so there is nothing they can do. “Just as it is our job to protect our brother, it is their job to come here too.”

The two people talked with familiar faces despite the loud noises they heard while worrying about Jinhyeok.

This is not to say that it is not true, because the investigation team into what Ma-seon had done visited the 51st floor several times during the few days that Jin-hyuk was in a sleep-like faint in a sedentary position.

“…Shall we go help?”

“Okay, we have to do our job. “Hendrick, that guy is probably half crazy, so if you try to help him, you might end up in trouble, so let’s just stay there.”

“…That might be possible.”

Meanwhile, the most exciting thing was Hendrick.

Instead of his usual serious and quiet demeanor, the sight of him bursting into laughter while dealing with the investigation team from the 60th to the 100th floor was like a whole body.

Perhaps the words ‘Gwangshin’ and ‘Gwangryong’ were nicknames that suited him well for the past few days.

In the end, Ha-ryu decided to follow Balkan’s words and clasped his hands as he watched Hong Gil-dong clean Jin-hyeok’s body with the wind from afar.


The hand that was clenched turned white, and the nails dug into the raw flesh, revealing red blood, but the downstream did not stop.

“Haa… Cha Jin-hyuk, you idiot, wake up quickly. “If this goes on, I’m going to catch a kid.”

“…I’m sorry, I stopped without realizing it.”

Ha-ryu came to his senses after hearing Vulcan’s sighing muttering and opened his clenched hands, but the wounds already on his palms were not erased.

However, Ha-ryu did not even think about taking care of his wounds and just stared blankly at Jin-hyeok again.

“Sister, you’re hurt.”

“…Yes, it hurts.”

In response to Miho’s question, who looked at his palm with a gloomy face, Ha-ryu just answered blankly.

Miho, who was looking at Ha

– Ryu who was not caring for her own wounds, soon began to carefully lick her wounds.

As a spirit creature, her saliva had a slight healing effect, and the wounds of the stream that came in contact with her saliva were slightly but definitely healed.


soon as a small amount of potion was sprinkled on it, Ha-ryu’s hands returned to their original form.

Miho smiled as if she was bragging at Seomseom Oksu, who did not look like a swordsman holding a sword, and showed Ha-ryu’s now healthy hand to Ha-ryu.

“Everything is better.”

“Thank you, it helps me calm down a bit.”

Ha-ryu, who clearly felt that Miho had worked hard for him, smiled slightly and gently stroked her purple hair.

‘I was really surprised when I first saw him… but now he supports me reliably when my brother is not around.’

The image of Miho standing by Jinhyuk’s side and calling him “dad” was still vivid, but Ha-ryu’s heart was strengthened by the fact that Miho was now working hard for him.

‘Yes, even a child is waiting for his brother just fine, but I, as the older sister, can’t be like this.’

Clap clap-

“…Why are you hitting my sister?”

“To come to my senses. Miho, it’s thanks to you.”


For a moment, he looked strangely at Ha-Ryu tapping his cheek.

Miho grinned at Ha-Ryu, who smiled for the first time in a long time, saying it was thanks to her.

But even for a moment.


“Damn it, what on earth is inside that makes the Balaur act as a watchman?”

“Damn it, just figure out what’s inside and then it splatters.”

“I’m not going to kill you anyway, so just get the information and run away.”

Ha-ryu wiped the smile from his mouth as he heard Hendrick’s harsh voice coming from outside and the voices of others approaching deep into the forest where Jinhyeok was.

“…Mr. Hendrick has been penetrated.”

“Anyway, the undead and spirit soldiers I command are weak, and I can’t use them properly for fear of being a burden to that guy Cha Jin-hyuk, so there’s nothing I can do. Hendrick may be great, but he only has one body.”

The 51st floor is spacious, and the forest is also large.

Even though Hendrick is an excellent climber and a dragon, he cannot block all the paths leading into the forest.

In particular, the investigation team and information guild climbers who came to the forest were also formidable.

Moreover, thanks to the control over those entering the interior over the past few days, they also came to the 51st floor fully prepared.

This was the result created after various pieces were tangled together.

“Miho, can you help me?”

“huh! “Will you help me?”

Jinhyeok, who is sitting in a sitting position, cannot approach anyone.

This is even true for those who broke through Hendrick.



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Ha-Ryu immediately put his hand on the sheath of the dragon slayer sword, and Miho also followed Ha-Ryu and showed off the nails of both hands.

Haryu, who had been trained in swordsmanship by Hendrick’s side, had a sword like a flash of light, so he could cut straight away once he came within range.

Miho’s fingernails were also sharpened, and the movements of the fox, a spirit creature, easily exceeded those of a 100-story climber.

“I’ll give you some assistance.”

“…Anyone who seeks silver is unacceptable!”

Since Balkan, an outstanding wizard and spirit master, and Hong Gil-dong, the king of Yuldo Kingdom, have also joined as assistants, it would be obvious that the intruders would reach Jinhyeok.

The moment when the four people, who had completed their defense in an instant, were about to rush towards the intruders.

“…What is all this noise about?”

A tired voice.

But that one voice weighed down the surroundings. The


could not help but panic as they felt as if an invisible hand was pressing down on them in the air.

They were climbers who had reached at least the 60th floor and could not believe that a climber on the 50th floor had trapped them.

“What… what, my body can’t move!”

“Damn, there’s a dragon guy coming behind me, why is my leg suddenly…”

“No, it’s not a leg, it’s my whole body being crushed…!!!”

The owner of the voice that had accurately tied up the intruders stood up, scratching his head.

“…So, can someone please explain what all the fuss is about?”

Fluttering –

Haryu’s extremely cold face loosens, and his legs, which were as strong as pillars as he tramples on the ground, loosen.

Ha-ryu, who was sitting on the forest floor where the leaves of grass were scattered around, looked at the owner of the voice and shed tears.

A few days at most.

However, during those few days, she suffered a lot from the fact that Jinhyeok could really die.

Meanwhile, Jinhyuk finally opened his eyes, so it was natural for her to react like that.

Of course, being surprised was surprising, and Ha-ryu smiled brightly and responded to the first command Jinhyeok gave after opening his eyes.

“It’s an intruder, brother. I think someone upstairs got involved to investigate what happened in the forest. “Those trying to uncover the truth and those trying to sell information have invaded the forest.”

Jinhyeok nodded at Ha-ryu’s words, laughing through tears and briefly summarizing the situation as not normal.

“Confirmed. Then just say something. The monster that destroyed the upper floor was defeated by ‘Gwimyeon’. Please tell this to your master or guild. That’s all you guys know, so if you want more, cross that line. “Then I’ll tell you.” As soon as


words were finished, an energy flew through the empty air and drew a line in front of the intruders.

The intruders exchanged glances at Jinhyeok’s attitude, glaring at the line with a sage-blue face and telling him to come over if he ever comes across it.


‘…If you go over it, you’ll die, right?’

They told them to go over, but they didn’t know that they didn’t really mean to go over, so one by one, the intruders moved towards the outside of the forest.

And the moment they got a little further from the line, they dispersed at the same time.

The sight of them disappearing in an instant and moving to escape the forest was like lightning.

Jinhyeok, who was staring blankly at the back of the intruders who had completely disappeared, looked at his slightly trembling hands and then waved them.


Jinhyuk, who recovered all of the power of ‘Ilwon’ that had been scattered in the forest, opened his mouth as he felt the trembling slowly subside.

“…hungry. “Shall we eat?”

It was only natural for Jinhyuk, who had starved for several days.

Cracking –

Looking at the firewood burning red, Jinhyuk quickly emptied the dishes in front of him.

Noodles, rice, meat, etc.

It was a very rich meal as various foods were airlifted from the 50th floor for Jinhyeok.

“…You can go down and eat.”

However, Jinhyuk felt burdened by the luxurious meal prepared just for him and cleared his throat.

However, Ha-ryu took the lead in shaking his head at Jin-hyuk’s words.

“Rather than having your brother move, it is better for us to move and supply food. “You’ve been starving for a few days, so even if it doesn’t seem like there’s a problem now, if you move suddenly, there could be a problem.”

“You saw it earlier. I’m fine. “I’m just a little hungry.”

“It was wrong earlier. “Did you use that kind of power carelessly, knowing what would happen?”


As if it wasn’t enough to contain demonic energy and divine power in one body, he unleashed the spirit of combining their powers into one, but what came back was a bruise.

In the end, Jinhyuk had no choice but to apologize, holding up both hands and feet.

‘…I can’t say anything because my eyes feel like they’re about to cry. Did he always cry this much?’

When Jinhyuk looked at his eyes, which had been moist and wet ever since he first opened them, his heart became heavy for some reason and he was unable to resist.

Could it be that it was a side event that came about because he truly cared and thought about himself?

Jinhyeok, who had achieved absolute stability thanks to Ha-ryu, just silently emptied the dishes in front of him.

“You’re eating well.”

“I didn’t starve for several days, and I’m even hungrier because I wasted so much strength and mental energy.”

Jinhyeok, who was playing with his chopsticks diligently while expressing to Balkan, who was checking his condition next to him, that he was very tired and tired, could feel the eyes staring at him.

“…I feel like I’m going to pretend, but if you have something to say, can’t you just say it?”

“Okay, I confirmed that you woke up well, and from what I saw earlier, it didn’t seem like magic was the thing that tied up the intruders. Is this the new power you gained this time?”

“Oh, was that something you were curious about?”

The new strength I gained after an incident that almost cost me my life.

Jinhyeok, who realized that the gaze was filled with curiosity about him, nodded and put down his plate and chopsticks.

“That’s right, new power. “It’s a power called ‘one circle,’ and it turns magical energy and divine power into one, allowing you to use explosive power.”

“Is it similar to dragon power?”

“…It would be right to see it as one level higher. “Because the explosion that comes from reconciling incompatible energies is the power of ‘one circle.’”

Jinhyeok slightly added ‘Ilwon’ to Hendrick’s words comparing the dragon power he wields.

In fact, there were many things that Ilwon was better than Yonggi.

‘It can be used separately as either magical energy or divine power, and furthermore, if it is converted to one of the two, it can be shown to be more powerful than dragon power. ‘It’s worth your life.’

Not only did it allow the use of two incompatible powers, but it was also a way to convert the explosion caused by their collision into force.

The power converted in the process was a power that exceeded dragon power.

Even though I almost lost my life, it can be said to be a worthwhile result.

“…I can’t stand this. “It’s a power that’s better than dragon power… Cha Jin-hyuk, if it’s okay, let’s spar.”

Naturally, Hendrick, who was half crazy about the battle, reacted immediately.

This was because he realized that Jinhyeok, who was clearly one level below him until recently, was now in the same position as him due to what he had gained through this battle.

‘…No, maybe he’s half a level or one level higher than me.’

In essence, life-threatening battles and training yield proportional results.

The battle with the demon ship, the clash of energies that occurred in the process of devouring him.

Each battle and training was worth risking his life for, but Jinhyeok overcame it all.

Of course, it is quite natural to get results like this.

Therefore, Hendrick requested a sparring match despite opposition from those around him.

“Good, my physical condition has slowly returned to normal, and my stomach has been filled. “Let’s have a game. It’s been a while.”

And Jinhyuk was also not the type of person to refuse fights and sparring.

In particular, I did not avoid it as it was a golden opportunity to fully understand my current state.

“Eungong, I’m worried about your physical condition.”

“That’s right, just like Hong Gil-dong said, your brother isn’t even in good health yet…”

Of course, Hong Gil-dong and Ha-ryu immediately objected.

Jinhyuk shook his head at the two people who were worried about him.

“Because of this battle, my name once again echoed through the tower. And those who seek fame or my enemies, the Nine Stars and the Four Emperors, may be interested in me. If they try to cut me off like last time… it would be better to know in advance the power I gained this time. “It’s sparring in that sense.”

Battle with the Demon Ship.

The monster that single-handedly destroyed an enormous area of up to 10 floors was dealt with by a ghost.

The rumor will quickly spread throughout the tower, and the Nine Stars and the Four Emperors, who are sensitive to information, will also hear it.

In that case, the ‘cutting off’ plan could have loomed over Jinhyeok’s neck again.

If you really wanted to ‘cut it in the bud’, you had to become a little more familiar with the power of ‘one-won’.

‘Because that’s how you can survive.’

Struggling to survive.

There was a reason why Jinhyeok woke up for the first time in a few days and fought with Hendrick as soon as he ate.

Hong Gil-dong nodded at Jin-hyuk’s kind explanation, but he was not downstream.


“In the first place, I know the condition of my body best, and if my body was abnormal, I would not have sparred with Hendrick.”

“…I understand, but if something is wrong, stop fighting immediately and focus on treatment. “You understand, right?”

“OK got it.”

Ha-Ryu, who had voted against until the end, eventually had no choice but to agree to stop sparring in case something went wrong with Jin-Hyeok.

When all those who opposed it turned in favor, Jinhyuk stood up and smiled.


“Then shall we begin?”

“The sea I hoped for.”

Jinhyeok, wearing a goblin mask around his neck, spoke with his dark purple eyes twinkling, and Hendrick also responded with his dark red eyes full of excitement and madness for the upcoming battle.

“The guy who wakes up in a few days and says he wants to spar, and the guy who accepts it as a good thing… it’s a really crazy guild.”

“…I agree, old man.”

“Ha, you two really look so simple when you look at things like this.”

Looking at the two different but identical people, starting with Balkan and throwing out a few words to Hong Gil-dong and Ha-ryu, the sparring between the two could begin.

“Who goes first?”

“Let’s start with the patient.”

“…Don’t beat me to the point where the word ‘patient’ comes into my mind.”

“I’m not looking forward to it.”

After deciding who would go first, Jinhyeok gritted his teeth at Hendrick, who treated him like a patient.

Hendrick also smiled maniacally as he felt Yongrin’s strength rising, automatically reacting to his master’s gradually growing strength.


“I was already trying to go!”

Starting with Hendrick’s shout, which was close to a roar, the energy of ‘unification’ enveloped Jinhyeok.

Jinhyuk’s new form, with explosive power all over his body, was fired like a bullet, and a sparring match between Jinhyuk and Hendrick that had not occurred since the 10th floor began.

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