Absolute Necromancer Chapter 82

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All Master Necromancer Episode 82

“I am in charge of commanding the battle. “No complaints?”


“It’s natural to follow the guild master’s orders.”

Jinhyuk said as he jumped out of his seat and rushed towards Yoseon.

Command of the battle.

The idea that climbers the size of Hong Gil-dong and Hendrick would follow someone’s orders was almost absurd, but the two nodded as if it was natural.

However, Hong Gil-dong looked at Jin-hyuk with a surprised face at Hendrick’s next words.

“…Guild Master? “Brother, did you have a guild?”

“Be loud, focus. I am in charge of overall assistance. You two just focus on offense. “I will create an opening for you to attack.”

“Yes, I would be grateful if you could. “I believe it, bro.”

Jinhyeok ignored his question as if it were obvious, then calmly gave an order and declared in a sincere voice that he would create an opening.

Hong Gil-dong, who somehow felt that Jin-hyuk would definitely do it, nodded.

Hong Gil-dong was the first to run out, ready for battle, as if he had not even thought about hearing the answer to the question he had just asked, and the moment he ran out, he swung the blade-like edge of the Yoseondo sword.


“Stop it!”


Jinhyeok, who was in charge of conducting, shouted in a voice that sent shivers down the spine just by hearing it.

Despite the sudden command, Hong Gil-dong calmly used the technique.


Hong Gil-dong, who blocked Yo-seon’s attack by swinging his baton round and round like a spinning cart wheel, looked at Jin-hyeok and asked.

“next! “What should I do next?”

“Just block it. Yoseon’s aggro has been attracted to you, so it’s real from now on.”

“Okay, but I can’t stop it for long, so hurry up! Please hurry!”

“Whether it’s an honors college or an engineering college, just do one!”

Jinhyeok, who was irritated with Hong Gil-dong, whose tone of voice changed from one thing to another, perhaps due to the confusion of the battle, looked at Hendrick.

“Hendrik, get ready. When my attack is over, it’s you. “Please use the fastest and strongest one.”

“Okay, leave it to me. I’ll prepare the fastest and most powerful one.”

“Okay, Hong Gil-dong! “Hold on just a little longer!”

“Oh my gosh, I’m holding on! So quickly!”

Kang! Kagang! Kaga River!

The sharp sound of metal hitting a wooden pole and a steel-like canopy.

At the same time, Jinhyeok, who felt that Hong Gil-dong’s groans were increasing as if he was exerted, immediately took his stance.


The index finger of the straight right hand.

Jinhyeok held his right hand with his left hand as if holding a pistol, and spiritual power gathered at the tip of his right index finger.

Iljiyeongtan (一指靈彈).

It was the most basic method of applying spiritual power, but of course Jinhyuk did not think that something like a daily spiritual bullet would attract Yoseon’s attention and create a meaningful opportunity for Hendrick to attack.

‘There is no time for complacency. I don’t know how many times Hong Gil-dong will have to endure it like that. ‘I bet everything, once and for all.’

There was no such thing as pride.

Even though there were many people on Jinhyuk’s side, the situation was unfavorable, so it was natural.

The moment I immediately grasped my right hand and focused all my attention on the tip of my index finger.

Yeongtan, which had already gathered to its limit, began to change.

Kugugugu –

The changes in Yeongtan that come together and reach their limit.

It was none other than ‘compression’.

In a way, it could be said to be a natural procedure.

Just as before throwing away trash, you step on it to make room and fill it with additional trash, Yeongtan did the same.

The spiritual bullet that has reached its limit is crushed with force to create space, and the original spiritual power is compressed to make it stronger and harder.

After repeating it over and over again, the result was at Jinhyeok’s fingertips.

“Youngchungtan (靈充彈).”

The spiritual powers wrapped in layers filled the inside of the spiritual bullet, creating a perfect ‘shot’.



‘One shot’ was fired at the same time as the shout announcing departure.

The target of the bullet was none other than the iron sword lodged in Yoseon’s chest.


Yo-seon, who was preoccupied with the battle with Hong Gil-dong and had not paid attention to Jin-hyeok and Hendrick, could not hide his surprise when he saw the bullet flying with such force.

-How dare you try to shoot me! Irregulars who move towards the end without cultivating the path!

Then he immediately waved his sword and tried to stop it.


The compressed and compressed bullet of spiritual power has enough power to be called a monster, and it is an attack that can be said to be sufficiently threatening even to a Yoseon with a body, so it is a natural response.

“Your opponent is me, Yoseon! A whirlwind!”

The only problem was that Hong Gil-dong, who was confronting him, did not allow him to move.

Hong Gil-dong completely captivated Yo-seon the moment her eyes fell on him.

The spiraling wind that blew strongly around him placed great restrictions on Yoseon’s actions in trying to block Yeongchungtan.

Coo coo coo coo!

-Profit… Hong Gil-dong Inoooom!



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“Shut up! Obediently follow the laws of Yuldo Kingdom, you b*stard!”

Hong Gil-dong, who heard Yo-seon, embarrassed by the power of his whirlwind, cry out his name, responded as if he could not lose.

The Yeongchung bullet exploded on the chest of Yoseon, who was struggling along with Hong Gil-dong’s harshly scolding voice.


Iron City.

The moment the Yeongchung bullet hit the Cheolsi, which was the center of the Soul Arrow that Jinhyeok initially fired in an exemplary manner, the Cheolsi was shattered into pieces.

Genno, the blacksmith of blacksmiths.

Now, it was an iron poem made by an artisan-level blacksmith named Muyeong, but it was just an iron poem.

In the face of an attack with the violent power of Yeongchungtan, there was nothing Cheolsi could do other than break into small pieces and transform into memorization.


The pain is enough to make you forget your anger.

The piece of iron poetry that had been shattered into pieces transformed into a memorization and burrowed into Yoseon’s heart.

As it was made by an artisan-level blacksmith, the perfection of the iron was high, and even though it was shattered, the perfection was still there.

You can tell this just by looking at the fact that the fragments have penetrated deep into the skin and coat of Yoseon, which is comparable to a monster in terms of toughness.

Unfortunately, Yoseon’s suffering did not end there.

“It’s okay if you only do it once.”

-Inoooooom! Okay…

Cheol-si’s pain is temporary.

The power of the Yeongchung bullet that seeped through the wounds created by the iron poem and its fragments once again shook the inside of Yoseon.

Spiritual power.

It is the source of all energy, and at the same time, it is the most powerful, flexible, and destructive force.

The spirit bullet created by condensing it collided with his Yogi within Yoseon.

I didn’t know, but it was clear that he was experiencing shock and noise as if a nuclear bomb exploded inside him.

‘I think Yogi can be thought of as a lower-level compatibility with Magi… Spiritual power is the energy of a higher level than Magi. That alone will blow your mind.’

Magic energy, including mana, and divine power are not used only for attack purposes.

It also plays a role similar to white blood cells in preventing other energy from entering the body.

If the energy you have is stronger than the energy invading from the outside, it will be destroyed like white blood cells eradicating germs, but what happens if the opposite happens?

‘Bacteria eat white blood cells.’

The position is also opposite.

White blood cells that are supposed to eat bacteria are pushed away by the strength of the bacteria, and the bacteria turn into germs and make the body sick.

Of course, Yoseon was not rendered incapable of combat with a single shot of Yeongchung bullet.

You won’t become incapable of combat just because time passes.

The reason was very simple.

-Did you think you could stop me with just this little energy?

“You definitely lack spiritual power. “If it were like the old days, one bullet would have put you on the train to hell.”

The quality of energy was very high, but the quantity was very small.

The difference between the amount of Yogi and the amount of spiritual power was so great that it could not be suppressed by the quality of energy, and in the end, Yoshen roared without any harm.

But that was enough.

“Go, Hendrick! Body slam!”

“…It’s not a body slam, it’s a quick punch.”

Because the real one was Hendrick, not Jinhyuk.

Hendrick sighed at Jinhyuk’s cries, which made him feel bad just by hearing something, and kicked away, wrapping the energy he had gathered during Jinhyuk’s time around his sword.

As soon as the air barrier exploded, Hendrick, who had arrived in front of Yoseon, muttered the name of the technique in a low voice



A slash reminiscent of a fast dragon.

In some ways, it could be seen as an ordinary cut, but the speed was not ordinary.

His sword, which was swung at incredible speed, returned to its original position as soon as it flashed.

As if it had never moved from its original position.

However, his sword was clearly moving, and it only returned to its original position after cutting at a speed so fast that it appeared as if it had not moved.

The evidence was now unfolding before my eyes.

Squeak- Phuwaaagh!

-Uh… when?

Yoseon’s front sword, which was in disarray due to the wounds caused by the fragments of Cheolshi and the internal injuries caused by Yeongchungtan’s spiritual power, was cut.

And a fountain of dark-colored blood gushing out from between the cracked wounds.

Yosun’s eyes fell on Hendrick, who was so shocked that he couldn’t even think about stopping the bleeding.

-…dragon! You’re a dragon! Gildong, did you bring one of the Four Emperors into Yuldo Kingdom and make the country sick, and then hold their hands again? What an idiot!

The dragon’s energy naturally flows from the whole body along with the horns.

It wasn’t that I couldn’t recognize it.

He was a hermit who lived for a long time.

Of course, I had no choice but to be familiar with the tower’s information.

Yoseon, who immediately figured out Hendrick’s identity, scolded Hong Gil-dong harshly.

Hong Gil-dong, startled by Yo-seon’s words criticizing him, looked at Jin-hyeok and Hendrick with trembling eyes.

“…Your brother was a dragon?”

…This b*stard didn’t even know that?

Jinhyeok immediately figured out Hendrick’s identity and glared at him with an expression of bewilderment at Hong Gildong’s betrayal(?), which he thought was silent.

“Hey, who is your enemy now? Is it us? Or is it a yoseon? “Just decide right now.”

“…It’s a good line.”

“So what do you think I should do now?”

“…We have to stop this ship!”

“I know, go and stop it. Don’t be swayed by that guy’s words. “Think about what he wants, you one-dimensional b*stard.”

“Thank you for the advice. “Then I’ll ask you again!”

Tsk, he’s so naive and stupid that I can’t use him for anything.

Jinhyeok sighed at the one-dimensional appearance of Hong Gil-dong, who was embarrassed by a few words and regained his composure with just a few words.

This was because I had doubts about whether I could really trust Hong Gil-dong and continue this battle.

Nevertheless, Jinhyuk did not give up.

‘I will do what I decided to do until the end. It looks like the battle is coming to an end, so there’s no need to break the game now.’

I knew that the Yogi possessed by Yoseon is lower-level compatible with Magi.

In other words, Yoseon was created artificially, and it was probably due to an incident that occurred in Yuldo Kingdom.

In particular, Jinhyeok, who had roughly grasped the situation through what Yoseon had just said, noticed that the residents of a place called Yuldoguk, including Hong Gildong, were not very happy about the Four Emperors.

‘It will be useful. Never forget that it is grace. If you forget… ‘I’ll make you remember even if I beat you up.’

The grace that Hong Gil-dong mentioned earlier.

That seemed to be the driving force that kept Jinhyuk from leaving his position.

A man of the caliber of Hong Gil-dong said he would return the favor, and before he became Yoseon, Yuldo-guk was made up of immortals and climbers like Hong Gil-dong.

Thinking that he might be able to create a link with that place, Jinhyeok gathered his wits and gave an order.

“The end is soon in sight! Concentrate and keep checking for Hong Gil-dong’s aggro! “I do the final finishing touches!”

“I understand!”

“Hendrik, you assist from the side. “I’m also prepared to stop what Hong Gil-dong couldn’t.”

“I get it.”

The moment the two people nodded to the order that was given in an instant, I also took my stance again.

Chuck –

I focused all my attention on the tip of my index finger again, in a similar position to when I fired the Spirit Bomb just moments ago.

As far as collecting and compressing spiritual power, it was the same as before.

However, what I was about to do now was a technique that went one step further than the Spiritual Bomb I had just used.

‘I figured out that I couldn’t take it down with spirit bombs. So there is no reason to waste energy using the same thing. After using this, immediately take out the tom and deliver the finishing blow.’

My spiritual power was being sucked to its limit, and I was about to do the final refining of the energy that had gathered until I lost consciousness.

-Do you think I would be defeated by the likes of you? It is I who has lived and cultivated the Way for over a hundred years! How can this Hong Ik-Hyun be stopped just by a gathering of n.a.k.e.d idiots like you!!!

The angry voices of Yoseon and Hong Ikhyeon burst out and swept through the surroundings.

Quad Deuk –

Jinhyeok and the rest of the group were thrown away by the roar that destroyed the surroundings, destroyed the forest, and split the ground apart.



In particular, Jinhyeok, who was preparing the final version of Yeongtan following Yeongchungtan and Yeongtan for the final blow, could not help but be greatly shocked.

Because the situation was like an additional natural disaster caused by a roar rather than a direct attack, the damage was even greater because Hendrick could not even respond.

Fortunately, his spiritual power was very compatible with Jinhyuk’s, so other than the shock when he was disturbed, the internal injuries were not serious, and the energy he used returned to its original place.

“…Whew, I feel sick.”

Even if only minimal damage was suffered, it did not mean that the damage was small.

A stream of fresh blood was flowing out of the corner of Jinhyeok’s mouth, so that alone can be said to be a great loss.

“Are you okay?”

“It’s okay, but what on earth happened is such a shock…” When

Ha-ryu approached and helped him up and asked for details with a worried look on his face, Jin-hyuk waved his hand and said it was okay.

Rather, Jinhyuk asked a question.

That’s why I was curious about what happened that caused everyone to jump out just because Yoseon roared.

However, the answer came not from downstream, who was watching from afar, but from Hong Gil-dong, who was lying nearby.

He seemed to have rolled several times on the floor due to the roar, and his blue uniform was full of dust, but the surprise and despair on his face were not obscured by the dust.

“I tried to stop it… but it ultimately failed…”

The reason was simple.


The reason why Hong Gil-dong used his courage to stop him from crossing from Yoseon to Maseon was because Hong Ik-hyeon, as a grandson, wanted to close his eyes before he was truly infected by the devil, but the bigger reason was that once Hong Gil-dong became a devil, it was impossible to stop him with his strength.

A disaster for royalties.

This was the word given to Ma-seon in Yuldo-guk.

A being that makes even famous immortals and powerful Taoists tremble with fear, and in some ways can be said to be more dangerous than demons, the seeds of evil.

-Hahaha! I succeeded! I am the true demon! I will cover the world with demons, and as a demon ship, I will leave for the world of gods and demons!

That was the horse ship.

Yoseon roars, bursts into laughter, arches her back and looks at the world.

No, Hong Gil-dong knelt down with a devastated face at the sight of Maseon and Hong Ik-hyeon.

It was the moment when the king, but still a young Taoist monk, admitted defeat in front of a demon who could not resist.

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