Absolute Necromancer Chapter 81

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All Master Necromancer Episode 81

‘Hmm, it’s not that easy either. I shouldn’t have brought demons into Yuldo Kingdom… but it was my fault.’

Hong Gil Dong.

He is the owner of ‘Yuldo-guk’, located in a hidden part of the tower, and the inheritor of the name ‘Gil-dong’ of the ‘Hong’ family.

Among the ‘Hong’ family, which can be said to be the royal family of Yuldo Kingdom, Hong Gil-dong, the only one to use the name ‘Gil-dong’, which can only be used by those who have ascended to the position of king, can be said to be the undisputed master of Yuldo Kingdom in name and reality.

It was originally impossible for him, who could be said to be the king of a country, to step forward in person to exterminate a strange being called Yoseon.

However, it could not be helped because Hong Gil-dong’s own mistake was behind this incident.

‘When the demon visited Yuldo Kingdom, he should have been kicked out right away. Because of me, a sinless person has become a ghost…’


It all started when one of them, a member of the Four Emperors, visited Yuldo Kingdom.

Build up Tao, gather Dao energy, transform it into Seongi, and become a Immortal.

Even after becoming a hermit, it was the wish of all those who practiced Tao in Yuldo Kingdom to continue accumulating good fortune and become a ‘god’.

Naturally, Taoyeok and Seongi were very effective in destroying the ‘demon’.

However, on the other hand, Doryuk and Seongi were also vulnerable to ‘demon’.

Therefore, the demons who came to Yuldo Kingdom were like inconvenient guests.

The ‘magic energy’ he possessed was powerful enough to harm Yuldo Kingdom.

‘…I’m sorry, I won’t forget the hard work you sacrificed for us.’

Although everyone was against it, Hong Gil-dong, the owner of Yuldo-guk, allowed him to enter Yuldo-guk.

This decision was made because he approaches everyone warmly and believes that everyone can be friends.

Because it was an order given by the young king of Yuldo Kingdom, all the high-ranking immortals and powerful Taoists nodded.

After that, hell unfolded.

After entering Yuldo Kingdom, the demons were quiet for a few days, but one day they revealed their true colors and started polluting Yuldo Kingdom with ‘demons’.

The demons were strong.

His strength, as he flapped his seven pairs of wings and polluted himself with the ‘demon’ of the Yuldo Kingdom, could certainly be said to be one of the strongest among the demons.

But Yuldo-guk was also not easy.

Just as the demonic power of the demons was a threat to the Yuldo Kingdom, the power of the Yuldo Kingdom was also a threat to the demons.

In the end, the demons died, but the ‘demons’ scattered throughout Yuldo Country were not easily purified and continued to pollute Yuldo Country.

If left unattended, not only the mountains, rivers, and vegetation but also the residents of Yuldo Country would be polluted.

The immortal before his eyes took on the role of absorbing the ‘demon’.

‘The steps of yoga to approach Ma. I will apologize in lieu of not entering the evil line. ‘Adult of the Hong family.’

His name is Hong Ik-hyeon.

He was a immortal who reached the rank of senior member of the Hong family.

This happened in his family, and he took on all the sins on behalf of Hong Gil-dong, who was like his grandson.

That’s how he became Yoseon, and was trying to get out of Yuldo State and mess up the royal family.

Also, in the process, he hoped to build up Yogi, transform it into Demonic Energy, and become a demon.

Hong Gil-dong felt like his heart was being torn apart by his fall as he was training to become a god as an elder of the kingdom of Yuldo and a high-ranking hermit.

I ran for several days without stopping, and through a conversation with Jinhyeok and his group whom I had not seen in a long time, I regained my original smile, but that was only for a moment.


Hong Gil-dong, breathing heavily, approached the famous elder of the family, and bowed his head politely, forgetting the words he had uttered earlier.

“As the eldest son of the Hong family and the grandson of the sage Hong Ikja, I offer my gratitude and apology for bearing all my sins on my behalf.”

In a voice full of politeness, like a grandchild greeting a grandfather, Yoseon also spoke in a warm voice different from before.

-Gildong, thank you and apologize. If you also feel yah with me and accumulate yam, that is gratitude and apology. Isn’t that right? When has this lady ever lied to you? So, you too, with me….

Hong Gil-dong, who had been quietly listening to Yo-seon talking about things that would have been said in the past, in a relationship between a grandchild and a grandfather that existed not long ago, interrupted him.

“…Shut up. The example is over. From now on, Hong Ik-hyeon gave up being a immortal and became a Yoseon. “As the master of Yuldo Kingdom, I will punish you.”

Even though his jaw was shaking as he clenched his teeth and tears were flowing endlessly from his eyes, he did not stop speaking harshly.

It flows along the edge of the eye, reaches a destination called the chin, and falls to a place called the ground, making a well.

Yoseon also fluttered a dopo that contained a friendly spirit.

-Gil-dong… such a stupid child. What do you do by cultivating the Tao, and what do you do by accumulating good energy? If you feel the yaw and awaken the demon, everything is in my hands! Who do you think can stop me? Oh, as your guardian, today I will guide you and lead you to the right path!

Hong Gil-dong shed bloody tears as he looked at the shining eyes of Hong Ik-hyeon, who claimed that Sado was the royal capital.

The humor he had shown just moments ago when he was talking with Jinhyeok, Miho, Ha-ryu, etc. had disappeared, and now he was shedding bloody tears and holding the baton so hard that it would break.

An eerie sound rang out from a pole made from a tree that grows only in Yuldo Province.

Hong Gil-dong shouted, swinging his baton at the same time, as if to show the determination he had at this moment.

“come! “You vicious b*stard!”

-Pain is temporary, pleasure is lifelong, so don’t hate it so much. Cryrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr to the shout of

Hong Gil-

dong, who had taken the stance, the Yoseon moved at the same time.

The blades that appeared from within the hem of the sword were imbued with magic and moved freely, aiming at Hong Gil-dong.


“…is this?”

However, the blades imbued with energy did not even reach Hong Gil-dong’s pole.

The undead blocking his path.

They were ordinary undead, not magic bone soldiers or holy bone soldiers made with magic or divine power.

Hong Gil-dong tilted his head at the sight of the ordinary undead who had stopped him.

“I attached it because I thought it would be too much for you to defend yourself. “They are disposable undead, so feel free to use them as a shield.”

“…Thank you, brother.”

“If you want to thank me, stop calling me hyung.” Tsk, here it comes. Look ahead!”

Wherever he turned his head, of course, there was Jinhyuk.

Jinhyeok, who had come to his side and used the undead as a shield, clicked his tongue and pointed forward with a nod.



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-It’s a family matter. Don’t interfere, you corpse spellcaster!

“In the first time I saw you, you ate very cheap food.”

Yogi permeated the gently moving hem of the sword, and the hem of the sword, which was harder than any other famous sword, flew towards Jinhyeok.

Although it was clearly an attack that would have resulted in serious injury if hit properly, Jinhyeok could only curse calmly.

The reason was soon revealed.


“I ran straight away. “You must have gone ahead.”

“Okay, stop it.”

Just as Jinhyuk blocked the attack on Hong Gil-dong, Hendrick blocked the attack on Jinhyuk.

He ran so quickly that the hem of his dark red clothes fluttered in the wind.

Hendrick, who was scolding Jinhyuk, who was scolding him for why he was so late, used his sword to cut off the hem of the coat containing the magic energy that was attacking him again.


Hendrick frowned and looked at the blade of his sword amidst the strange phenomenon of making the sound of iron clashing even when the sword and the hem of the sword collided.

“The weather is getting worse.”

“…It’s no joke. “What floor level is that?”

“150th to 200th floor. I think that’s enough to use all of its original power. Of course, he is not at the level of an ordinary 150 to 200 floor climber. “Maybe it’s not a climber, but a boss monster.”

“Is that right?”

The strength of a climber from the 150th to the 200th floor.

Hearing that it was probably at the level of a boss monster, Jinhyuk turned his head and asked Hong Gildong.

Hong Gil-dong, whose face was covered in tears, nodded.

“Yoseon is not affected by the tower’s system. Rather, youkai. It seems like it’s because they’re treated like monsters, according to their older brothers. In addition, the biggest problem is that even though I don’t know how to climb the tower, I have no problem going down, as much as climbers like my brother and me.”

“From the 150th to the 200th floor… can I think of it as the full strength of the king-level climber I heard about last time?”

“I guess that’s probably it. Well, the so-called king-level climbers also have their own differences.”

150th to 200th floor.

Climbers with a difference in floor levels that are roughly 3 to 4 times higher.

If you think of it as being at the level of a climber with enough talent to go beyond the rookie level and be called a super rookie, the strength of the Yoseon in front of you seems distant.

“At least that’s because I’ve been engulfed by this energy and have lost most of my original good energy… But I can’t let down my guard. As time goes by, if you suck out vitality and morale and increase your energy, one day you will regain your original state. No, maybe he will achieve a higher level than his original level…”

Not only that, not only is he not in a perfect state right now, but even Jinhyeok and Hendrick’s faces hardened when they said that he would become stronger as time passed.

“…There are no corpses around, so it’s okay, right?”

The floor they are currently on is the 51st floor.

There were not many other climbers or monsters around.

The only thing left is the corpses of the red orcs they captured?

Jinhyeok thought that at this level, even if he sucked out the vitality and morale, his energy would not increase significantly, but…

“I have already sucked enough vitality and morale from other floors. It’s probably in the process of reforging right now. “After refining all the vitality and morale it is sucking away, it will try to suck it out again… But if I just leave it alone for now, it will automatically reforge and increase my energy.”

“…Damn it. “You’ve already had a full meal, right?”

Jinhyeok realized that his thoughts were horribly wrong when he heard that even before coming to the 51st floor, he had already lost his vitality and morale by passing through other floors.

“Below here is the 50th floor. There are probably quite a few climbers and people staying there. “If Yoseon, who has completed all refining, sucks out their vitality and morale… most climbers up to the 10th floor may not escape death.”

“…The scale is getting bigger.”

It was something that had nothing to do with Jinhyeok.

It was a floor I had already passed through anyway, and there weren’t any people who were significantly related to it.

In other words, there was no problem even if you just pretended not to know.

‘Anyway, once the 10th floor has been robbed, the gods and devils or other large guilds will step in. Guys like Nine Star.’

Even by their standards, they are strong enemies. If hundreds or thousands of climbers gather together, no matter how much of a monster Yoseon becomes, he has no choice but to be hunted.

Monsters originally exist to be hunted, and that’s what raids are for.

But when Jinhyeok frowned, feeling uncomfortable for some reason.

Jinhyuk opened his mouth, his eyes flashing as if he realized something.



Hendrick looked at Jinhyuk, who suddenly called Halcyon’s name, with a puzzled look on his face.

Jinhyuk revealed the source of his discomfort to Hendrick, who looked at him like he was crazy.

“I was wondering why I was in a bad mood. If that guy goes down, Halcyon on the floor below could be in danger. That guy’s qualifications as a merchant are high, but he’s terrible at combat, so he’s still on the lower level. is not it?”

“…hehe, yeah. I can’t lose one of my precious guild members. understood.”

Hendrick, who realized the meaning of Jinhyeok’s words, also smiled and nodded.

“…Could you please tell me what you two are talking about now?”

“It’s okay, it’s not something I would say to an outsider. Since I agreed to help, I will help you until the end. “For our few guild members.”

“Yes, yes, not for that Taoist master, but for you, right?”

“You are stating the obvious!”

Hendrick, who said only what Jinhyuk wanted to hear, as if comforting a child, eventually burst into laughter.

“Hahaha! okay. Isn’t it ultimately a battle? I was bored because I couldn’t play properly for the past few months, but it worked out well. “I’m going to the end today, Cha Jin-hyuk!”

“Don’t say my name, idiot!”

Hendrick bursts into laughter with his dark red eyes bent like a crescent moon.

When he called his name, Jinhyuk, who was shocked, covered his mouth, but Jinhyuk’s name had already been engraved in Hong Gil-dong’s mind for a long time.

“Your honor, no, the grace of Jinhyeok Daehyup. “I will never forget it.”

“…Just forget it. Hey, that’s it. Let’s fight excitedly for our respective goals.”

Hong Gil-dong expressed his gratitude by putting his hands together and shaking his fist.

Jinhyeok, who was looking at him and waving his hand saying that it was okay, sighed and glared forward with a lighter face.

“Valkaaaan! “We leave all the undead to you, assist us!”

“Tsk, I understand. Do it in moderation. “It’s a place where children can also be together.”

Control of the Undead was transferred to Vulcan, who was watching the battle unfolding with his arms crossed, and Vulkan expressed his concern for Haru and Miho.

“Haru and Miho also assist with Vulkan. “Because three is enough.”

Jinhyeok nodded at his concern and ordered the two to assist as well.

“…Your brother also passed away. Okay, if it’s dangerous, I’ll jump in right away.”

“I’m going too!”

Jinhyuk is the older brother of the two, and before being the owner, he is the guild master of the ‘Yeokcheon’ guild.

I couldn’t refuse the orders he gave me.

However, Jinhyeok could not say anything more to Ha-ryu and Mi-ho’s stubborn attitude, saying that they would jump in at any time if the situation was dangerous.

“…Okay, do whatever you want with that.”

Jinhyuk nodded with a sigh, knowing full well that his stubbornness would not be inferior to him, and that his skills would also not lag behind.

And sigh for a moment.

Jinhyuk steadily drew spiritual power from his entire body.

“I eat that guy.”

“Eat… eat? Brother, what is that?”

“Apart from grace, it is a reward for my work. “I don’t accept rebuttals.”

“…Okay, as long as we can handle the main line reliably, that’s about it…”

“I’ve accepted it. “There is no softness.”

When Hong Gil-dong, who had expressed doubts about the word “eat,” finally expressed consent, Jin-hyuk smiled and nodded.

“Come on, let’s go. “To catch this ship.”

“Battle… wow… I can’t control my excitement.”

“…I couldn’t block Yo’s path, but I will block Demon’s path, Grandfather.”

Jinhyeok had a purpose in Yoseon itself, Hendrick was excited about a ‘real’ battle for the first time in a long time, and Hong Gil-dong had a purpose to prevent Hong Ik-hyeon from reaching the path of evil due to his own sins.

As such, each person’s purpose was different.

But the desired result was the same.

Victory in the battle against Yoseon.

Three people left for different purposes and the same result.

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