Absolute Necromancer Chapter 77

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All Master Necromancer Episode 77

Several months have passed.

For some, it is a very short time, and for others, it is a very long time.

Of course, it was also a time when everyone, whether few or many, could take one step or hundreds of steps.

And for some, it was a time when they could walk thousands or tens of thousands of steps.

-Isn’t it a joke to see ghosts?

-Several months ago. There were so many people who called me an obsolete person because I only stayed on the 10th floor for a few days and only went in and out of the border…

-Is a super rookie really a super rookie?

Naturally, that someone was Jinhyeok, the ghost.

People paid attention to a climber named Guimyeon, who brought a storm to the tower in just a few months and brought the storm with him.

In addition, they did not take their eyes off those who were moving next to the ghost.

-A child who didn’t know if he was a bihorn tribe or a child who seemed to be one of the beastmen tribe were not easy.

-Tsu-eup, above all else, isn’t there a dragon called Iryongilgoe along with the demon face?

-Definitely… It was strange to see a dragon moving with another climber.

-Wouldn’t it be surprising to see a ghost who, rather than being pushed aside by the dragon clan, tries to live up to his name?

Because the destruction of the goblin tribe was so well known, people mistakenly thought that Ha-ryu, a goblin, was a twin-horned tribe, but their evaluation of Ha-ryu and Miho, who moved with her, was not so harsh.

Rather, it is safe to say that it is high among climbers of the same class.

However, there was someone who boasted a reputation higher than those two, and that was Hendrick.

-One dragon, one dragon… I will become a climber who will shake up the tower in the future.

-I’m sure about Ilyong. There is no one among the dragons who could not shake the tower.

-Don’t you know that not all members of the Four Emperors are like that? The power of the Four Emperors can only be felt when viewed as a whole race.

-Well, there are quite a few ordinary climbers who have the same level of strength as each member of the Four Emperors, so you are right.


The storm that started from the 10th floor reached the 50th floor in just a few months.

It is also natural that the title of ‘Illryongilgoe’ is mentioned in the mouths of all climbers due to this incredible achievement that no one can deny.

Of course, there were also some who were not well known.

-But there is a rumor that there is a whitish spirit around them.

-Isn’t it said that Ilgoe, one of the Ilryongilgoe, possesses a spirit? Probably one of those souls.

-Hmm, I see. There was a rumor that the spirit’s performance was amazing, so I told him about it.

-Ha, the spirit is active in the Ilryongilgoki… Isn’t that impossible unless it’s a spirit master like the Death Star who died 10 years ago? Rumors are just rumors.


As the first Spirit Master and now a commander leading the spirit soldiers, his activities were known to climbers as just one of the spirits.

The number of floors of the tower that Jinhyuk is climbing is now the 50th floor.

No matter how excellent you are, it is not easy to see the soul in an invisible state.

Of course, it was difficult for Vulcan, a soul disease, to ride in the mouth of a luxuryist.

However, what they did not know was that, contrary to what they denied, the ghost was not only the Spirit Master, but also the Death Star Cha Jin-hyuk himself.

Unless Jinhyuk revealed it out loud, we might never know.

Since the tower was wide and tall, it wouldn’t be strange if there were other jobs like Spirit Master.

-We reached the 50th floor in just a few months… It might not be long before we reach the 100th floor.

-It’s been about two to three months now, so is it almost a given that we’ll reach the 100th floor in less than half a year?

-That’s incredible speed. If you can maintain that speed even after reaching the 100th floor… maybe a new climber who can reach the 999th floor has appeared.

A few months at most.

The 50th floor attack occurred in a short period of time, only 2 to 3 months.

Like their conversation, if the current speed was maintained even after passing the 100th floor, the tower could be conquered at an incredible speed and even reach the end of the tower.

The climbers’ longed-for words, ‘the end of the tower,’ were uttered and the climbers trembled, feeling vicarious satisfaction without even realizing it.

However, there was one problem that emerged simultaneously with the achievements of Ghost Myeon and his colleagues, who appeared like a comet and caused a storm.

-Now that I think about it, isn’t the timing of the demon attack on the tower and the timing of the guild branches being attacked similar?

Guild branches being attacked.

Strangely, an incident occurred in which the guild branch located on the floor where the ghost passed by was attacked by an unidentified entity.

-hmm? That’s definitely true.

-…It must be a coincidence. Attacking the guild branch while they were busy attacking the tower. That’s ridiculous.

-If there really is a ghost behind the recent attack on the guild branch, that would be a big deal. This means that while they conquered the 50th floor in 2-3 months, they attacked the branches of guilds that were over the 100th floor and did not even reveal who was behind it.

-Huh, after hearing it, it makes even more sense. Looks like I made a mistake.

It was a planned process that Ghost Myeon and his colleagues were pointed out as the culprits, but the amazing speed of his attack automatically buried the theory that Ghost Myeon was the culprit.

But no one would have known.

Every time the theory of a ghost killer spread through the mouths of celebrities, there was one person who was a windbreaker who would say, ‘Isn’t that a bit far-fetched?’ and make people believe the false information.

They were intimate and natural.

It was only natural that Goldrich himself led the charge.

The wind catchers gently paved the way for Jinhyuk, and further spurred on raising the reputation of Jinhyuk and his group.

Overwhelming fame, plus wind catchers and wind.

Jinhyeok rose to the 50th floor, meeting all the conditions for becoming famous even if he did not want to be famous.

“Ugh, we’re finally on the 50th floor.”

“Tsk, that’s too slow. “The raid on the guild branch took up too much time.”

50th floor.

With only half of the remaining to the 100th floor, Jinhyeok stretched out.

Hendrick scolded Jinhyuk, who was stretching his bloated body.

Attack on the guild branch.

As the royalists thought, Jinhyeok and his men attacked the branches of guilds that existed on every 10th floor.



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Of course, since it was done secretly and without any evidence, no one knew about it, but the people who carried out the attack knew very well.

Therefore, conquering the 50th floor, which would have originally taken a month and a half, took almost twice as long.

If others had known, the attack speed would have been shocking, but thanks to that, it was not difficult to escape from the dragon’s line.

2~3 months.

In the eyes of others, the attack speed was too fast, and it made no sense to attack the guild branch every 10th floor while maintaining that attack speed.

“Well, how about it? There was enough time. “Just keep doing this until you get to the 100th floor, so don’t worry too much.”

“I never worried. “It’s just a waste of time.”

“Nine Star, the bait to draw them out needs to be big. “Otherwise, how can you catch a big fish?”

Hendrick shook his head and took a step forward, looking at Jinhyeok who was smiling.

“Let’s take a break first, then go straight to the guild branch on the 50th floor. Because it seems like other people are having a hard time too.”

“Okay, let’s rest. I’m too tired to die. “I was so exhausted from running from the 40th to the 50th floor.”

Jinhyuk, who was empathizing strongly with his tired eyes behind the mask, immediately walked behind Hendrick.

“Let’s go together… Onii-sama…”

“Oppa… it’s hard…”

The journey was so arduous that even the two strongest people complained of fatigue, so it was quite natural for Ha-ryu and Mi-ho to be exhausted.

Jinhyuk, who looked sadly at the two people who were complaining of fatigue, eventually carried them on his back and hugged them.

“Ha-ryu gets carried away, and Mi-ho turns into a fox. “I’ll hug you.”

“…I’m sure you’re having a hard time… but it’s okay. “You can walk to the hotel.”

“I don’t think it’s Miho?”

No sooner had he finished speaking than Ha-ryu glared at Miho, who had changed into a fox form.

Because Jinhyuk also went through the same journey as himself, he knew that everyone was equally tired, just to a different degree.


Young Miho showed fear at Ha-ryu’s blatant glare.

Jinhyeok, who was holding Miho in his arms while stroking her as she slowly hid behind him, bent his knees and turned his back to Hae-ryu.

“Aren’t you going to carry me on my back? let’s hurry. “Don’t be a burden because you’re tired from the evening raid.”

“…Your brother too. “You know it can’t be like that.”

“Oh, my knee is going to be shattered. Aren’t you going to get carried away? Miho, you climb the hill instead….”

“No! “I want to climb up!”

As soon as he asked Miho, who was in his arms, if he would like to ride on his back, Ha-ryu glared at Miho again, whose eyes brightened, and then jumped on Jin-hyuk’s back faster than ever before.

Jinhyeok stuck out his tongue at the speed, as if he were frying beans in the heat of lightning.

‘Are you sure you’re tired? ‘Can we start a battle right now?’

Jinhyeok, who was shaking his tongue at the incredible speed and shaking off the dust from bending his knees, started towards the hotel.

“Go and check in first!”

“…Phew, I understand. “Come slowly.”

Although I’m not there to argue with you.

Hendrick, who was in charge of checking in, sighed and nodded.

Although he was tired, the dragon power contained in the dragon’s body greatly increased his stamina, so checking in in advance did not make it any more difficult.

Rather, it would have been more difficult for Jinhyuk to carry Ha-ryu and Miho in his arms as an ordinary human being.

‘Is pride the problem?’

Hendrick’s face hardened as he remembered that, although he was originally proud, his pride began to surge for some reason after he took on the body of a dragon race.

If wearing the body of a dragon tribe made him the same as the dragon tribe, Hendrick was even thinking of committing suicide.

If you can’t do it with your own hands, even if you have to ask Jinhyuk or others to do it.

‘I’ll need some training.’

The more difficult the body is, the more the mind shakes, and in the shaken mind, the mindset of the dragon race contained in the body of the dragon race may come out.

With that in mind, Hendrick walked towards the hotel.

Inside, I worked hard to build up my broken mental strength.

Jinhyuk gritted his teeth, staring blankly at Hendrick and his back as they quickly moved away.

“Wow, I didn’t know I could feel the difference in distance here too.”

10th floor.

It’s 10 stories, and each floor is more than the size of a decent city.

Since the trials that took place there were all hunting trials, you had to move your body hard or use your mana or magical energy to the point where you ran out of energy to use the soul soldiers.

I repeated this for almost two months, excluding the time I ate and slept, so it wasn’t surprising that my body went beyond the point of complaining of fatigue and died from overwork.

However, Hendrick, who completed the same schedule, only complained of fatigue, but did not move his body in a fairly normal manner.

Just as Ha-ryu and Mi-ho felt a wall while looking at Jin-hyuk, Jin-hyuk also felt a wall while looking at Hendrick.

A wall that is getting closer little by little, but we cannot even guess when we will reach it.

“…Brother, it’s okay. I’m sure my brother will be able to surpass Mr. Hendrick. “I trust you, brother.”

“okay. I think so too, but now that I can see it, it’s bittersweet.”

After all, there is only you, downstream.

Jinhyeok took a step forward, agreeing with Ha-ryu’s words of comfort as he gently stroked his back.

Taking one heavy step after another, Jinhyeok slowly walked the distance that Hendrick had passed.

“If you’re too tired, hand Miho over to me.”

It looked so difficult that Balkan, who normally would have just watched and ate popcorn, stepped forward and said that he would listen to Miho instead.

However, for Jinhyeok, who had already seen the wall between himself and Hendrick, this moment was not simply a painful moment, but a training exercise.

“…it’s okay. “It’s good for physical training.”

Although there is help from the system when climbing the tower, the climber’s stats must go through efforts such as moving the body and collecting mana.

If Jinhyuk thinks of this moment as training and acts as if he were training, it will naturally become physical training.

Balkan, who felt Jinhyeok’s strength beyond his strength and was overcome by evil, stuck out his tongue.

“He’s like a demon.”

“Thank you for the compliment.”

Grinding his teeth, Jinhyuk accelerated his training(?) by slowly and carefully moving one step at a time.

‘Damn it! It’s going to be hard! ‘All the Shakari Guild branch b*stards have been searched!’

Although it is a training he wants to do, Jinhyuk directs his anger at the pain and hardship that comes with the process to the guild under Seongguk on the 50th floor.

Sent to the branch of the Shakari Guild.

These people he loved became the target of his anger, but it was none of Jinhyeok’s business as he was now overcome by evil.

That night, Jinhyuk, who went to the hotel to rest and regain his strength, really took out the anger he felt on the Shakari Guild branch.

“Do you know how hard it was for me because of you?!”

“Who the hell are you to talk shit to us!”

“I don’t know either! Hahaha!”

The surviving guild members who saw him wearing a fox mask rather than a goblin mask as usual gave him a nickname.

Gwangho (狂狐).

The nickname is the crazy fox.

“Hahaha! Hahaha!”

“…I guess your brother has had a very difficult time.”

“Hmm, the guild leader is crazy… I think it would be a good idea to report to Goldrich.”

“He’s that kind of guy, so don’t worry and just beat up the guys in front of you. “There are a lot of people to beat, so let’s get to work instead of paying attention to the crazy guy just because he’s crazy.”

“Okay, Miho, you shouldn’t learn from things like that.”


Ha-Ryu looked with sad eyes at Jin-Hyeok, who was laughing like crazy and cutting down the guild members of the Shakari Guild branch.

Unlike her, who thought that Jinhyuk had become very exhausted over the past few months, Hendrick thought of reporting Jinhyuk’s abnormal signs to Goldrich.

However, those thoughts of the two disappeared as if melting snow when Balkan next to them scolded them, saying, ‘That’s just the way he is.’

Ha-ryu, who cared for Jin-hyuk, and Hendrick, who acknowledged Jin-hyuk, also acknowledged the fact that Jin-hyuk was a crazy person.

Leaving behind the guild members who silently followed his words and began to stomp on the Shakari Guild branch guild members again, Balkan gently stroked Miho’s head and turned his gaze directly away from Jinhyeok.

This is because it was not very good for the child’s mental health.

So only four people.

By the five people from Balkan, the Shakari Guild branch met an end no different from the guild branches on the 20th, 30th, and 40th floors that they had passed through.

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