Absolute Necromancer Chapter 76

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All Master Necromancer Episode 76

Gold Rich opened fire with Jinhyeok’s voice announcing the start of the meeting.

“First, let’s unravel the secrets surrounding Yeokcheon’s goals and members.”

“It’s only natural that there are people who don’t know yet.”

Goldrich spoke and Hendrick, who was sitting at the head of the table in the same position, responded.

Excluding Jinhyuk, the two highest ranking people had said so, so if Jinhyuk’s permission was granted, the meeting would begin immediately as Goldrich said.

“Do it that way.”

Because that was his intention from the beginning, Jinhyuk did not object.

There’s no need to be pretentious when you don’t have time.

Time is money.

Although Jinhyeok was annoyed by Goldrich’s nagging, he made the decision because he knew well that what he said was not wrong.

As soon as Jinhyeok’s decision was made, Goldrich spoke again as the head of the table.

“Vice-guild leader, Gold Rich. On behalf of the guild leader, I will talk about the path that ‘Yeokcheon’ should take in the future. “We plan to attack those who form the foundation of the tower.”

“…What do you mean when you say foundation?”


The puppet in the middle seat asked a question with the curiosity of Halcyon and Ken in the bottom seat at the seemingly unusual use of the word.

Like Halcion and Ken, Puppet, who was busy trying to conquer the tower, was no different from ignorance.

And when he decided to reveal everything, Goldrich did not hesitate or avoid speaking.

“Four Emperors.”


“Is that really possible?”

The face of the puppet that asked the question first stiffened, and Halcyon and Ken also expressed surprise.

This was especially true even though Puppet had only vaguely heard from Jinhyuk that he would have to risk his life before leaving his position as the branch manager on the 10th floor.

It was a reaction that proved how much power Goldrich’s words contained.

Goldrich continued speaking while watching the three people’s similar reactions with an expressionless face.

“They are no different from pests in the tower. God and devil. Clearing the 999th floor is no different from the climbers’ goal. “Because they are trying to manipulate it as they please.”

“May I ask what that means?”

Middle stone and lower stone.

Since most of the people in the middle seat knew about the Four Hwangs and Cutting Buds, it would have been more correct to call them Puppet and Lower Stone.

And on behalf of the three, Puppet, the only member of the group, asked Goldrich a question.

The end of the tower.

This may not be the case for most climbers, but it goes without saying that that has been the goal of all climbers.

Although he is a climber who has surpassed the 100th floor, manipulating it as he pleases could not possibly have been an issue for Puppet, who was ‘only’ a climber who had surpassed the 100th floor.

Even Puppet, who climbed the 100th floor, had no way of reaching Halcyon and Ken who were lower than him.

“They are secretly and reliably processing talents who can reach the 999th floor.”

“That’s ridiculous! Climbing the tower is no different from the foundation of the tower. There is no way the gods and demons would tolerate that!”

Puppet’s reaction upon hearing about the cutting was natural.

Halcyon and Ken did not react harshly as they were seated, but at least they showed surprise and anger on their faces.

Deal with anyone who might reach the end of the tower beforehand.

Literally swinging the very foundation of the tower and confronting the gods and demons who created the tower head on.

But Goldrich didn’t say it was false.


“I told you, right? They’re shaking the foundations. “Do you understand what I mean now?”

He just convinced me of his thoughts.

The puppet let out a low exclamation at his speaking skills, which had reached the peak as a merchant, and Halcyon and Ken followed suit, showing the same reaction.

This means shaking the foundation that Goldrich mentioned earlier.

That’s why I finally understood it.

Goldrich finished his sentence, looking at Puppet, Halcyon, and Ken shaking their heads with understanding expressions.

“And their plans are only three that we have figured out, and two of them have already succeeded.”

“Huh… Are you saying that the Four Emperor Clan’s heavy hips have already moved three times?”

“But it was successful twice… So shouldn’t the tower have been strengthened even though it was already in chaos?”

“That’s right. “It’s even more strange that the tower is quiet when two of the people the Four Emperors were supposed to move have died… Is it information control?”

Puppet took note of the fact that the Four Emperors got off their heavy butts three times, while Halcyon and Ken took note of the two successes.

After finishing speaking up to that point, Goldrich closed his mouth and looked at Jinhyeok as if that was the end of his work.

Jinhyeok, who received Goldrich’s gaze, shook his head as if he had no choice.

“Okay, then I, the guild leader, should take the lead from here on out, right? “One of them is me.”

“The other one is me.”

Hendrick’s answer following Jinhyeok.

The reaction of those who heard him was obvious.

“No, what is that…”

“Didn’t you say that the Four Emperors were definitely moving and that the target was dead?”

A puppet with a distraught look on its face, as if it had heard something unbelievable.

Ken tilts his head and shows doubt.

Like a merchant, Halcyon questions what he heard, detailing what he heard.

Among the three different reactions, the third and final one opened his mouth.

“Since the two people at the head of the table have spoken, I can also speak. The only case of failure and the subject of the third and final ‘cut in the bud’. That’s me, downstream.”

“Goblin… Come to think of it, the destruction of the goblin village on the 100th floor coincides with the start of the first floor of Downstream….”

On the 100th floor, I gathered information about climbing the tower and the goblin village, and since it was the puppet I was looking for, I immediately put the pieces together and found the answer.



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Ha-Ryu smiled and shook his head as he looked at the puppet who treated him with awkward respect.

“You can comfortably call me a lower-class sheep.”

“…Big, yes. Let’s do that. Downstream sheep.”

Even though he was clearly on a much higher floor, Puppet, who had unconsciously treated him with awkward respect at the sight of him not being able to do anything rashly, cleared his throat and shook off his embarrassment.

After shaking off his embarrassment, he looked at Jinhyeok and Hendrick, who were sitting at the head of the table and looking down at him.

“Are you two dead then?”


“No, that can’t be. I don’t know about Hendrick, but I could definitely feel the vitality from Mr. Gwimyeon. “I personally saw ghosts targeting the body of a living ghost.”

Puppet doubts death and Halcion considers the undead, a being brought back from the dead.

However, unlike them, the situation became engulfed in chaos as Ken’s denial increased as he personally saw the ghosts targeting Jinhyeok’s living body.

Jinhyeok glanced at Hendrick while looking at the three people who were confused.

Nod –

Hendrick slightly nods his head in agreement as if telling him to speak.

Jinhyuk, who saw that, spoke up as the representative.

Chin –

He took off the goblin mask he was wearing on his face and placed it on his desk.

“I am Cha Jin-hyuk, who was called the Death Star ten years ago. Ten years ago, he was falsely accused of betraying Nine Stars and trying to kill them, and was stabbed to death by them. And that guy below me is similar. Since you were active for so long, you must be even more famous, right? Dragon Slayer or Dragon Slayer Hendrick. Everyone’s heard it at least once, right?”


“…I think my jaw is missing right now.”

“It’s reincarnation… the intervention of God and the devil…”

Puppet and Halcyon’s mouths open.

As a wizard, Ken even considers the possibility of reincarnation and the intervention of a divine being.

It was a moment when a secret that was both a secret and a personal secret, and should never be revealed to the outside world, was revealed.

As each person reacted differently, they realized one thing.

‘Now we can’t even take it out.’

‘I understand that you have to risk your life. Not only can the value of this kind of information not be measured, but the original owners of the information would never allow the possibility of the information being leaked.’

‘Hahaha, it’s you, after all! I will maintain my position for the rest of my life with a mindset of reform and reform!’

That they would never be able to escape from Reverse Heaven.

When you think that if you leave here trembling with fear, you might be under surveillance for the rest of your life or go to the afterlife that day.

Jinhyuk continued his conversation calmly, not like someone who had revealed a huge secret.

“The explanation about cutting is over, and our secret is over, so let’s move on to the next item on the agenda. You have a lot to say, right? “There are probably some people who lack information.”

“I’m sure so. “Then let’s move on to the next item.”

Jinhyuk immediately moves on to the next item as if his secret was just a cornerstone, and Goldrich receives it like a flowing stream.

Unsurprised that a great story about life and death was only the cornerstone, the meeting began to flow like a wild waterfall.

“Huh, I don’t know what I just heard.”

“…I feel like my head is going to explode.”

Ha Seok.

Halcyon and Ken, who were sitting in the two seats at the very end of the Yeokcheon guild, pulled out their hair.

This was because their brains felt as if they were on fire as they stored the stories they heard in their heads.

But even though they were in pain, the smiles on their faces did not disappear.

“I heard people were very sad about the death of the Death Star, so there was something there.”

“But it was a collaboration between ‘Nine Star’ and the Four Emperors…”

They felt goosebumps and joy while discussing the secret behind Jinhyeok’s death, and let out happy screams as they thought over the contents of the meeting.

“And Dragon Slayer Hendrick is the vice guild leader!”

“There is nothing more contradictory than this, that a person who made it his business to kill dragons would wear the body of a dragon.”

“In order to kill a dragon, I will even use the dragon’s body as a tool. “Wow, those words really touched my heart.”

Naturally, there was a lot about Hendrick.

Indeed, Jinhyeok’s appearance resembles those of Yeokcheon’s gangsters.

Puppet sighed as he looked at them like that.

“Goldrich. “I wonder if they will really help. Am I wrong?”

“It was decided by Hendrick and Cha Jin-hyuk. “I am also in the position of deputy guild leader, but in a guild, the authority of the guild leader is the strongest, and the deputy guild leaders cannot change what the guild leader does if they do not join forces.”

“…That means we have to watch.”

“Yes, it’s Cha Jin-hyuk and Hendrick. As a merchant who deals with information, you must have heard about them, so you would know their insight well, right?”

“Yes, if you’re a ghost… No, it’s guild leader Cha Jin-hyuk. He died before I could climb the tower, so I don’t know the exact information, but vice-guild leader Hendrick is different.”

Death Star Cha Jin-hyuk.

An accomplished climber who reached the 600th floor in just 5 years.

A climber who might have broken the 600-story wall in his fourth year if he had not waited for the Nine Stars to join him.

However, as 10 years have passed since his death, he has disappeared from many people’s memories and remains only in literature, so Puppet does not know much about him.

But not Hendrick.

A person who was alive until a year or two ago and was running toward the end of the tower, and a climber who is completely at odds with the Dragon Clan, one of the Four Emperors.

Of course, anyone with an interest in information could not have known that he was a climber.

‘The reason they died was not due to conflict or lack of power while climbing the tower, but because the Four Emperors were cut in the bud… ‘It’s something worth risking your life for.’

Puppet, who learned all the hidden facts behind their deaths, realized and became convinced that joining the guild was truly worth risking his life for.

“Genno… Did you say you are Muyoung now? Take good care of that person. He is one of the few artisan-level blacksmiths. “Stop climbing the tower for a moment, put forth your best efforts for that person’s residence on the 100th floor, and build a blacksmith shop just for that person.”

“Yes, I will.”

Mu-young sits with Ha-ryu and laughs in vain.

Pointing at him, Goldrich ordered the puppet.

Now Yeokcheon’s guild members Ha-ryu, Mi-ho, Puppet, and Mu-young.

He proudly occupied the first seat among the four central positions, so it would not be strange to say that he was more important than the guild leader in Yeokcheon.

It’s not unusual for a puppet to stop climbing and make time for itself.

That’s why Puppet also planned to make time, even if it wasn’t Goldrich’s orders.

In the meantime, the order was given, so there was no reason for him not to take the time.

“There will be a storm in the tower.”

“Yes… Since they started climbing the tower, it is no wonder that storms and typhoons are blowing.”

“If you don’t want to be swept away by typhoons and storms, you too will have to become a typhoon.”

“…I’ll keep that in mind.”

Jinhyeok and his group’s full-scale climbing of the tower was one of the most important items at this meeting.

Puppet agreed when Goldrich compared it to a typhoon and a storm while discussing it.

There are only four people who cannot stay on the 10th floor.

The spirit attached to Jinhyeok, Balkan, is a spirit so powerful that not even a puppet can let down its guard.

If we add up to that, there will be no trials that can stand in the way of a party of five.

Puppet, who knew this better than anyone else because he had seen it from the side, bowed his head and strengthened his resolve.

‘In order to withstand a storm, you must either become a storm or a large tree that will not be blown away by the storm.’

Although it may seem a bit high to others, the puppet feels desperately that the people around him are monster-like, and finds himself in a position to deal with enemies that make even the monster-like people nervous.

His determination was clearly enough to grow into a storm or a giant tree.


Having completed his determination to spread his nickname throughout the tower, he and Goldrich left the conference room.

“Grandpa, you’re leaving right away… I heard, but I’m sad.”

“Hehehehe, I feel sorry. Downstream. “But I feel so happy to be next to you, so I can’t help it.”

After the meeting was over, Mu-young shook her head and said sorry to Ha-ryu, who looked at her with a sallow face and said she was disappointed.

Still, when Mu-young said that she would be happy to be next to him, Ha-ryu seemed to have relieved some of his disappointment and scolded Mu-yeong with a better look on his face.

“But you went too far in throwing away your name. Should I also change to Muyoung?”

“Don’t say things like that. I am just an old man in the back room, but aren’t you a young lady in your prime? The name of the young lady in her prime was Muyoung. That sounds absurd. “Your pretty name Ha-Ryu will be more helpful in achieving what you want than Mu-Young.”

While saying that, Ha-Ryu waved his hand at Mu-Young, who was looking at Jin-Hyeok with a bright red face.

“It’s not like that!”

“Yeah, probably not. I support Daebi. “It’s a bit cheesy, but it’s okay.”

“Isn’t this something someone who is not at all would say?!”

Muyoung, who looked exaggeratedly surprised at Ha-Ryu who was lighting the double wick, tapped Ha-Ryu on the shoulder.

“I mean this from the bottom of my heart.”

“…@!@#@@$$#%#” As

his playful voice disturbed the ears, Haru immediately responded.

Muyoung left the conference room, leaving behind Ha-Ryu, who was talking incomprehensibly.

“I’ll see you on the 100th floor, downstream.”

“…Yes, I will definitely go quickly.”

“It would be nice if we could at least have a meal together then.”

To others, Muyoung was extremely strict and angry, but to the last remaining goblin and kind and cute Ha-ryu, he was just a kind grandfather.

Just like that, Muyoung left the place, and even Ken and Halcyon disappeared, saying that they would be suitable for the guild. The only people left in the conference room were Jinhyuk and his group.

Jinhyuk, who was looking around the quiet conference room, opened his mouth.

“Then shall we leave?”

Those who were looking at Jinhyuk asked with a wicked boy-like smile nodded.

Starting from downstream to Hendrick.

Even Balkan, who had been quiet throughout the meeting, nodded and agreed with what he said.

“My name, and by extension, the name of our Yeokcheon, will be firmly engraved on the entire tower. Well, now is not the time to announce the guild, so let’s be content with making each person’s name known.”

“Yes, brother.”

“Did you say it was because of the quest? “Up to the 100th floor… that’s enough.”

“I want to help too.”

“Everyone is so reassuring. But don’t forget the first Spirit Master, Varona Balkan.”

Jinhyuk, who was at the forefront of them all speaking confidently, took a step outside the conference room.

“We are not heroes or anything. If the system under the Four Emperors is justice, then we become evil. Villains who defeat heroes. Sounds good, right? is not it?”

Hundreds and thousands of years.

Perhaps even longer than that, a huge storm against the system created in front of the great name of the Four Emperors.

It was the moment when the seed sprouted.

The bud that was already cut off once has bloomed a second time and is ready to bring a torrential downpour to the world inside the tower oppressed by the Four Emperors.

Naturally, it was obvious that Jinhyeok and his guild, ‘Yeokcheon’, were at the center of it all.

“Yeokcheon. Let’s go live up to the name.”

With that, they moved on to the next floor.

11th floor.

It was their first floor in over a week, and it wasn’t a very high floor, but they weren’t worried.

The cheetah started running so that it could catch up with the hard-running racing dogs and even immediately surpass them.

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