Absolute Necromancer Chapter 75

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All Master Necromancer Episode 75

“Then, you can come to the branch manager’s office of Gold Rich Company in the 10th floor city tomorrow.”

“I spoke informally, and then I spoke respectfully. “Isn’t it confusing?”

“Well, you used to treat me with respect, calling me your benefactor, but now you’re not talking to me informally again?”

Skin and wavelength.

Genno frowned at Jinhyeok who said that.

“You don’t say a word. “He’s the type of person that makes people around him tired.”

“I know very well. I have no intention of changing it. “Isn’t it right that they should change for me?”

“Tsk, don’t you often hear people say you’re rude or that you’re a fcking bstard?”


Even though it was clear that he was swearing, Jinhyuk just grinned and agreed.

When Genno looks at the calm and weak Jinhyeok with an absurd expression.

Jinhyuk spoke.

“After joining the guild and finishing tomorrow’s meeting, old man, please go to the 100th floor. “I hope you will receive information from Gold Rich’s investigators there and gather their information to lay the foundation for the guild.”

“It’s the 100th floor… I don’t want to go there, but I have no choice. “Because I don’t want to avoid the truth forever.”

100th floor.

That is where the village of goblins ‘was’.

It shows quite a bit of determination on Genno’s part to set foot in a place that is now a wasteland, or where only ruins remain.

“I’m sure they will find the downstream area they missed in the collapsed goblin village.”

Wow –

the Four Emperors.

Genno gritted his teeth when he heard that they would wait to find the last remaining downstream from the collapsed goblins’ home.

But his anger was short-lived, and he took a deep breath and nodded.

“It’s only natural that their goal was downstream. “I will try to gather as much information as I can about them.”

“I believe you will do well in the role of head of the 100th floor branch of the Yeokcheon Guild.”

“Ha, I lived there longer than you. Just trust me.”

Jinhyeok stood up, looking happily at Genno, who was showing pride.

Gold Rich has already released his minions to investigate the identity, power, and power of the village’s evil beasts, but Gold Rich is too busy to put it all together and figure it out.

Although I don’t have enough time to do my original work, if I had to find the evil beast in the goblin village, even two Gold Rich bodies wouldn’t be enough.

‘Among us, the only one who can collect and filter information from the 100th floor right now and has great enthusiasm for doing so is Old Man Genno.’

Goldrich is busy.

Puppet is focusing all his attention on climbing.

The rest haven’t even reached the threshold of the 100th floor yet, so the only one left is Genno.

Since he had great enthusiasm for collecting that information, it was clear that his efficiency would be even better than that of Gold Rich.

‘In addition, I have also found an artisan-level blacksmith who will be the backbone of Yeokcheon in the future, so I guess I kill two birds with one stone.’

The supply of weapons is important.

The supply of high-quality weapons could even change the course of war.

There are not many craftsmen who can make such weapons if they have time and enough materials.

‘Old Genno is a blacksmith who falls into that level of craftsmanship. He’s better than any blacksmith I’ve ever met while climbing a 600-story tower. If I want to compare with old man Genno… I’d have to be at roughly the level of a dwarf.’

Most human blacksmiths couldn’t even show a business card, and Genno was so outstanding that few blacksmiths could surpass Genno, except for the dwarves, a race that always appeared when discussing dexterity and metallurgy.

It was not enough to have acquired a person who could safely be considered an important person among important people, and as he was a person with a great passion for collecting information, it was clear that the speed of information collection about the disaster that occurred in the Goblin Village would accelerate in the future.

“Then see you there. “100th floor.”

“When we meet again, I will gather so much information that your mouth will open wide.”

“That’s not bad either. But it’s also nice to have a jaw-dropping amount of weapons.”

“Hahaha! Yes, I will collect and make a lot of information and weapons. “You have to worry about it tearing when you open your mouth wide.”

Jinhyeok, who grinned at Genno, who burst into laughter while tapping his knee, asked him one last time.

“Are you going to leave right after the meeting tomorrow?”

“…I have to go. I would talk to that kid, but if I stay with that kid, I won’t be able to do what I need to do, and the same goes for that kid. “You can’t do that because you wouldn’t keep a useless person by your side.”

“I’ve only seen you a few times, but you already know me well.”

It is said that when it becomes useless, it is discarded.

Genno doesn’t mind it, and Jinhyeok doesn’t deny it.

Other people might wonder what on earth they were doing, but it was important to the two of them.

If the enemy they have to deal with becomes as useless or an obstacle to their plans, they fall behind, and if they fall behind, they have no choice but to be abandoned.

‘Even if it’s me, it won’t change.’

Jinhyeok was ready to throw away even himself if he became an obstacle, so he was able to discuss someone’s usefulness and think about his readiness to throw them away.

Genno also realized that his ideals and wishes could not coexist, so he decided to move on to the 100th floor tomorrow.

‘For the downstream’s sake, and for my own sake, we must stay apart. When everything is over, it will be okay to have happy times by then.’

Jinhyeok, feeling Genno’s determination and determination to pursue future happiness rather than present happiness, bowed his head.

As the guild leader of ‘Yeokcheon’, as the one who took the lead in eradicating the misdeeds of the Four Emperors, not as a seeker of revenge, but as just a climber, Genno gives up his own happiness for the sake of his colleague and younger brother. A little thank you for this.

Genno, who received it, seemed to be in a good mood and burst into laughter.

Looking at Jinhyeok who was about to leave, he opened his mouth with a cold, stiff face.

“From now on, call me Muyeong (無影). From tomorrow, I will move toward my goal like I don’t exist. My name… I think I can use it again after everything is over.”

“You don’t have to do that….”

“Please consider it a manifestation of my will.”

Jinhyeok tried to stop Genno from giving up his name, but his cold face resolutely refused.

expression of will.

Jinhyeok had no reason to stop him, who showed his determination to abandon his ideals, even eliminate meetings with downstream people and even throw away his name for the sake of his goal.

“…Ha, you should speak directly to the lower class.”



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“That’s right. “I plan to do so after the meeting tomorrow.”

Jinhyeok took his steps, leaving behind Genno, who calmly nodded and agreed, no, the person who now went by the name Muyoung.

Soon, Muyoung cleaned up his nest, leaving behind Jinhyeok, who had completely disappeared from his blacksmith shop.

“I won’t be able to come here tomorrow anymore.”

Since the meeting was over and he was going to live on the 100th floor and work as a blacksmith, he thought that he would hardly ever come again.

As for the weapons, Jinhyeok and his group had completely swept them away yesterday, so the shelves were empty, so there wasn’t much to take.

In the blacksmith shop where he was the only one, Muyoung slowly cleaned the inside and packed up the items.

Jinhyeok, who returned from his conversation with Muyoung, was able to see a rather strange sight.

“Ah… no, brother.”

“…What, why does he say ‘oppa’ instead of ‘dad’?”

This was because Miho, who was now in human form, did not say the word “father,” which had embarrassed him.

Although he was hesitant, Jinhyuk patted the head of Miho, whom he called his older brother, and asked, and Ha-ryu next to him smiled.

“Education is absolutely necessary. I heard it’s still at the level of a young cub? “Then it’s no wonder that I can’t tell the difference between my father and my brother.”

“Well, that’s true.”

Although her body is that of an upper elementary school student to a middle school student, Miho is so young that she definitely belongs to a young child.

Of course, there is a huge lack of knowledge.

So, when I looked at Jinhyuk, I called him dad.

“Thank you for your hard work.”

“…No, as an older sister, it’s something I should have done for my younger brother.”

Jinhyeok, who was thrilled that he could now escape the surprise of becoming a father without a wife, patted Ha-ryu’s head and expressed his gratitude.

Ha-Ryu blushed slightly at Jinhyuk’s warm touch and smiled brightly.

“What about grandfather?”

“It seemed like he was planning to leave right after the meeting tomorrow. “I think they’re trying to get the necessary items from inside.”

“…Then today is the last day, so come with us.”

Jinhyeok shook his head while patting Ha-ryu’s back as he gazed at the lit blacksmith shop with a faint gaze.

“You probably have your own thoughts, too. And I think you have something to say tomorrow, so brace yourself.”

“…What’s wrong. awfully.”

Even though he said it was scary, the smile on his face was still intact, so Jinhyuk clicked his tongue and shook his head.

‘It’s scary, but it’s obvious that they’re happy to see each other after such a long time. Well, isn’t it better to smile than to have a stiff expression?’

Still, Jinhyeok decided to be satisfied because he got to see Ha-ryu smile sincerely.

“Let’s go back. “I have to prepare for tomorrow’s meeting.”

“Yes, I want to wash up properly. “I’m going to take a bath with Miho.”

“…with Miho?”

“Miho, shall we take a bath with you?”

“Uhm… good.”

“…Women’s work should be done by women together. “We’ll be moving together in the future, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to become friends.”

Ha-ryu and Mi-ho, who have now joined, have been together for less than a day.

It seemed like Miho got along well with Ha-Ryu, but it wouldn’t be a bad thing to get closer to her there.

After thinking that, Jinhyuk replied that he could do whatever he wanted and walked towards the hotel.

Leaving behind the darkening night sky and bright moon.

The next day.

As soon as the sun came up, Jinhyuk got up from his bed and immediately washed up and prepared to go out.

“Are you ready?”

After completing all preparations, Jinhyuk stood in front of the door and asked the others.

“I’m done.”

“It’s okay for me too.”

Ha-Ryu answered calmly, and Miho, who stood in front of Ha-Ryu and imitated Ha-Ryu, answered him.

Jinhyeok, who was smiling at the sight of the two people being like real sisters, shook his head and looked at Hendrick.

“Hendrick, what about you?”

“Do I need to say anything? First of all, my clothes are a kind of magic. Depending on my will, I can wear pajamas, everyday clothes, or no clothes. “There is no need to worry.”

“Yes, I hope I can use magic comfortably.”

Hendrick, who freely uses life magic and whose clothes are constantly changed as needed due to a type of magic, was neat.

Jinhyeok clicked his tongue as he looked at Hendrick, who looked neat and classy, and handed them scrolls one by one.

“This is a scroll that will take you directly to the conference room set up at the Gold Rich Company. There are various protection magics, so even Hendrick will not be safe. So, instead of thinking about disassembling and using the magic formula on the scroll, just tear it up.”

“…I watched it because I was curious, because I was curious.”

Hendrick, who had been looking at the scroll carefully, cleared his throat at Jinhyuk’s scolding and took his eyes off the scroll.

But even then, Jinhyeok shook his head towards Hendrick, who glanced at the scroll, and looked at Vulcan.

“Valkan, you too, come inside me for a moment. “Even though it is a spirit form, there may be some danger.”

“Of course. Well then, let’s meet in the conference room. “Downstream, Miho.”

“Yes, grandfather.”

“huh! grandfather!”

A waiting area for the soul soldiers inside Jinhyeok.

Before heading there, Balkan said hello to Haru and Miho.

Haryu responded to his greeting with a grin, and Miho responded brightly.

It was because they had a bond like an actual grandfather, as Balkan was by their side and comforted them a lot when they were both having a hard time.

Jinhyuk, who was looking awkwardly at the three people greeting each other, tore up the scroll.

“Let’s go and see.”

The moment Jinhyuk tears the scroll, Vulcan returns inside Jinhyuk.

With that, Jinhyeok, who was enveloped in the bright light that erupted from the scroll, disappeared with those words.

Hendrick, Haru, and Miho, who confirmed that Jinhyeok and Balkan had disappeared from the hotel room, sequentially tore open the scrolls.

The same rays of light as before burst out one after another from the scroll that was torn in half, enveloping the three people, and soon they also disappeared from the hotel room.


A bright cluster of light burst out of the conference room.

Jinhyuk was standing where the light had disappeared.

“It’s big.”

“Sure, money is good.”

And before he knew it, Vulcan came out from inside Jinhyuk and added flesh to Jinhyuk’s review.

“It comes out quickly.”

“You may be spacious on the inside, but what can you do if it feels cramped?”

“Yes, that’s why I gave you free entry and exit, so you can do whatever you want. “I think we’re all there?”

When Jinhyeok clicked his tongue at Vulcan’s quickness in getting out as soon as he could move, Vulcan frowned.

As he was a free spirit and had a strong ego, Jinhyeok’s interior, where soul soldiers, s.e.xual soul soldiers, and demon soul soldiers were waiting, was like a prison to him.

So wasn’t he living outside of Jinhyeok to a large extent?

This was possible because Jinhyeok gave authority to Balkan in the first place.

In the end, Jinhyeok shook his head and checked the faces of the people gathered in the conference room.

“There are puppets in Goldrich. There’s Old Man Muyoung, Ken, and Halcion. “Everyone is gathered.”

“But who is Muyoung?”

“Old Genno asked me to call him Muyoung.”

“…The downstream will be very sad.”

“It can’t be helped.”

Balkan, who noticed the meaning of the name Muyeong even though he did not say it, was worried about Ha-Ryu, who had not yet arrived, but Jin-Hyeok responded that it was something that could not be helped.

Because what he said was right, Balkan also quietly stayed by Jinhyuk’s side.

It was a decision he made because he knew that his job in the two people’s affairs was to simply observe.

“Are you here? “It’s late.”

“The other kids haven’t arrived yet.”

“You were the one with them, so you and them are together. “Time is gold.”

“Ugh, I can’t work with a salesman.”

Jinhyeok picked his ears and sighed as Goldrich’s bruises approached.

When Jinhyuk glares at Goldrich, who is scolded for being later than him even though he arrived just on time.

Clusters of light erupted from all over the conference room.

“There are a lot of latecomers.”

“Do it in moderation. “Is it on time?”

“It’s polite to arrive 10 minutes early.”

“done. “Let’s not talk, let’s not talk.”

Merchants are beings who make a living through words.

There is no way you have anything to gain by arguing with him.

It would be okay if we didn’t lose, but since it was obvious that we would lose in all likelihood, Jinhyuk turned his head and sat at the head of the table.

After checking Jinhyuk, who was seated in a place where he could overlook the entire conference room, Goldrich returned to his seat without saying a word.


The seat right below the highest seat and the only one.

He sat down in one of the seats where there were only two people.

The latecomers(?) who showed up around the time he sat down hurriedly moved to their respective seats.

Hendrick takes one of the two remaining seats at the head of the table.

Ha-Ryu and Mi-Ho are in the middle seat right below where Mu-yeong, Pepet, etc. are located.

In an instant, the seats were over and Halcyon and Ken, who were sitting in the lowest seats, felt their bodies stiffen.

It had clearly been a while since they had climbed the tower, and the number of floors they had conquered was quite high, but they could not predict the possibility of victory from Haryu, who had just climbed the tower, and Miho, who was still a baby.

‘This is the power of the reverse heaven…!’

‘Awesome…amazing, as expected of you, Ghost Face!’

However, rather than being disintegrated by that fact, they were surprised and praised Jinhyeok for bringing them all together in the end.

It was Jinhyuk’s typical gangster(?) appearance.

After everyone was finished sitting down, Cha Jin-hyuk, the guild leader of Yeokcheon, who was sitting in the top seat, not knowing that his gangsters were chanting to him, opened his mouth.

“The first Yeokcheon Guild Meeting begins now.”

Cha Jin-hyuk, Goldrich, Hendrick, Puppet, Ha-ryu, Miho, Moo-young, Ken, Halcyon.

The guild meeting of the guild ‘Yeokcheon’ began, attended by all of Yeokcheon’s first guild members and those in charge.

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