Absolute Necromancer Chapter 7

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All Master Necromancer Episode 7

[I like the pinnacle of all evil.]

[A demon asks you what All Master is.]

[A god is puzzled.]

[A god…]

[A demon. […]

Gods and demons who could not bear the boredom over the past time and disappeared.

They set their sights on a new prey called All Master.

But Jinhyeok didn’t care when he saw them like that.

‘It’s a sub-job… It’s definitely not a job you can get right now.’

Sub job.

The first job you get on the 10th floor while climbing the tower is called the main job.

After that, you can change main jobs as you climb the tower, but you cannot have two main jobs.

What appears then is the sub-job.

Because the sub job was literally a sub job, it did not have tremendous advantages like the main job.

It simply covers the abilities that the job possesses.

Of course, that was enough.

If a swordsman or warrior who lacks magical abilities has a wizard as a sub-job, their magic resistance will increase and they will be able to use defensive magic.

And as the number of jobs increased, the number of battles also increased, which was a great help in battle.

But there was an important point.

‘Most people get sub jobs on the 100th floor.’

100th floor.

To get a sub job, you had to reach at least the 100th floor.

Until then, I had to overcome the chaos with just one main job.

However, it certainly made no sense for Jinhyuk to get a sub-job before even entering the first floor or getting a main job.

[You cannot have a sub-job yet.]

[You must obtain a main job first.]

The system also said so.

There is no main, but there are subs.

This was definitely something close to a contradiction.

Even gods and demons nod their heads.

[King Mifu likes it because it is different.]

[The fair goddess threatens to keep the order.] [Mutters that

it is good that the pinnacle of all evil is greed.]

[The greedy dragon shouts that greed is always right. ]

Of course, there was also Jinhyeok’s side.

Someone who likes greed, someone who doesn’t care about order, and someone who just likes Jinhyuk.


But the system was like an iron wall.

[Get the main job first.]

[No matter how many achievements you have, it is impossible…]

“Can I use my achievements?”

[…How can you do that?]

Jinhyeok smiled as he felt the system that was like a blunt machine be surprised.

Public value.

This is a system unknown to ordinary people.

If it was natural, it was natural.

That’s a system that only those who have achieved achievements can know.

Ordinary people cannot even achieve achievements.

Even those who have achieved achievements know the sweetness of achievements and public achievements, so they keep it quiet and do not let anyone know about it.

Of course, this means that it is not of a nature that Jinhyuk, who has just entered the tower, can know.

However, it was only natural for Jinhyuk, who had experienced a past life.

‘Because even in my past life, I broke all my achievements.’

Achievement absorbers, achievement predators, etc.

Various names were given to Jinhyuk.

Of course, it was a nickname known only to high walkers (high-ranking climbers) or high rankers.

As he was given nicknames related to various achievements, he was able to break various achievements, and thanks to that, his public scores were always generous.

The method of using the public value was simple.

“Clearly, the things I have done are close to achievements. Moreover, since you said that I have accumulated achievements, there must be public value. “Is it impossible to consume all of it?”



You can achieve what you want through the system.

It could be a weapon, armor, or skill.

Anything can be obtained as long as it is worthy of the public value paid.

Of course, if it is something really important and precious, it is close to impossible because the public value is enormous.

If you really have infinite public value, you can get anything in the tower.

And there must be a sub-job that Jinhyuk wants now.

Of course, it makes no sense to get a sub-job from floor 0 (tutorial, selection and training room).



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As it gets closer to impossible, the achievement value increases exponentially, so Jinhyeok’s achievements will not be enough.

As the system says, the lack of a main job also played a role in blowing up the public value.


‘There is a job I can get. That alone is enough.’

Occupation: All Master is now waiting for Jinhyeok’s choice.

However, if the choice is to change from a main job to a sub-job, the public value will certainly be sufficient.

That was Jinhyuk’s calculation.

In fact, the system was unable to respond to Jinhyuk’s words.

[It’s not enough. It’s definitely a little, but it’s not enough for public value….]

“The pinnacle of all evil… No, Baal. “Couldn’t we give that much public value between us?”

[The pinnacle of all evil is happy to have called him.]

[The pinnacle of all evil nods and wags its tail.]


[…The job succession begins.]

Baal decided to take care of the public value that was trying to catch the pod.

Now, all the system can do is give me the All Master job as a sub-job.

The system’s blue message window shattered and blue powder flew.

Soon, blue powder covered the nose, mouth, ears, etc.

As soon as everything was absorbed into the hole, Jinhyeok closed his eyes.

‘When I wake up, I will have achieved the achievement of obtaining a sub-job before my main job for the first time.’

Jinhyeok’s thoughts were sucked beneath the surface as he praised himself for breaking his achievement once again.

As time passed, Jinhyuk’s eyes, which had been tightly closed, opened.

Feeling drowsy and refreshed, as if you had slept for a long time.

Feeling those two emotions, Jinhyuk stood up and turned his mana to blow away the sleep energy.

“Did the job change end properly?”

As soon as Mana rotated her whole body, Jinhyuk, feeling sleepy, turned on the status window.

This is to check whether his job change was successful.

[Status Window]

Name: Choi Jin-

hyuk Occupation: Mu (無) Sub-occupation: All Master

Body: Mana Retardation

(Ability Value)

Strength: 21

Stamina: 19 Dexterity: 20

Intelligence: 25


: 31


  1. Predation
  2. Versatility

( Skills)

Pain resistance, bleeding resistance, stun resistance, piercing resistance, tenacity…


After confirming that the transfer was properly completed, Jinhyeok got up and left.

[The pinnacle of all evil asks if you slept well.]

“Thanks to you, I slept well.”

After thanking Baal for giving him public value, Jinhyeok stood in front of the door once again.

‘…I’m finally here again.’

There was no excitement I felt when I first climbed the tower.

I only felt a cold heart at being able to begin revenge.

With that thought in mind, Jinhyuk opened the door wide.

“Then revenge begins.”

It was the moment the Avenger’s climb began.

“Is it Korol Village?…”

1st floor.

What Jinhyeok saw after leaving the room of choice and training was an underdeveloped village like a slash-and-burn village.

The name of the village is Korol.

A name I remember because I already passed it once in my last life.

Of course, it wasn’t an important enough place to give it much meaning.

However, the hidden job hidden outside the village, in the main section where monsters roam, was important.

“what? “What about that guy?”

“I see you just finished the tutorial?”

“The weapon is… a staff? Do you want to become a wizard?”

Jinhyeok clicked his tongue at the attention of others focused on him as soon as he appeared.

Then, he put the hood he was wearing deep down and immediately left the place.

“Tsk, are you a criminal?”

“It’s not just one or two of those guys.”

Fortunately(?) Jinhyuk was able to escape their attention by being treated as a criminal.

‘Is that fortunate? ‘I never imagined criminals would be helpful.’

Once inside the tower, there is no way to catch the worst criminals or state-level criminals.

In addition, sins from outside are not accepted inside the tower.

First of all, murder, arson, looting, rape, etc.

If it were outside, each and every one of them would be a serious crime.

Things like that happen here every day.

That’s why criminals run away from police and others and run into the tower.

Once you arrive in front of the tower, you cannot even be arrested because arrest is also treated as obstruction.

That’s why other climbers also make fun of Jinhyeok, treating him like a criminal.

Of course, it was a good thing for Jinhyuk, who had to hide himself as much as possible and take what he could at the same time.

“Clear conditions.”

Jinhyuk put on his hood and entered the deep forest, invisible to others, and figured out the clear conditions.

[1st floor]

Korol Village is a village of slash-and-burn farmers hidden at the foot of a mountain.

They had a problem: kobolds that invaded the village from time to time.

Clear Condition: Kill Kobold (0/10)


Kobolds are monsters that can be seen in abundance to the point of being kicked around.

The higher you climb the tower, the weaker it becomes to the point where it is treated as a snack or meal for monsters.

Well, it may be scary for those who live in slash-and-burn villages, but for me, who has gone through all the hardships of life, it is a piece of cake.

“It will be over soon. Oh, it would be nice to complete the kobold slayer achievement here.”


The conditions for achieving the achievements followed by Slayer are quite easy to understand.

Because you can beat it by catching a certain number of monsters.


“There were definitely 1,000 of them?”

The only thing is that the number of objects is enormous.

Catching is one thing, but searching for it is also work.

“Well, I guess I’ll think about it later and go get my main job first.”

For those who had just broken through the tutorial, selection, and training room and ascended to the first floor, it was a dangerous mission that required risking their lives, but not for Jinhyuk.

With the comfort of just going for a walk, Jinhyuk put the hood back on after taking it off for a while and started exploring the forest.

“It would be better to catch 10 in advance.”

The time to give the kobolds a nightmare has arrived.

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