Absolute Necromancer Chapter 68

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All Master Necromancer Episode 68

“I lost.”

“You need to get out of here.”

“Cluck, cluck, you are still a child after all. “To be so overjoyed at one loss… Tsk tsk.”

“Do you want to get hit and go away, or do you just want to go away?”

“Can you move?”


Bang bang bang!

Balkan walked towards Hendrick, leaving Jinhyuk behind, who was expressing his anger by struggling with his entire body because he had no energy to move just his arms.

“I was sorry last time.”

“Does not matter. I just broke a promise I made to myself. Now that we are in the same boat, it would be better for the present and the future to forget about the past.”

“I agree.”

Balkan smiled at Hendrick’s attitude of forgetting the short past and thinking about the present and the long future together.

‘He’s different from Cha Jin-hyuk. It couldn’t be the same in battle, but in everyday life it’s the complete opposite.’

Clicking his tongue inwardly at the fact that his usual appearance and his appearance during battle were 180 degrees different, Balkan brought Hendrick in front of Jinhyeok.

“As you can see, he is like this, so I thought it would be right for you to come in person.”

“Well, definitely. “I guess it was a little too much.”

“If we meet again later, I win!”

Jinhyeok’s appearance, making noises and making noises, looked like a 5-year-old child, but both Balkan and Hendrick knew that those words were not uttered out of anger or aggression, but were sincere.

‘I might actually win.’

‘Surely, if it’s him… I can’t let down my guard.’

Furthermore, I also kept in mind the possibility that Hendrick might actually lose in the next match.

This was possible because both of them got a glimpse of Jinhyeok’s strength, talent, and potential through this battle.

“So what are you going to do?”

Jinhyeok, who had been irritated for a while but had achieved his intended goal of joining Hendrick, asked.

“You passed the exam, and I passed mine, so we’ll be together.”

“You’re not leaving?”

“Where would I leave you when you are weak?”

“…Ugh, I’m going to be so pissed.”

Jinhyeok wasn’t stupid enough to refute the claim that he was weak even though he had just been defeated.

I just keep grinding away and venting my frustration.

“I will start climbing the tower once my colleague reaches the 10th floor.”

“At that time, I was still on the 10th floor. We can move together. Anyway, there is no problem if we stay together until the 100th floor.”

Until the 100th floor, only trials based on physical training are given.

In other words, monster hunting was the main focus, which also meant that the more people there were, the faster they could climb the tower.

“You don’t know, but I have a quest given to me by Baal. “It would be difficult if my reputation was buried by you.”

“Baal? You got a quest from him? “It’s also fast.”


Even Hendrick, who had crossed the 800th floor and was challenging God, had no choice but to bow his head before the name Baal.

God and devil.

Among them, we cannot ignore the devil and the one who has risen to the top.

In the first place, except for Jinhyeok, it was impossible to find anyone who treated Baal so harshly.

“What’s so great about such a voyeur?”

“…Are you serious?”

“That’s a lie. “I know he’s a voyeur and a very annoying guy, but I don’t deny his strength or ability.”

Balkan and Hendrick laughed at Jinhyeok, who grumbled but still acknowledged Baal.

“Split what?”

Hendrick, who was looking at Jinhyeok, who was lying on the floor and growling, with amusement, calmly told his story.

“My family and my village disappeared without a trace at the hands of the dragon clan.”

“…Similar to a guy I know.”

Gold Rich.

Jinhyeok was surprised at the similarities between the two people, knowing that his family members were crushed to death by giants.

However, it did not stop the conversation.

This is because he instinctively knew that this moment was the moment to instill the word bond between Hendrick and himself.

Hendrick continued speaking with a slightly surprised look at Jinhyeok’s quiet appearance, as if his riotous behavior was a lie.

“After that, I was no different from any other avenger. I built up my strength and took on the challenge step by step. Starting with the Lizardman, I killed monsters such as Drake and Wyvern, and after building up some strength, I went to the tower and started climbing.”

“It’s different from the very beginning.”

A child who lost his family and village started martial arts with revenge in his arms.

This would not have been possible without outstanding talent.

“The revenge continued at the tower, and as you said, you were quite talented, so climbing the tower was easy. There were times when it got stuck, but on the contrary, there were many times when it was easy. Then I killed my first dragon. “It was the 500th or 600th floor… It was a young dragon.”

“…is it too fast?”

500 to 600 floors.

Although it was quite a long time ago, Hendrick’s strength and revenge were too early.

Hendrick seemed to acknowledge it, nodding his head calmly and appearing to reflect on his childhood.

“It was a time when I didn’t know about the dragon race’s revenge, and I took revenge simply because I had the power to kill the dragon race.”

“You must have tasted hell.”

A climber capable of catching a young dragon.

They say they are strong enough climbers and have promising prospects, but when compared to the entire Balaur clan, they are nothing more than a speck of dust.



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“I almost died dozens of times. It seems to me that I really do have talent. “I overcame the danger of death, became stronger, and killed the approaching pursuers until I reached the 900th floor.”

“…900th floor!”

“I never thought I could penetrate the 900th floor wall… I was like opening the jaws of a tiger.”

Not the 90th floor, but the 900th floor.

Jinhyeok and Balkan did not spare their surprise because it was safe to say that they had almost reached the realm of gods.

The surprise was even greater because it was a Balkan that had even fought.

Even though his body changed, it was useful that he did not disappear, as he was challenging a climber who had passed the 900th floor to a duel.

When Balkan, who keenly felt that fact, broke into a cold sweat while dead.

During the story, Hendrick showed his emotions for the first time. There was


in Hendrick’s story as he gritted his teeth and chewed each word.

“Do you know where the Four Emperors’ nest is?”

“700th floor? “Is it the 800th floor?”

“It’s the 800th floor. And that proves that from the 800th floor onwards, this is where they can really focus their efforts. “I felt it in my body.”

If a climber from the 100th floor comes down, there is a corresponding penalty.

Penalties such as partially prohibiting the use of energy, including mana, and lowering physical abilities.

It was no different for the Four Emperors.

Of course, even if a chase team is formed, the original strength of the chase team cannot be shown.

However, things change after the 800th floor, where their nest is located.

“I was alone, and they were many. “From there, the difference began.”

Hendrick was not a conventional climber.

Just as Jinhyeok was currently on the 10th floor but had the strength to climb up to the 100th floor, Hendrick was also a climber on the 800th and 900th floors, but was much stronger than that.

A person whose strength is close to 1.5 or 2 times that of a character, and can be 3 times as strong if certain conditions are met.

However, what this means is that if you have the resources to use twice or three times as much force, you have no choice but to be defeated.

‘Even if I have the power to climb beyond the 100th floor, I wouldn’t be able to win if dozens of 100th floor climbers who can climb the 100th floor attack me. It would be possible to use the Spirit Master’s power, but it cannot handle an infinite number of climbers.’

Just as Jinhyuk thought, Hendrick also experienced a similar situation.

It’s not just a climber of the 100th floor, but a climber who has reached at least the 800th floor.

This is also something I experienced against a hundred climbers who were basically laying down an enormous base called the Four Emperors.

“At first, only the dragon tribe came. I beat it lightly and made it into a paste. “Then someone who was a little stronger came and this repeated, and when we got tired, we reached the 900th floor, and after that, other guys joined in.”

“Cut it in the bud.”

To defeat someone who would become a god or a devil like Jinhyeok himself.

Hendrick was also cut in the bud.

Of course, unlike Jinhyuk, it was on the 900th floor, which was almost 300 floors different, but the result was still the same.

Although it was a process and result that we had already briefly heard about, Jinhyeok could not bear the bitterness.

“Defeat, and death. “After that, it’s reincarnation.”

“I said we look alike, you and I.”

“I can’t deny it. I don’t know who was involved in my reincarnation. However, that reincarnation must have a clear meaning. “Maybe the person who led your and my reincarnation is someone who doesn’t like the current system.”

“I see…”

A person who is against the system.

And the soul transmission that Jinhyeok obtained was a skill obtained from Baal’s quest.

‘…Is it Baal?’

This person has a grand name, the pinnacle of all evil, and at the same time shows great interest in Jinhyeok.

He aimed for Jinhyeok’s reincarnation and used the skill called Soul Transmission as a quest reward.

It was certainly a plausible story, so Jinhyuk could not think of anything to say or think to refute it.

“I will be with you. Not only because I passed the test, but because I thought that if I tried alone, the end wouldn’t be much different from the last time. Even if the first time fails, shouldn’t the second time be different?”

“That’s correct. “I think so too.”

At first, you may make mistakes or lose.

But even the second time is like a fool and a fool.

Jinhyeok thought that way, so Hendrick’s answer was something he really liked.

“Create a guild.”


“okay. And you take the position of guild leader, Cha Jin-hyuk.”

“…Are you telling me to come up when you are there too?”

Jinhyuk also knows.

The fact that he is worse than Hendrick.

It was a gap that would be maintained for at least some time, and even Jinhyeok could not imagine how many years that period would be.

‘As I grow, so will he. Explosively.’


Hendrick also had that advantage, and in fact, the level Hendrick reached at the end was higher than Jinhyeok’s.

That’s why when the topic of guilds was brought up.

Jinhyeok subconsciously thought that Hendrick would take the guild leader’s seat.

But the answer that came back was quite the opposite.

“I’m not interested in that kind of position, and I don’t have the confidence to do it. But I believe it would be different for you, Cha Jin-hyuk. So, you should become the guild leader.”

“…I’m not the type of person who refuses to give something, but… is it okay? So, you are under me, and there will be times when you have to follow my orders?”

It makes no sense for someone of Hendrick’s caliber to fall under someone’s control.

And a guild is a group with a clear hierarchical relationship.

If Hendrick ignores his orders just because he is stronger than Jinhyeok, the guild leader, the guild will inevitably be divided.

Knowing that, Jinhyeok expressed his worries and concerns, and Hendrick responded physically.

Thump –

a heavy sound.

It was a small but powerful sound that occurred when Hendrick knelt down on one knee in front of Jinhyeok.

“Is this the answer?”

“…Are you willing to give up that much for your goal?”

You have the upper hand, and you kneel to the opponent you just won.

Jinhyeok knew that this was something he couldn’t do unless he was fully prepared, so he raised his body from the floor.

“For my revenge, and for your revenge, I will do as you say. I am… Create a guild and become the guild leader.”

“It’s the right choice.”

Hendrick, kneeling on one knee, nods his head calmly at his promise.

Jinhyuk spoke to Hendrick, who knelt in front of him and acknowledged him.

“And in normal times, the relationship between superiors and subordinates doesn’t have to be clear.”

“…the hierarchy is disrupted. “You probably don’t know that this could cause a big problem in the war with the Four Emperors, right?”

It means to be friendly.

Hendrick looked at that with a straight face.

He knew well that a disrupted hierarchy and superior-subordinate relationships in war could lead to defeat.

But Jinhyuk ignored those words with a stern face.

“This is an order from the guild leader.”

“…Tsk, I get it.”

Guild leader’s order.

A newly formed guild refuses the first order given?

That was truly an action that shattered the superior-subordinate relationship and hierarchy.

In the end, the beleaguered Hendrick nodded, and Jinhyuk smiled with satisfaction.

“I think of the guild I am building as a fence encompassing friends, family, lovers, competitors, rivals, etc.”

“…If that is your will, then do as you wish. “Because you are in that position.”

“And the fact that you entered it means that you, Hendrick, have also been imprinted on me as one of them.”

Jinhyeok’s definition of a guild.

Hendrick was unable to say anything when Jinhyuk announced that he was also within that definition.

He just looks at Jinhyuk calmly with a stern face.

“I have a dirty personality and I am not cheap, but one thing is certain.”

“What is that?”

“I will beat up those who touch my people and my things.”

“…Huh, you’re going to punish the guy who messed with me instead?”

It was a feast of informal speech compared to solemn speech, but Hendrick liked it more.

Jinhyuk nodded as if it was natural to him laughing and making jokes.

“So, if you go anywhere and get hit, come running to me right away. You are not my friend, family, and lover… Anyway, it’s one of the ones in front.”

“Hahaha! Yes, definitely. And I promise too. “If my friends, family, and guild leader get hit somewhere, I’ll make them just like him.”

Jinhyeok stared blankly at Hendrick, who was swearing with the same frenzy he showed during battle.

Balkan, who had been watching the conversation between the two people calmly, asked Jinhyeok when the conversation between the two people finally ended.

“So what will the guild name be? “Isn’t that the most important thing?”

Guild name.

This can be said to be the most important thing when setting up a guild.

Of course, it was something that had to be decided and considered carefully, but Jinhyuk answered right away as if there was nothing to worry about.

“Yeokcheon. “Is there anything other than this that suits our guild name?”

“…That’s correct.”

“To agree.”

Balkan, who asked the name of the guild, stroked his beard and agreed, and Hendrick was no different.

He looked at Jinhyuk with the warmth contained in his dark red eyes.

In this way, the three created the tower’s new guild, ‘Yeokcheon’, in a hidden street sparring hall, a place that was half or completely destroyed.

Two climbers, one soul.

“Yes, Miho, you are there too.”

“Hahaha! okay! Miho, you can’t be left out!”

“It’s a spiritual item… It will be of great help later.”

Although it was a humble member with a fox added to it, there was at least no one here who did not think that the end would be great.

“Then shall we go back? “I have to register for a guild and I want to get some rest.”

Jinhyeok, who had barely shaken off his fatigue and replenished his stamina a little, fully raised his half-raised body and walked out of the hidden street.

“Let’s go together, you b*stard! “Are you just taking Miho and abandoning me?”

“Get a good rest. There are a lot of things to overcome in the future.”

Vulcan followed Jinhyuk as he slowly moved away, and Hendrick calmly sent him off, taking in the sight.

It was the end of a tiring day.

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