Absolute Necromancer Chapter 67

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All Master Necromancer Episode 67

‘Is this the world Haryu sees?’

A world at a standstill.

To be precise, in a world that moves very minutely, Jinhyeok looked at a dragon that was like a ray of light flying towards him.

‘Looking at it like this, it looks more like a monster.’

Just looking at the sting, which had become a single living thing with the tremendous power contained in it and the dragon’s body’s dragon power, gave me goosebumps all over my body just by looking at it.

‘It’s still below.’

I had no choice but to admit it.

Hendrick is stronger than himself.

From the beginning, the beginning and the end were different from him.

‘The fact that he was killed by the Four Emperors is the same, and the fact that he had the talent to climb to the 999th floor if there was no interference is the same, but… everything is different.’

Hendrick took on the body of a dragon.

Jinhyuk gained a new trait called versatility.

From here the difference began.

Taking advantage of his new trait of versatility, he achieved the feat of obtaining a sub-job from the tutorial, but an achievement is just an achievement.

Because it wasn’t about giving Jinhyuk great power right now.

‘Hendrick is an awakened person who has already reached the 800th floor, no, the 900th floor. He has developed almost all of his talents, and although the techniques he uses now are weak, they are clearly the techniques he used back then.’

There is nothing better suited to the current situation than the saying that the beginning and the end are different.

Hendrick showed off almost all of his talents and had the best starting line of Dragon’s Body, but Jinhyuk was not.

He died before all his talents could blossom, and the newly acquired abilities are abilities that will be more valuable in the future.

Of course, it was right and natural that Jinhyuk was pushed by Hendrick at the moment.


‘…But I don’t mean to treat you without mercy. And losing once is enough. ‘I will definitely win later.’

Defeat, but use it as a foundation for the next one.

And you will not lose without help.

Jinhyuk’s body moved from his posture just with that thought.

Kwaduk –

The floor of the sparring hall is now completely ruined.

At the same time as the place was once again destroyed, it served as a stepping stone for a leap forward.

‘see. Where and how will that dragon move and head?’

Battle foresight was such an ability.

The ability to go beyond just seeing the surroundings slowly and see the opponent’s movements and the path and end of the attack.


Jinhyeok’s eyes see the dragon moving and the direction it will move to as a line.

At the same time, Jinhyeok, who hit the ruined floor of the sparring hall, moved in an instant and took off his mask.

Whoop –

a world that changes in an instant.

The world that felt slow disappeared, and Jinhyuk returned to his original world.

But to Jinhyuk, the original world felt too fast.

‘This reaction is no joke.’

I spent a moment in excruciating slowness, but the aftereffects of that left me unable to adapt to the speed.

Get used to it, you idiot.”

Bite your tongue.

My tongue was half cut, and hot, fishy blood flowed from the wound made by my teeth and filled my mouth.

When, due to pain, the mind escapes from the afterimage of the world seen by the eyes and returns to the original world.

Chungryong Island had almost reached Jinhyeok.

Right in front of you.

No, it’s closer than that.

Furthermore, as the distance gradually got closer, Jinhyeok’s brain began to spin furiously, remembering the path he had seen in the slow world and its end.


As soon as I sit down, the air bursts out, creating a small sonic boom.

A movement beyond the human realm.

Nevertheless, it was not enough to avoid the flying Chungryong Island.

Chungryongseom flying towards him was also a technique created by someone who had transcended the human realm and reached godhood.

Even though he has now lost the body that made him a god and has fallen, his skills have not fallen.

Although the power itself was low, the perfection of the technology was at its peak, and its speed surpassed even light for a moment.

It was a blow that Jinhyuk’s body could not avoid.

‘Does it mean that you can’t avoid it even if you look at the path or the point where the attack hits? ‘That’s crazy.’

If Jinhyeok had seen the attack and had been able to use his battle foresight until the very end, for now he could only think of defeat.

However, it was important that Jinhyuk also had his own strategy.

took off the goblin mask’s string and hung it around his neck. Jinhyeok took his eyes off the waving goblin mask and moved his hand to another mask.

“Are you going to at least play a game? Cha Jinhyuk!!!”

Hendrick’s shouting from afar disturbs my ears, but Jinhyuk’s gaze is a new mask.

‘Fox mask. The only one I can trust is you.’

It was touching the fox mask.

-Keeng! Kkeakkeak! Kyung!

Jinhyuk fastened the fox mask tightly while listening to Miho’s fighting voice (?) from afar, as if telling him to cheer up. As soon as he put on the fox



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his body began to change.

The change that began in a split second, dividing one second into ten or a hundred, ended before even a second had passed.

“Whoa… Hap!”

I took a deep breath and exhaled at the same time.

In addition to the original strength, the fox’s strength in the changed body kicked the floor.

Chungryong Island.

Jinhyeok’s movements were very quick, as he had the confidence and ability to avoid a technique that he thought could not be prevented even after knowing the fate and its end.

“…Avoiding that?”

Jinhyeok’s movements were so close to perfection that even Hendrick, who flew Chungryong Island, could not hide his surprise when he saw it.

Tadadadak –

The fox’s agility followed by the fox’s strength delivered Jinhyuk in front of Hendrick as if riding the wind.

Kiying –

The eyes of Jinhyeok’s fox mask, standing in front of Hendrick, burned dark purple.


“I’m not interested in men!”

The power of fascination that a fox, especially a fox that has reached spiritual status, naturally possesses.

That worked for Hendrick.

Naturally, the mental power of the same man, Hendrick, a powerful warrior, was at a formidable level, so he did not fall in love with Jinhyeok or fall in love with him.

Stand tall!

“That’s enough.”

In the process of resisting the fascination, it was inevitable that Hendrick’s body would stop for a moment.

If the ability was due to magic, the body of the dragon race, which has absolute magic ability, would have filtered it out on its own.

But the burning fascination for him now is not magic, but power.

It was the power of an actual child of God, with the possibility of reaching God.

Although it is weak, the power of God and spiritual energy cannot be blocked by the dragon race’s magic resistance.

Jinhyuk grins as he looks at Hendrick, who stands tall, and clenches his fists.

‘It makes no sense to come all the way here and use a sword or bow.’

It was not a zero distance, which was the same as being infinitely close and perfectly attached, but at a distance close enough to that, the sword and bow were beyond unnecessary and useless.

‘Kyunghoon, use your skills.’

Kyeong-Hoon Choi.

Jinhyeok stretched out his closed fist, recalling the technique used by his close friend, who was called the God of War on Earth.

“It’s Taekwon. “You b*stard!” The

thickness of

the thicker fist is wrapped in the whole body.

Strengthening the body and further giving ‘strength’ to the fist itself.

And Jinhyeok, who mentioned Taekwondo, which Choi Kyung-hoon always talked about, stretched out his fist.

“Choi Gyeong-hun’s Chapter 1, take control of the regime!”

Thickly clenched fists.

Arms stretched out straight.

Legs that provide firm support.

All of this comes together in just one blow.

Through the fox mask, his attack, which even had the power of a fox, reached Hendrick accurately.

Since the distance was too close to be blocked with a sword, Hendrick urgently crossed both hands while holding the sword.

As soon as he finished his poor defense, a shock wave erupted from the fist and guard that made contact.




A shock wave strong enough to affect even Balkan and Miho, who were watching from afar.

Of course, there was no way Hendrick and Jinhyeok, who were nearby, were okay.



Hendrick was the first to speak.

The madness in his eyes disappeared, and Hendrick, with pure dark red eyes, praised Jinhyeok.

Hendrick, who was maintaining his balance with his sword stuck in the ground like a staff, was not doing well.

His dark red clothes were torn apart, exposing his upper body, but he didn’t care.

“…Damn it.”

Jinhyuk, on the other hand, looked fine.

Jinhyuk, who had already wrapped himself in several layers of shields even before the shockwave exploded, was able to survive the shockwave unharmed.

However, Jinhyeok could not suppress the swearing that came out.

‘I should have just finished it.’


The attack, which could be said to be the final blow, failed to put Hendrick down.

If this was a real battle, all that Jinhyuk had left to do was die.


Sreung –

Hendrick’s face may have been a mess as he pulled out the sword stuck in the ground, but his prayer was still the same.

On the other hand, Jinhyeok, who looks fine, can barely stand.

Counterattack, attack.

A state where nothing can be thought of.

“You passed, Cha Jin-hyuk.”

Jinhyuk gritted his teeth and shouted at the sight of him declaring that he had passed with a statue-like smile.

“fail! You fail, you damn b*stard!!! “If a person uses his final attack, go down, you monster!”

Balkan made a confused face as he looked at Jinhyeok, who was using evil words, and Miho even cried.

However, Hendrick was calm after hearing Jinhyeok’s cries of evil.

“Do you really think that? “I don’t think it’s enough.”

“…annoying guy.”

“Then let’s decide at the end.”

For Jinhyuk, who was slowly gathering stamina while talking, these words were like a bolt from the blue.

“…I don’t think you need to look.”

Jinhyuk waved his hand at the creeping creepiness, but…

“I really have to get accepted. “I liked you, Cha Jin-hyuk.”

Hendrick, with a refreshing smile, prepared one last move.

“This is a new technology that I created after I acquired the body of a dragon, so it may not be very good, but… take a close look.”

‘Damn, damn, damn! It’s like a f*cking body. ‘Move a little!’

Goblin mask, fox mask.

Jinhyeok’s body, which had used all the power contained in the two masks and poured out all of his spiritual power, did not move despite his wishes.

The moment when Jinhyeok’s face was distorted like a demon, as if he had fulfilled his usefulness by standing here.

“The technical name is… “It’s called Hwaryong (花龍).”

finished speaking and swung his sword lightly.

For a moment, Jinhyeok was relieved by the wind of swords that seemed like a welcome breeze considering the swordsmanship that had taken place so far.

Churrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr also

the shapeless dragon power that left the sword scattered and scattered.

The mass that had been split into dozens or hundreds of pieces split again, and again, and again.

Looking at its appearance, it was no different from the ‘split’ state of the Soul Arrow used by Jinhyuk.

“…What is all that?”

A huge number of things differentiated it from Soul Arrow.

After completing all divisions, the energies named Dragon Power gradually took shape.

One petal.

It was my appearance created by the dragons.

The petals formed in this way began to gather one by one.

Tsutsutsutsu –

The flower petals slowly gathered together to form a single shape, and soon the complete shape opened its mouth and roared.


Like a dragon.

Jinhyeok opened his mouth as he saw and heard hallucinations and the illusion of seeing a real dragon.

“What the fck. Passed. Passed. Damn you btch….”

And before he could finish speaking, a flower dragon made of flower petals made with dragon power attacked Jinhyeok.

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