Absolute Necromancer Chapter 66

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All Master Necromancer Episode 66

“…stop that.”

A chain of fallen swords fell from the sky.

As various forces were complexly intertwined, its power was qualitatively different from ordinary cutting or swinging.

But Hendrick definitely blocked the falling sword.

“Nothing special! “Is that all!”

Hendrick, who attacked Jinhyuk once and found an opening, raised his sword to block Jinhyuk’s falling sword and shouted with his eyes shining like a madman.

At the same time, his hand holding the sword flashed.

“Paryongcham (波龍斬).”

It was the same as the first technique I learned, but different.

If the first technology was a wave dragon that destroys everything, the current technology is a wave dragon that spreads around like a wave.

Quad Deuk –

The floor of the sparring hall was shattered and crushed, clearly proving its power, and even the soul bottles and demon soul bottles could not be free from its power.

Hendrick took out two swords without even paying attention to the spirit soldiers and demon soul soldiers who flew away screaming loudly.

Jinhyeok, who was busy erasing the power contained in the wave dragon, had no choice but to watch with his eyes open.

“A dragon’s attack.”

A straight sword face appears before your eyes in an instant.

The blade, like a dragon’s molars, approached Jinhyuk’s nose and struck him at the same time.

Jinhyeok, who erased the power of the blue dragon and urgently crossed his hands to block the deep dragon attack, gritted his teeth as he shed shock.

“Eat this!”


A stab that causes the air membrane to burst and tear apart.

It flew towards Hendrick’s chest.

It was such an assassination that anyone who saw it would have thought he was really trying to kill him, but Hendrick just swung his sword calmly.

“Hoeryong (回龍).”

“Such a poem.”

The dragon drawn along the gently circular sword path absorbs the impact of the stab and returns it to Jinhyeok.


The powerful power of the sword.


Jinhyeok, who returned all the power it possessed, including Hendrick’s power, swelled to almost twice its size, felt something rising.

Gulp –

Dead blood welled up under his chin, but Jinhyeok struggled to swallow it again and threw the sword.

Throwing a sword.

If you are a warrior who uses a sword, it is a skill that has very little use unless you are about to die.

But not for Jinhyuk.


raised his sword upward without taking his eyes off Jinhyeok’s sword, which flew like an arrow.

“Ryu Seung-ryong (流乘龍).”

Zeng –

The parry that was used in the confrontation with Balkan showed itself again.

Hendrick, who was not shocked at all by sending the force contained in the flying sword straight into the sky, was about to attack again.

“I heard it’s good to have multiple weapons. is not it?”

Cracking –

Jinhyeok, who was holding a bow and pulling the string to the end, caught his eye.


Jinhyeok let go of his protest as he looked at Hendrick, who showed embarrassment for the first time.


Bang –

With a voice filled with joy and a sound of air exploding, the arrow leaves the field and flies towards Hendrick.


It’s already too late to avoid it.

Hendrick immediately took a stance to ward off the arrow.

‘It’s no different from fighting a sword anyway. All you have to do is beat Ryu Seung-ryong again.’

Throwing swords and arrows.

The appearance was different, but the result was the same.

All I had to do was kick them both out.

Hendrick, with that thought in mind, was about to prepare for Ryu Seung-ryong again.


The moment Jinhyuk mutters that with a grin on his face.

The arrow that absorbed spiritual power, Soul Arrow, was divided into dozens of arrows.

When the arrow, which was clearly one, suddenly split into dozens, Hendrick had to feel confused again.

‘Illusion magic? No, everything is real and tangible. Should I cut them all out?’

A dozen arrows suddenly split apart.

This was because it was not immediately clear whether it was a hallucination or reality.

His excellent sense showed that all ten shots were real, but that was just a problem for him.

“…Ryu Seung-ryong.”

The arrow was too close to change the position I had already taken.



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Furthermore, it was even more difficult to shoot down the arrows aimed at him precisely because their trajectories were varied.

In the end, it was Hendrick who chose to deploy Ryu Seung-ryong as originally planned, but made full use of the abilities of the dragon’s body to hit as many arrows as possible.


Bad choices, lots of arrows, etc.

Although various mistakes overlapped, the compatibility between the dragon’s body and the genius named Hendrick was definitely amazing.

He showed off his spirit by successfully hitting seven arrows out of a dozen.

But that means soon.


“…the arrows are quite spicy.”

This meant that the remaining arrows could not be blocked.

The arrows that Hendrick was unable to block hit Hendrick.

When Hendrick clicked his tongue, feeling the force of the arrow that made a hole in his clothes and struck his solid body.

“Do you think it’s the end?”

Jinhyuk, who never misses an opportunity, prepared a second move.

It goes without saying that it wasn’t good for Hendrick.

Crackle –

the bow disappeared from my hand before I knew it.

Jinhyuk stretches out his free hand and flutters his fingers.

Kiiiiing –

Hendrick’s seven split Soul Arrows responded to him.

Connected by an invisible thread of spiritual power, they rushed towards Hendrick again, almost maintaining their original form.

Similar to before, Hendrick burst into laughter at the sight of the arrows targeting only the monsters without any overlapping trajectories.

“You were having fun and decided to suck it all the way to the end!”

Your own mistakes.

Jinhyeok, who was having fun with that, tried to make the same move, and Hendrick took a stance in bewilderment.

Unlike before, he was in the Hoeryong stance, which is the main technique for striking multiple enemies instead of just one, as his sword blade drew a gentle circle.


Jinhyuk’s calm voice struck his ears.


ja-jak- the sound of coming together.

It was also the sound of the seven arrows targeting Hendrick’s blood vessels returning to their original form.

Several arrows were half or completely destroyed by Hendrick, but the appearance of one arrow was corrected.

Not much different from its original appearance.


“…You’re stronger than when you first shot. “Are you aiming for it?”

The spiritual power was stronger than when Jinhyuk first shot him.

Even though several of the arrows that made up the arrow were shattered.

The reason was simple.

“There is a connecting thread and supply is not difficult. Search.”

A thin thread of spiritual power.

It was thanks to the supply of spiritual power through that thread, which could not be cut unless the spiritual power was seen or handled.

Even if Hendrick had taken on the flesh of a dragon, it was an ability that was currently difficult to respond to properly.

Thanks to this, Hendrick had no choice but to allow Jinhyeok to attack once again.

Unlike Ryu Seung-ryong, Hoeryong was perfect for blocking multiple attacks, but unlike Ryu Seung-ryong, who could block one powerful attack, it was weak against a single strong attack.


The explosion of sound created by Jinhyeok’s Soul Arrow penetrating Hendrick’s Hoeryong rang in my ears.

“…Khahaha! Yeah, good. I lost the battle, Cha Jin-hyuk. But your attack reached me but didn’t! more! Launch more attacks! “I mean, hit me with everything you have!!!”

Hendrick, who was hit twice in a row, seemed fine, but he was not.

There was nothing special about his appearance except that his clothes were slightly torn, but not as much as his eyes.

The usual calm and serious look in his eyes had disappeared, and the dark red madness that had taken its place was darker than before.

Creepy –

The moment Jinhyuk felt that, he unconsciously felt eerie and chilled.

He also felt bad, feeling like a rat in front of a snake.

‘It’s dirty. It really seems like I was scared by that guy.’

Someone’s spirit.

Even if it was madness, Jinhyuk did not like the fact that he was pushed aside even for a moment.

However, because it was impossible to undo what had already been pushed back, Jinhyeok also went crazy.

“Let’s see if you catch up today or if I catch up.”

Jinhyuk threw

himself away, savoring the eerie sound coming from his clenched teeth.

The impact of the sparring hall floor being shattered became wings for Jinhyeok and pushed his back.

Jinhyuk approached Hendrick in an instant, put both hands in his arms, and then took them out.

“It’s eight thousand swords and rain. “You f*cking lizard!”

Eight daggers held in the hand taken out of the arms.

One dagger forms one sky.

Eight daggers formed eight skies and fell towards Hendrick like rain pouring from clouds in the sky.

Since the spiritual power contained in each dagger was not at a level that could be ignored, Hendrick also calmly struck down the daggers.

Unlike before, he was quite relaxed, so Hendrick, who sometimes used Ryu Seung-ryong and sometimes Hoeryong to block attacks, was in a state of madness but relaxed.

And Jinhyuk’s proximity meant getting closer to Hendrick.

“This time it’s my turn. “Take my sword, Cha Jin-hyuk!”

Jinhyuk also winced at the huge energy he felt from him, gritting his teeth as if it was unfair that he had only been beaten up until now.

Dragon power.

Mana, called the power of the dragon, moved violently and placed the surroundings under its feet.

Overwhelming space control.

It was so powerful that soul diseases that were not on par with it were destroyed just by facing its force.

The spirit bottle, which was about the size of a demonic spirit bottle, was barely able to survive the force, but it was difficult to attack.

In the end, Jinhyuk was the only one who had to sort out this situation.

“…Yeah, f*ck. “Come, I’ll accept everything!”


clenched his teeth, gauging the size of the coming force, and was nervous, thinking that his molars were going through a lot of trouble today.

And Jinhyuk’s tension and Hendrick’s attack began.


Kiiing –

Hendrick’s sword, which I don’t know what it’s made of, is imbued with powerful dragon power and vibrates violently.

The energy was so violent and powerful that an ordinary sword would have shattered as soon as the energy was applied to it, but Hendrick’s sword withstood the energy.

“Ryong (龍).”

Soon, the dragon power filled with the sword began to transform into a dragon.

The long dragon’s body wrapped around Hendrick’s sword and gradually transformed into the shape of a dragon.

Jinhyuk also prepared accordingly.

“Ugh… my eyes feel like they are burning.”

Gathering spiritual energy and hitting it in the eye.

That was Jinhyuk’s preparation.

After Jinhyuk’s and Hendrick’s preparations were completed, it was Hendrick who took the lead in attacking the team first.


Chungnyong Island (衝龍閃).

The gathered energy flashes as one dragon.

It was literally like that.

The moment after he finished speaking, Hendrick’s shoulders, which had been stretched to their limit, stretched forward.

‘light. Is it a light in the shape of a dragon?’

Jinhyuk was able to see a ray of light.

A ray of light in the shape of a dragon.

The beam of light rushed towards Jinhyuk.

Destroy everything that stands in the way and just make one point.

The beam of light rushing to pierce the point named Jinhyeok felt like an inevitable divine punishment.

‘If I get this right, it will be the end.’

The moment I became convinced that this was the attack that would determine victory or defeat.

Jinhyuk used what he had prepared.

Laying a foundation just for this moment.

This is the reason why he poured spiritual power into his eyes, he cannot use it without it, and it is an ability that can be said to be his special move that he has never used properly.

“Battle foresight.”

The moment you put that ability into words.

The world seen through Jinhyeok’s eyes, imbued with spiritual power and glowing purple-black, stopped.

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