Absolute Necromancer Chapter 6

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All Master Necromancer Episode 6


The job at the tower shows almost everything about the climber.

This is because if your profession is a wizard, you can expect to use magic, and if you are a swordsman or warrior, you can expect to use weapons such as swords and swords.

But that doesn’t mean the job tells you everything.

A person who was famous for his swordsmanship outside the tower entered the tower and became a wizard.

So he can’t use a sword? If you do that, it won’t happen again.

A job is all about enabling you to use what you couldn’t use and correcting what you lack.

Therefore, the higher you climb, the less important your job becomes.

This is because, as you climb the tower, everyone acquires at least one grab, and that grab becomes as proficient as their original job.

In addition, gods and demons are not people who are restricted by occupations in the first place.

The giants and dragons who are similar to them also have similar stories.

‘…But if there really is a job called All Master, it’s a different story.’

As I said before, a job is nothing more than a support.

The job of a swordsman allows you to better use a sword, and the job of a wizard allows you to use magic.

Of course, it seems like an all-rounder because it allows even those who don’t know anything about it to handle swords and use magic.

However, if you don’t have talent, there are many cases where you have to change jobs.

However, the meaning of the job of being an all master or mastering everything can only be one.

‘I guess that means corrections are being applied everywhere.’

When you pick up a bow, you use a bow, and when you use magic, you use magic.

It is truly a job that is close to an all-rounder.

Jinhyuk had never heard of such a job while climbing the nearly 600-story tower.

That means there is a strong possibility that other people don’t know either.

But it was just frustrating because I couldn’t ask it anywhere.

‘It’s impossible to ask voyeurs… and it’s a pain in the ass.’

In the end, Jinhyeok put aside his questions about All Master and began to search for the unprecedented job called All Master.

And it wasn’t that difficult to find the reason.

Usually, when you get or find a hidden job, the conditions necessary to get that job naturally come to mind.

Conditions for All Masters.

It was very simple.


[Hidden job All Master conditions achieved!]

[Condition: Before leaving the selection and training room, increase the proficiency of all weapons in the room to a certain level or higher. (Relative evaluation)]

“…It’s damn difficult.”

That’s right.

Even for Jinhyuk, who had gone through a lot of hardships, the level of difficulty in learning All Master was close to the highest.

In the message window, it was vaguely written as ‘above a certain level’, but if that ‘above a certain level’ refers to the extent to which Jinhyeok had achieved, it was clear that this was a job that he should not have gotten.

There are many weapons in the selection and training room.

Daggers, swords, spears, swords, swords, bows, staffs, etc.

Even if you count it roughly, there are a huge number of weapons, more than 10.

Fortunately, there is no Bible to help with dealing with divine power, but even excluding that, the difficulty level is close to extreme.

Most of those who enter the tower are ordinary people who have never held a weapon before.

It would be fortunate if they could handle at least one weapon properly.

In fact, Jinhyeok didn’t have much talent with weapons themselves, so he didn’t really touch anything except for the sword he would use in the beginning.

Because his mana body was not only good for wizards.

‘…If it were just this, I wouldn’t have even brought it up.’

But that wasn’t the problem.

The sheer number of weapons filling the room.

What was more important than that was the condition of ‘above a certain level’ of proficiency.

Currently, Jinhyeok’s weapon skill proficiency is enormous.

To add a little bit of exaggeration, you can reach the 10th floor, select a job, and win against the same weapon class that even receives job bonuses.

What this means is simple.

‘Now, no matter what kind of weapon I encounter with any occupation, I will definitely win until at least the 10th floor. At least under the condition of the same stats.’

With each level climbed, climbers become stronger.

You get a job there and even get a weapon bonus for that job?

It would be able to cut down dozens of ordinary people outside the tower in an instant.

He is skilled enough to guarantee unconditional victory no matter what weapon he wields.

That was Jinhyuk’s current state.

in other words.

‘Damn it, damn it. Is it possible for a climber who has just completed the tutorial to do something crazy like that?’

They said it was impossible.

Even if it were a race of gods and demons that wielded divine power and magical energy from birth, as well as a race of giants with bodies stronger than anyone else and a race of dragons known as the lords of magic, it was impossible.

To be precise, this meant that even if it was possible for them to defeat the climbers on the 10th floor, it would be impossible to overwhelm them with only the proficiency of all the weapons in the room.

In particular, magic-related talents can only be acquired by those close to geniuses.

The same applies to those who have trained before climbing the tower.

The condition for acquiring All Masters is ‘relative evaluation’.

As they trained, the additional limit they had to reach would be high.

It would be easier to achieve the conditions of becoming an All Master by entering a blank slate like Jinhyuk is now.



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Their innate ability allows them to have power beyond levels, but that’s it.

With that, you cannot achieve the conditions for unlocking All Masters.

The conditions for unlocking All Master only discuss weapon skill proficiency, and no additives can be added to it.

In fact, Jinhyeok also meant that when looking solely at the current state, excluding mana lag and characteristics, etc.

Predation, versatility, and even another hidden job you can get later.

After adding them all up, Jinhyeok might be targeting climbers from the 15th floor instead of the 10th, and perhaps even the 20th floor.

‘No, I might be able to kill people like gods and demons.’

Those who can be seen as blood relatives or descendants of the gods and devils who are looking down on Jinhyeok now.

The dragons and giants were no different.

Among their distant ancestors, there may be some who are looking at Jinhyeok.

And the power of their descendants cannot be measured simply by the number of layers.

Just because it’s on the 10th floor doesn’t mean there’s anything a 10th floor climber can do.

That was their ability and energy.

But Jinhyuk was thinking that he might be able to deal with them now.

It was neither arrogance nor arrogance.

I just said I could do it because I thought I could do it.

In addition, the target that Jinhyuk will have to kill in the future may not be only Nine Star.

‘The people behind them who manipulated them may definitely be among the Four Emperors. Maybe it’s all of the Four Emperors.’

The Four Emperors.

Climbers collectively called the gods, demons, dragons, and giants mentioned above as the Four Emperors.

They were also called the Four Gods or the Four Kings, but most people called them the Four Emperors.

This is because it was not enough to be called a god, and it was too much to be called a king.

They belong to the top organizations called ‘Utopia’, ‘Pandemonium’, ‘Rare’, and ‘Jotunheim’ respectively.

There are gods in Utopia.

There are demons in Pandemonium.

There are dragons at rare.

Jotunheim is home to giants.

A big city with every 100 floors.

Among them, their group is entangled in an 800-story city that is still unknown.

To clear the 999th floor and become something divine that they want.

If they had done so, they might have punished Jinhyeok in advance to keep him in check and further eliminate his rivals.

If they were really involved in the betrayal….

‘Kill them all too.’

Jinhyeok looked at the ceiling with darkly shining eyes, thinking that he would have to pay a heavy price for harming himself.

Of course, what he was looking at was not only the ceiling, but also the future enemies on the 800th floor beyond the ceiling.

For a moment, Jinhyuk shook his head and shook off the distracting thoughts.

Even if they really moved the nine stars to kill Jinhyuk, it is impossible for Jinhyuk to kill them now.

Even one person would have a hard time, so why not eliminate the group itself?

‘impossible. It would be right to set the nine stars as the goal first and act accordingly.’

It was right to catch those who could be caught first.

Rather than wasting your energy thinking about that guy giggling in the distance, this would be the most correct and efficient way.

Therefore, Jinhyuk shook off his distracting thoughts and decided to focus on what was in front of him.

“Lay out information about the All Master.”

Let’s think about how helpful this hidden job will be in the future.

And along with Jinhyuk’s words about who might become the owner, Jinhyuk’s eyes were filled with a blue message window.

[All Master]

Type: Job

Level: Hidden

A job given to those who are qualified to master everything.

Although the beginning may be small, the end will be great.

You can master not only all weapons but also all bodies in the world.

Of course, the price for that must be paid by the owner…


Job description window.

This function provides an explanation of the job through a message window that provides an explanation of the job.

Jinhyeok couldn’t help but click his tongue as he read that window.

‘It’s definitely good. But it’s clear that it may end up being neither one nor the other.’

If you learn the All Master job, you can master all weapons, skills, and even your body.

What this means is….

‘You can covet the special body of the Four Emperors.’

The Four Emperors.

The bodies of those who are referred to as noble.

This means that you can catch and digest it.

In fact, I tried to eat it in a previous life as well.

Because Jinhyuk’s characteristic ‘predation’ is inherently that kind of characteristic.

The trait of preying on others and coveting what they have.

However, it was impossible at the time.

That’s because the moment Jinhyuk lusted after their bodies, Jinhyuk’s body would have burst like a balloon.

The body of the Four Emperors was that special and it was impossible for Jinhyeok, who had a body outside the category of ordinary people, to digest it.

At best, all they could do was imprint the monsters’ characteristics onto their bodies.

Things like sturdy scales, excellent regenerative abilities, etc.

Nevertheless, Jinhyeok has always coveted their bodies.

‘I could do better if I had that body. It was because of the thought.’

They couldn’t handle their bodies properly.

No, it may have been handled well by their standards, but the way they used their bodies seen through Jinhyeok’s eyes was truly useless.

Idiots who only push with overwhelming force.

So I can’t help but crave it even more.

What would it have been like if you had dealt with it yourself? There was a time when I thought about this all day long.

‘And you’re making that dream come true now…’

The sweetest dream I’ve had every time while climbing the tower.

Being able to turn that dream into reality.

That was quite attractive to Jinhyuk.

But there was also a problem.

‘I have to get [it]. It must be registered as the main job.’


‘That job’ is the job that Jinhyuk got in his last life and matches his trait of predation.

The job is one that must be registered only as the main job.

If you register All Master as the main job here, that job cannot be added as the main job.

In the end, Jinhyuk had no choice but to make a choice.

“I will choose All Master as my sub-job.”

[…That’s impossible.]

I chose to take both.

At the same time, unlike the usual machine-like rigidity, the message window greeted Jinhyuk as if he was somewhat embarrassed.

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