Absolute Necromancer Chapter 55

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All Master Necromancer Episode 55

‘Ugh… Ugh, I think I’m really sick of my pants. ‘What did I say yesterday?’

Halcyon was dazed and his whole body was shaking at the sight of Jinhyeok, the ghost that appeared before his eyes again.

It’s not like he wouldn’t have heard of Gwimyeon’s performance, which took the Gold Rich Company by storm in just one day.

‘Didn’t you say that the guards outside also fought against the ghost and were defeated? Goldrich also came. How on earth did you manage to climb the 10th floor?’

When he first met Jinhyuk yesterday.

The reason he was able to express his opinion calmly and clearly was because he didn’t know much about Jinhyeok until then.

However, even though only one day passed, Halcion was able to learn a lot about Jinhyeok.

‘Goldrich really came because of what the ghost said. That means that the deal with the ghost was attractive to him as well. He also proved his power by single-handedly destroying all of the guards. If you’re a ghost, what are you…’

Gold Rich visits the 10th floor branch, all guards are defeated, and the Puppet branch leader resigns.

It was full of so absurd things that people would scold me and tell me not to be crazy if I said it happened in just one day, but I couldn’t deny that it was true.

Above all, the last incident, the resignation of the head of the Puppet branch, was even more vivid in my memory because it was directly related to Halcyon.

-I am resigning. Branch manager position.

-yes…? What do you mean by that? No, but why are you telling me such important information?

After Goldrich’s visit, Halcyon was greatly surprised by the sudden resignation of the head of the Puppet branch.

This is because it was hard to believe that he, who had been considered a perfect example of a branch leader, was resigning.

-There is work to be done for a bigger dream and to achieve that dream perfectly.

-Are you talking about what needs to be done? If you don’t mind, can I hear what it is?

-Of course, my resignation was decided for the sake of climbing the tower.

-Climbing… Resignation certainly makes sense.

Climbing the tower is never easy.

The current level of the puppet is 100 floors.

Even if it is a full-fledged start, there is no way you can conquer a large number of floors and become a branch manager on the 10th floor.

But Halcyon didn’t know until then.

-But why are you telling me that?

About whether Halcion, who has now decided to leave, tells him such an important truth.

of course.

-Why? Halcyon, from now on, you will be taking on the position of branch manager of the 10th floor branch of Gold Rich Company.


It wasn’t long before I found out why.

From the beginning, he did not suddenly take the position of branch leader.

-I can’t! I can not! How can a single counter employee sit in the position of branch manager? It would be better for Puppet to sit in the position of branch leader until someone else is rescued!

Strong opposition.

Halcyon was a climber who knew his subject well, and he knew that the position of branch leader was not yet a suitable position for him.

But he probably didn’t know.

-You can’t postpone it. If you start climbing a little sooner, you won’t be late for your great work.

The fact that he was offered the position of branch leader because Puppet noticed that he knew his subject well.

He struggled a second time when he saw the puppet rejecting his proposal like a sword.

-If I take on the position of branch manager, there will be a lot of talk. It wouldn’t be surprising if the employees who were working at the counter up until yesterday, along with me, would stand up immediately. I believe that Mr. Puppet would not like to see the place where he held the position of branch leader until yesterday become a mess.

His second struggle was none other than putting other employees of the 10th floor branch in the lead.

Unfortunately, his second struggle didn’t last long either.

-Goldrich gave permission. There is no way they would object. Well then, please take care of me in the future. Halcyon branch leader.

– And… Goldrich himself gave permission…

Goldrich’s permission.

It was like a law that could not be protested, at least by the employees of affiliates under the Gold Rich Group.

When Gold Rich looks at gold and says it’s a stone, they just think it’s a stone.

Of course, there was no way the employees would have opposed Halcion becoming the branch manager.

Furthermore, Halcyon could no longer object to his becoming the branch leader.

Because he was also an employee of Gold Rich Trading Company, one of the affiliates of the Gold Rich Group.

‘This is the result in the end.’

As a result of being briefed on everything that happened in one day and accepting the appointment of his branch leader along with the news of Puppet’s resignation.

Halcyon was in front of Jinhyeok.

“Did you get the items you asked for?”

“yes. These items were easy to obtain on the 10th floor, so there was no difficulty in obtaining them. The rest of the items…”

“Puppet gave them to me.” rath.”

“…I knew that would happen.”

Halcyon paused slightly and answered by nodding his head, then asked Jinhyuk.

“So, Mr. Puppet, you just left?”

Jinhyeok roughly nodded his head when asked by Halcion, who was still kind to the puppet who smiled humorously at him and called him ‘Halcyon Branch Manager’.

“Probably so. “If he has a goal, he will run toward that goal without stopping.”

“…Puppet definitely has that kind of side to him.”

He entered the company with only the ambition of becoming a great merchant, took on the position of branch manager, and carried out his duties 100% and 120%. He was like a role model for Halcion.

Halcyon is at a loss as he now has to fill his position.


“Don’t worry. “That guy probably didn’t pick his successor haphazardly.”

“But I’m not ready yet.”

“Prepare… what preparation?”




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Halcyon, who was about to talk about his preparations to become a branch leader, looked blankly at Jinhyeok, who had a truly clueless expression on his face.

Jinhyeok said with a smile as he saw Halcion looking at him foolishly.

“You said the item I asked for was ready, right?”

“…Yes, it is poisonous plants, hot stones, and cool stones prepared in stages. There was quite a bit of it in stock so it wasn’t hard to get it. “Poisonous plants are not poisonous enough to kill.”

“Look! “I’m well prepared.”

“You still don’t know? Why did Puppet put you in the position of branch leader?”

“Ah… really?”

“Okay, you don’t need much right now. All I have to do is get the things I need at the right time. In the process, you just need to slowly learn what you need to do as a branch leader. “Do you understand now?”

“…I mean, there’s no need for me to do anything. understand.”

Ability to quickly obtain requested items.

Halcyon nodded, understanding that that alone was enough to take the position of branch leader.

It was only now that he realized that Puppet didn’t want something that difficult for him.

“Puppet would certainly have been a capable branch manager, but there was no need to try to be like him. “You’re not a puppet, are you?”

“…you’re right. “When I think about it, I think I instinctively used Puppet as the standard when it came to what I needed to do as a branch leader.”

“But no. You are you, Halcyon.”

Halcyon, seeing the two smiling eyes behind the mask, felt her tense body softening.

Sigh –

Jinhyuk left the last words to Halcion as he swept the items he had placed on the desk into subspace.

“Of course, it is not good to use him as a standard, but to use him as a goal will be of great help to you. It might be a milestone. So you just have to do what he wants you to do and try to do more than he wants you to do.”

“…If you need anything, please visit us at Gold Rich Trading Company at any time! “Gwimyeon!”


Jinhyuk, who had gently waved his hand as he left what had been the puppet’s room until yesterday, smiled and nodded as Halcyon’s voice rang loudly behind him.

Just like that, Jinhyuk disappeared from Gold Rich Company.

And then Jinhyuk disappeared, and after looking at the spot where Jinhyuk had been for a long time, he collapsed in his seat.

“What I will do. My goal is to get it closer to 120% rather than 100%. To do that, we need your information. When a person visits a merchant due to need, the goods are prepared in advance. That’s what I think 120% is. “I need information about him.”


He was a lot smarter, smarter, and more persistent than he thought.

Doing everything he could in his position as branch manager, he began to move quickly to assist Jinhyuk.

-Hey, I heard there is a ghostly stalker?

-Eh? What does that mean?

-No, they said there is someone who collects all information about ghosts. From what I heard, there are three sizes…

-The ghost was a woman…?

-No, I don’t know that. It’s just a rumor.

However, his movements seemed like a stalker to others.


“Why did you talk to that kid like that?”

Balkan asked while listening to Jinhyeok humming, who was in a good mood after taking various poisonous plants, ten stones, and one stone from Halcion.

By his standards, Halcyon was not a very good merchant, did not have a lot of money, and was not very powerful.

In other words, it was ordinary.

He couldn’t help but have doubts as he saw Jinhyeok care for him in quite a detailed manner.

‘Why is this guy like this? Normally, I wouldn’t have even paid attention to a guy who doesn’t have any skills.’

Since Jinhyeok is a Balkan who doesn’t like people without abilities due to his personality, what happened just now was quite surprising.

However, Jinhyuk also did it after thinking about it on his own.

“He was brave.”


“huh. Yesterday and today, he must have heard rumors about me, but he tried his best to treat me like everyone else. In order not to cause any damage to the company. Well, today is different from yesterday because I came to receive something I asked for.”

First, Jinhyuk highly evaluated Halcyon’s courage.

A being much stronger than yourself.

Even after defeating the guards and confronting the person who met with Gold Rich, he did not give up and courageously said what he had to say.

From that look, Jinhyeok gave him extra points.

“That won’t be the end, what’s next?”

“That’s right, if that was all it was, I wouldn’t have treated you so kindly. “The second is that he will have to meet with me for quite some time to come.”

Halcyon takes the place of Puppet.

It is obvious that he will take on the role of delivering goods to himself in accordance with his contract with Gold Rich.

“He doesn’t have a bad personality, he’s obedient to me, and we should even see him often from now on. “Isn’t it strange that I give him a few words of advice?”

“…I see.”

“Hmm, and how about making it grow a little? “I thought about it a little bit.”

“Raise it? You mean the guy called Halcion? “He seemed like a worthless guy.”

Jinhyeok clicked his tongue and moved his finger left and right towards Vulkan, who was pouring out harsh criticism towards Halcion.

“It would be nice to have at least one limb to move towards me. “Puppet and Goldrich are people who move to do business on equal footing with me.”

“…Do whatever you want. “You’re going to do it anyway, so I don’t have to worry about it.”

Jinhyeok grinned at Balkan, who shook his head as if he didn’t recognize him, then took off his mask and walked away with a refreshed face, feeling the wind.

“Then, would you like to go use the items you received?”

“…As expected, you are crazy.”

Items he received from Halcion.

Poisonous plant, ten stones, one stone.

All three are items that are difficult to use or have no place to use in the city.

However, Balkan, who guessed where the items would be ‘used’, just looked at Jinhyeok with a tired face.

Jinhyeok left behind Vulcan, who was giving him a terrible look, and walked towards the Wizard’s Tower.

‘It’s time to gain a lot of new skills.’

It was time for torture, no, training.

Just like he did in the tutorial.

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