Absolute Necromancer Chapter 54

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All Master Necromancer Episode 54

– Keeng.

“Are you okay, you guy?”


Miho, who had eaten a huge amount of liver, about 200 pieces, giggled with satisfaction and rubbed her face in Jinhyeok’s arms.

‘Good job wiping the blood from the corner of your mouth. If I had done it wrong, the court that started today would have been covered in monsters’ blood.’

Jinhyeok left the guard, thinking that he had done well to wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth right away.

“Where do you plan to go now?”

“I’m full,” Vulcan asked as he looked down at Miho, who was trying to fall asleep.

After going to the border and feeding Miho and filling her stomach, he asked about the next destination.

“You have to eat first.”

Balkan clicked his tongue and responded to the obvious statement.

“So what are you going to do next? “Don’t you even remember to eat your meals at the right time?”

Since he was a Balkan who had never seen Jinhyuk miss a meal while climbing the tower, his complaints were quite natural.

Jinhyuk, who had been thinking about it, decided on his destination and spoke.

“Gold Rich Company.”

“…are you going there again? “Didn’t you receive all the items anyway?”

“I got it. “But I also have to meet the branch manager who was appointed in place of the puppet, and there are some items I haven’t received yet.”

His next destination.

That place was none other than Gold Rich Company.

Balkan, who frowned at the idea of going to the Gold Rich Company rather than the Wizard’s Tower, nodded roughly at the further explanation that followed.

Because it wasn’t something I couldn’t understand.

However, Balkan’s face hardened when he was told that he had not received the item.

“You can’t believe it….”

“Why, I didn’t receive the item. Poisonous plant, ten stones, one stone. “There are a lot of them.”

“…You know you’re really crazy, right?”

The aspect of the item he wanted was not easy to say that he had not received it.

As for things like 10 seats and 1 seat, yes, I could at least understand them.

But it wasn’t a poisonous plant.

‘Why would a person who can’t even handle poisonous plants need poisonous plants? I recognized that b*stard from the time he chewed the parasitic herb… but it’s a poisonous tumor. ‘Poisonous tumor.’

First of all, Jinhyuk cannot handle poisonous plants.

Due to the nature of his sub-job, he will have to deal with poison at some point, but at least not now.

He says this because he knows very well that Jinhyuk has no intention of learning on his own right now.

In other words, the reason he is looking for poisonous plants now is not because he studied poisons…

“Are you going to eat them?”

“I’m asking the obvious. Then you buy it to eat poison, and what do you buy it for?”

Balkan placed his hand on his forehead as he looked at Jinhyeok, who answered as if he was asking something obvious.

“Whoa… you crazy guy.”

He began to think seriously about when he would understand Jinhyeok.

‘No, has the orthodoxy of the world changed without my knowledge? Why has it become natural to try to eat poisonous plants raw by chewing them?’

Balkan followed behind Jinhyuk as he walked, thinking that he was a guy who didn’t even know.

“Come with me, you b*stard!”

“I don’t have time. “Just come after me.”

Jinhyuk, who instinctively sensed that it was time for the belly clock to ring, walked very quickly.

“It’s pretty good.”

“It looks like it’s worth a lot of money.”

It was Balkan’s answer to Jinhyuk’s evaluation as he left the restaurant after eating.

Since he was in a spiritual state and could not taste the taste, he thought that it was just a taste worthy of the high price.



Let’s think about food for a moment.

Balkan responded calmly to the voice of Jinhyeok calling him as he walked towards Gold Rich Store.

And Jinhyuk’s next words were enough to shatter his calmness like a stone thrown at a window.

“Don’t you want to find your body again?”

“…body? “Are you talking about my body when I was alive?”

“Well, it may not be perfect, but… it’s pretty close to the body I had when I was alive.”


Or it is also called body.

It may have been something that Balkan, who had spent tens or hundreds of years in a spiritual state, could not help but wish for.

And if it is not an ordinary body but a body similar to the one when he was alive, then there is no need to say anything.


“No work.”

“why? “What souls desire most is their own bodies.”

“I like the state of the soul, and more than anything, there is no way I can save a body like that.”

Vulcan pouted his lips and shook his head.

Of course, he also wanted to regain his old body and enjoy the joy of a living body.

However, he knew very well that it was nothing but hope torture.

How hard he worked to find out how to obtain a living body during his tens and hundreds of years of soul life.



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‘It was a futile effort. ‘It would have been easier to find my body on the first floor than by picking a star from the sky.’

Moreover, his body was located on the first floor for his own arrangement, the new Spirit Master.

Climbing the floor with a soul is nonsense.

He gathered what little information he had on the first floor, searched through his memories, and tried to regain living flesh.

And he gave up.

“It’s all pointless. This is ridiculous. It’s just a rejection from my body. “It’s full of discomfort and discomfort, as if I’m wearing clothes that don’t fit.”

I tried entering other people’s freshly dead bodies several times, but to no avail.

Clothes that don’t fit you.

Discomfort and discomfort as if wearing extremely loose or extremely tight clothes.

It was almost impossible to move around in that state, and it was more comfortable for him to be in a spiritual state.

‘I don’t need a body anymore.’

He certainly thought that way, and he must have continued that thought…

“Even if it’s impossible to get to 100%, I might be able to get a body similar to 80%, maybe even 90%.”


Something that has been hoped for for hundreds of years.

However, he was truly surprised when Jinhyeok heard that something he had thought would never work and had been dismissed as unnecessary came out of Jinhyeok’s mouth as a name that was close to success.

“How on earth?”

He lunged at Jinhyuk as if his calm attitude just before had turned out to be a lie.

To the point where even Jinhyeok was shocked by his reckless appearance.

Still, he was surprised, and Jinhyuk told him everything he was thinking.

“It’s difficult to get it. No, it’s safe to say that it can’t happen. As you know, there is no body like yours in the world anymore. Because you are dead.”

“…Yeah, that’s right. “Because there can be no two completely identical beings in the world.”

Even if twins were born perfectly identical, every single cell cannot be identical.

Therefore, Balkan did not find a body that was completely identical to his old body.

“So I tried it, and there was no need to ‘find’ it.”


“If you can’t find it, you can make it, right?”

If you look for an object that is not in the world, it will never appear before your eyes.

But on the other hand, what if you make something that doesn’t exist in the world?

‘…It may not be an object that perfectly matches my imagination, but an object that is infinitely close to it will appear in the world. Could this be this guy?’

As Balkan watched Jinhyeok discussing an area close to invention, an idea came to mind.

Because it was impossible in his generation, it was not discussed or even thought about.

“…Are you talking about a homunculus?”


A created life form, a product of alchemy, also known as the child in the flask.

Jinhyuk said that.

“Ha, I’m sure he’s really crazy. How can you think of using a homunculus as my body…”

Call me crazy, crazy, but Balkan shook his head at the thought of Jinhyeok thinking of putting his soul into a homunculus.

Jinhyeok, who was staring at Balkan like that, asked him.

“So you don’t like it?”

“No, it’s good.”

The body was frankly Vulcan.

“Of course, I didn’t say I would save you right away.”

It was Jinhyuk’s answer that confirmed Balkan’s feelings.

Of course, Vulcan didn’t think he would commandeer a homunculus for himself right now.

Now is not the time to do something, but the time to grow.

There were too many things to do to devote time to one’s own convenience or pleasure.

“It would be worth trying at least after the 100th floor.”

“It’s the 100th floor… so there’s still some left.”

“But it will be there soon. Because it doesn’t take that long to climb. “It just takes time to train.”

Vulcan didn’t really refute the sight of him calmly saying that it wouldn’t take that long to reach the 100th floor.

It wasn’t because Jinhyuk said he would make his body.

‘It’s definitely possible for him. ‘I don’t think it will take more than a few months, so it’s worth it.’

It seemed like Jinhyeok could easily accomplish something that might take others years, and even if it took years, those years seemed like an instant to him who had lived for tens or hundreds of years.

Therefore, he answered by gently nodding his head.

“Then, shall we take a look at the new branch leader’s face?”

Jinhyeok, with a faint smile on his face as if satisfied with Balkan’s answer, kicked in the door of Gold Rich Company and entered.

Naturally, the goblin mask symbolizing him was already placed on his face.

“Ears… ears!”

The response came immediately.

The reputation of Ghost Face had already grown considerably, and thanks to Goldrich spreading the rumor himself, the number of people who knew about Ghost Face increased significantly even in just one day.

In particular, the rumor spread even faster on the 10th floor where Jinhyeok was staying, and it goes without saying that there were quite a few people who recognized Jinhyeok in the store.

Of course, it was not the climbers who visited the Sanghoe that showed the strongest reaction.

“…I was waiting.”

“Please eat inside.” “The branch manager is waiting.”

“…What, why are the guards?”

Also called guards, or guards, they were like an iron wall.

They are at least on the 20th to 30th floor, and the guard captain who encompasses them is strong enough to overwhelm them all.

This was the reason why there was no disturbance even though the Gold Rich Company was noisy and many people visited.

‘He didn’t say a word when I talked to him!’

‘Damn, the guards are also climbers. ‘I can’t believe you’re being so polite in front of a super rookie ghost.’

‘But the branch manager? Does even the branch manager have a face-to-face meeting? It’s really no joke.’

There were many climbers who wanted to make friends with such guards.

The problem is that it doesn’t work out the way they thought.

However, it was a surprise to them to recognize the ghost who was in the midst of increasing the stock price and guide him to the branch manager.

‘What on earth is a ghost face?!’

Although their thoughts were all different, their surprise at Jinhyeok, the ghost who had suddenly disappeared from their sight, was the same.

“Who is the branch manager?”

“I heard that you will find out when you go in. It’s just that it was a very unconventional personnel assignment…”

“Really? okay. “I’ll go alone from here, so take care of your business.”

“…Yes, I hope you have a good time.”

The guards, who always felt scary to others, did not hesitate to bow their heads in front of Jinhyeok.

‘…It’s scary, it’s even scarier because what happened yesterday still flashes before my eyes.’

Just yesterday.

It was just yesterday that they burst into the former branch manager’s room with a visit from their famous yet secretive employer named Goldrich.

And they were cruelly beaten down by the climber in front of them, who was only a 10-story climber at most.

They were able to guide him before the memory faded, so they should be praised for not having wet themselves.

“It’s fast.”

“You must be scared.”

“…I didn’t do anything.”

“Look at your face. “I’m scared that it will appear in my dreams.”

“…What kind of dream do you have when you don’t even sleep?”

Even though he says that, is Jinhyuk really scared of my face? With that thought in mind, I looked at the mirror in the hallway and closed my mouth.

‘…the mask is a bit scary.’

Goblin mask.

The mask, which looked quite scary in appearance, boasted an appearance as brutal as its abilities.

Jinhyeok, who realized this again, unconsciously nodded and opened the door to the branch manager’s office located at the end of the hallway.



“Ha… Haha, should I say it’s been a while? “My name is Halcyon, and I was working on the first floor until yesterday. It’s an honor to serve you, Mr. Ghost.”

Halcyon was there, expressing with his whole body, and especially with his face, that he felt awkward in this place.

Just yesterday, the counter employee who had handed over the sale of Jinhyeok’s meeting ticket to Gold Rich to Puppet was there.

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