Absolute Necromancer Chapter 50

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All Master Necromancer Episode 50


An intangible energy that weighs down the surroundings.

Vulcan felt it with his whole body and gritted his teeth.

‘The contents may be different, but the shell is a dragon, right?’

Even as Hendrick rushed in, he continued to radiate his energy and oppress Balkan.

The soul experiences little resistance from gravity and is quite free from being ‘pressed down’ by anything.

However, in the face of Hendrick’s current momentum, it would be inevitable that that freedom would be taken away.

‘Dragon power. It seems that the power that only the dragon race can handle can be used regardless of the content.’

Unlike the other Four Emperors, the Dragon race does not deal with special energy.

Demonic energy, divine power, mighty power, etc.

Although they only deal with mana, no one looks down on them.

The mana they handled was so great that it could no longer be called mana.

‘100 mana is condensed into 1, and the 1 mana thus collected is collected to 100 and compressed again into 1. The mana that was born through this process as naturally as water flowing or breathing can no longer be called mana.’

The intangible energy currently weighing down Balkan was also a power derived from such compressed mana and dragon power.

Vulcan’s soul body is being crushed by the ferocity of the energy itself, not magic or anything like that.

Hendrick, who blocked Vulkan’s movement, instantly narrowed the distance between Vulkan and himself.


The magic created by mixing the spiritual power that Vulcan unleashed immediately shatters with a single sword strike, scattering sparks around the area.

“Were you planning on stopping me with just this? “That’s funny.”

“…You hate the fact that you are a dragon race, but are you planning to use the power of the dragon clan? “It’s like a bunch of contradictions!”

I gritted my teeth and shouted, but unlike before, Hendrick did not show a plausible response.

“There is no problem with the tools. The people who hold and handle it are the problem. And if using that tool helps eliminate beings who use the tool incorrectly, you can use even the dirt that is lying around.”

“…You guy, there’s something twisted.”

It did not seem normal for Hendrick to view the dragon race as a single living entity, but to separate the body and soul, and to regard his body as a tool and the dragon race that he had to kill as souls.

“I was embarrassed at first too. “I even tried to die.”


Embarrassment and death.

Balkan unconsciously nodded when Hendrick said that he was satisfied with the dragon’s body from the beginning and did not think of it as a tool.

Kiiing- Quagwagwang!

Of course, this did not stop him from shooting out magic, reducing the pressure emitted by his dragon power, and pulling his body back.

As if Hendrick knew this would happen, he lightly swung his long sword to cut and explode the magic and continued speaking.

“But the one who trapped me in this body did not even allow me to die voluntarily. Still, it was impossible for people like those lying on the side of the road to harm my body. “From then on, I changed my mind.”

“You’re starting to split the two. from then.”

“That is correct. The body of the Balaur is a tool, and the soul of the Balaur that handles it made me realize that I am the one who must truly take revenge. From then on, it’s exactly as you see it.”



Even as he spoke, Hendrick did not stop walking.

Balkan, who realized that he had reached in front of him and was swinging his sword, gritted his teeth and blocked the sword with his soul staff.


The echoing sound of the soul that had become the master of the Soul Staff disturbed my ears, but the actual parties involved, Vulkan and Hendrick, were fine.

Faba Park –

Rather, Balkan quickly drew a beast with the opposite hand that was not holding the soul staff.

Vulcan’s transparent hands roaming the air.

Of course, Hendrick didn’t leave it alone.

“Paryongcham (破龍斬).”



Vulcan was startled by the slash flying across the floor before the beastman was even created.


As the name suggests, the sword strike that smashes the dragon contains powerful power.

Since the sword strike flew across the floor and shattered the surroundings, it could be said that the technique lived up to its name.

But what was surprising was that the technology was not demonstrating its original power.

‘…No matter how good the tool is, it is still the body of a young dragon. It would be worse than the original body that had been trained by crossing hundreds of floors. It’s only a matter of time though.’

The answer was right in the body.

Dragon’s body.

For most people, there is no body better than that.

However, would it still be possible if the object of comparison were not climbers at the 100th or 200th floor level, but climbers at the 700th or 800th floor level?

The correct answer was ‘no.’

And Hendrick, who holds the title of dragon slayer, is a strong body that is no less weak than that of an adult dragon.

Of course, it was natural that the original technology could not be used properly.

of course.


Quad Deuk –

From Vulkan’s point of view, blocking it, it was a powerful technique regardless of whether it was the original power of the technique or not.

The shields around Vulcan, who gritted his teeth to block the incoming sword blow, exploded in an instant.

1 layer, 2 layers, 4 layers… Vulkan, who continued to create shields while watching them shatter in seconds, checked Hendrick who was approaching before he knew it and chanted magic.




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Blink –

Unlike teleportation and instantaneous movement, Blink is an emergency escape magic that moves a short distance, especially to a place where there are no obstacles.

In terms of speed alone, Blink could be said to be incomparably faster than any other magic, but Hendrick, who had superhuman senses, cut down Vulcan who attempted such a Blink.

“Was it shallow?”

It wasn’t in perfect physical condition, nor was it fully adapted to the dragon’s body, so it couldn’t cut it down completely, but just cutting down a blink target that moved like a beam of light would be enough to describe it as a monster.

The target, Vulcan, appeared in a bright ray of light and broke into a cold sweat.

‘You monster! Even if I were to fight against Cha Jin-hyuk, the odds of winning would be almost 4 to 6. No, it’s 3 to 7.’

It was a short review of Vulcan, who met a crazy person who attacks blinkers for the first time in his life.

Naturally, 4 and 3 here were Jinhyuk.

Even though Balkan always highly regarded Jinhyeok, Hendrick’s strength was not enough to even be described as unrivaled, as he could only predict a win rate of 300 to 400%.

‘I’ve seen a guy dispel a blink, but this is the first time I’ve seen him inflict damage by cutting right before he blinks, you crazy b*stard!’

Although he could not shout directly at Hendrick and only shouted internally, Vulkan was that much surprised.

Blink is called an emergency escape magic, so its speed is very fast.

Therefore, most Blinks are used to the extent that they are called ‘for one turn gain’ and the opponent does not think about attacking when Blinking.

This is because if you move for no reason and miss your turn, you will not be able to block the attack that will come after blinking.

But Hendrick moved.

‘It means I’m confident I can catch it.’

When using Blink, as long as you can catch it, it is natural that the victory will go to the person who caught it.

And Hendrick almost succeeded halfway, pulling the weight of victory towards himself.

“Are you really a monster for trying to catch that?”

“To catch a monster, you have to become a monster.”

“…Crazy guy.”

He has the ability to cut down even those who use blink just to catch the dragon. Balkan clicked his tongue at Hendrick’s answer.

I can’t even figure out what kind of life I’ve been living.

Nevertheless, Balkan did not give up.

“Soul Laser!”

Jiying- Quaaaaang!

The white dot condensed at the tip of the Soul Staff turned dark blue, and at the same time, a beam of laser was fired.

At the end of it all was Hendrick.

A type of magic that uses the soul as a medium and then pours spiritual power into it to increase its power.

As it was based on light attribute magic, its speed was comparable to that of the space type Blink.

Hendrick closed his eyes as he indifferently looked at the soul laser, which was faster than light, flying towards him to pierce him in an instant.


I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.


As he exhaled, he opened his closed eyes and raised his sword, which was in the lower position, towards the sky.

“Ryu Seung-ryong (流乘龍).”


A blinding flash of light erupted along with a dark red dragon soaring into the sky.

Something close to the additional effect that occurred when the soul laser and the dark red dragon collided.

“…This is crazy! Can you block light magic with a sword?”

Light-type magic has many advantages, but the most outstanding advantage is speed.

In addition, the special properties of ultra-high heat and light combined with its speed make it nearly impossible to attack.

‘Other than strengthening the Reflect Shield or Mirror Shield, light-type magic cannot be blocked. Since it was a dragon body in the first place, I took that into account and mixed in spiritual power, but the crazy guy just swung his sword once and blocked it?’

In addition, by contrasting Reflect Shield and Mirror Shield, defensive magic that was like a natural enemy of light, and mixing it with spiritual power, it had the advantages of light magic while eliminating the disadvantages, but the results were disastrous.

With his extreme swordsmanship skills and the special mana of dragon power, his shedding reached its peak, and the Soul Laser did not cause any damage except for exploding a bright flash.

“Would you like to try more?”


gritted his teeth in response to Hendrick’s question, which he repeated by stabbing the floor with the tip of his sword.

He understood that his magic could not reach him, and even if it did, it would not be able to cause significant damage.

‘There is no answer to this.’

The battle was not over, but the sight of the future whetted Vulcan’s appetite.

Annoyance was annoyance, and as he began to think of a way to survive here, he quickly turned his head.

‘It’s a foregone conclusion that I’ll lose, and he won’t try to save me. Then, how can I survive this process?…’

Hendrick nodded as Balkan continued his thoughts.

“I plan on doing more.”

Chuck –

As soon as he finished speaking, Hendrick picked up his sword again and took a stance.

A sharp sword.

Although the sword is clearly in his hand, it seems as if Hendrick himself has become a sword.

Vulcan, who faced that force head-on, felt goosebumps all over his body.

‘If you get hit by this, you’ll die.’

Balkan instinctively judged that the end of this technique would be his own death and began his final struggle.

“Wake up.”

One’s own original strength.

Vulcan’s momentum was amplified as he unleashed the power of a spirit master rather than a wizard.

“…Ho-oh, you’re not a ghost after all.”

Looking at that scene, Hendrick smiled with satisfaction.

The smile on his lips grew deeper as he held down the fluttering hem of the sword with all his might and received the storm of spiritual power with his whole body.

“Hahaha! okay! come! Hit me with all your might!”

His appearance, which had been like a solid sword with sharp momentum just a moment ago, disappeared and the harsh energy of a mercenary flowed through his body.

Even though his momentum changed as if he had two souls, Vulcan continued with his task without hesitation.

“good! “Go tie him up!”

-Follow orders.

There are soul bottles made from human souls that were obtained not long ago, as well as dozens of monster soul bottles that follow them.

A total of fifteen spirit soldiers rush towards Hendrick, who exudes the aggressive force of a mercenary who has been through many hardships.

“soul? “It’s amazing that they share the same spirit.”

The moment Hendrick was about to swing his sword, looking with interest at the spirit soldiers who were charging at him with ferocious force.

Vulcan’s voice rang out like thunder.


Faba Park –

Hendrick shook his head as he saw the souls running in a straight line suddenly scatter around him.

“What nonsense. Half moon… no, a full moon would be better now. “Full Moon Cham (滿月斬).”

At the same time, with the words “Banwol” or “Fullwol” uttered, his sword, which had already returned to its home, appeared in the world again.

Strike a sword.

As the swordsmanship, which was very satisfying, was performed, the scattered souls disappeared without even knowing that they were being cut down.

No, it wasn’t exactly extinction.


Soul bottles that were cut down into several pieces.

The spiritual power contained in Balkan’s voice that brought them together united them.

Souls like one huge collection.


That sight was enough to slightly embarrass even Hendrick.

The size of the gigantic soul body with more than ten souls combined and spiritual power added was truly overwhelming.

Confusion and surprise.

The moment I slightly slowed down the swing of my sword due to an emotion I hadn’t felt in a long time, Vulcan’s soul staff snapped.

It was just a single click, but the effect derived from it was quite remarkable.



Huge lumps attacking you.

The moment the thought occurred to him that it was already too late to avoid it. With a heavy


, Hendrick’s new model fell beneath it.

“…Let’s jump.”

I quickly returned to the hotel along the Balkan road where I watched Hendrick being crushed with my own eyes.

Of course, he cleaned up after himself so that no one could follow him after seeing his mana.

How much time has passed since the Balkans disappeared?


with a bright flash of sword light, the soul body was cut to pieces, and Hendrick appeared, buried in a lot of the remains of the soul body.

He burst into laughter as he looked at the spot where Vulcan had completely disappeared.

“Hahaha! Yes, Vulcan! I would have said Balkan. I don’t know where he’s hiding, but next time, I’ll cut you down directly, not some lowly soul. “I promise!”

His shout, or rather a sound that could be called a roar, filled with anger, interest, and joy filled the plaza on the 10th floor.

It was truly bad news for those who slept around it.

‘…Don’t make the dog barking…no, the dragon barking!!!’

Of course, no climber expressed that out loud.

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