Absolute Necromancer Chapter 49

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All Master Necromancer Episode 49

‘…What did I just hear?’


Clearly, the man Balkan saw was a dragon.

The ferocious energy flowing from his whole body clearly showed that he was a member of the Four Emperors, especially the Dragon Race, so not knowing was even more strange.

That’s why I couldn’t understand Balkan even more.

‘Those who despise their own race want to kill their own people? Is this really reality? Could it be that I’m actually trapped in an illusion used by that dragon guy?’

The dragon race can be seen as a race with extreme narcissism, and they love their own people as much as they love themselves.

A feeling that can be seen as similar to companionship rather than s.e.xual love.

But the magnitude of the emotion itself is different.

Therefore, dragons who attack their own people are excluded from the dragon society and are chased and even killed by the dragons.

However, the dragon in front of me clearly declared in the middle of the village that he wanted to kill another dragon of the same race.

‘…Crazy guy. This is a statement at a level that would not be strange even if the dragon tribes sent a punitive force right away. Should I leave?’

Among the other Four Emperors, they are a dragon race that especially cares for their own race and have a strong tendency to criticize other races, but they do not accept criticism towards themselves.

Didn’t they say enough that they used to refer to the Elyos as idiots who hang out with bugs, the Demons as idiots who grab bugs, and the Giants as big idiots?

However, if there is even the slightest criticism directed at them, even if it is from the same Four Emperors clan, they will not remain silent.

Although it is the peak of nanerambul, the dragon tribe takes it for granted and purges those who rebel against them, even if it means attacking the entire race.

In other words, it was almost a given that the punitive force would reach the man who appeared to be a young dragon tribe who had just said that he wanted to kill the dragon tribe within a few minutes.

‘The dragon’s eyes are spread throughout the tower. Whether it is a fellow dragon race or a climber who gained strength through the power of the dragon race. If there hasn’t been much change from what I know, the punitive force… won’t be coming soon?’

Balkan, who was preparing to avoid the punitive force that would appear and make a mess of the surroundings, felt something strange and tilted his head.

Punitive force.

It was clear that after hearing the words of the young dragon clan, it was still time for the dragon clan’s punitive force to arrive, but the surroundings were quiet.

It’s just filled with the sight of climbers on the 10th floor being surprised or amazed by the young dragon’s remarks, and the footsteps of those who only vaguely know about the dragon race running away.

There was no sense of large-scale teleportation or an overwhelming storm of energy.

What it meant was simple.

‘…The dragons don’t touch the young dragons? Why? ‘Aren’t they the kind of people who would forgive insulting remarks against an entire race just because they are young?’

The dragon clan heard the remarks about the young dragon clan, but ignored them… which is an absurd conclusion.

Actually, it is not impossible.

The dragons are not crazy either, and they do not mess with gods, demons, or those who are equivalent to anything that could put the entire race in danger.

‘Then, does touching that young dragon species put the entire race in danger, or is it under the protection of gods, demons, and their equivalents? ‘This is also strange.’

Even though the dragon clan is strong, there is only one person.

And judging from the fact that he is staying on the 10th floor, he must be younger than most dragons.

No matter how strong he is, he is not at a level that could put the punitive force sent by the Balaur clan, or even the entire Balaur clan, in danger.

However, it is difficult to imagine the dragon tribe being protected by others.

In the end, curiosity overcame fear.

Sigh –

Vulcan flew gently through the air and landed in front of the maniac who had just taken on the body of a Balaur and said he wanted to kill the Balaur.

“…I got caught.”

Vulcan became enraged at the words of the man who immediately recognized him even though he was invisible like a dragon.

“…That’s a harsh word. “He is a madman who took on the body of a dragon race and wanted to kill the dragon race, so it is no wonder that he has no eyes.”

As angry as he was, the words coming out of his mouth were not very nice.

Actually, it was a natural thing.

During his lifetime, he climbed the tower and showed such tremendous achievements that even the Four Emperors were recognized as beings that could not be messed with.

Well, that’s why he didn’t make up his mind to destroy the Four Emperors like Jinhyeok, so he didn’t die at the hands of them.

Anyway, even though he lost his body and became a soul, his pride was still strong.

“It’s good that you have the skill to talk about a topic that you don’t like. Did you come here because you wanted to get cut? “I thought he was trying to run away because he seemed to be disappearing just now.”

However, at his continued words, thick veins popped out on Balkan’s forehead.

It was an appearance that suggested his anger.

“…Are you scared? I? Ah, I know how proud you are of the dragon race, but did you think I would run away because of a young lizard like you? “It’s because of the disdainful comments about the dragon people that came out of your self-righteous mouth.”

Vulcan’s words came out like rapid fire and stuck in the man’s chest.

The man also exploded with anger like an active volcano, not only because of various abusive language, but also because of comments that seemed to not even care about the man in front of him.

“…What did you say just now? Balaur? “I’m so excited because I really want to get rid of this ghost.”

“Then what should you call the dragon race? Is there a name you would like to be called differently? If you don’t have it, you should at least wear the label of a dragon!”

Of course, the part where he expressed his anger was not swear words or words that treated him like a child.


He expressed his anger when Balkan called him a dragon.

Balkan, who noticed that fact, rather than changing his words, used it to gently irritate him.

‘It seems like you’re ignoring not only the dragon clan’s subjugation team, but everything related to this guy in the first place. This guy is a dragon, but it means that we will not treat him as such. Are you saying that you are going to treat all comments made towards this guy that disrespect the dragon race as if they only apply to this guy? Rather good. ‘I need to fix this guy’s messy hair.’

Through this conversation, Balkan realized that although he was a Balaur who had been completely abandoned by the Balaur, he was not a Balaur.

Even if the remark is derogatory to the Balaur clan, if it is directed at the man in front of them, the Balaur clan does not care about it.

Similar to extraterritorial jurisdiction.

Therefore, after rolling up his sleeves with great vigor, the man also rolled up the hem of his dark red robe and stepped forward, looking at Vulcan’s figure.

“Hendrick. My name is Hendrick. “It is the name of the person who will transform miscellaneous demons into Buddhahood.”

“Hah, I can’t believe the Dragon Clan refers to themselves as human. Are you really crazy? Yeah, good. I am Balkan. Just remember. “He is a great man who will fix your messy hair.”

Following the introduction of the dragon man who introduced himself as Hendrick, Vulcan also took a stance after completing his introduction.

Seeing the two people ready to fight in an instant, the people who had gathered around to watch started to flow out like a tide.

-It’s a fight! fight!

-It’s a fight between dragons! damage!



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-Prepare for shock!

Rather than focusing on Balkan, they focused on Hendrik and spread danger around.

Hendrick frowned at the sight of such people.

“Here and there, dragon people, dragon people. “I’m so annoyed at everything.”

The sight of climbers calling themselves dragons and anticipating their ferocity by thinking of themselves as dragons was enough to stimulate his heart.

Of course, Balkan also frowned.

Although it was for a different reason than Hendrick.

‘Damn, that kid is in my eyes and I’m not even in my eyes? All the Balkan names are dead, damn it.’

This was because he felt that no matter how much the opponent was a dragon, no one’s eyes were on him.

Just as Vulcan ignored Hendrick and treated him like a non-existent person, this time Vulkan was hit by him.

Well, it wasn’t Hendrick’s intention and the citizens just spread it because they thought so, but it was enough to stimulate Balkan’s sentiments.

Even at the moment when his head was hot with anger, Balkan could not hide his doubts.

‘What is that guy really? You think it’s strange that the dragon race is called the dragon race. I recognized him from the time he said he wanted to kill the dragon race while wearing the body of a dragon race, but is he still crazy?’

He did not forget that he reacted strongly to the word ‘dragon tribe’ when people shouted about it, and that even when talking to him, he reacted strongly to the word ‘dragon tribe’ on a topic that did not respond to any provocation.

The dragon people like the way they look when people around them know that they are a dragon.

To use a commonly known expression, it is like being a person of interest or a follower.

The dragon people’s favorite expressions are not limited to simply cheering and receiving praise.

A look of surprise, a look of fear, a look of ecstasy, etc.

They just like it when they see themselves and react in any way.

It’s not a custom for nothing.

However, Hendrick, the dragon tribe in front of him, seemed to dislike the attention coming from the ‘dragon tribe’ itself.


‘It seems like he hates the dragon race itself… Is this possible?’

Extremely narcissistic race.

Perhaps, a race that views the entire race as ‘me’ and loves the entire race feels rejected by its very existence as a race.

Something was strange.

Balkan thought so.

He thought that Hendrick, the dragon race in front of him, was one step away from the dragon race he knew, or rather, that he might not even be a dragon race themselves.

The moment that thought invaded his mind.

He came up with a hypothesis.

‘There is no grand reason why the dragon race does not look like the dragon race. The ‘contents’ inside are probably no longer dragons. Just like that guy Cha Jin-hyuk.’

The contents have changed.

All these situations can be explained with just one simple hypothesis.

[Why Hendrick, a Balaur, hates the word ‘Balara’.]

[Why Hendrick, a Balaur, wants to kill Balaur.]

If he is a ‘real’ Balaur, it would be incomprehensible, but his contents are ‘something’ other than a true Balaur. ramen?

‘…It feels like the wizard’s soul is boiling.’

The wizard’s soul.

That often boils over when wizards deal with ‘something’ that can’t live or die.

And that ‘something’ is none other than that.

“I really wanted to know what was inside that body.”

It was curiosity.

Furthermore, when wizards solve their curiosity, they often feel a catharsis that goes beyond drugs.

Before he was a Spirit Master, before he was a Necromancer, Vulkan, a wizard, often felt that kind of catharsis.

He prepared for battle to turn his hypothesis into certainty.

“Soul Staff.”

Spiritual power.

As the dark blue-colored spiritual power, which was completely different from Jinhyuk’s purple-black color, gathered towards Balkan, the souls he summoned were united and transformed into a single staff.

The soul that served as the body needed to create the soul staff was the soul that Jinhyuk had entrusted to him, but Balkan did not care.

‘Anyway, they are ordinary souls who are not demon soul soldiers, and they are the lowest level among soul soldiers. ‘If you only used this much in a battle against the dragon race, I can’t praise you enough.’

This is because Jinhyeok will not show off with just a few souls, and in a situation where a powerful enemy called the Dragon Clan is in front of him, a few souls used is a sufficiently small amount.

‘It would have been better if we had created a staff made entirely of spiritual power, but it can’t be helped.’

That level of spiritual power was too much spiritual power for the current Balkan, so Balkan chose a soul as the body that would make up the staff itself and coated the outside with spiritual power.

Although it was shabby compared to something made entirely of spiritual power, he was sure that it was better than making a small staff, or rather a wand, with spiritual power without a body.

Kiiing –

Holding the completed Soul Staff in his hand, Vulkan exuded his fighting spirit as he burned the remaining spiritual power he used to create it.

“I’ll give a young lizard some proper education.”

Hendrick, who was staring at Vulcan, who was emitting the fighting spirit like an active volcano, shook his head as if acknowledging it.

“Wasn’t it a ghost? But it doesn’t matter. “Dragon Slayer, in the name of Dragon Slayer Hendrick, I will consecrate you to Buddhahood.”


For a moment, Balkan was satisfied with Hendrick’s appearance of acknowledging him, but the last words that came from his mouth shook Balkan’s soul violently.

Changes caused by extreme surprise.

As expected, what Hendrick said was so surprising that even as a Balkan who had lived for a long time, he could not maintain his composure.

Dragon slayer.

The moment Balkan heard that, he realized that his hypothesis was correct and felt catharsis.

And he regretted his decision.

‘Damn it, why is a soul of the level of a dragon slayer inhabiting the body of a young dragon race!’

Dragon slayer.

It is a title given only to those who have single-handedly captured at least one dragon, one of the Four Emperors, and at the same time, it is a title that not a single person could obtain in the era in which he lived.

Could it be possible for someone who proudly wears that title in front of his name to be ordinary?

But even if you regret it, it is already too late.

“I’ll check to see if you have the abilities you promised. And I will also punish you for using the name I hate the most.”

This is because Hendrick was charging at Vulcan with his sword drawn, his whole body clad in the ferocious spirit unique to the Balaur race and the sharp and pointed force that was refined from that.

In the end, what Balkan could do was limited.

“Damn it! I should just sleep next to him and take care of Miho!”


All he had to do was reassemble the gathered spiritual power, overlay it with magic, and fire it at the charging Hendrick.

Regretting my past decision to go for a night walk.

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