Absolute Necromancer Chapter 32

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All Master Necromancer Episode 32

“I don’t know if he’s doing well. Tsk, have you ever tried acting?”

Outside the White Swallow’s guild headquarters.

Balkan was worried as he shook the building using only soul bottles to create an earthquake exclusively for White Swallow.

Even though his one and only disciple is rude, has a dirty personality, and makes threats, a disciple is still a disciple.

He was the only disciple in the entire tower, so he couldn’t help but be worried about him.

Bad friend.

Although they are a teacher and a student, they are like friends, and sometimes they are like a ruler and subordinate.

They were always bickering, and there were rare moments when they weren’t fighting, but Balkan still cared about Jinhyuk.

“Damn you. “But you won’t die.”

Balkan breathed a sigh of relief as he looked at the White Swallow guild members rushing outside, startled by the artificial earthquake.

Now that they’ve come out, Jinhyeok’s plan is half-successful.

In addition, as soon as the White Swallow guild members came out, it was felt that soul soldiers were active inside, so Balkan moved to do his job.

“Death to the living!”

“…Why are ghosts coming out of town?”

“shit! “Send someone to the temple right away!”

“Wizard! “Aren’t there any wizards?”

“Where are the wizards in small guilds, especially branches? Even if it is, is it just Jjambap that can be found in a place like this? “We’ll stop this place, so bring a priest!”

“It’s the outskirts of the village of beginning, but it’s a ghost… What’s going on?!”


A monster with no sense, also called a ghost.

However, unlike the Soul Disease, they were quite difficult monsters with an unconditional killing intent towards humans.

Above all, it is a monster that is likely to appear in villages, as dead corpses or people who die with a grudge within them become ghosts.

‘Now, hurry up and get out. No matter how much magical energy a country possesses, it cannot withstand divine power for long.’

The battlefield maestro began to lead as he watched those who had been fooled by his perfect ghost performance hurriedly divide up the number of people to be sent to the temple.



Various spirits such as kobolds, goblins, and orcs flew towards the White Swallow guild members under the Maestro’s command.

“…Stop it at once!”

And since the White Swallow guild members were not willing to watch the charging monsters, they soon began fighting with their teeth clenched.

Without even knowing that my base was being robbed.

Cooung- Boom! Kwazijic-

“You’re doing well.” Hearing


commotion outside, Jinhyuk chewed the last of his snack and got up.

-Ugh! What are these?

-Is there anyone outside? There’s a ghost wandering around the branch!

“It’s been a long time. “The soul soldiers are treated like nothing more than ghosts.”

Jinhyeok shook his head as he heard sounds close to screaming from the people still remaining in the guild branch when they saw the spirit soldiers wandering around the branch.

When he was alive.

Everyone was afraid of soul disease.

I was surprised when I saw Zara. I wasn’t surprised when I saw the ghost because I was surprised when I saw the lid of the pot. I was surprised because it reminded me of a soul disease when I saw the ghost. Didn’t I say it all?

“But now you’re just being treated like a ghost… If the first Spirit Master sees you, he’ll kick his coffin and come out.”

Invited Spirit Master.

Of course he was Balkan.

He was already by Jinhyuk’s side as a spirit, and Jinhyuk gave him the role of a ghost.

in other words.

“I have to do my own thing.”

Jinhyuk shamelessly thought nothing of the fact that the spirit bottle was treated as a ghost and the first spirit master was treated as a ghost outside.

“Anyway, I just have to awaken the fear of soul disease again with my own hands.”

Of course, it wasn’t a good thing for the soul bottle to be treated as a monster, a ghost.

I am just determined to remind the climbers of the tower of the existence of soul disease, which has faded from people’s memories over the past 10 years.

“First of all, let’s start with what we need to do now.”

The commotion made by those remaining in the branch was growing louder, and Jinhyeok smiled deep inside his mask as he saw them opening their doors one by one and starting to come out into the lobby.

“Now, I wonder who has the information I want.”

Jinhyeok walked towards them with the determination not to leave all his work to the soul soldier.

“It would be better to talk first, right?”

Jinhyeok, who promised to open the door with dialogue while trudging forward, put his words into practice.

“You… you must be a ghost… Wow!”

The conversation of the body.

“Now, there’s only one left, but the others haven’t answered. “I trust you will answer.”

‘…Crazy guy, he knocked everyone out.’

A laughing voice came from behind the mask. White Swallow’s guild member cursed inside, but did not say it out loud.

‘…He was probably a 10th floor climber at most, but no matter how careless he was, he could hit a 20th floor climber with one blow… What on earth is that guy?’

Ghost face.

This is because I clearly saw with my own eyes the inaction shown by the protagonist whose name has become so famous that no climber from the 10th to the 20th floor would know about it.

‘I… I can’t win alone. I don’t know what they’re doing outside, but for now, it’s best to follow their orders.’

In reality, it was just self-hypnosis because he didn’t want to be beaten, but it was a good thing for Jinhyuk.



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“Well… what do you want to know?”

“You said there is a holy kingdom behind you?”

“…Yes, what you are doing now is turning the Holy Kingdom and all the guilds under it into enemies… Ugh!”

“I didn’t ask that far. The guild under that command. “I need that list… where is it?”

Jinhyeok, who lightly kicked his chin while he was talking nonsense, squatted down in front of him and asked a question.

The position on the list you need.

And the guild members who heard that couldn’t hide their bewilderment.

“…You could probably get some information just by stopping by people on the street and asking them.”

“That too, but I also need the details. No more twice. “Where is the information?”

He flinched –

Feeling the murderousness in Jinhyeok’s shining eyes visible through the eyelids of the mask, he lowered his head and pointed to the door right next to where he had come out.

“…It will be over there. “All the information about various affiliated guilds is over there… Wow!”

“Okay, then sleep well and let’s not see each other again.”

After finding out the necessary information, Jinhyuk immediately kicked the man in the chin, knocked him out, and then leisurely disappeared into the room.

‘…Damn you.’

Even though he said it straight, he was hit on the chin and looked at Jinhyeok’s back as his eyes gradually darkened and swore.

“Hmm, definitely nothing special.”

Jinhyuk entered the room pointed out by the guild member and immediately searched the room, and was soon able to find the information he wanted.

“Are the guilds under your command setting up branches on each floor? Tsk, it’s normal.”

The obvious intention was to leave the supply of talent needed for the kingdom to the guilds under his command and give them only the leftover scraps.

But thanks to that, Jinhyeok was able to figure out how to screw up Seongguk.

“So, if you step on these guys step by step, you’ll put shit on Seongguk’s face.”

The guilds under the Holy Kingdom are like the face of the Holy Kingdom.

That’s why the Seongguk spares no support to the guilds under its control, and establishes branches in low-level areas where receiving support is not particularly beneficial, and accepts talented people.

Give and take.

They receive support from the Holy Kingdom, and they swear allegiance to the Holy Kingdom and follow their orders.

In other words, it can be said to be the relationship between a monarch and a knight.

“But if a knight goes somewhere and gets beaten up, the status of the monarch is diminished.”

A knight is the monarch’s honor, and if such a knight is ruined, the monarch’s honor is also ruined.

Knowing this well, Jinhyuk engraved in his mind the nine guilds contained in the document in front of him.

[White Swallow]

[Giant Hippo]


[Back Door]


[Al Stra]



[Lord of Divine]

There are a total of 9 guilds that control the 100th to 300th floors. Guilds under the Holy Kingdom.

Jinhyeok pursed his lips as he remembered their names, each of whom had great strength, but who became perfect when they had Seongguk behind them.



the document he was holding caught fire, and the flaming document left Jinhyeok’s hand and fell to the floor.


looked at the fireball moving towards the wooden guild branch building and looked at it with cold eyes before quickly taking a step forward.

“Just one thing for now.”

Among the 9 guilds, this was the guild that was placed at the bottom.

[White Swallow]

The branch there burned down and began to disappear.

By the hands of someone who reappeared after 10 years.



A soul bottle handed a document to Jinhyuk, who left the room where the fire was spreading.

“Connecting guild members with Giant Hippo?”

That document was none other than a document sending high-quality guild members to higher-level guilds through connections between guilds under the Holy Kingdom.

The moment he saw that, a thought passed through Jinhyeok’s mind, and with a grin, he put the White Swallow’s guild mark enclosed with the document into his arms.

“It’s going to be fun.”

With this, Jinhyeok was now ready to join Giant Hippo at any time, which meant that disaster would soon strike Giant Hippo as well.

“Let’s go out soon.”

Feeling the flames slowly expanding his body, Jinhyuk walked outside the branch.


Behind Jinhyeok, who was heading outside, there was a miserable view of the White Swallow’s guild branch, which was burning and slowly collapsing.


“Damn, what the hell is going on?”

It was a while before the priests were called in to exorcise and chase away the ghosts.

White Swallow’s guild members could not help but be taken aback by the sudden fire that broke out within the branch.

Among them, Jack and Tommy were even more embarrassed.

‘…There’s a new recruit inside!’

‘Our performance!’

It was a lot of laughter to see them taking care of their performance even while the branch was on fire, but they were still sincere.

Performance soon leads to great support, and great support gives you a booster to climb the tower.

Since the number of floors of the tower and military force are the measures of power, their grief was perhaps natural.


“…I barely survived.”

“Jin Khan! “As expected, you were safe!”

“Haha, I thought you’d be safe as expected!”

Therefore, the two people were more delighted than anyone else at the appearance of Jinhyeok, who took the form of Jin Khan, who escaped through the fire.

Jinhyeok stuck out his tongue and smiled awkwardly at the sight of them not even imagining that the person who set fire to his branch and stole information was the person in front of them.

“I don’t think this is a good situation. Can I come back later?”

“Of course, I’ll sort it out soon, so come back in a few days.”

“Yes, we’ll let you join our guild right away, so don’t worry, you can come!”

“Okay, I’ll see you in a few days.”

Jinhyeok said this with a smile while shaking off the soot from the hem of his robe and slowly walked away from the White Swallow branch.

‘Why do I go there?’

It goes without saying that Jinhyuk will never visit the 10th floor branch of White Swallow again, but Jack and Tommy, who saw him off, truly believed that he would return.

Jinhyeok disappeared into a dark alley, seeing the two idiots seeing him off.

Later, through the testimony of survivors of the fire, it became known that a new person named Jin Khan was a ghost, but Jinhyeok had already disappeared for a long time.

Naturally, Jack and Tommy were given disciplinary action instead of performance for trying to catch Gene Khan, who was no different from a terrorist.

It was truly unfortunate for both of them.

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