Absolute Necromancer Chapter 31

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All Master Necromancer Episode 31

‘…I guess it’s a dud?’

‘yes? ‘I’m not the only one who thought that, right?’

A member of the White Swallow guild, looking at the newcomer in front of him who appears to have ascended to the 10th floor this time.

Jack and Tommy shook their heads.

At first glance, he was dressed plainly and was not even shy, so he did not appear to be a talented climber.

‘But I still have to take the test.’

Of course, since it is nonsense to infer the skills of all climbers just by looking at their appearance, we had to take a test.

There are often people who have hidden skills behind their appearances, and this was to prevent people from kicking pumpkins that rolled around for no reason.

“name is?”

“Jin… My name is Khan.”

Tommy nodded at the newbie’s words, who trailed off for a moment.

“You must be from Earth. Is it from Russia? Or China?”

“It’s Russia.”

“okay? “It doesn’t look like that, does it?”

Jean Khan.

It wasn’t an ordinary name, but the world is wide and there are many different names.

Tommy tilted his head when he saw the appearance, but quickly gave up his thoughts and moved on.

‘Because those who hide their names are widespread.’

Those who climbed the tower were not all ordinary people.

There were definitely people who committed serious crimes and used the tower as an escape route, and even if that wasn’t the case, there were many people who went around hiding their names and faces, which were no different from their own information.

‘Because we also cover our faces when we do serious tower climbing.’

If your face and name are exposed for no reason and you are later attacked, it will be bothersome for you.

Rather, it would have been correct to give additional points if the name was hidden.

‘It means that a climber on the 10th floor is somewhat familiar with the rules of the tower. This is a little out of the ordinary. Are you perceptive? Or survival instinct?’

Perseverance, survival instinct.

There is nothing wrong with either of the two when climbing the tower.

No, it wasn’t bad, it was good.

‘Did the guild guidelines say to select people with good sense? You may be a climber with good personal characteristics, or you may develop characteristics related to that later…’

As both decisions are made based on a certain degree of intuition, there is a high probability that there will be characteristics related to that.

Of course, there are not many people who give their all when joining a guild, so you need to catch this aspect well and recruit them.

In the end, you are aiming for a probability of 1 in 10 or 1 in 100.

‘Well, if it’s not good anyway, you can just expel it.’

Above all, guild members could be replaced at any time if they were no longer useful.

If you pull it out and it doesn’t look good, just watch it for a bit and then expel it.

‘Except for the fact that it’s shy, it doesn’t look that bad, so I think I could use it as a knife holder if necessary.’

Climbers always have to kill monsters, and possibly even humans.

In that respect, the negative factor is that he is not shy.

Still, other than that, everything else seemed pretty good, so Jack and Tommy gave Gene Khan a generous evaluation.

‘I can feel this much.’

‘Well, at least it doesn’t look like I’m going to get carried away with the monster in front of me. Now that I look at it, my muscles look fine.’

The reason was that there were many people worse than Jin Khan, and more than anything, he seemed shy at first, but soon he was making eye contact with the two people and talking to them.

The fact that he speaks in a confident manner in front of the interviewers means that he is confident in his abilities.

The moment they decided that he was a good candidate in many ways, Jack and Tommy began full-scale interviews.

“Let’s test your strength first.”

“Can you show me your strength? “It’s good to give detailed stats, but if there’s another way, you can show it that way.”

I didn’t have high expectations.

It was just a question to check the level of ability of the climber named Jin Khan.

Above all, they were placing their expectations on Jin Khan’s ‘feel’ rather than his physical abilities.

To put it simply, it can be seen as matching the assortment.

‘It’s better to at least match the assortment rather than having to talk about it later.’

‘I have to at least pretend to do it to prepare for other new recruits’ fraud or unexpected audits.’

Jin Khan’s body seemed to be reasonably strong, so they planned to make use of his ‘feel’ and ‘eyes’ to have him pursue a career as a thief, explorer, or adventurer in charge of setting and disarming traps, so Jack and Tommy had no expectations at all. Did not do it.

“Can I use that?”

“gold? Why gold? Well, here it is.”

A mountain of gold coins piled high on the table where the card game was played.

Jack tilted his head in response to Jin Khan’s question pointing to it, but took out one of them and handed it to Jin Khan.

“Thank you, you don’t mind if it breaks, right?”

“It’s possible, but can you…?”


It literally means a coin made of gold.

However, the nuance of what Jin Khan was saying now was based on the premise that it would be ruined, and it was not Jack who did not know what that meant.

The moment when eyes filled with confusion turned to Jin Khan.



“Not yet.”


“…that doesn’t make sense.”



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A gold coin folded in half is placed on the table.

Of course, there was no magic involved, and since Jack handed it to him himself, he knew better than to know that it was a real gold coin.

in other words.

“…You really folded the gold coin in half twice with your strength? “A climber who only climbs the 10th floor?”

“Yes, what’s wrong?”

I am shy.

Jack and Tommy were left speechless in front of a smile so clear that it was necessary to erase such judgment.

“…Let’s talk for a moment.”

“As much as you want.”

Jack and Tommy entered the room, revising their evaluation of Gene Khan, as he smiled and spoke comfortably and even invited them to come.

“Did you see it?”

“There’s no way you couldn’t have seen what happened right in front of your eyes. That’s a thing. “It’s the real thing!”

“Hehehe, that’s awesome. “This performance is absolutely amazing.”

The two could not hide their joy.

Folding a gold coin twice.

That was possible for them too.

However, there is a difference of more than 10 floors between them and Jin Khan.

“Besides, the clothes you were wearing were ordinary, right?”

“At first glance, it looks like the clothes I bought at the store in front of me. “I probably didn’t borrow the power of the item.”

“I didn’t feel any movement of mana, so I didn’t strengthen my body with mana or use magic.”

Additionally, just looking at Jin Khan’s appearance, it didn’t seem like he had any items that raised his stats.

There were stat increases through ‘achievements’ rather than items, but they didn’t even take achievements into account.

For those who were not even on the 100th floor, achievements were something that could only come from a dream.

“You have to hold on to it unconditionally.”

“I know, I guess the others didn’t notice, right?”

“Do you think those who are busy gambling would notice? “We just have to be careful.”

Performance treatment for bringing in outstanding guild members only applies to those who had a direct influence on bringing him in.

In other words, if Jin Khan joins White Swallow, only Jack and Tommy will receive the performance, not everyone in this branch.

Therefore, Jack and Tommy left the room, wary of sharing their credit with others or having it stolen from them.

“Are you finished talking?”

The two people smiled awkwardly and nodded at the sight of Jin Khan smiling brightly as soon as he opened the door and came out.

“If you just arrived at the 10th floor, you might be hungry. Why don’t you eat some snacks?”

“Okay, there are drinks here, so feel free to drink as much as you want.”

Despite the treatment being 180 degrees different from before, Jin Khan picked up their snacks and drinks as if it was a given.

‘He’s not an ordinary guy after all.’

‘I know my own value better than anyone else.’

‘If I had stayed still after we finished the conversation or treated him the same way, he might have stormed out.’

‘Creepy guy. That’s a 10th floor climber? Who would think that I am a climber who has conquered several hundred floors?’

Knowing your own worth.

It was also the most important thing in the process of climbing the tower.

After all, understanding one’s own value also means understanding one’s condition.

If you are fully aware of how far you can reach and what abilities you can handle and to what extent, you can use 100%, no, 120% of your power.

In addition, this applies not only to joining a guild, but also to receiving quests or apostle offers from gods and demons.

Because you won’t blindly accept quests or offers from gods or demons that don’t suit your level.

‘That guy is the guy who will make our guild bigger.’ ‘Let’s never have him on our side and treat him well. ‘He’s going to be big in the future, so if you lend him money in advance, you’ll probably run out of beans later.’

Based on the young man in front of us, Jin Khan, we picture a hopeful future in which White Swallow will rise to the ranks of the great guilds.


“But can we just look at physical abilities?”

“…Well, the abilities you can see at the guild branch are limited, and you haven’t visited the previous towers yet?”


“Then you probably don’t have any abilities related to transfers. All you have to do is look at your physical abilities. “Is strength similar in terms of stamina and agility?”

“It’s very similar.”

“…Okay, thank you for the answer.”

There are two more stats that are not far behind the monstrous strength just shown.

This means that if you exclude intelligence and mana, which have a lot to do with wizards, it’s okay to just change them into warriors and give them swords.

‘…I might become a king-level being.’


Among the many climbers who climb the tower, not many have the title of king.

You can count them on two hands, no, even on one hand.

Of course, it is impossible to win the title of king even at the level of an ordinary genius, and it is not possible to obtain the king’s title, and it is not possible to obtain the king’s title due to luck, money, etc.

A title that is considered possible only when various things are followed.

Even though they dared say it out loud, Jack and Tommy did not think it was impossible.

“I can show you magic.”

“…Magic? “Did you just say it was magic?”

“yes. Magic. Magic. “He just spits fire out of his hand.”

Their thoughts gradually turned into confidence when they saw Jin Khan calmly saying that he could use magic.

A climber from Earth who hasn’t even changed jobs can use magic?

‘Magic King!’

‘He clearly has genius qualities related to magic! There’s a king-level climber coming from our guild!’

Jack and Tommy made a fuss in a situation where it was not strange to gulp down kimchi soup.

“Look… show me!”

“Show me what’s yours!”

It was a strange statement that would raise a question mark over anyone’s head if they heard it, but the person involved, Jin Khan, sprouted a small fire flower on his palm without any emotional changes.

When the two people stare blankly at the beautiful and warm burning Hwahwa.

thud! Coo! thud!

“Ugh! what?”

“Damn it, the board is broken! “What kind of b*stard!”

Something like a weak earthquake shook the guild branch and the branch was in turmoil.

The fire that bloomed in Jin Khan’s hand also disappeared as Jin Khan closed his hand


At that sight, Jack and Tommy looked at Jin Khan’s closed hand with faces full of regret, and then opened their mouths.

“It looks like something is happening outside, so just wait a moment.”

“Yes, we will definitely put you in our guild, so ignore the others and just wait for us!”

Jack and Tommy got restless and disappeared outside the branch when they suddenly had to vacate their seats.

Jin Khan stood up as he watched the White Swallow branch members disappearing after Jack and Tommy.

“Then, let me do my own thing from now on.”


the mana that made up the magic that covered his face dispersed into the air, the innocent young man’s appearance disappeared and in its place, Jinhyeok with a cold smile appeared.


, Jin Khan, no, Jin Hyeok muttered quietly as he put the now familiar goblin mask on his face.

“Wake up.”

Jinhyuk was planning to do his work while Balkan was biding his time outside.


Following Jinhyeok’s thoughts and orders, the White Swallow branch began to fill with soul soldiers.

“Find everything related to the Holy Kingdom and bring it to me.”


In response to Jinhyuk’s command, which was filled with both heaviness and dignity, the soul soldiers saluted Jinhyeok and disappeared to various places in the White Swallow branch.


Leaving behind the soul soldiers who had disappeared in an instant, Jinhyuk flapped the hem of his robe and stuffed the snacks brought by Jack and Tommy into his mouth.

“It tastes good.”

Jinhyeok, who was enjoying the sweetness after a long time, took a small amount for Ha-ryu, put it in a plastic bag, and kept it in his arms.

‘Come up quickly, downstream.’

Even though less than a day had passed, Jinhyuk pursed his lips, thinking that her empty space was quite large.

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