Absolute Necromancer Chapter 29

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All Master Necromancer Episode 29,

10th Floor.

It is called the 10th floor gateway because one must pass through it in order to enter the city where the job change center exists.

Naturally, it was a section where many people got stuck, and from this point on, it was fairly easy to climb up until the 100th floor.

“It’s been a really long time here.”

“Well, even though you are a monster, there must have been a time when you were fresh.”

“It’s a dispute that I want to immediately change to the soul corps, but I admit it. That’s right, I was a kid back then.”

Jinhyuk was no exception.

Jinhyeok’s true value was revealed when he passed the 10th floor and laid the foundation as a wizard through the job change chapter.


“Now, look. “Do you think my name is on this?”

Chjorrrr – Jinhyuk’s name was not visible on the unfolding clear list.

Even though the names of Nine stars and the name of his friend Choi Gyeong-hoon, the god of martial arts, are embedded in them.

“No, I washed my eyes and looked for it, but it wasn’t there. Should I replace my eyes?”

“…Shut your mouth before I change it myself.”

It was a shameful past for Jinhyuk, who commanded the tower, so Balkan burst into laughter at the sight of Jinhyuk slightly blushing and waving his hands.

“Was it difficult? “Aren’t you worried that if you go back to the 9th floor like this, you will suffer all kinds of embarrassment and humiliation from the lower class?”

“That’s true, but don’t worry, it’s not like I’m going to be defeated at my current level.”

Orc warrior.

Normal Orc – Orc Warrior – A being that can be seen as the next level of the tech tree consisting of Orc Shaman.

He is good at both magic and combat.

Although it is not a Lord level, it is definitely a named level, and in terms of combat ability, it is on par with a Lord.

Since he is that kind of guy, even if the system doesn’t catch him, wouldn’t it calculate the results and determine whether he is eliminated or successful?

of course.

“Nevertheless, there are so many climbers who have just passed the 9th floor where they caught him.”

In terms of combat power alone, there were enough people who caught him that he was comparable to the Orc Lord.

Even considering the long, long history of the tower.

“Why don’t you tell me there’s a loophole there? And my name isn’t there.”

“It goes without saying that there are no wizard-type climbers. Well, if the fact that most of the clear list over there are members of the Four Emperors is a trap, it is a trap.”

The majority of climbers who cleared the 10th floor were none other than the Four Emperors.

Most of the 80%, maybe 90%, of them were members of the Four Emperors who had climbed the tower so far.

That’s why Jinhyuk thought with a bitter smile.

‘1st. ‘Can we take that seat away?’

The first place position always changes.

Rather than being stolen by a talented person, it is a record that is broken every time a new member of the Four Emperors breaks through the 10th floor.

Of course, they probably didn’t do their best, but it was still inevitable that mistakes would occur.

‘Through this, I experience the gap between them.’

Jinhyeok is not one to miss out on the few indicators that can compare the Four Emperors on the 10th floor with the current self on the same level.

[Can I start the test?]

Jinhyuk shook his head at the politely asked message from the system and asked the question first.

“Is it okay to prepare for battle before it starts?”

[No problem.]

“Then will you give me more time? “I’ll call you when I’m ready.”

[I’ll give you 10 more minutes. Please finish your preparations within that time.]

Jinhyeok nodded in response to the calm but positive answer.

In fact, Jinhyuk also knew roughly.

‘Because not everyone is like the Four Emperors or like the Nine Stars.’

As soon as you get to the 10th floor, you will fight an Orc warrior.

It’s easy to say, but if you line up those who can’t do it, it would be enough to circle the world.

In the past, Jinhyeok also entered the 10th floor and only started fighting after spending some time gathering his thoughts.

‘Of course, this time I can’t overcome the pressure of battle, so it’s not the time needed to endure it, but it doesn’t matter.’

The differences between the past and the present were clear, but Jinhyeok had no intention of correcting them.

He uses everything given to him by scratching it to the ground.

Because that was Jinhyuk’s own idea.

“Vulcan, get ready. “Because I need to take away the first place.”

“Are you planning on stealing from them? not bad. I’m rather excited. “It’s thrilling to trample on the records set by those arrogant b*stards with our dirt-covered feet.”


“Tsk, I know it’s the same for you too.”

“…Don’t sneakily lump me in with me, pervert.”

“You damn b*stard!”

Jinhyeok immediately began preparing for battle, leaving Vulkan in a frenzy at the word pervert.

The Four Emperors.

A people born with the qualities to grow into not just a strong person, but a strong person who will change the world.

To them, the floors of the tower were just like stairs.

These are stairs that go up as you walk.

The record they set, no matter how roughly it may be or even if they did not use their full strength, does not change the fact that it is an incredible record.

‘I will break that record.’

A record of first place that has so far been broken only within the same Four Emperors clan.



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Thinking of breaking it, Jinhyuk had no choice but to admit it.

‘…Am I a pervert too? I’m so excited by this fact…’

Aside from making fun of Vulcan and calling him a pervert, he was also moved by that fact and was excited about it.

Of course, I didn’t say it out loud.

“That son of a b*tch doesn’t even have the slightest idea of how to respect his teacher.”

‘If he knew what I was thinking, he would try to bite me. You can never see that.’

Jinhyeok, who tried to hide his true feelings to avoid Balkan, who always tried to find his shortcomings and giggled, looked at his preparations.

“Mahon disease.”

“I’m ready. “As soon as he comes out, I’ll tie him up.”

“What about the seeds?”

“Similarly, I have scattered them around, so you can use them at the right time. “If you can’t do it, it’s your fault, not mine, so keep in mind.”

It’s perfect.

Jinhyeok’s mouth softened as he realized that all preparations had been completed by Balkan’s voice.

“You may begin.”

[After 10 seconds, the Orc warrior appears.]

Starts after 10 seconds.

Jinhyuk spread his hands as he read the message that all preparations were over and only the actual battle remained.


The enemy –

Where the Great Orc Warrior appears, the Demon Spirit Soldiers stand in their respective positions and take their posture.

A smile appeared on Jinhyeok’s lips as he saw the demonic spirit soldiers ready to jump out at any moment and cut the opponent to pieces.


Creep – Creep –

The seeds that Balkan had sown in advance contain Jinhyeok’s mana and magic energy, and his body gradually grows in size.

It looks like beans soaked in water.

Satisfied with the sight of the seed slowly growing in size, Jinhyeok cast a spell in advance.



The first preparation was completed by setting a timer so that the seeds could germinate in an instant and tie down the Orc warriors.


“Magic Arrow.”

Fireball, Thunderbolt, Ice Lance, etc.

There were various attack magics, but Jinhyuk’s choice was Magic Arrow.

Although it is the most basic attack magic, its purity is superior to any other attack magic.

That was the reason Jinhyuk chose Magic Arrow.

Because the next preparation from now on required extreme purity.



Faaaaat –

Following Jinhyuk’s chant, an enchantment spell is applied to the large magic arrow floating in the air, and a bright cluster of light emanates from the magic arrow.

It was a light that signaled that the purity of the Magic Arrow combined with the enchantment magic was ready to absorb any magic and put it into my body.

Of course, it didn’t end there.



The first enchantment was ‘Fire’.

Fire magic, which was originally a light spark to light a bonfire, was absorbed into Magic Arrow through enchantment magic.

At the same time, Magic Arrow’s entire body turned red and began to burn like an active volcano.



A low-level magic that only creates soil and hardens the ground.

Like Fire, Earth, a basic four elemental magic, is absorbed into the body of Magic Arrow like the Fire magic just before.

Crackle –

Magic Arrow’s body, which accepted the power of the earth, became slightly larger and stronger.

So much so that it reminds me of steel.

In addition, the Magic Arrow, which absorbed Jinhyeok’s mana and demonic energy and grew larger over time, glowing dark red, could no longer be considered a Magic Arrow.

But Jinhyuk’s magic did not end there.



Like the previous magic, Water is one of the four basic magic properties.

It now covered Magic Arrow’s entire body like a spear.



Screw magic was added there.

Kiiing –

The film of water covering Magic Arrow’s entire body spun like a screw, giving off the power to crush everything that came near it.

In reality, that water film had the power to crush everything it touched.

At least the existence of about the 10th floor is to be taken lightly.



Lastly, Jinhyeok’s preparation was completed by attaching a powerful wind booster to the back of the Magic Arrow, which would fly like a javelin.

of course.


[Good luck, climbers.]


He didn’t forget to add the last seasoning.

The moment Jinhyeok’s preparations are complete with the addition of enhancement and strengthening magic that improves the overall quality.

Just in time, the time limit expired and a bright halo of light burst out.


A being that bursts into a roar as soon as it appears in a room where only Jinhyuk and Balkan were present.

It was a bright cluster of light that signaled the appearance of the Great Orc Warrior.

At the same time as the appearance of the Orc warrior with great momentum, the things Jinhyeok had prepared also moved together.


Demon soul soldiers made by quenching the souls of kobolds and orcs with demonic energy bind the entire body of the great orc warrior.

Quad Deuk –

The seed was ready to grow after absorbing mana and magic to its limit, and with the help of the power of Entangle magic, it grew instantly and wrapped around the body of the Orc warrior like a snake.


The moment I heard the voice of the Orc warrior full of confusion.


Jinhyeok, who was holding the Magic Arrow in his hand that had been refined by hitting magic, threw it away with all his might.

[The wise man’s disciple looks at you with a satisfied gaze.]

The message window of the owner who had the original copy of the weapon Jinhyuk called out blocked Jinhyuk’s eyes, but it didn’t matter.

The limitations of a magic arrow had already been thrown aside, and a spear worthy of the mad title of Gungnir, the weapon of God, pierced the head of the great orc warrior.


Shortly after the head was pierced, the entangles were released and the flaccid trees returned to their original appearance.

At that moment, the demon spirits also let go of the body of the Orc warrior they were holding, and the body, no, corpse, of the great Orc warrior who had nothing to support made a thumping sound, staining the floor of the white room with blood.


[…You cleared the 10th floor faster than anyone else.]

[You have earned the title of ‘the person who cleared the 10th floor the fastest.’]

[The above title will remain in effect until your record is broken in the future, in which case you will receive ’10 points.’ The title is changed to ‘those who cleared the floor’.]

[The current ranking of the 10th floor clear record is as follows.]

??? : 1st place, 00 : 00 : 96.




[Please enter the name registered in the record ranking.]

[If you do not enter it, it will be registered as ???.]

Jinhyeok’s eyes, which were carefully reading the message window that was slowly coming down, landed on the last message window.

And as if there was nothing more to see, Jinhyeok smiled faintly beneath his mask and spat out a name.

“Ghost face.”


Jinhyeok, who engraved his name and smiled slightly, was soon engulfed in a bright light and soon disappeared from the 10th floor.

[The clear record for the 10th floor has been changed.]

[The current first place is Ghost Face, and the record is 00:00:96 seconds.]

Leaving behind the message window that would make the tower buzz.

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