Absolute Necromancer Chapter 28

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All Master Necromancer Episode 28

“Haa… haa….”

Heavy breathing.

The faint but rough breathing of a young goblin echoes around.

However, the sound was soon drowned out by another sound.



“…there is no end.”


Haryu tightly gripped the handle of his sword, his own heavy breathing disappearing as it was drowned out by the cries of the little green demons.

The handle of her sword was intact even though her grip was so strong that if it had been a stone other than the handle of the sword, the stone would have crumbled.

‘That’s strange. No matter how roughly you treat it, it doesn’t get damaged at all. Are all treasured swords like this?’

Haryu, who was looking down at his perfectly fine sword, soon shook his head.

This was an action taken because I knew now was not the time to worry about the sword.

“Are you okay?”

“…are you okay.”

As Haryu was about to run towards the goblin that was charging at him again, a familiar middle-aged man’s voice was heard in his ears.


She nodded to the greetings he gave her as he, the first Spirit Master and one of Jinhyeok’s current spirits, swept away the goblins rushing downstream with a single move.

But her face was stiff as she answered.

‘…about a dozen at once.’

The sight of Vulcan wiping out a number of goblins at once that she would have had to struggle to deal with was shocking to her.

Of course, the years she had lived were different, and she already knew how strong he was when he was alive, but she could not help but be conscious of Balkan.

Not only Balkan, but Jinhyeok was also one of the few people she was aware of.

‘…You have to become stronger.’

Teeth –

Teeth that are still young collide and grind together, creating an eerie sound.

So much so that Vulcan, who was watching, was worried about her teeth.

Nevertheless, Ha-Ryu, who did not stop grinding his teeth, drew his sword.


No, the sword had already been drawn.

It’s just that the ‘real’ sword was not drawn.

Vulcan exuded pride at the sight of Ha-ryu pulling out his sword, but Ha-ryu muttered quietly to Vulkan with a faint smile on his face.

“…Please keep it a secret from your brother.”

Borrowing the power of the sword.

We lend strength to those who we do not know what kind of existence they are, whether they are harming or helping.

Not knowing what price he would have to pay in the future, Ha-Ryu immediately broke what Jin-Hyeok had stopped.

However, Ha-ryu masturbated, saying that he could not help himself.

‘You have to use everything you can to survive.’

Her eyes and mind were still filled with the sight of the burning village.

To forget about that, she pulled out her ‘real’ sword.


“…don’t get eaten. “If that happens, I too will be torn apart by that damn disciple.”

“I won’t worry grandpa. thank you.”

The red wave that started from her sword, the Dragon Slayer Sword, spread throughout the downstream body.

Soon, a red female warrior wearing full red armor took the place where Ha-ryu was standing.

Kiiing –

Haru held the sword as he felt the dragon slayer’s sword, which had revealed its true form, humming happily.

As the real sword was drawn, the hair turned red and the eyes burned red, clearly showing the current state of the downstream.


“…Tsk, the child is already trying to carry a heavy burden.”

Balkan let out a sigh as he looked downstream at the red-armored evil spirit Nakchal, smiling brightly and fluttering red flowers.

But I didn’t blame her.

“It’s my fault for not being able to properly stop one child. There is nothing inherently wrong with a child. “I don’t know how to look at that guy’s face.”

Balkan snapped his fingers, imagining how angry Jinhyeok would be if he found out about this.


“…Once I get some decent results, I’ll be a little less angry.”

Vulcan is a prototype demonic soldier who he hates to call himself.

They moved their bodies, which were sparsely stained black with demonic energy, and slaughtered the goblins.

Boom –

Jinhyeok let out the breath he had been holding as he watched the last remaining goblin’s body collapse.

“It’s hard.”

The goblin wave was twice as difficult as the wave on the first floor.

Well, there is a reason why goblins are a higher race than kobolds, but the biggest reason is that many troops were deployed to the Balkan side.

“Thanks to this, the lower reaches and the Balkans have become safer, but… it is still difficult to block the wave with only basic skeleton and spirit bottles.”

Didn’t I tell you that the idea of stopping only with the abilities of the Necromancer (Spirit Master) was broken 10 minutes after the battle started?

In the end, he blocked it well, but most of the mana went to Balkan, so Jinhyeok had to fight alone.

As a joke, I made a poop show to myself.



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“Still, I gained quite a lot.”

Jinhyeok smiled as he picked up the shiny gold coins that were falling from the corpses of goblins lying on the floor.


It is a commodity used within the tower and at the same time, it is the reason why people on Earth are excited about climbing the tower.

“I didn’t get much on the 1st floor, but they still give me quite a bit of gold on the 5th floor.”

Just as there is a reasonable reward for defeating a powerful enemy, gold supply becomes easier as you advance to higher floors.

Even though the difference was only 4 floors, the amount of gold was almost twice as much, and the smile on Jinhyeok’s face showed no sign of fading.

Above all, Jinhyeok’s smile grew even brighter at the sight of another gift.

“It’s a goblin poison… After all, there are quite a lot of Wave-class enemies to kill alone, right?”

Of course, the main ingredient in the poisonous needles that goblins shoot out from their cannons is poison.

The needles are just roughly made, and the poison is the most important ingredient.

The raw materials for such poison were obtained in large quantities through this wave.

“It may not be used in battle… but it is still useful.”

It was actually better because it was a poison, and a poison with strong paralyzing properties.

Tub –

As soon as he could finish his thoughts, Jinhyuk ripped off a handful of the poisonous plant that was the raw material for the paralyzing poison and stuffed it into his mouth.


A bitter, bitter taste fills my mouth.

A bitter taste reminiscent of an herbal medicine I had taken only once before.

However, Jinhyeok chewed the poisonous weed with his teeth clenched.

The more he chewed, the more bitter poison came out instead of the sweetness, turning the inside of Jinhyeok’s mouth into a gutter.

‘It’s coming slowly.’

It is not enough for the inside of the mouth to become stiff after chewing poisonous plants directly. The poisonous water that gradually passes through the esophagus makes the inside of the mouth stiff.

As a series of events unfold, including breathing becoming difficult and limbs losing strength, Jinhyeok’s physical condition reaches its worst.

“…Cure Poison.”

At that moment, Jinhyuk barely opened his mouth and chanted magic.

Cure Poison.

As soon as the magic to detoxify the addiction took effect, the paralysis that had been eating away at Jinhyeok’s body slowly disappeared.

“Is roughly 30 seconds the limit I can endure?”

Perhaps because the poisonous plant itself was ingested rather than boiled and made into poisonous water, the effect was stronger than when hit with a poisonous needle.

Taking that into consideration, Jinhyuk’s golden time was approximately 30 seconds.

If I went beyond that, I couldn’t say the words necessary to chant magic.

‘You can use hand signs, but if you’re paralyzed, you won’t be able to move your hands, so chanting will be easier.’

If you are alone and exceed 30 seconds of golden time, you will become a wooden doll and have to wait until the paralysis is lifted.

Jinhyeok, who had experienced, at least roughly, the legacy of the goblins, was satisfied.

“With this, you can gain both poison resistance and paralysis resistance.”

[I hate the pinnacle of all evil.]

[The Snake Grand Duke shows interest.]

[The wolf who devours the world laughs, baring his teeth.]

Becoming stronger by shearing your body and mind.

It’s something both God and the devil like, but especially those who lean towards the devil.

‘Baal is the exact opposite, but most are.’

Jinhyeok didn’t really like attracting the attention of gods and demons, but Jinhyeok thought that there was no need to completely shun them.

‘It’s enough as long as you receive the power of God and the devil and don’t become an apostle. I get everything I can from them.’

The tower’s rewards come down through the system, and the system is something created by gods and demons.

In other words, most rewards are set by gods and devils, and the special rewards are managed directly by gods and devils.

‘To obtain an item like a dark force ring, you don’t have to have a good relationship with the gods and demons, but you don’t have to go as far as pretending to lose.’

Water bathing.

This was a feeling Jinhyuk often felt while climbing the tower.

The thought that he could have easily won if he had a certain item in a certain situation… always dominated Jinhyeok.


who had finished thinking about it, sat down and started chewing poisonous plants until Ha-ryu and Balkan came back to find him.

“…Why is that crazy guy chewing poisonous weed?”

“Poisonous plants? “Isn’t it dangerous?”

Balkan frowned when he saw the object in Jinhyeok’s hand seen from afar.

As expected, what Jinhyuk held in his hands was the raw material for the poison applied to the stings that the goblins were constantly firing at him.

In other words, it was a poisonous plant.

Balkan shook his head in denial at Haryu’s worried voice.

“How many times have you been hit? You won’t die if you eat that. “It just feels like my body is a little paralyzed.”

“…Why are you eating that?”

“I guess it’s because of resistance… but I don’t think that just eating something like that will give your body the ability to resist, let alone develop resistance skills.”

The body adapts.

If you get stabbed multiple times, your senses will become dull, and if you get poisoned often, you will develop immunity to poison.

It is later proudly registered under the name of skill.

However, in most cases, the former is not able to adapt properly right away.

The reason is that adaptation usually occurs very slowly over a long period of time.

of course.

“Ah, I gained paralysis resistance, but I didn’t get poison resistance. Balkan, do you have any more poisonous plants?”

“…What, such a crazy person?”

The fact that Jinhyeok deviated slightly, no, a little too much, from that category changed Balkan’s information into incorrect information.

All Masters.

The job of mastering everything gave Jinhyuk a skill called paralysis resistance in a very short period of time, with only low-quality paralyzing poison.

“Okay then, let’s go up slowly.”


stood up, shaking off the dusty hem of his robe with his hand, and opened his mouth again, shaking out the paralyzing poison he had taken from Balkan.

And Jinhyuk sprinted to the 9th floor with all his might, then created the same monster wave there and showed off his spirit by winning the title of Orc Slayer.

[Goblin Slayer]

A title given to a climber who kills 1,000 goblins.

Title Reward: All Stats + 6

[Orc Slayer]

A title given to a climber who kills 1,000 orc monsters.

Title Reward: All Stats + 7


Jinhyeok, who gained quite a large stat total of all stats + 13, smiled as he was about to reach the 10th floor.

[Status Window]

Name: Jinhyeok

Choi Occupation: Spirit Master

Sub-Job: All Master

Body: Mana Retardation

(Ability Value)

Strength: 30 (+18)

Stamina: 31 (+18)

Dexterity: 29 (+18)

Intelligence: 43 (+18) )

Mana: 55 (+33)

Magic: 0 (+10)


  1. Predation
  2. Versatility


Pain resistance, bleeding resistance, stun resistance, piercing resistance, paralysis resistance, tenacity….

Close to the 10th floor Jinhyuk, who was climbing up and looking at the aspects of his status window that were incomparable to those on the first floor, looked at Ha-Ryu standing next to him and said.

“You should rest and then come back.”

“…yes? why. “I can take on the challenge right away.”

When Jinhyuk told Jinhyuk to take a break, Ha-ryu immediately refused.

But Jinhyuk cut her off like a knife.

“Do you know what’s on the 10th floor?”

“…There’s no way you wouldn’t know. My brother has told me this several times. Orc warrior. Right?”

Orc warrior.

There is only one monster that appears on the 10th floor, but that one monster is very powerful.

‘I told you all that you could be considered a guy who goes above the 11th floor.’

The 11th floor is the next floor of the metropolis that exists on the 10th floor.

It’s not for nothing that they have a reputation for being more picky than the guys wandering around there.

Of course, you don’t necessarily have to kill the guy to pass, but Jinhyuk was definitely planning on taking him down.

And the same goes for those who follow you.

“It’s okay even if it takes a few days. “I also have work to do on the 10th floor.”

“B… But…”

“Instead, just kill the Orc warrior and move on. If you fail, you can give up the strategy and try again next time. But never just clear it.”

If you catch an Orc warrior, you can get a title.

[Those who cleared the 10th floor]

If you look at the name alone, it may seem ordinary, but the all-stat +5 given by that title is not that small.

Above all, since he can only be caught once, Jinhyeok’s words are probably natural.

“Don’t even use a sword.” Watching


ryu, whose feet went numb at the word sword, shiver, Jin-hyuk patted her on the shoulder one last time and spoke very kindly to her.

“See you on the 10th floor, downstream.”

“…Yes, I will definitely clear it.”

Not just passing, but completely clearing the 10th floor.

Jinhyeok was satisfied with Ha-ryu’s firm determination to achieve that goal and moved to the gate on the 10th floor with Balkan.

“…I will definitely become someone who can be of help to you.”

Ha-ryu, who was muttering while looking clearly at the spot where Jin-hyeok disappeared, left the place with his beloved sword hanging on his waist.


In order to completely clear the 10th floor, he realized that what he needed was not only rest but also growth.

In the place where they left, the corpses of countless orcs created by the orc wave were piled up, forming a large garden.

There were so many corpses that it was hard to believe that only two people, three of them including the Balkans, caught them.

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