Absolute Necromancer Chapter 266

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Episode 266

“… … “What was that just now?”

After the battle was over.

Elione asked, looking up at Jinhyeok with the feeling of defeat.

Infinite Gwangok.

Jinhyeok seemed to be tired of seeing the prison filled with infinite rays of light, and he smiled slightly in response.

“Infinite Gwangok.”

“… … “Your name is dirty.”

“It’s a new technology. Do you like it?”

“… … How can you hear me? Are you kidding me? “What on earth is that ridiculous thing?”

When Elione trembled at the terrible memories of being trapped and struggling in the infinite mine prison, Jinhyeok laughed and responded.

“The total amount of power was maintained as much as possible so that the light was divided each time it passed through the darkness.”

“… … Does that make sense?”

If you divide one into two, half becomes two, but one does not become two.

Elione was dumbfounded by the fear of the infinite ore that completely ignored simple laws, but in fact, it was nothing special.

“You just have to hit it as much as you split the mana.”

“… … So, your horse was split in half and the weakened strength was simply supplemented by infusing mana into it?”

“That’s the way it is.”

“… … “That’s possible with the mana humans have?”

The power of the beam of light fired by the Spirit of Light King could clearly be seen because Elione had been hit by it.

One or two.

It can hit a few hits, but if it hits more than that, she knows that it has tremendous power that can shatter her entire body, so she can’t even imagine how much mana it would take to maintain that level of attack power.

of course-

“I can’t always use it either. To be honest, mana runs out too quickly, so it’s not practical.”

“okay. That’s how it should be. Does it make sense that you can freely use that level of fraud technology?”

Jinhyuk also could not use infinite light at will.

At the same time as using the Ilwon, I had to replace the Ilwon power with nearly infinite mana, befitting the name Infinite Gwang-ok, and at the same time use up all of that mana, up to the 1,000 mana stored in the Manbyun Spiritual Energy.

“Well, I could have finished it before I even got to the end… … “I got so excited because it was fun to torment Ifrit.”

Even though he was able to finish the game before the unified mana ran out without even having to use the stored energy of his Manbyun Soul Rejuvenation, there was no change in the fact that he consumed an enormous amount of mana as he tormented Ifrit by controlling his power.

“… … Still, it’s a little scary. “You’re not alone, right?”

“yes. If you meet the corps commanders and absorb all of them and their soul diseases… … “It will create a more interesting scene.”

“It’s terrible.”

A huge number of soul soldiers and undead legions attack, and rays of infinite ore of light emerge from between them or from the shadows they create.

It was a truly terrifying sight to even imagine.

“But it helped. “Of course, you can get a more accurate picture of an ability only when you use it and encounter it.”

“… … “I’m glad it helped.”

Elione, exhausted after just one sparring, smiled weakly and nodded.

That was possible during Phase 1.

However, Elione was quite shocked by the fact that she was defeated until the second phase.

‘It wasn’t about everything, it was just about one field called elemental magic… … Of course, I haven’t used all my abilities, but isn’t there a big difference?’


Jinhyeok was a master of spirit magic and did not even know about it until he signed a spirit contract a few days ago.

Elione couldn’t believe that such a being would push her indiscriminately even though she had made a contract with the two Spirit Kings.

‘… … ‘Not even a year has passed and he has truly become a monster.’

The fighting sense itself was unique.

Although he was clearly in a situation where he could be equal or superior in terms of firepower, Jinhyeok preferred attack over defense and literally defeated Elione.

The past less than a year ago.

In the bad past when he was sold as a slave on the black market, Jinhyeok did not reach this level, but in that one year, Jinhyeok has grown to the point where even saying he has made great progress is not enough.

‘Shall we stick with power vs. power? No, it’s done. ‘I’ll just get kicked around for no reason.’

They both thought about fighting with all their might, but it was no different from a match where the winner or loser was already decided, and she didn’t want to be embarrassed in front of the other dark elves anymore, so Elione shook her head, dusted herself off, and got up.

“Well done then.”

“Yes, please continue to treat me well.”

“… … what?”

Elione was able to hold on until Jinhyuk said, ‘From now on.’

However, the moment the words ‘from now on’ came out of Jinhyeok’s mouth, Elione felt as if her legs were losing strength.

“I don’t want to miss out on a good sparring partner.”

“… … no. “I’m busy.”

Elione expressed her refusal by running her tongue over his dry lips towards Jinhyeok, who was smiling.

And Jinhyeok was not a beast so soft that he missed the prey in front of him.

“Ask me when I have some free time.”

“Do you know how much we have to worry about supplies in preparation for war with the elves?”

War with elves.

As a dark elf, he tried to avoid sparring by mentioning something that was fate and fate, but Jinhyeok was not easy.

“If you contact Goldrich, he will set the price just right for you. “All you have to do is write down what kind of talent you have and how many people there are.”

“… … “Isn’t that busy enough?”

Gold Rich.

A colossus so famous that there are very few people in the entire tower who don’t know about it.

A person who is ranked first in the merchant industry and maintains an overwhelming gap with second place.



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It is known that the number of floors climbed to the top is around 600 floors, which is called the middle floor, but his influence is spread evenly beyond the 600 floors.

What if I put him in charge of supplies?

Rather, it would be easier to purchase large quantities of high-quality supplies than what Elione could obtain.

And at a very cheap price.

Jinhyeok lightly selling off such a being for the sake of sparring with her was funny, but Elione was horrified by that fact and expressed that even making a list was difficult.

at last-

“If necessary, Hyerin and I will also help.”

“I just don’t want to spar!”

Elione revealed her true feelings.

Even when it comes to supplies, there really wasn’t anything to list.

Since I already had it written in the first place, I just needed to make a few edits and send it to Goldrich.

That’s why Elione, who showed her true colors when Jinhyuk said that she and Hyerin would come forward to help, screamed and ran away from Jinhyuk.




Together with Jinhyuk, who calmly called out “Dark,” the two people’s new figures disappeared like a puff into the darkness beneath their feet.

And the place where the two appeared again –


It was darkness right in front of Elione who was running away.

Elione, frightened by the sudden appearance of the human spirit, screamed, and Jinhyeok placed his hand on Elione’s shoulder and said,

“Don’t rush, let’s talk about something serious for a moment.”

“ruler… … for a moment. Where are you taking me… … .”


Before he could finish speaking, tentacles of darkness stretched out from the darkness beneath his feet, wrapped around Elione and Jinhyeok, and covered the surroundings.


And where the tentacles of darkness disappeared, no one remained.

-Ugh, the term ‘playing with one another’ is exactly what is used in times like this. I feel sorry for the dark elf child.

Shine, the Spirit King of Light, was the only one left standing, looking at the spot where they had disappeared and shaking his head. * * *

600th floor.

The place called the middle floor of the tower was a place of trials where many people were frustrated and a space for those who had overcome the trials.

Among them, a unique and colorful building located in a wide space beyond the 600-story ordeal.

It was none other than the ‘Banquet Hall of the Stars’ built by the Nine Stars together.

“… … “Donas is missing.”

“… … .”

“Isn’t he always like that? “After my mission is over, I go out to play in Chilele Palele.”

“If Donas had disappeared, we wouldn’t have had a meeting like this.”


“Even the top guild members of Donas’ ‘Geomlim’ have disappeared. The demons that Donas was with also seem to be confused right now, so if you know anything, please tell me.”

And in the splendid and large conference room set up in the stars’ banquet hall, the ‘Nine Stars’ seated in the nine seats with one empty seat were having a meeting.

The agenda for the meeting was a story about the disappeared Donnas Taylor.

The host of the meeting was Carmen Fallon, the same Fallon sibling as last time.

As if to express the seriousness of this incident, she said that even the demons were embarrassed, and at the same time requested that others come forward with any information they knew.

“Well, I know because I often go out with Donnas, but from what I heard, there was no mention of him visiting an entertainment establishment.”

“Is it a tower? Or is it Earth?”


“… … Thank you for good information.”

“It was nothing. “Then, can we have a drink later?”

“I decline that.”

“It’s a shame~”

After swearing inwardly at the giggling Shinchang Mermesh Callaty.

Carmen Fallon looked at the others.

“Is there anything else?”

“… … Wouldn’t it be possible to search for the missing person’s location? Where Donas went on a mission with his demons. “We can start the investigation from there.”

A grave voice echoes through the conference hall.

Carmen Fallon looked at the owner of that voice, the thief Berdonard Milano, and shook her head.

“I already asked. It is said that the place where the Demons and Donas headed was Yuldo, the country of Taoists. “We even confirmed that there is a hidden passage on the 95th floor.”

“Then isn’t it over? “Wouldn’t it be okay to just go in and catch them and interrogate them?”

Carmen Fallon responded casually to the words of Bernardonard Milano, who casually spoke harsh words in a calm voice.

“If I could, I would have done it a long time ago. But they aren’t stupid either, so they are now erecting buildings around the passage. “It clearly means that we will interact with the outside world.”

“Anyway, the Four Emperors are behind us. What are you afraid of? “Can I at least fire a few arrows?”

When palace guard Jerominon, who was adjusting the thimble on his finger and checking the bow string, said this, Carmen Fallon shook her head again.

“I confirmed that someone from the Gourmet Association was helping them. “If you hit that area, the gourmet club will also become hostile.”

“… … Gourmet dinner? “Why is that idiot group there?”

Gourmet dinner.

Although the name is flashy, it is actually a place where monster meat and strange ingredients are cooked.

To those who know the reality, it just seems like a crazy group, but Carmen Fallon clicked her tongue at the fact that the person who said those words was the poisonous person Dan Jo-un.

‘Isn’t it true that people who do human experimentation without hesitation are idiots?’

To conduct a reliable test of poison, it is best to conduct it on humans.

In the end, poison is used to kill humans or monsters, and ‘Mandok’, which Tang Jo-un belongs to, is also famous for assassinations and contract killings, so human testing is even more essential.

However, most of Tang Zhaoyun’s human experiments were for fun, and whether the experiments failed or succeeded, the test subjects would meet the most terrible end imaginable, so Tang Zhaoyun was not in a position to criticize anyone.

However, if you leave out the gourmet-like aspect of it, it was a gathering of some of the strongest people in the tower.


“It is said that gourmet Jean Marceau has begun to fulfill his role as the owner of the restaurant, so you must not mess with that place for the time being.”

“Tch, that’s a shame. I also wanted to experiment with Taoists. Hee hee hee!”

“… … “Do you have any more information?”

Carmen Fallon looked at the others, leaving behind the grim-looking Dan Jo-un, who was giggling alone.

Unfortunately, no one spoke up anymore, and in the end, Carmen Fallon’s twin brother, Cain Fallon, came forward.

“As a result of the investigation with Carmen, the ‘ghost’, who also went missing shortly after Donas disappeared, reappeared. “There is a possibility that he may have been involved in this case of Donas missing.”

“Deaf face? “I thought that bastard was lost, but he was still alive?”

Mermesh Kalati muttered with a surprised look on his face, but that was all.

“But that kid is still on the 100th floor? “Donas wouldn’t be so bad that he would be inferior to that guy, right?”

“That’s just in case. “What if?”

“Hmm~ What if it’s good~ What if I and Carmen also~”

“Shut up, Mermesh.”

“… … “Carmen only hates me~”

In the end, Mermesh Callaty, who tried to avoid the gaze of Carmen Fallon, who was swearing with frustration, accepted the paper handed to her by Cain Fallon.

“Unfortunately, I have a prior engagement, so I’ll have to get up and see.”

A man dressed in a robe who appeared to be a kind middle-aged gentleman or grandfather stood up.

“… … Donas’ disappearance could lead to us. “If the Ghost Face was really involved in it, Merlin, you could be in danger too-”

“So, are you saying you want to cancel the contract you made with the Elyos? Well, if I mention your names, they might give up. Is that okay?”

“… … Ha, go.”

“Thank you. “You will be blessed.”

She tried to tell him about the danger, but when Merlin stood up, shrugged his shoulders as if he had no choice and mentioned ‘Elyos’, Carmen Fallon had to let him go with a sigh.

Seongguk had a deep relationship with the Elyos among the Four Emperors, and followed them wholeheartedly, so if Merlin sold their names to cancel the contract, they would back down, but the loss would have to be borne by the Fallon siblings and Seongguk.

Carmen Fallon asked him the last question as he left the room with a grin.

“Merlin. “What is your destination?”

There is an unspoken pressure to tell them what the contract is even if they go.

When the other Nine Stars showed their strength as if to join in, Merlin responded with a hearty laugh as if he had no choice.

“It’s an elf kingdom. “I heard they’re planning something over there, so I’m going to help out.”

“Is it war?”

“Otherwise, how would you call me, the Grand Wizard?”

“… … All right. “Then let’s leave Merlin alone and let us continue with the meeting.”

Elven Kingdom.

After hearing of Merlin’s destination, Carmen Fallon and the rest of the Nine stars immediately lost interest in him and returned to their original agenda.

And they didn’t know.

There was a correct answer in what they said, and the now-disappeared Merlin may also face a similar end to the disappeared Donnas Taylor.

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