Absolute Necromancer Chapter 265

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Episode 265

Even though Jinhyuk was moving his body, the energy he used did not increase.

He went from just dodging and attacking using dark and shine abilities like a wizard to moving like a magic swordsman.

But that was enough.

Quad deuk!

As if to prove the vague incarnation of the Spirit King, a stronger wave of earth rushed towards Jinhyeok, but Jinhyeok, who took advantage of the thick darkness of the dark forest and swallowed up the earth wave, snapped his finger at Elione’s back.


A massive sea wave burst out from the darkness behind Elione and swept her away.

It was a ridiculous situation where she suffered damage from her own attack, but Elione prepared for the next attack without any problems.


A hot burning fire explodes around Elione.

In front of Elione’s rough hand-to-hand attack with Ifrit’s red flames boasting enormous firepower, the dark waves of the sea were crushed like a pile of dry dirt.

Coo coo coo coo coo-

Jinhyeok smiled and nodded as he looked at Elione, who was rushing towards him with enormous momentum.

“Only then can he be called the Spirit King.”

It is impossible to fully draw out the power of the Spirit King by simply borrowing power other than incarnation.

Of course, it is still not a complete incarnation, but it is still a blurry incarnation.

Jinhyeok also fired back at Elione, who was pushing in like a runaway locomotive, showing firepower that was incomparable to before.



Next to Dark was Shine.

Shine looked calmly at Elione, who was rushing at her with flames wrapped around her, as a bright cluster of lights moved from her fingertips and eventually turned into a long sword.

A sword made of bright light.

Unlike its ordinary appearance, the nature of ‘light’ inside increases the speed of the sword itself, eliminates its weight, and maximizes its destructive power.

“A light blow.”

“… … “Inhale!”

Jinhyeok holds the sword Shine made and swings it lightly.

Since I had never learned any special swordsmanship, there was no magic involved in swordsmanship, but my strength stat reached a state of perfection and the sword of light made by the Spirit of Light King had sufficient power.

Elione, who felt this, took a breath and crossed her arms to block Jinhyeok’s slash.

Toad duduk-

The hard earthen armor covering his arms shattered and fell to the floor, and at the same time as the red flames burned violently again-

“Phoenix Wave.”

A phoenix, a phoenix, rose in the air.

As he flapped his huge wings of fire, his feathers crashed towards Jinhyeok like waves.


A wave made of feathers of fire hit Jinhyeok. * * *

“… … “It’s enormous.”

“Outsiders. “I ignored it because it was human, but it’s not enough to have made a contract with two spirit kings. It’s so skilled.”

“But Elione is not easy either. “Didn’t you make a contract with as many as four spirit kings?”

“Hmm, I think Elione is the winner.”

Jinhyuk and Elione.

Elione and Jinhyuk.

The Dark Elves, who stood wide and watched the battle between the two, could not help but be surprised and astonished.

Although there have been few instances where the Spirit King’s contractors have appeared, it is also rare to see the Spirit King’s contractors clashing with each other in power versus strength.

However, everyone predicted Elione’s victory as Jinhyeok was caught in the act and could not avoid it as he used a big technique called Phoenix Wave.

“One to one… … .”

“I’m human, but I have no choice but to admit it.”

Phase 1 and Phase 2.

At first, the first phase was a battle where all one had to do was rely on strength.

The second phase of the battle progresses from there, although it is blurry, to the point of manifestation.

It seemed like the winners were Jinhyuk and Elione, but-

“… … uh!”

The dark elves, who saw something in the haze that rose where the wave of fire passed by, set off their flagships one by one.

“… … “Crack!”

Elione gritted her teeth as she looked at the dark fortress standing tall where Jinhyuk, who had hit her attack squarely, was standing.

‘It was an attack of conversion.’

Phoenix Wave.

Embodying the phoenix Phoenix with the power of Ifrit, the Spirit King of Fire, who can be considered the highest level among the Spirit Kings in terms of firepower, he unleashes waves of fire with tremendous firepower.

At first glance, it was similar to magic, but its firepower, range, and power could never be compared to magic performed by humans.

And Jinhyeok blocked the attack with the Dark Fortress created with the power of Dark, the Spirit King of Darkness.


As if satisfied with having blocked the attack, in the dark fortress that was melting and returning to darkness, Jinhyeok, who was fine, shook off the dust, stretched out his fingertips, and flicked them.

“It’s not over yet, right?”

“… … of course.”

Obvious provocation.

As the humiliation from a few days ago and the current provocation overlapped, something in Elione’s mind snapped.


-Let’s get started in earnest.



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-Jinhyuk, I’m sorry!

-Hahaha! Owner of chaos, meet my wishes!

-… … Umm.

At the same time, the complete incarnation of the four spirit kings took place.

With the murmurs of the four spirit kings, whose personalities were as diverse as their colorful colors, a strong energy wave swept over Jinhyeok and the surroundings. * * *

“Is this the perfect incarnation of the Spirit King?”

Jinhyuk clicked his tongue, feeling the pressure pressing down on the surroundings along with the bursting energy wave.

-Ugh, isn’t that a foul? He’s even using the mana of the Black World Tree!

-… … It’s not complete. It would be around 50%.

And Dark, who blocked the energy wave that exploded in response to Jinhyeok’s words, pointed out the current situation with the sound of teeth grinding.

This is a situation where mana from the Black World Tree is drawn and added to the manifestation.

In addition, Shine announced that the Spirit King was not completely intact, but at approximately 50% level.

“How much discount do you have?”

-10% to 20%. At most, it is up to 30%.

“… … “There’s a big difference.”

Jinhyeok frowned as he saw the difference between himself and the enemy.

A situation where the difference is between a minimum of 20% and a maximum of close to 400%.

If the number of people is half, but even the firepower is behind, the result of the battle or mana will be decided.

‘Is it defeat?’

An overwhelming power gap.

Jinhyuk felt that and admitted it.

If things continue like this, he will be defeated.

so that-

‘You can never lose.’

Jinhyuk only used one thing.

“One won (one won).”

-… … oh!

-… … It’s huge.

One won (one won).

With the manifestation of his characteristics, Dark and Shine, who felt that everything about Jinhyeok was gathered under the name of unity, burst into exclamation –

-… … hurry!

-ah… … No! If you leave that alone… … !

-under… … Hahaha! It’s fun! Have fun, you who embrace chaos! Is that your truth!

-Umm… … .

The Spirit Kings who appeared behind Elione’s back explode with their flagships.

This is because I felt that Jinhyeok’s mood was unusual right now.

‘… … I know this, but how can I keep my feet from falling off!’

But just because she was Elione, she didn’t want to just stand still and watch.

It’s just that I can’t move because I’m weighed down by the overwhelming force.

short time.

At most 1-2 seconds.

When Elione’s body, which had not been able to move even a single step for a short period of time such as blinking an eye or two, began to move again.



Jinhyeok’s cool voice, with a blue aura flowing behind him, pierced Elione’s ears.

A cool feeling as if a sharp knife was stabbing my eardrums.

It soon became a reality.

“Dark, Shine. “It’s a combination.”

-Hapgong? With this kid?

-That’s unpleasant.

Combined work.

light and darkness.

A combination of two incompatible forces.

It was unbelievable, but-

-Well, let’s just do it today. I have a lot of mana and feel good~

-… … I agree with that.

The moment when Dark and Shine, who were in a good mood with the enormous mana of over 1,000 that had been replaced with one power, accepted the offer.

So much mana flowed into Dark and Shine that it could be seen as a blue aura.


-… … That’s good. I feel like the stuffiness has disappeared.

Pleasant elasticity.

As the power that restricted them disappeared, Dark and Shine’s faces were slightly shaken off from the stuffiness, although not as much as in the spirit world, and a faint smile appeared on their lips, and their appearances also showed a slight change.

They were like little fairies, but they grew up to the size of elementary school students.

And a change in appearance meant a change in power.

“Shine, you come first. “Shoot.”

-Let’s do it.

With a satisfied expression on his face as his body grew, Shine’s fingertips shot out a beam of light that was incomparable to anything before.


A force so powerful that Shine’s body, which shot the light, was slightly pushed back.

When Elione, wrapped in the power of the Four Spirit Kings, flinched and prepared to defend herself.


“… … Did you guess wrong? No, did you miss it?”

A beam of light scratched Elione’s forearm and passed by.

In an incomprehensible situation, not only Elione but also the Spirit Kings turned their heads towards the disappeared beam of light with dumbfounded faces.


“… … Have you been swallowed by darkness?”

Their eyes caught the sight of the darkness of the forest swallowing up the beam of light emitted by Shine.


The reason is unknown, but the moment she saw it, Elione felt an inexplicable feeling creep up her spine and her mouth became dry.


‘Darkness’ arose around Elione.

When the round-shaped darkness the size of a pot lid gradually increased and eventually completely covered the surrounding area, there was no room to step.


“… … coming!”

-I’ll burn it!

A beam of light that had disappeared in the darkness was shot out.


“… … “Two?”

-Damn, were we divided in the dark?


Two beams of light protruding from two darknesses.

Ifrit, who was trying to burn a beam of light, expressed embarrassment due to the strange phenomenon of one entering but splitting into two.


The beam of light that was shot avoided them and once again entered the darkness.

As the beam of light passed by her again, Elione realized that something was wrong.

“darkness! “We have to erase the darkness first!”

-… … Breathe!


Darkness swallowed up two beams of light.

At the voice of Elione, who thought that this anxiety would not disappear as long as they existed, Ifrit transformed into a huge flame giant and struck the darkness with a fist of fire.

Pussss- Passss-

The darkness touched by Ifrit’s fiery fist, which has overwhelming mass and power, explodes, burns, and turns into dust.



-… … Wow!


-Fuck it, it’s four now!

There was more darkness left than the darkness he removed, and this time, a beam of light split into four passed through Ifrit, burning the darkness.

When Elione panics at the painful scream.


“… … ruined.”

The four beams of light that penetrated Ifrit were once again swallowed up by darkness.

Even though she couldn’t see the future, Elione’s face hardened as she naturally anticipated that future.

The future she envisioned fit nicely.


As the saying goes, “The beginning may be small, but the end will be great.” At first, the rays of light started out as one, then two, then four, then eight… … It didn’t take long for things to become more divided.

At first, it was just the sound of a single or multiple cannonballs being fired, but now, along with a deafening sound, rays of light poured out like crazy from all the darkness surrounding Elione.

“Infinite light. “What does it feel like to be in an infinitely expanding prison of light?”

Infinite light.

The light that started from one passes through countless darknesses and splits within them.

From one to two.

From two to four.

From four to eight.

When this is repeated several or dozens of times, the number of rays of light so fast that the eye cannot even see them becomes countless.

As the saying goes, infinite light literally maintains a nearly infinite beam of light as long as its strength is exhausted.

-why… … Why only me… … ! Wow!

“Go away, Ifrit.”

And among the spirit kings trapped in the infinite ore, the one who suffered the most from being pierced by beams of light was Ifrit, the spirit king of fire.

When the other spirit kings were attacked once, Ifrit was pierced twice or three times, so it may have been unfair to him, but it was none of Jinhyeok’s business.

Seeing him suffering from very real pain, even though he was merely an incarnation and not his real body, Jinhyeok just smiled brightly and told him to fuck off.

Although it was clearly a selfish action,

-Haha! Increase! Stretch!

-… … It is a light that reaches infinity. That’s pretty interesting. It’s funny.

Dark and Shine, who manipulate darkness and control beams of light, were already immersed in the infinite light created by Jinhyeok and did not care about Ifrit’s pain.

Ifrit’s pain was expressed in the words of countless dark elves who were watching the sparring, ‘I pity the Fire Spirit King…’ … It ended only after the words had flowed out.

Naturally, the winner of this sparring match was Jinhyuk.

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