Absolute Necromancer Chapter 264

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Episode 264

“… … “I will hand it over to trial.”

“Didn’t you agree?”

“When did I!”

Jinhyeok shrugged his shoulders while looking at Elione trembling with slight convulsions and threw away the dark feather.

After playing with the feather, which returned to the darkness of the room as soon as it hit the ground, Jinhyeok helped Elione up.

“I ask you often.”

“What are you asking for? Are you going to tickle me again?”

“No, I’m not familiar with elemental magic yet, so I need help with it.”

“… … If that’s the case, it’s not that difficult… … .”

“I’ll contact you when I need to.”

Satisfied with Elione’s positive answer, Jinhyeok waved his hand.

“… … Wow!”

“Then we’ll see you later and take a rest.”

With the door opening of its own accord, the darkness of the ground shook like waves, throwing Elione out of the lodgings.

Elione, who was suddenly abandoned, looked at Jinhyuk as if this situation was absurd, but-


“… … “Is there something I can teach you about elemental arts?”

Elione muttered with a shocked expression as she watched the darkness in the room naturally close the door. * * *

As a few days passed, the dark elf village ‘Dark Forest’ was living an uneventful life.


“Everyone works hard.”

“Jinhyuk, can you not do this?”

Hyerin approached Jinhyeok and asked him, who was looking at the dark elves who were in the midst of practicing spirit magic inside the dark forest, regardless of their safety.

It was only natural that Jinhyeok, who had only been in contract with a spirit for a few days, was just lounging around while the others were working hard at spirit magic.

But Jinhyuk had his own thoughts.

“If you hang out with kids like that, it’s going to be a loss. Either I will teach, or I will crush the technique with overwhelming firepower. Elio you best spar with her when you have her time.”

“… … “Would it have been helpful if I had made a contract with a spirit?”

“Well, that might have been the case, but it would have been difficult because I would have had to make a contract with a spirit king-level being. So don’t worry too much, Hyerin.”


Jinhyuk’s smile was very beautiful as he placed his hand on the head of Hyerin, who was disappointed that she could not help while speaking.

“… … “Yes, thank you.”

After hearing the consolation, Hye-rin blushes and lowers her head at the warmth she feels from Jin-hyuk’s hand.

Jinhyeok’s eyes sparkle as he watches the other dark elves training in elemental arts.

“I have time.”

“Is it finally? Hyerin, stay there and watch.”

“Yes, cheer up.”

Jinhyuk jumped up from his seat as if he had been waiting at the words of Elione, who was walking towards him while wiping away the thick beads of sweat dripping from his forehead.

A few days time.

If this is the first time you hit something you used with Elione’s Wrath after you first made a contract with a spirit, it means that the time has come for you to be able to use spirit magic in just a few days.

The time to hone new powers always gave Jinhyuk the emotions of a child receiving a new toy as a gift.

“I’ll leave it there.”

“I’m fine.”

“Mom, sister!”


Before he left, Jinhyuk summoned Tam and gave him to Hye-rin. As soon as he summoned him, he felt something bitter as he ran to Hye-rin and hugged Tam.

‘I think he follows better than me.’

It was true that Tom was spending a lot of time with Hye-rin recently.

Even if it wasn’t just sparring, it was possible to use elemental magic, and it was inevitable because if Tam was brought out in human form, he would always try to stick by his side.

Fortunately, Hye-rin liked Tam, and Tam also followed Hye-rin well, calling her mother or older sister, so Jin-hyuk was able to focus on training with peace of mind.

In the meantime, as Tam became too close to Hye-rin, I felt a little uncomfortable because it seemed like she was closer to Hye-rin than I was.

“What are you doing?”

“… … egg plant.”

However, it was impossible to keep Elione, who took time out of her busy schedule to spar with her, to wait for a long time.

In the end, Jinhyuk shook his head with a sigh and said, “My son likes his mother more than his father!” I walked away leaving the situation like that behind me.

Of course, Jinhyeok was not the father, Hyerin was not the mother, and Tom was not the son. * * *


Wide central vacant lot.

Jinhyuk, who had gauged the intensity of the attack by kicking the hard dirt floor there, looked at Elione, who was standing on the opposite side of him and looking at him, and opened his mouth.

“You’d better be prepared to even appear.”

“… … “I guess you’re going to do it right?”

“Because I use my power to manifest rather than borrow.”

“Okay, I’ll prepare for the appearance too.”


Conventional spirit magic is divided into a method of borrowing the power of a spirit and a method of summoning the spirit itself.

However, in the former case, in the case of a low-grade spirit, the firepower is insufficient even if manifested, so in the case of a spirit priest who made a contract with a low-grade spirit, the latter method was unavoidable.

However, in the case of Jinhyeok and Elione, the latter method has the disadvantage of consuming too much mana and using more firepower than necessary.

Therefore, those who have made a contract with a spirit of the highest level or spirit king level often choose the former method out of necessity.



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‘Not me, though.’

However, there was no such case for Jinhyuk.

A spiritist of Jinhyuk’s level does not use Manifestation until the very end because he has to keep in mind the situation due to excessive mana consumption, but Jinhyuk has a lot of energy to use it even without mana.

In any case, it didn’t matter because he could use a member to supply a huge amount of mana equivalent to a god.

Especially for Jinhyeok, who had many things to use and think about other than spirit magic, borrowing and using the spirit’s abilities directly only complicated his mind and body.

‘In that case, it would be better to risk mana consumption and entrust Dark and Shine with their power as spirits so that they can freely help in battle. When necessary, I can just give the order myself.’

In complex battle situations, he can use extremely powerful attacks without his commands, and when necessary, he can handle that power directly or use it in the way he wants by commanding it, so Jinhyeok couldn’t help but love Hyeonshin.

“Then let’s begin.”

“It’s what I hoped for. The humiliation of a few days ago… … “I didn’t forget.”

Four pairs of wings made of contemplative energy spread behind Elione, who was blushing as she recalled a few days ago, and at the same time, Jinhyeok grinned at Elione and muttered.

“Dark, shine.”


-I was waiting.

At the same time, a mischievous fairy that seemed to personify a crow and a fairy that seemed to represent an elegant saint lightly landed on Jinhyeok’s shoulders.

Dark and Shine.

The moment the Spirit King of Darkness and Light appeared in the tower.


Elione’s new model was fired like a cannonball.

Jinhyeok stood still as he watched Elione fly away at an invisible speed as the ground he stepped on cracked.

I didn’t try to do anything and didn’t bring up any other energy.

Actually, it was natural.

Jinhyeok’s current purpose was to bring out the limits of his spirits and everything they could do, not to suppress Elione with his own abilities.

And just because Jinhyuk stayed still, that didn’t mean everyone stayed still.


Shine’s body, which was sitting on his shoulder and watching the situation, glowed brightly and a ray of light was shot out.

A beam of light with a speed that far exceeded Elione faced Elione as it was.

Although it had only been a short while since she had set off, Elione gnashed at the ray of light that arrived first, gritting her teeth and pulling out a part of her four pairs of wings made of earth and throwing them away.

Quad deud deuk! Push!

As soon as part of the earthen wing touched the ground, a huge earthen wall was created, blocking the incoming rays of light.

But even for a moment.

The beam of light quickly broke through the shattered earthen wall and attempted to attack Elione with slightly reduced speed and power, but-

-… … where?

As Shine’s embarrassed voice indicated, Elione was not visible behind the earthen wall.


Quad deuk!

-It’s down!

With Dark’s playful voice, the ground right below Jinhyeok split, revealing Elione covered in dirt.

Jinhyuk met her venomous gaze and burst into laughter.

“Your judgment is quick.”

“You said you didn’t forget the humiliation, right?”

“Didn’t you say it was just an experiment?”

“… … Low quality!”

Facing Elione’s red-faced, venomous gaze, Jinhyeok also tapped Dark.

-I understand.

Dark, who was complaining, laughed and at the same time Jinhyuk’s body fell down and disappeared.

Elione’s face hardened at the sight of Jinhyeok suddenly disappearing.


“It is a mobile device that moves in the dark. “Isn’t it quite useful?”

“… … when?”

“In the dark forest, darkness lurks everywhere. “It means it becomes a source of infinite mobility.”

Looking at Elione who couldn’t help but be surprised to see Jinhyuk suddenly appear behind her, Jinhyuk tapped the shadow behind Elione’s back with his toe.

“The same goes for your shadow.”

“… … “Tch.”

Elione, clenched at the deceptive technique that inevitably led to her being caught on the assumption that there was a shadow, tore off the wings of fire and water.


The meeting of hot fire and cold water.


A huge amount of steam burst out, creating a wall of steam between Jinhyuk and Elione.

Elione’s body moved roughly in a situation where she couldn’t see even an inch ahead.


Elione’s body becomes faster as she tears off a handful of the wings of the wind and spreads them on her body.

Also, the moment the wall of steam was blown away by the wind created by the wings of the wind, the image of Elione flying towards Jinhyuk was captured on Jinhyuk’s retina.

-The prison of light.

A low voice.

With Shine’s voice, swords made of light fall to exactly where Elione ran to, forming a prison.

Jinhyeok burst into laughter as he saw Elione trapped in a prison of light made of high fever.

“Is this the end?”

“… … .”

The prison of light has the power to trap even the darkness of darkness.

Of course, Elione can’t destroy it on her own.

But there was one thing Jinhyuk overlooked.

“… … Ifrit, Elaim, Sylphid, and Noah.”

“… … this.”


It wasn’t just Jinhyeok’s exclusive possession, it was a power that Elione could also fully use.

And unlike Jinhyeok, Elione can make four people appear, not two.

The moment when the thing that Elione forgot to use even though she said it was used-


With a powerful explosion, Shine’s prison of light exploded, and Elione slowly walked out from there with four blurry figures floating on her back.

Looking at that scene, Jinhyuk smiled and muttered.

“Is it Phase 2?”

Second phase.

The battle against Elione, fought with the help of the Spirit King, was a landslide victory.

So what about the battle with Elione, who has made the four Spirit Kings appear?

After Jinhyeok thought that way and started the battle, his body, which had never moved of his own will, began to move of its own will.

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