Absolute Necromancer Chapter 263

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Episode 263


Every time an attack is made, the blinking light makes you frown.

However, Jinhyuk, who had already protected his eyesight with spiritual power, looked directly at the light and munched the popcorn without any trouble.

‘Shine can definitely be seen as mainly about attack power, destructive power, and reduced visual ability due to light.’

Meanwhile, steadily analyzing Shine’s abilities was a bonus.

The powerful attack and destructive power of the beam of light pouring down indiscriminately in the blink of an eye destroyed everything that stood in its way.

In particular, just by looking at the way Dark broke the beam of light and the scattered rays of light shattered the surrounding trees and soil, it was clear how strong the power of the intact ray of light was.

‘A decent climber would get to the goal with just one hit.’

Simple is best.

As the saying goes, simple is best, Shine’s attack was simple.

It’s fast and powerful, and can make the opponent blink like a flashbang.

On the other hand, in the case of Dark-

-Light is eaten by darkness!

He was happy and boasted of the splendor of skillfully performing various defenses and attacks using the surrounding darkness.

The shield and long spear rim that rise from the darkness block the beam of light and attack Shine.

The shield of darkness blocked, absorbed, and shattered the minimal impact of the incoming beam of light.

And then, a spear made up of spears of darkness rose from the darkness beneath Shine’s feet and stabbed Shine.

-… … Ugh.

-It stings, right?

A battle between honesty and splendor.

In the midst of this, Shine began to lose ground.

In fact, this situation itself was unfavorable to Shine, so it was only natural.

That’s right-

-dark! It is against the law to take advantage of the darkness of the forest!

-If you ask me, did you also use the light of the sun?

-How can we use light when there is no light coming in? It’s a contradiction!

-Then you make it and use it!

-… … Tsk!

The dark forest where the two are dueling is literally a forest full of ‘darkness’.

Naturally, this place, which could be said to be the center of the forest, was much darker than the outskirts and was pitch black without a single ray of light.

Of course, the surroundings of Shine, the Spirit King of Light, were quite bright, but in the end, that was also the power of Shine.

On the other hand, Dark was able to use the darkness of the forest without using any strength to launch attacks regardless of the blind spot or the front, which was a very advantageous situation.

It was natural for Shine to be upset.

“So far.”

And when the darkness of Dark reaches its peak by creating Changrim and Geomrim again.

Jinhyuk stepped in between them and at the same time cut off the mana flowing to the two beings.

Originally, it would have been impossible for even the Spirit King who appeared within the tower to penetrate into the center of the battle and stop it, but it was possible because their contractor was Jinhyeok.

The dark Changlim and Geomlim spread out by Jinhyeok’s mana disappeared like ghosts, and along with them, the prison of light that blocked them also disappeared.

-Wow, it’s been a while since I got my first win.

-What is 1 win? dark! Do you have no conscience?

-In the beginning, darkness has no conscience.

-What shameless… … !

Dark, who Jinhyuk had often faced in the spirit world even before he wanted to fight, was disappointed that he could not get one more win, and Shine, who started with a handicap due to his geographical advantage, was angry.

Looking at that scene, Jinhyuk waved his hand to stop the dispute between the two.

“Winning or losing wasn’t important, so don’t fight either. Shine.”

-… … What is it?

“If, on the other hand, light filled this space, would you have been able to fight like Dark?”

-of course… … !

“Except for pride.”

-… … It will be that difficult. Darkness is flexible and can become anything, but light lacks that. It is difficult not only for the spirits of the lower level but also for me to change the light at will.

“hmm… … .”

Jinhyeok shook his head and swallowed at Shine’s answer, which immediately calmed him down as soon as he lost his pride.

“What about you, Dark? Can you beat Shine strength-to-strength?”

-carrot… … !

“I forgot to tell you to talk about your pride too.”

-You can’t win!

Likewise, Dark immediately admitted that he would not be able to defeat Shine if they fought strength against strength.

Thanks to the two answers, Jinhyeok was able to be confident.

“Shine in both attack and defense. “Are defense and support dark?”

-What do you mean?

“I’ll make sure you both use it carefully.”

-… … I’m glad you have eyes to see.

-Hmph, I’m better than Lightyear.

-It seems like I can’t see the eyes and mouth because it’s dark. Can I ask where the words are coming from? dark?

-What did you say?

-I didn’t say anything.

Looking at Dark and Shine already bickering about how long it had been since the fight ended, Jinhyuk shook his head and walked back to the dorm with Tam.



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“I’ll call you later. “The fight must be fought in the spirit world.”

-sleep… … .

-hey… … !


With the sound of Jinhyuk snapping his fingers as his interest disappeared, Dark and Shine tried to stop Jinhyuk, but they had already returned to the spirit world.

At the end of their voices echoing empty where they disappeared –

-… … When did you get all of this sorted out? You left the cleaning up to me and left to fend for yourself. Tsk.

Only the Black World Tree began to control the forest and restore the dented ground and damaged trees and forests. * * *

“Jinhyuk! “Did you see my speech?”

“I didn’t see it.”

“… … Tsk.”

It took less than a second for Elione’s bright face to rot when she came to the dorm.

Elione clicked her tongue, her face hardened, and asked grumblingly.

“Why are you so busy? “You can hear everything from here too?”

“I went to the spirit world.”

“Spirit world? ah! Now that I think about it, you too… … .”

“Yes, we had a deal. In return, he went to the spirit world and met with the spirit kings. surely… … “They were amazing beings.”

Regardless of Ifrit’s rude appearance when he first met him, his energy and abilities were something that Jinhyeok could not surpass, whether in the past or present.

‘At least I should be like my future self.’

Jinhyuk of the future amidst trials.

It was not a fixed future.

It’s just a fragmentary and variable future that shows what will happen if Jinhyuk grows as is now, if he grows without anything else.

However, even if it was only that far into the future, Jinhyeok did not care much because he was a transcendent being who could easily stand up to a single Spirit King.

All I had to do was digest my current fear and pressure and become a stronger being.

Anyway, that wasn’t the important thing, so Elione slightly shook her head and her eyes sparkled.

“Who did you contract with? Ifrit? Elaim? Or is it Noah? No, Jinhyuk, I think you would look good with Silphid. Right? “Sylphide?”

Jinhyeok calmly responded to Elione’s rapid-fire, sweetly asking who he signed a contract with.

“I couldn’t do all four.”

“… … what? No way! “You signed a contract with all four of us?”

“You’re an elf. “I am human.”

“… … Is that it?”

“It is said that the elves made a deal with the spirits to receive help. The same goes for you as a dark elf. In addition, it is said that your race god has stepped forward to make a contract with the Spirit King this time, so it would not have been difficult to make a contract with all four. “It’s natural, especially since you have outstanding talent.”

“… … “Thank you for saying that.”

For a moment, I looked at Elione, who was smiling and blushing when told that she had outstanding talent.

“But I’m not an elf. Therefore, I cannot receive help in the contract between the race god and the spirit king, and I cannot handle that much mana.”

“… … “Well, that’s a shame.”

The Four Great Spirit Kings.

It’s not enough to summon all four of them, who are almost the same level as Dark and Shine, and use them in battle?

It wouldn’t be surprising if he suffered mana exhaustion every time he was summoned and turned into a mummy.

Even though Elione’s mana was much less than Jinhyeok’s, she was able to summon the Four Spirit Kings and borrow their power. It was her talent, but it could not be denied that the help of Elfheim, the ‘Parent of the World Tree’, was great.

“Then is it a top-level spirit? Or upper level? “Even if it’s just that much, Jinhyuk, it will be of help to you.”

“Not them either. They say the chaos latent within me is enough to scare even the Spirit King. Of course, he will refuse the highest level and upper level spirits, but it may be possible with middle level spirits that can be forced into contracts… … .”

“… … “I’m not going to sign a contract because I don’t like it.”

“That is correct.”

“So you couldn’t sign a contract with anyone? That’s a bit too much… … .”

Elione knows roughly what kind of contract Jinhyeok signed.

Although he received the elixir called the fruit of the Black World Tree, it was Jinhyeok’s loss to use that alone to antagonize the elf kingdom, which was the main force in the tower and backed by the Four Emperors.

Therefore, even though Elione was a dark elf and the leader of them, she was worried about Jinhyeok and felt sorry for him.

of course-

“Instead, I made a contract with the Spirit King of Light and Darkness.”

“… … what?”

It was inevitable that Elione’s face became strangely distorted when she heard Jinhyuk say that she had made a contract with the Spirit King of Light and Darkness.

When Elione asked again to confirm whether what she heard was correct, Jinhyeok responded by expressing regret.

“I came back after signing the contract and was busy verifying the Spirit Kings’ skills, so I couldn’t hear your speech… … Honestly, just seeing their abilities made me quite satisfied… … .”

“The Spirit King of Darkness is Darkness, and the Spirit King of Light is Glory… … Right?”

However, before the words were finished, Elione, who was embarrassed, asked back, including the names of Darkness, the Spirit King of Darkness, and Glory, the Spirit King of Light.

“Well, to make it easier, I called it Dark and Shine. “Not bad, right?”

Jinhyuk smiled broadly as he told them the names he had decided to call them.

Naturally, Elione’s reaction upon hearing those words was-

“What’s wrong with not being bad!!!”

It was intense.

Jinhyuk unconsciously took a step back and swallowed dry saliva as he saw his face, which had been feeling sorry and worried and not knowing what to do just now, become filled with absurdity and anger.

“… … “Why are you doing this?”

“Are you kidding me? Are you making fun of me by saying that you signed a contract with Darkness and Glory, who don’t have many contracts in total, but I signed a contract with an ordinary(?) Four Great Spirit King? It’s been like that since we first met. this… … this… … Yiyi!!!”

“No, I truly think it’s great… … .”

“shut up!”


Jinhyeok nodded as he looked at the wings of flame that burst out behind Elione, who couldn’t even speak properly due to her anger.

“If you want to give it a try, I won’t stop you.”

“I really don’t like your nonchalant appearance.”

“Because it’s my original personality.”

“… … Ugh.”

Elione was shot like a shot put as she saw Jinhyeok calmly shrugging his shoulders even in front of the wings of flame that were so hot that they created a haze around him.

It was a fairly spacious room, but Elione, who gained enormous momentum by flapping her wings of flame, rushed at her like a darting arrow.



“… … !”

Dark, who appeared with a happy pop along with Jinhyuk’s brief name, snapped his fingers with a mischievous expression similar to Jinhyuk’s.


At the same time, chains and tentacles made of shadows stretched out from the darkness of the room where sunlight did not reach, wrapped around wings of flame, and grabbed Elione’s limbs.

In an instant, Elione’s bound face turns bright red.


“what… … what.”

“I’d like to know how much tickling you have to do before the target can endure it and the spirit is reverse-summoned. Would you like to cooperate?”

“Do not come.”

“Sounds like fun.”

“I told you not to come.”

“Thank you for the favor. dark.”

-It sounds fun. It was a good thing I signed a contract.

“Don’t come!!!”

Jinhyeok and Dark, who had already picked up soft feathers made of darkness one by one, approached the bound Elione and began tickling her empty sides and armpits.

At the same time, Elione’s laughter, which had lost her dignity, spread throughout Jinhyeok’s dorm.

Crunch, rustle-


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