Absolute Necromancer Chapter 261

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Episode 261

The battle between light and darkness.

Jinhyeok watched the scene closely in a situation that could be said to be a sight not commonly seen under normal circumstances.

‘This is definitely a battle filled with the sincerity of spirit king-level beings. If you intervene, you won’t be able to find a single bone.’

Even if Darkness made the slightest mistake, Jinhyuk, the mental chain, suffered a huge blow and was immediately reverse summoned. It was not strange, but Jinhyuk remained calm.

I believed in Darkness, but apart from the ferocious energy I felt from Glory, the Spirit King of Light, I did not feel any murderous intent.

‘Are you just trying to get me away?’


Glory’s heart was so kind that this thought inevitably occurred to her.

If it was an unwanted meeting, there would have been an option to just kill her, but just looking at the fact that she was trying to stop the meeting from taking place by reverse-summoning her, it could be said that it was a part that showed Glory’s heart.


-Why, don’t talk to me because I’m busy.

So, after thinking about it, Jinhyuk took a step forward from behind Darkness and spoke.

When Jinhyuk suddenly spoke, Darkness, who had been blocking Glory’s explosive laser barrage, responded while sweating.

“Can you let off just one attack?”

-You can do it. But why?

However, Jinhyeok paid no attention to that and asked Darkness if he could let the attack go instead of blocking it.

Darkness tilts his head and asks Jinhyuk, who is asking for something that was possible but had no reason to do.

“I want to talk.”

-… … What are you thinking? Glory, that guy is a stubborn bull who won’t change a decision even if it kills him.

“Anyway, since I’ve decided to sign a contract, I can sign a contract whenever I get the chance. “Even if they say I’m being counter-summoned here.”

-That’s true, but… … .

The ridiculous situation of wanting to talk during battle.

Especially since Darkness and Glory have been together since the beginning, they know each other better than anyone else.

Therefore, Darkness knew very well that Glory was a stubborn bull who never changed what she had decided on.

However, since Jinhyeok’s persuasion also made sense, I gradually began to accept it.


-… … Tsk, I get it. Stand back for a moment. Because it will be a big shock.

Darkness eventually gave in to Jinhyuk’s request.

Darkness, waving his hands and taking a deep breath while telling him to step back, calculated the timing of the laser barrage that was continuously being fired and soon vomited out darkness.


-… … What are you thinking?

Dense darkness once again colors the world, and for a moment, light disappears from the world.

No matter how much he is the Spirit King of Light, he cannot produce 100% power in a place where there is not even a speck of light.

In particular, this is the Dark Spirit World, the area of ​​Darkness.

Glory was also a spirit king, but he could not act rashly in other people’s territory, especially since Darkness, the spirit king of darkness with whom he had an ambiguous compatibility, had eaten the light.

From the beginning, Glory was targeting Jinhyeok, not Darkness, and because she knew that there was no murderous intent, Darkness simply did not have any murderous intent, so after a brief lull, Glory asked what he was thinking.

Then Darkness shrugged and pointed behind herself.

-It’s not what I wanted, it’s what this guy wanted.

-… … Contractor?

-You two should just have a conversation. I’ll be out for a while. Instead, if they try to attack me because I’m not around, I won’t be able to stand it.

-… … I also have that same thought.

-You just need to know.

Glory comes down to the ground and faces Jinhyeok, along with Darkness, who walks away and sits down on a chair covered in darkness a little distance away.

-What made you want to talk to me?

“I don’t understand why you don’t want a contract with me and Darkness.”

-Chaos has been a symbol of instability since ancient times. This can be clearly seen by looking at the fact that among the many gods and demons, there are only two beings who embrace chaos.


-Tom and Lucifer. Apart from those two, no one was confused. This is because it damages one’s divinity and magical core. Since I have quite a connection with those two, I have to further prevent the contract between you and Darkness.

Jinhyeok, who was staring at the calm but firm figure, finally opened his mouth.

“But I have to do it.”

-It’s not just your problem. You are the one who can climb to the top of the tower. If such a being harbors chaos, there will be tremendous confusion. Just as Tom was like that in the past, and Lucifer was like that in the past, so will you be.


Jinhyeok was told that the world might be thrown into chaos because of him, but he didn’t care.

“I need more strength. “Because the enemies I have to deal with are not ordinary.”

-… … It’s already strong enough.

“Can we defeat the Four Emperors with just this? Can you kill the gods and demons behind them?”

-That’s the future… … .

“no. It’s impossible. I saw my future. My future was definitely strong, but not overwhelming. That’s why I plan to gather strength that I didn’t have in the future. “The spirit king’s power also exists there.”

-… … .

In the ordeal of appetite, Jinhyeok trained his energy to the limit and became a being who possessed both godhood and the magic core.

It was probably from then on that Jinhyeok’s confusion, who had been slightly confused by various energies in his body from the past, rapidly increased.

It was natural that a chaotic being alone had enough power to throw the world into chaos, but that was not enough.

Because in the future during the Trial of Appetite, there was neither the power of the Demon King nor the contract of the Spirit King.

What if the power of the Demon King and the Spirit King’s contract were added to the future self?

If you can gain new powers that your future self did not have.

“I don’t care about the chaos as long as I can become stronger.”

-That’s a very selfish thought.



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“People are inherently selfish. And I can control that mess. Chaos is also my strength in the end. Then the chaos that will arise from chaos is also mine. “I am confident that I have complete control over what I have.”

-… … It’s a contradiction. Just because you embrace chaos, it is clearly wrong to claim that the resulting chaos is yours.

“I guess that’s possible. “Then, how about you personally check with me to see if it is a wrong answer or a correct answer?”

It was only then that Glory realized Jinhyuk’s intention when he saw Jinhyuk making a suggestion with a grin on his face.

-you… … As if Darkness wasn’t enough, he also wanted a contract with me. He is extremely arrogant and greedy.

“Elione signed a contract with four people, so shouldn’t I have at least two to stand out?”

The fact that he was targeting not only the contract with Darkness, but also himself, the Spirit King of Light.

Jinhyeok, who was caught looking at the target, shrugged his shoulders and brought up Elione.

-The Four Great Spirit Kings and we are the same but different beings. This is because our power to control light and darkness, which can be said to be the foundation of the world, is stronger than each of the Four Great Spirit Kings.

“Then, if we count two of the Four Great Spirit Kings per person, it’s 4 to 4. “It’s a tie.”

-… … It’s not an easy calculation, but… … Can you afford it? I will be by your side watching over you. If your confusion consumes you and causes confusion, I will not deal with it as easily as I do now. Let go of the idea that Darkness can protect you in that situation.

handle it

Jinhyuk’s answer to Glory, who declared that she would provide strength to the confused Jinhyeok and at the same time act as a watchdog who would stick a dagger to his neck at any time, was predetermined.

“I have always walked a tightrope, risking my life. Watch over chaos in exchange for the Spirit King of Light? “It’s a business I have a lot of money to spare.”

-… … All right.

-what? Glory, are you signing a contract too? Is this your first time doing this except for Tom and Lucifer?

-This is the first time among humans. And even then, it was more of a surveillance than a contract.

As soon as Jinhyuk and Glory’s conversation ended, Darkness jumped up from his chair and ran towards me, surprising me.

Tom and Lucifer.

Even in the world of gods and demons, only high-ranking beings made simultaneous contracts with the Spirit Kings of Light and Darkness.

Since they all had something in common: chaos, it was not unusual for Jinhyuk, who was just as confused as them, to win the contract. What surprised Darkness was that unlike them, Jinhyuk was human.

-Then shall we sign a contract right away?

-Let’s do it.

However, no one complained about the facts that had already been established.

Darkness just looked like she had a fun toy, and Glory calmly looked like she was doing her duty as a watchdog.

And Jinhyuk smiled brightly, realizing that he had become stronger again.

-Darkness, the spirit king of darkness.

-Glory, the Spirit King of Light.

-Declaring a contract with contractor Cha Jin-hyuk.

-I declare a contract with contractor Cha Jin-hyuk.

-Would you like to sign a contract?

-Would you like to sign a contract?

Two voices ringing at the same time.

The answer to the voice asking if I wanted a contract was already decided.

“You are asking the obvious. would.”

-From now on, you are a contract of the Dark Spirit King.

-From now on, you are a contractor of the Spirit King of Light. Please take care of me in the future.

As soon as Jinhyuk finished answering, the darkness of Darkness and the light of Glory seeped into Jinhyuk and became a pattern.

That too for a while.

The pattern that disappeared in an instant was completely gone as if it had never happened before.

“Is it done?”

I tilted my head for a moment because nothing had changed.

[The title of Contractor of Light and Darkness has been acquired.]

[Contractor of Light and Darkness]

A title given to beings who have made a contract with the Spirit King of Light and the Spirit King of Darkness.

Mana + 150

“… … “I’m sure.”

Along with the message window announcing the contract, there are additional effects of the newly acquired title ‘Contractor of Light and Darkness’.

This was the moment when mana stat once again stood tall as the number one stat, surpassing magic power and sacred power. * * *

“Then what do you call them by name?”

After signing the contract and looking at the quiet surroundings, Jinhyeok asked about the name.

Darkness, Glory.

Both are a bit long and difficult to pronounce to call them by their full names.

Darkness answered roughly.

-Just call me Dark. The kids under me are all dark, so what?



Jinhyeok nodded at the name, which was easy to pronounce and short, and looked at Glory.

“Then Glory is Lori… … .”

-no. I absolutely hate it. If you’re going to call me that, I’ll cancel the contract.

“Isn’t Rory better than Glo?”

-I said no. “I have a name, Shining, so call me Shine.”

“… … Too bad. “You don’t like my naming?”

-Yes, I really don’t like it.

Unfortunately, Glory did not like the name Jinhyeok recommended, and Glory ended up being called Shine.

Jinhyuk got up and left behind the grumbling Glory, now known as Shine.

“Now it’s time to go back.”

-See it in reality.

-See you again soon.


Jinhyuk closed his eyes, leaving behind Dark and Shine, who were waving their hands to see him off.

When I open my eyes again.

Jinhyeok was sitting cross-legged next to the roots of the black world tree.

-does not make sense! I never thought I would make a contract with the Spirit King of Light and Darkness!

“… … shut up. “My head is pounding.”

-Do you know how great what you have done is? If I knew, I would never react like that!

“It’s noisy.”

Jinhyeok stood up with a frown while listening to the fuss of the Black World Tree digging into his head.

“I guess I’ll have to take an elemental skill test.”

Once you have power, you must learn how to use that power.

It was time for Jinhyuk to do what he loved and did better than anyone else.

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