Absolute Necromancer Chapter 260

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Episode 260

“It’s dark.”

The spirit world was eaten by darkness.

Jinhyuk caught the eye of a figure that suited just such an expression.

The appearance of the colorful spirit world was still the same, but Jinhyeok looked around to see that it was covered in pitch black.

-What are you doing? Not coming?

At that time, Jinhyeok heard Darkness’s voice urging him to move towards the place where the voice came from.


How long did I walk while feeling the texture of the earth, which was not much different from the normal world, even though it was a world stained with darkness?


I could see a young boy with a mischievous face sitting on a throne made of darkness.

Two jet-black eyes and jet-black hair.

It was a sight that gave viewers the creeps, but the mischievous smile halved that creepiness.

“Is it Darkness?”

-that’s right. And you must be the one who is confused by Baal’s interest in human subjects, right?

“… … okay.”

Regardless of his childlike appearance and playful voice and appearance, the energy felt from him was real.

The first spirit and spirit king born in the darkness that arose when the world was born in the beginning.

-Do you want to sign a contract with me?

Darkness asked a question with a playful smile on her lips.

What Jinhyuk would say was decided.

“of course.”

-Okay, then shall we take a look at your skills?

As if he liked Jinhyuk’s answer, Darkness’ body rose from the throne of darkness with a grin and was sucked into the darkness in front of the throne.

Through the appearance of Darkness, who disappeared in an instant, and the words he said just before he disappeared, Jinhyeok immediately sensed his thoughts –


-oh! It’s fast?

“… … “It’s a bad taste.”

He raised his arm to block Darkness’s small fist, which appeared from the darkness behind him.

Since Jinhyuk is a mental body rather than a main body, the shock of Darkness’s attack spreads through Jinhyuk’s bare body, which is devoid of anything, including Manbyun Soul Energy.

I frowned for a moment due to the shock that rang out.

-Then let’s start playing in earnest.

“… … this.”

Jinhyuk’s face hardened as he looked at the space filled with darkness along with Darkness, who smiled and hid himself in the darkness again. * * *

‘That’s tricky. But if this becomes my strength, I can’t help but think it’s great.’

Jinhyeok clicked his tongue after roughly understanding how Darkness’s abilities work in one attack.

The ability to move freely in the dark.

Add to that the Darkness’ strong physical abilities, and even though I only saw light movement abilities, I couldn’t help but think that it was deceptive.

‘Is it more difficult than anything else to add a powerful body to a perfect and unspecified mobile device? There may be other abilities, but I guess this is enough.’

The Spirit King’s abilities cannot be limited to a strong body and the ability to move freely through the darkness.

But it means that even that is not enough to test yourself and have fun.

Jinhyuk was angry and angry, but it was the truth and reality.

‘… … Now, I guess I’ll have to focus on getting recognition first.’

Darkness’s recognition.

Jinhyeok couldn’t have known that this would lead to a continuation of the contract with him, so he focused on mobilizing all his senses to understand Darkness.

Spread mana around, strengthen energy with spiritual power, and strengthen mana with dragon power.

Jinhyuk’s body moves like lightning, having strengthened his body and prepared to respond to the power of Darkness.


-oh? Are you blocking it again this time?

“By spraying mana, it can detect the location of an instantaneous appearance, and detect approaching things with a sense of energy. The detection ability of mana, strengthened by dragon power, is so fast that it is hard to say that it is incredible.”

-But it doesn’t hurt?

“It strengthens its body with its strength, and uses the abilities of monsters obtained through predation to create tough leather, etc., so there is no hindrance in battle.”

-Wow, that’s good.

Darkness, who was clapping his hands as he saw Jinhyeok calmly responding, let out a grin.

-Is this enough for the exploration? Are we going in earnest?

“… … hmm.”

Although he responded calmly, the speed just a moment ago was clearly fast enough to discuss Jinhyeok’s limitations.

But it’s a search war.

It was natural for even Jinhyeok of the world to be slightly embarrassed and drooling over the current situation.

-Then are you going?

But Darkness did not wait for Jinhyeok’s answer.

The moment when Darkness, with a face that said he couldn’t bear this situation because he was enjoying it, disappeared into the darkness again.

Jinhyuk had to exert his abilities to the best of his ability with a sigh. * * *


With a sound like a cannonball being fired, Darkness is quickly launched from the darkness and appears in the spirit world of darkness.

Because the speed was increased from within, by the time it was revealed to reality, it was truly faster than light.

‘How many times is this? Five times? Six times? Phew, I guess I’ll just have to do my own thing.’

Jinhyeok, who had been counting in his mind how many times this would happen as the speed of Darkness was getting faster, shook his head and prepared for the attack as before.



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‘Capturing Darkness with mana strengthened by dragon power.’

Enhanced mana, not eyes.

I feel darkness through the net of mana spread by dragon power.

Jinhyeok, who felt the approaching darkness tearing apart the mana net spread around him, immediately moved on to the next step as he felt and could see it even though it was invisible.

‘Using a sense of energy strengthened by spiritual power, the location is identified and the type of attack is inferred.’

In an extremely short period of time, the sense of energy connected to Jinhyeok’s head quickly identified the location from which Darkness was flying and its attack stance.

My brain felt like it was on fire from the work that was done in less than 0.1 seconds, but there was nothing I could do.

In a situation where there was no goblin mask, fox mask, or Manbyun Honwongi, all Jinhyeok could do was overwork his body.

In pain that felt like my brain was burning, the next thing I did was figure out where Darkness was coming from and its attack stance, and then defend myself.

‘Exercise sacred magic that protects the body with divine power. Increase your strength with your strength and support it with your magic energy.’

The milky barrier is piled up in the direction where Darkness flies, and the magic energy that bursts out wraps around Jinhyeok’s arms, which are strengthened by his strength.

The final Hwaryong point.

It was a Taoist technique based on Jinhyeok’s most recently acquired Taoist powers.

Quad deuk-

‘The robbery is a bit disappointing, but it can’t be helped.’

Building a huge earthen wall in a world of darkness requires quite a bit of energy.

In addition, it is also inevitable that the strength of the earthen wall itself will decrease significantly due to the amount of labor used to create it.

But it was okay.

Puhwaag-grrreuk- hwioo-

A stream of water bursts out and seeps into the earthen wall, and the strong flames and wind that are used to harden the moist earthen wall harden the earthen wall in an instant.

After all preparations are completed, Darkness flies in in a split second and begins to destroy Jinhyeok’s defenses one by one.


-It’s bland!

First, the milky barrier made of divine power is cruelly destroyed.

Although several attacks and defenses consumed a lot of sacred power, the barrier in which a considerable amount of sacred power had been invested was shattered, and at the same time, Darkness’s voice laughing at the sound echoed in Jinhyeok’s ears.


However, as if to prove that it is not the end, Darkness, who broke the earthen wall containing the power of the four attributes that had been created at once, faces Jinhyeok.

-This is the last time. Are you confident?

“… … of course.”

A mischievous voice announces that it is the final exam.

Hearing that playful voice, Jinhyuk nodded, realizing that his speed had slowed down as he tried to break through his defenses.

block it

With a face filled with such confidence, she crosses her arms facing him and exudes strength.

The two legs stand firm, add strength, and further serve as a foundation for creating an iron wall that will not be pushed away by Darkness’s attacks.


The moment when the muscles of the body, strengthened by great strength, wriggle and the demonic energy flowing within them roars wildly.


Darkness’ small fist hits Jinhyeok’s crossed arms.

“Ugh… … .”

A trickle of fresh blood flows from the corner of Jinhyeok’s mouth as he lets out a shallow groan due to the impact as if a huge cannonball was hit on his arms.

Evidence that, despite being a mental body, it has suffered enough damage to cause fresh blood to flow out.


-Wow, it really holds up.

Jinhyeok’s defense was so strong that even Darkness, who was showing a playful expression, stuck out his tongue and gave a thumbs up.

Jinhyuk asked, twisting the corner of his mouth.

“What about the test?”

-pass. I’ll admit it. You must be fun.

A deep smile appeared on Jinhyuk’s lips as he confidently declared that he had passed.

Darkness, the spirit king of darkness.

It was the moment when I became the first climber to sign with him. * * *

-It was fun.

“… … “I felt like dying.”

-It’s not easy to make a contract with the Spirit King.

“Was Elione like that too?”

-huh? no? He just signed a contract right away because the other guys looked good on him.

“… … Damn it.”

Jinhyeok frowned when he heard that, regardless of the hard work he had gone through, Elione had signed a contract with ease.

But even for a moment.

-You are a contractor who signed a contract with Darkness, the spirit king of darkness. say your name

Jinhyeok straightened his posture and lowered his head as he felt the weight of Darkness’s words as he looked at him with a solemn voice and a blunt face.

“Cha Jinhyuk.”

-… … Yes, Cha Jinhyuk. A being that commands the tower, has received the attention of many gods and demons, is deeply related to the power of Baal, and contains a chaos within that even the Spirit King would shy away from.

There was a lot of rhetoric, but most of what was said was true, so Jinhyuk just listened quietly.

I knew what was going to come out at the end of those words, so I just waited calmly.

Perhaps knowing Jinhyeok’s feelings, Darkness got straight to the point.

-I, Darkness, the Spirit King of Darkness, make a contract with you… … .

-Darkness. Let’s stop there. You cannot sit idly by and watch as you enter into a contract with the owner of Chaos.

-… … Has this kind of intruder come? I guess I’ve been playing too long.

However, before Jinhyeok finished saying the words he had been waiting for, Darkness’s face relaxed and a mischievous smile appeared at the beautiful sound he heard.

At the same time.


A bright swarm of light exploded from the sky above the world of darkness, pushing away the darkness and coloring half of the world of darkness with light.

In the center of the cluster of lights where she could not even open her eyes properly, a woman who appeared to be around the same age as Darkness slightly opened her eyes and looked at Jinhyeok and Darkness with eyes made of light.

-The encounter between chaos and darkness cannot be tolerated in the name of light.

“… … “Who is that?”

Jinhyeok swallowed his dry saliva and whispered to Darkness at the appearance of a new being who was no less inferior to other spirit kings.

-If there is darkness, there is light. He is called Glory, the spirit king of light who has been my enemy since the beginning.

“… … “I met a lot of really great beings today.”

Jinhyeok, who has met the four spirit kings and then the spirit king of darkness, is not enough, and has now met the spirit king of light, as he watches this situation with an expression of bewilderment.

-Go back to the original world. Owner of chaos.

“… … this.”


Glory’s fingertips, like the goddess of light floating in the sky, turned towards Jinhyeok, and at the same time, a ray of destruction that pierced everything was shot out.

It was also an unavoidable blow to Jinhyeok, who had used up most of his strength during the Darkness test.


-No, no, no. This guy is my contractor.


Darkness enveloped Jinhyeok.

light and darkness.

It was the moment when the long, long confrontation between the two began again.

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