Absolute Necromancer Chapter 259

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Episode 259

Whenever you look at it, you can see behind the big black World Tree.

Jinhyeok, who appeared under a huge shadow melting into the darkness, looked up at the black world tree and opened his mouth.

“What should I do now?”

– Place part of your body against my torso, close your eyes, and sit cross-legged. I will guide you through the rest.

“… … “Wow, I’m a little nervous.”

-You seem to be nervous too.

“Because my heart isn’t made of steel. And you must have made a spirit contract before.”

-Well, if you don’t get chosen by them this time, the chances of them choosing you in the future will drop significantly, so in a way, you could say it’s your last chance.

“There is a reason for that.”

This meeting with the Spirit King is also an opportunity to long for their choice.

And for those who live forever, there will rarely be a case for them to renege on a choice they have made.

In other words, if I caught the Spirit King’s attention this time and couldn’t make a contract with them, I would have no choice but to give up the idea of ​​making a contract with them and make a contract with the spirits of the lower level.

-Are you ready?

“Let’s begin.”

However, you cannot postpone your choice because of fear of the future.

Jinhyuk sat cross-legged and closed his eyes with his body pressed against the thick roots of the black world tree. Eventually, he felt like he was being sucked somewhere and his mind sank to the bottom. * * *


-It’s the spirit world.

“That’s fascinating.”

When my lost mind comes back.

Jinhyuk was in a place he had never seen before.

A colorful world.

Jinhyeok looked around with a look of surprise as a mysterious world made up of water, fire, earth, and wind unfolded before his eyes.

-I can’t help but be amazed. The existence of the spirit world itself is widely known, but the number of people who have actually set foot in the spirit world is so small that it can only be counted on one hand.

“Well, most spirit masters summon spirits of the spirit world and make contracts with them, but like now, spirit masters will not go to the spirit world directly.”

-Elione came too.

“I guess so.”

-Contracts with the Spirit King are usually made in the spirit world. Even the highest level spirits are sometimes achieved in the spirit world. Do you know why?

“… … “I’m not a spiritist.”

-No, that’s right. The reason is simple. It’s just because the tower screams from their mighty power. For the highest level spirits, only one floor shakes, but when the spirit king’s body is summoned to the tower, the entire tower shakes. At least the entire section classified as lower layer will have to tremble from a strong earthquake.

“I guess the Spirit Kings are amazing.”

Jinhyeok was quite surprised by the Black World Tree’s words.

The tower is the result of the combined efforts of gods and demons.

If such a tower can be shaken just by summoning, it means that the Spirit Kings are also formidable beings.

The Black World Tree responded lightly.

-The Spirit Kings were one of the earliest created when the world was born. The spirit kings were born before most of the original gods and demons. It’s not for nothing that gods and demons can’t treat the spirit kings carelessly.

“… … “I’m learning a lot of surprising facts.”

-So don’t be arrogant or lose your temper in front of them for no reason. They are only meeting you face to face because of the conditions of his ‘request’ and ‘contract’.

“Keep that in mind.”

Black World Tree.

He is worthy of being called a divine tree, and is directly or indirectly connected to the god who created the elves. When he warned that even the being who created him was something that could not be tampered with, no matter how Jinhyuk was, he could not maintain a stiff attitude.

-… … I feel sorry to say this as someone who arranged the meeting with the Spirit King, but honestly, it would be better to let go of your expectations.

“… … Why? “It’s not that I’m arrogant or arrogant, but aren’t I a pretty useful contractor?”

However, I could not help but tilt my head as the Black World Tree continued to say sorry.

Although the Spirit Kings are said to be greater than most gods and demons, they are also receiving great attention from those who are close to the top among gods and demons.

The Black World Tree responded to the confident words with a bitter expression.

-You’ll find out when you go. Regardless of your abilities and qualifications… … . I don’t think they’ll like you very much.

“… … ?”

After the black world tree’s incomprehensible words, Jinhyeok was the first to step into the spirit world of fire, made up of burning, colorful fire. * * *

-go away.

“… … yes?”

The spirit world of fire.

Jinhyeok asked back in bewilderment at the words of the man whose entire body was made of fire, who was sitting on a throne burning dark red in the depths of the place.

What came back to Jinhyuk, who wondered if he had misheard –

-Fuck off. Are your ear holes clogged?

“… … “Please tell me the reason.”

The word ‘Get out’ was heard once again.

I didn’t even want a contract.

This is because I thought that just building up a little relationship with the Spirit King through conversation would be beneficial.

However, thinking that he couldn’t even have a proper conversation, let alone a contract, Jinhyeok gritted his teeth and asked in exasperation.


When Jinhyuk asked why he wouldn’t even talk to him, the man made of fire harshly distorted the fire and responded.

-Because I don’t like it. It’s like physiological disgust.

“… … “I don’t think it’s something to say to someone’s face.”

-Are you speaking informally?

“… … sorry.”

Physiological disgust.



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Jinhyuk, who had been maintaining his composure because it was not something to say in front of the target, lost his composure for a moment and spat out an informal comment.

When I slightly bowed my head and handed him an apple, Ifrit, the Fire Spirit King, the master of the Fire Spirit World and one of the Four Great Spirit Kings, waved his hand saying that it was done.

-Then get out.

A clear order to congratulate guests.

Jinhyuk could not say anything and had to leave the fire spirit world.

“Damn it.”

-Watch your mouth. The fire elemental world is Ifrit’s territory.

“… … “I can’t speak properly with my mouth.”

-Hmm, I guess contracts are difficult as expected.

“There are still three more left. You can place your hope there. I didn’t even like the Fire Spirit King in the first place.

-So this is still his territory… … .


“… … “Let’s talk about it after we run away.”

Even before the Black World Tree’s worried advice was over, Jinhyeok stiffened his face at the hot flames that rose up and escaped from the spirit world of fire.

However, as the Black World Tree said, meeting and contracting with the Spirit Kings was not that easy. * * *

A huge water palace.

In the middle of a splendid and gigantic palace made of water, Jinhyeok had a conversation with a woman in the form of a mermaid whose lower body resembled that of a fish.

The conversation was obviously quite enjoyable, and the atmosphere was not bad, so Jinhyuk thought that maybe she could sign a contract.

-sorry. I can’t make a contract with you.

“… … “May I ask why?”

That is, until I saw Elaim, the mermaid and water spirit king, whose face hardened and shook her head the moment she spoke about the contract.

Fortunately, unlike Ifrit, they talked and got along quite well, so Elaim did not order guests like Ifrit.

In addition, he gave an answer that Ifrit did not give.

-Jinhyuk is definitely a good person. He has great skills and his face isn’t bad at all.

“This is the first time I’ve heard of a spirit seeing a face.”

-Spirit is also a person.

“… … So what is the reason for disqualification? “Is this something I can fix?”

I asked Elaim, who was smiling and blushing, about the reasons for his disqualification from becoming a contractor.

If there was a reason that could be corrected, it could be fixed.

Spirit King.

It is clear that if you make a contract with those who cannot treat even gods and demons carelessly, it will be of great help even if you cannot use all of their power.


-It’s you.

“I believe that even Elaim will not say that it is physiological disgust.”

-Well, that’s Ifrit, right? That friend is usually straightforward, but it would actually be right for him to say that. If you say it in a bad way.

“… … .”

It was the same reason this time too.

Physiological disgust.

To put it in a bad way, it means that they will not sign a contract because they do not like Jinhyuk himself.

I immediately realized that the being who said that was Ifrit, so I noticed that his usual words were extreme, but I couldn’t help but feel bitter.

‘There is no answer.’

Following Ifrit, there is Elaim.

Two Spirit Kings have already rejected the contract for the same reason.

When the thought lingers in my head that the remaining two will not be much different.

-Jinhyuk is definitely a good contractor. Even if it weren’t for us, we could easily arrange for a contract with a high-level or top-level spirit.


-However, Jinhyuk’s energy is so diverse. In particular, he possesses an energy that is at odds with spirits. Or maybe he is the energy of a being he hates. chaos. Yes, Jinhyuk seems like chaos itself. If he’s around, I naturally feel like I’ll be tainted by that chaos and I won’t be able to maintain who I am now, which is why the feeling of disgust that Ifrit mentioned arises. If Jinhyuk can refine and control the chaos, then we can talk about the contract again.

“… … !”

The colorful energies that made me who I am today.

Jinhyeok, who found out that they were holding him back from the spirit contract, couldn’t help but widen his eyes and feel sad.

-Spirits of higher rank or higher, who can make and break contracts at their own will, probably do not want to make a contract with Jinhyeok for that reason. It might be possible to force a mid-level spirit to make a contract, but… … .

“… … They may not respond properly to the summons or they may not be helpful. Thank you for the conversation.”

-sorry. Because of Elfheim’s request, I tried to do my best… … .Unlike the dark elf girl, Jinhyeok’s energy is so… … . Okay, I’ll stop here.

“Still, I will meet the remaining two spirit kings.”

-… … You will only get hurt. If that’s Jinhyuk’s decision, I won’t stop him. If I have to come to the spirit world again in the future, I will come back again. Even if you can’t be a good contractor, you might be a good friend.

“Thank you for your kindness.”

Jinhyeok left the water palace with a stiff expression on his face, leaving behind Elaim’s tail greeting him with a grin.

I felt something unusual. * * *

“… … Damn it.”

Jinhyuk’s prediction was correct.

This is because, while in an unusual mood, I met with the other two spirit kings and received answers that were not much different from the previous two spirit kings.

-Hmm, sorry. Sure you look like fun, but the wind must always be clean.

Sylphid, the Spirit King of the Wind, was a cheerful and cheerful being, but when the topic of the contract was brought up, her reaction was not much different from Ifrit and Elaim.

-… … Contract, no. I don’t like you very much.

A black-haired man with a blunt expression.

Noah, the spirit king of the earth, was of the Ifrit family.

He had been calm from the first conversation, but as soon as the contract was mentioned, he said he did not like it like Ifrit and ordered the guests to be banished.

In the end, it was natural for Jinhyuk to vent his frustration after returning to the beginning of the spirit world.

-What should I do? Would you sign a contract with even a mid-level spirit?

“… … I can’t help it. I don’t like it when things go on without any results.

Mid-level spirits will not want to come close to your chaos, but it is still better than not making a contract at all.

It was time to return to the fire spirit world from which he was first expelled and try to make a contract with the intermediate fire spirit.

-Why don’t you come to me?

“… … Who is it?”

A voice like a humorous prankster rang in Jinhyeok’s ears.

When Jinhyuk asked in a childlike voice, the other person giggled and answered.

-Darkness, the spirit king of darkness. A being that controls the darkness of the spirit world. Is this enough of an answer?

“… … “Go now.”

-I knew it, buddy. I invite you to the darkness of the spirit world.


As soon as the chuckling voice became polite, darkness burst out from the other side of what could be said to be the entrance to the spirit world and enveloped Jinhyeok.

It was the moment of meeting Darkness, the spirit king of darkness who had never made a contract with any human before.

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