Absolute Necromancer Chapter 251

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Episode 251

“Is it the 95th floor?”

A familiar sight was seen as we left Yuldo Country.

Although it was a quiet place with few people, I was able to immediately recognize the 95th floor because it was a recent floor and had an unrivaled memory that remembered most of the scenery.

“Is it clean?”

“Because I put everything away neatly.”

“… … aha.”

Jinhyeok nodded at Jean Marceau’s light response.

It was strange that the outside was surprisingly clean even though Jean Marceau had killed the reserve unit waiting outside, but now it looks like Jean Marceau cleaned everything up beforehand.

“What are you going to do now?”

“I have to go to the 100th floor and meet Gold Rich.”

“… … “Goldrichra – did you have a relationship with him?”

“An old friend and debtor.”

“… … “The new Demon King always surprises me.”

“Would you like to follow me? “There must be a lot of empty rooms.”

“Unfortunately, I have a lot of work to do.”

“That’s a bit of a shame.”

Jean Marceau is clearly a big force.

However, even if you follow him, he will still have work to do, so you cannot hold on to him indefinitely.

“From the 100th floor onwards, there is a ‘Gourmet Club’ building on every 10th floor. “Once we put the flue in there, we’ll lead the old man out as quickly as possible.”

“That’s enough.”

“Thank you for your consideration.”

After saying hello to Jean Marceau, who smiled and gently pressed his fedora and expressed his gratitude, Jinhyuk held Tam’s cute hand and left for the 100th floor. * * *

100th floor.

The place, called the true beginning and one of the most populous floors, was just as it used to be.

Jinhyuk stuck his tongue out at the sight of the street remaining unchanged even after a year had passed.

“Nothing changes here. No, isn’t that natural?”

Jinhyeok, who remembered that the 100th floor had not changed at all in the 10 years between his death and reincarnation, shook his head and walked away.

“Apua, is that Moya?”

“It’s called chicken skewers.”




“… … “Sure.”

Of course, it wasn’t all smooth sailing.

For Tam, who was walking inside the tower in human form for the first time, the tower was full of amazing and delicious things.

Chicken cocoon, Tanghulu, cube steak.

Jinhyuk burst into laughter as he looked at Tam’s chubby cheeks, filling his mouth with all the various earth foods that came from the Earth people climbing the tower.

“Is it delicious?”


“Eat a lot. “That way it will grow quickly.”


Of course, Tom doesn’t grow much by eating regular food.

Tam’s identity is a ‘pet’ created based on Jinhyuk’s abilities and characteristics.

Pets grow together with their owners, and Tom in particular grows by eating his fill of various energies.

In other words, the various foods that he eats now are merely to please Tom’s mouth and fill his stomach for a little while.

Nevertheless, Jinhyuk had no hesitation in buying food for Tam.

-looks delicious.

“… … “I’ll eat later when I get my body back.”

-Is this a date request?

“… … greatness.”

In response to Hye-rin’s sharp attack as she hovered around Tam in an invisible state and retook her appetite, Jin-hyuk cleared his throat and walked towards Gold Rich Store. * * *


“Please tell us the purpose of your visit.”

Goldrich Trading Company.

The place where Geosang, who never missed the top spot in the entire tower, was the chairman, had tight security.

In fact, the security of other buildings with the name of ‘Gold Rich’ was also strict, but the security of ‘Gold Rich Company’ was especially tighter than that of other places.

The reason was simple.

“I came to see Goldrich… … “I see you guys are inside.”

Gold Rich.

The owner of all buildings and companies named ‘Goldrich’.

This is because he was currently located at the headquarters on the 100th floor of ‘Gold Rich Company’.

They are so strong that it is hard to believe that they are security guards.

That was the only reason they bothered to guard the entrance, so it was only natural.

“Goldrich? “Is the chairman your friend?”

“Add the name Nim.”

A casual expression that pops out.

The security guards, who had the strength of a climber from the 200th floor, frowned.



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To them, Gold Rich, who gave money like water, was a god and someone to be worshiped.

However, since someone who spoke informally to Goldrich appeared, it was natural for them to be angry.


“Tell them that the ghost has come.”

“… … “Ghost face?”

“… … “Excuse me.”

The moment I saw Jinhyuk tapping the goblin mask around his neck and smiling coolly.

Their complexions turned pale.

At least there was no one in the Gold Rich Company who did not know the relationship between Ghost Face and Gold Rich.

And since Ghost Myeon’s activities were also a hot issue among climbers, there is no way that they, who are sensitive to information, would not know about Jinhyeok.

The person in front of them who had the ability to easily fold something like them in half was Jinhyeok, so they contacted the inside with pale, tired faces.

“go… … “He’ll be coming down soon.”

“Okay, good work.”

At that time, I was waiting for Gold Rich, patting the shoulder of a security guard who was sweating profusely and bowing his head.



“Why are you doing that?”

“Something fell from above.”

“… … what?”

Jinhyuk raised his head and looked at the sky with an expression of uncertainty as he heard Tam pulling his hand firmly.


“Cha-Jin-tonguuuuuuuk! “You bastard, what are you doing now?”

“… … “This is crazy!”

When Jinhyeok was scared as he saw a man and a wave of gold coins falling from the sky, he put on a fox mask, hugged Tam, and threw himself backwards.


“Wow, it’s gold!”

“It’s support. damage.”

Tom’s purple-black eyes sparkled in the gorgeous golden waves.

As if he wasn’t named Tam for nothing, Jinhyuk seemed to be interested not only in food but also in Gold Rich’s enormous gold coins, and he slapped Tam’s hand as he reached for the gold coins.

That could no longer be called a gold coin.

Lethal weapon.

It would be an item with a very fitting name.


The sound of teeth grinding can be heard among the waves of gold coins falling like a waterfall from the sky.

Goldrich, who appeared after parting the waterfall, swept his signature blond hair and put on his gloves.

Seeing him getting ready for battle, Jinhyeok under the fox mask clicked his tongue and opened his mouth.

“It’s been almost a year, but the welcome is warm. Gold Rich.”

“shut up. I’m only doing this because it’s been a year, you damn bastard. “What on earth are you doing going around that you haven’t heard from me?”

“There were just circumstances.”

“Go to hell and find out what happened.”

Clap la la la rock!

Waves of gold coins soar into the sky.

Eventually, what appeared in the place that began to come together as one was a huge golden giant.

When even Jinhyeok can’t help but swallow dry saliva due to the gigantic appearance reminiscent of giants and the enormous power felt within it.

-who is this?

“friend… … “Let’s just say that.”

“friend? Chiinguu? Is the word friend coming out of your mouth right now? “Why are you leaving all the work to me and then hanging out in a place you don’t even know where you are?”

-… … Without knowing anything. Jinhyuk… …

Hyerin frowned at the disheveled appearance of Goldrich, who usually maintained a gentlemanly demeanor.

This is because I know well what Jinhyeok went through and what he was like when he first appeared in Yuldo Province.

However, Jinhyuk stopped Hyerin’s words and immediately put on the fox mask and answered.

“I’m not the kind of person who will listen to you anyway. Strike until your stomach loosens.”

“I was already thinking of doing that… … !”

When Jinhyuk told him to spread his arms and hit as much as he wanted, Gold Rich gritted his teeth and raised the golden giant’s fist and struck it at Jinhyuk.

of course-


“I didn’t say I would just accept it.”

“This bastard… … .”

Jinhyuk told me to hit him, but he didn’t say he would hit me.

With the explosion, the golden giant’s fist exploded and gold coins began to rain from the sky.

The clash between Jinhyuk, who was grinning under his mask, and Goldrich, gritting his teeth as his gold coins exploded like firecrackers, shook the streets. * * *

“Damn you. “Where did you come from and what did you eat that made you stronger?”

“Good things.”



It was the result of a battle between the two.

In fact, it was inevitable that neither Gold Rich nor Jinhyeok could bring out all of their original strength.

Therefore, a draw was inevitable as both had the situation in their hands.

However, since Gold Rich was clearly in a higher position than Jinhyeok, the current situation was not very satisfactory.

“Just talk about it. What on earth were you doing? “I know what happened in the ruins of the goblin village, but what happens after that is something only you know.”

“It’s not difficult.”

“… … And also a description of the little boy next to him. “Could it be that she gave birth to a child?”

“Say what makes sense. Do you think a child like this can be born in just one year?”

“That’s true, but… … It looks so similar to you? “It makes me wonder if you were like that when you were young.”

“It’s Tom. “For now, Tom has just taken on human form.”

“… … Ah, I see.”

Goldrich immediately understood the word Tom and shook his head, rubbing the bruised area around his eye with an egg.


A pet-like being made up of spiritual power that has been attached to Jinhyeok for a long time.

Gathering information about Jinhyuk was a top priority for him, and the story about Tam was not difficult to obtain since no one around Jinhyuk knew about it.

It’s just that Tom is in human form.

It wouldn’t be that surprising, except that it was in the form of a child and seemed to resemble Jinhyeok’s childhood.

“Do you think the goblin kid likes it?”

“Are you talking downstream?”

“Okay, first talk about yourself. “Then I’ll tell you about the rest.”

“It’s a shame.”

Likewise, Jinhyeok, who had been hit several times, rubbed his eyes with egg and explained everything he had experienced.

I went to Yuldo-guk.

I received treatment and learned Taoist arts.

A war against rebels.

Meeting with Jean Marceau.

Even trials of appetite.


“You killed Donnas Taylor?”

“It’s fine in my stomach. “It gives you quite a few stats.”

“… … “What a monster.”

Even the death of sword master Donnas Taylor, one of the Nine Stars.

Goldrich clicked his tongue after hearing the whole story.

“If you only do one thing, you won’t be able to survive. How many things have you done?”

“This is the only way I can take care of myself.”

“… … “If that’s the extent of body guarding, the people in this world would be just idiots who don’t even know how to guard their bodies.”

Goldrich, who fired a shot at the calm Jinhyuk, showed great interest in the gift Jinhyuk brought out to appease his angry mind.

“I heard about the Four Emperors’ plans from Donnas Taylor. It was a pretty grand plan… … “Are you interested?”

“… … Information is the biggest money. say. “Then forgive me for flirting for the past year.”

“Are you sure it will come and go?”

Information upon information.

Give and take must always be certain.

Goldrich responded with a grin.

“Give and take are the virtues and virtues of a merchant, and I am the person at the top of that merchant.”

“That’s a cool answer.”

The conversation between the two, which would last for quite some time, began from there.

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