Absolute Necromancer Chapter 250

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Episode 250

A dark basement.

In a place that looked exactly like the torture chambers often seen in movies and dramas, Jinhyeok was sitting on a creaky wooden chair, looking at something whitish.

“How do you feel?”

-Ugh, just kill me!

“That’s natural. “I need to hear what you know first.”

Something whitish.

That was Donnas Taylor in spirit.

Unlike his mind that had been damaged by demonic energy, his soul was intact.

This shows that the body and soul are different.

Of course, they are not completely different, but they are somewhat connected, so Donnas Taylor’s soul was extremely weakened.

This is because the aftereffects of the body and mind being destroyed caused damage to the soul.

“say. “What on earth are the Four Emperors hoping for by opening their hands to the elves and Yuldo Kingdom?”

-… … Did you know about elves?

“I see if there’s something there.”


Donnas Taylor’s face hardened as she heard the story about Elione, now a dark elf.

I couldn’t help but be surprised at the fact that Jinhyuk already had connections with other races.

-… … I can’t speak. I’m dead anyway. So there’s no use trying to get something from me… … .

“Yeah, I knew that. “Then I’ll see you again later.”

-… … what?

When Donnas Taylor, who had made quite a big decision to see Jinhyuk shrugging his shoulders and backing away, looked at Jinhyuk with a dumbfounded look on his face.

A small creature walked out from behind Jinhyuk’s back.

“Tam, just eat the three left toes.”


“slowly. Eat very slowly and savor it. “Make it as painful as possible.”



He seemed to be imitating Jinhyeok’s childhood and slowly walked towards Donnas Taylor with a grin on his face.

-Don’t come. You little devil. Didn’t I tell you not to come?

“Hehe, it’s delicious. “It’s delicious!”

Donnas Taylor struggled, but the dungeon was barricaded with magic stones to prevent his soul from escaping.

It’s similar to the one used to capture Balkan, but it’s a much higher level barrier.

Even if Donnas Taylor hadn’t become weak, escaping from here would have been nearly impossible.

But what if you are weak?

-Huh… … omg… … Huh… … go away… … la!

It’s nothing more or less than an act of wasting strength.

Donnas Taylor was breathing heavily, perhaps because she felt extreme helplessness even though she was in a spiritual state.

“Umm, apua. There’s a lot of resistance… … .”

He was saddened by the sight of Donnas Taylor running away from him.

I was a little angry too.

The magical energy and divine power, led by Jinhyeok’s spiritual power that was slowly flowing out, was so ferocious that it was hard to believe that it was the appearance of a child.

It looks like he’s going to devour Donnas Taylor in one bite or tear her to pieces at any moment.

“In the first place, something that is rebellious is delicious.”


But even for a moment.

At Jinhyuk’s words, smiling softly and stroking his head, Tam calmed down all his energy and nodded, his eyes sparkling.

“Then tell me when you eat it all.”


Jinhyuk had tea time with Jean Marceau, who was waiting outside, leaving Tom, who answered with a bright smile, and Donnas Taylor, who looked pale.

As the name Gourmet suggests, tea with a very sweet yet bitter taste and sweet cookies were a perfect match. * * *

-I will tell you! I’ll tell you everything! So get this horrible little devil away from me!

“Your tone is arrogant.”


Jinhyuk responded lightly while chewing the cookie prepared by Jean Marceau, and Donnas Taylor opened her mouth again in a polite voice with a ‘tsk-‘ sound.

-please… … Please remove it.

“That’s right. Tom, dinner is over.”

“I’m hungry… … .”

“Eat meat outside with Jean Marceau.”

“meat? “Do you have any meat?”

“Okay, I prepared this for you, so eat a lot.”


Tom was disappointed that he couldn’t eat Donna’s Taylor anymore, but he was happy to hear the word “meat” and ran out of the dungeon.

Jinhyeok, who was smiling as he looked at Tam’s back, turned his head and the smile from before had disappeared completely.

“It doesn’t look right.”

-… … Wow.

Donnas Taylor could not say anything in response to Jinhyuk’s question, which was filled with only coldness.

I just quietly mutter and leave.



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Just as Jinhyuk said, Donnas Taylor was not in good shape.

The area of ​​the calf below the knee ceased to exist as if it had been torn off by something, and the soul itself was slowly dispersing from the wound.

If left alone, it wouldn’t be surprising if the wound disappeared.



“It’ll be okay now. “So let’s start the conversation, Donnas Taylor.”

Therefore, Jinhyeok snapped his fingers and used spiritual power and mana to prevent the soul from dispersing.

When Donnas Taylor let out a weak moan from the pain of her body being maintained by alien spiritual power and mana.

Jinhyuk opened his mouth, ready to reveal everything he knew. * * *

-The Four Emperors want to nurture gods and demons.

“Positive? “Do you believe that it is possible, other than some kind of fish farm?”

The conversation that began after Donnas Taylor calmed down gave Jinhyeok both surprise and absurdity.

The formation of gods and demons.

Rather than climbing the tower to become gods and devils, you become gods and devils from within the tower.

In fact, it was ridiculous to try to achieve this not just by one or two people, but by the entire race.

-It’s possible. Aren’t there quite a few beings like them in the tower, even though they haven’t become gods or demons?

“That’s right.”

It’s not that divine beings don’t exist within the tower, and there are quite a few ways to become gods or devils even if you don’t climb the tower.

You can count it on your fingers, but considering that it is a way to become a god or a devil, it is probably not that small.

-The representative method is to climb the tower, the second is to gain the power of a god and a devil before even climbing the tower, and the third is to spend a long time cultivating the Tao like the immortals of Yuldo Kingdom. There may be many other methods, but there aren’t many that we’ve discovered.

“I guess the reason the Four Emperors are reaching out to other races is because they have discovered a new method.”


Donnas Taylor immediately nodded at Jinhyuk’s words.

Donnas Taylor had no hesitation in her words since she had already decided to talk about everything anyway.

“What is the principle? “How?”

-It is worship.

“… … hmm.”


It was a simple method.

Even on Earth, there were many people who claimed to be gods, founded pseudo-religions, and were worshiped.

“Is it possible to create gods and demons with just that? “That easy?”

Therefore, Jinhyuk doubted whether Donnas Taylor was lying.

First of all, the method was very easy.

That means that if those who are stronger gather those who are weaker than them and worship and worship them as gods and demons, then they can become gods and demons.

-Can it be that easy? If that were the case, all the upper-class climbers of the tower would have become gods and devils.

“I guess there’s something different.”

Naturally, the method of ‘worship’ was not an easy one.

-The worship of strong beings is necessary. It’s not just one or two, it’s hundreds and thousands of people who are worthy of being called a religion and wonder if they should truly fear and worship them.

“A strong being… … Ha, so you touched the elves and Yuldo Kingdom. These people remain stronger by living in groups than ordinary climbers. “The groups living inside the tower will be on the radar of the Four Emperors rather than those coming from outside the tower.”

-You are right. As a similar example, the Sawang tribe’s underground work on other ethnic groups and groups is underway.

“Are you guys doing the same?”

-… … Huh.

“Yes, I understand. “I got some pretty useful information.”

What Donna Taylor said was very important and useful information.

“I won’t hear a word from Goldrich.”

If you give me this much information, it will be an appropriate gift for Goldrich, who will scold you like a mother-in-law and ask you what you did when you came back.

After thinking about it, Jinhyuk asked Donnas Taylor.

“Is there anything more to say?”

-does not exist. So set me free! That’s all the information you need!

Jinhyuk nodded at the confident appearance of Donnas Taylor, as if she really had nothing to say.

“I guess there really isn’t one.”

-okay! Everything about Nine Star can be found with your information anyway. To begin with, I don’t know much about them either! They are extremely private people, so even if they are part of the same group, they don’t know what each person is thinking!

“It’s a shame. I mean, your usefulness ends here. Well, the end of usefulness is the beginning of another joy, so it wouldn’t be that bad.”

-… … what?

“Do you think I chose the troublesome method of interrogation when I could have accessed your memories anyway if I just used predation?”

-you… … .

Donnas Taylor, realizing that something was unusual, slowly took a step back and retreated in the air.




“If you make it into a soul troupe, the effect is doubled. If you consume it as a meal, the quality of absorption is slightly reduced. “It’s better to absorb 120% than 100%, right?”

Donnas Taylor, who was blocked by the barrier created by Jinhyeok and Jean Marceau and hit the wall, was unable to move and moved her chin up and down.

A long time ago, he had seen Jinhyeok create a soul troupe several times by his side, so he naturally sensed his own end.

-ah! iced coffee… … Ahhh!!!

“Goodbye Donnas Taylor. Go to the stomach first and wait. “The others will soon eat it too.”

As a painful scream echoed harshly within the dungeon, Donnas Taylor’s soul disappeared without a trace.

Jinhyuk lightly picked up a white ring that had been left where Donnas Taylor had disappeared and stuffed it into his mouth.

“hmm! “It’s delicious.”

Jinhyeok smiled at Donna’s Taylor’s soul dan, which was more delicious than eating a full course meal at a high-end course meal restaurant.

Of course, there was no taste to the soul dan.

What Jinhyuk was feeling was simply the taste of the thrilling revenge he had been waiting for and longing for for a very long time.

[Strength: 155 (+123)] -> [Strength: 188 (+123)]

[Health: 159 (+123)] -> [Health: 191 (+123)]

[Agility: 153 (+123)] -> [Agility: 193 (+123)]

“Then is it time to return to the tower?”

Jinhyuk, who felt his entire body beating violently as his stats increased to over 100, escaped from the dungeon with a fresh smile on his face.


Because the time to return there has arrived.

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