Absolute Necromancer Chapter 22

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All Master Necromancer Episode 22

A kobold warrior who moves incredibly slowly.

In fact, the kobold warrior did not slow down.

‘It’s just that I feel like time has slowed down.’

It’s just that Jinhyuk’s current state is such that he can even count how many times a fly flaps its wings.

‘It definitely feels strange to actually feel what Kyung-hoon was talking about.’

Martial God Choi Gyeong-hoon.

He can be seen as Jinhyeok’s only friend, and as an excellent martial artist, he has experienced situations like the present several times.

And he told Jinhyeok several times about the situation he had experienced.

– So, you say that sometimes the world feels slow and the enemies that run at you look like slugs?

Although he was light and shy, he was superior to him when it came to martial arts, so Jinhyeok believed everything he said.

-Well, it would be difficult for you, a born magician, to properly understand what I am saying even though you are an excellent martial artist. It must be difficult to experience it.

‘…The swaggering attitude is still good.’

Jinhyeok clicked his tongue as he recalled Choi Kyung-hoon teasing him by saying, ‘You’re not good at this kind of thing, are you?’ while recounting a situation he had experienced.

‘But it’s fascinating. When I heard what he said, I thought it was just the body awakening in a life-threatening situation, but when I actually experienced it, it was similar to power?’

As a heavenly wizard, Jinhyeok continued his quest in the situation he was experiencing called ‘precognition of battle’.

And as a result, I learned that the power of battle foresight was not a result of a sudden awakening of physical ability, but was a miracle using mana and was close to power.

Squeak –

I thought for a moment.

Jinhyeok finished the battle by cutting down the kobold warrior who was rushing towards him with a mana-filled sword to confirm what he realized, and ran towards Ha-ryu.

“What did I just experience?…”

He listed what he saw and felt to confirm whether this was a ‘precognition of battle.’

I believe that Ha-Ryu, the original owner of the ability, will be able to give a clear answer to what he has experienced.

Jinhyeok couldn’t help but harden his face at Ha-ryu’s answer.

“Huh, that seems like a side effect of not being able to use my abilities properly…?”

side effect.

The fact that it was only a side effect or partial ability that arose from his inability to draw out all the power contained in the mask shocked him.

No, even for a moment, Jinhyuk felt goosebumps all over his body.

‘Wait a minute, an ability that was just a side effect or the tip of the iceberg made even the guy called Mushin feel something he had never experienced before… So what on earth is the real ability?’


Obviously, he doesn’t have the ability to match it yet, but just looking at his achievement of reaching the 800th floor, you can see how great his talent is without even looking at it.

Jinhyeok’s mouth widened at the fact that he was forced to experience something that even he had not experienced much, and that the ability to use it whenever he wanted was only a by-product.

“…I just do it.”

“Yes, you are a genius too.”

I just felt that Ha-ryu, who casually responded that he was yes, was amazing again.

‘But this much is okay enough. Anyway, someday I will be able to see the world that downstream sees.’

No matter how much an item can use the original owner’s abilities, an item is an item.

It would be even more strange to deal with higher-level abilities from the beginning, rather than dealing with even those who have reached the peak of nothingness and freely do what they want to experience.

Jinhyuk, who tried to console himself, soon shook off his distracting thoughts and focused on what she said.

“Then what does the world look like as you see it?”

A friendly voice.

It was a voice that would have made anyone who knew Jinhyuk nauseous, but Ha-Ryu opened his mouth with a faint smile, as if he actually liked this voice better.

“I can see the path.”


“Magic, sorcery, journey, etc. “You can naturally see where, how, and when various attacks will fly.”


Well, there are all these fraudulent abilities, right?


The ability to see in advance was literally an ability that was perfectly suited to the name ‘battle foreknowledge’.

Ha-Ryu shook his head at the content that even made him shiver.

“But I can’t use it for a long time, and it hurts like my head will break after using it, so I don’t use it often. Like you just wrote, most people only use it to the point where it feels a little slow. Of course, I didn’t know you couldn’t even use it.”

“…You’re subtly stabbing me in a painful spot.”

Jinhyeok smiled bitterly at Ha-ryu’s words, which reminded him of the fact that rather than using his battle foresight, he only limited himself to using it.

“Ah… no, I’m sure your brother can use battle foresight like me!”

Ha-ryu, who finally realized his mistake after seeing Jin-hyuk’s look full of bitterness, hurriedly added, but Jin-hyuk only acknowledged it.

‘I was arrogant. ‘It wasn’t enough to get the All Master sub-job, I was so arrogant about the fact that I had successfully obtained Spirit Master and even Vulcan.’

The fact that you have become too arrogant.

It was acknowledged.

Of course, it is true that Jinhyeok’s strength is enough for an ordinary person to become arrogant.

Now it’s only the second floor.

There were still 8 floors left until the 10th floor, and even considering that the trials on the 10th floor were more difficult than those on the 1st to 9th floors, Jinhyuk was able to climb up in one day.

‘Even before I reached the 10th floor, I got a main job as well as a sub-job, and my stats exceeded those of a typical 10th floor climber. Above all, thanks to an item given directly by the devil, I gained magical energy that I had never received in my previous life, so I have reason to be arrogant. But I shouldn’t do that.’

You have to fly and crawl to be in the palm of your hand like a Buddha.

There were no words that expressed Jinhyeok’s current situation as clearly as those words.

That said, Jinhyuk is definitely strong.

However, if his strength is measured not as a low-level climber but as a whole tower, then his strength is no longer strong.

Jinhyeok, who knew that, but who had forgotten it at some point and reflected on his actions, smiled bitterly and stood up.

“Thanks to you, I was able to calm my shaking heart. “I guess I should say thank you.”



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“…I just said what I had to say.”

Seeing Ha-ryu nodding her head hesitantly, like any other child, Jin-hyuk gently stroked her head with a smile on her face.

“I’m just saying thank you because it helped me. “The experiment is roughly over, so let’s get to work now.”

“Yes, I guess so.”

Ha-Ryu nodded at the word ‘work’ and answered while looking at Vulcan flying in with dust from a distance.

Now it was time to get back to work, or more precisely, time to climb the tower.

“Damn you guys! Catch it quickly! And you probably didn’t use up all your magic power, right?”

Jinhyuk gently shook his head as Vulcan looked worried, wondering if Jinhyuk had used up all his magic power.

“There’s a lot left, so I’m waiting quietly. “I didn’t expect it, but the result came out.”

“joy! “Don’t think of satisfying me with ordinary things.”

“I have no intention of satisfying you, but if you are not satisfied after seeing this, you should take off the name Spirit Master.”

“…That much?”

Balkan swallowed dry saliva and asked back at Jinhyeok’s confident voice, but Jinhyeok was already running towards the group of kobolds and kobold warriors that Balkan had brought along with Ha-ryu.

“Just say something and go away, you damn b*stard!”

Vulcan’s plaintive voice echoed along the swaying leaves.

A battle against dozens of kobolds brought by Balkan.

There were more than enough quests to clear, but Jinhyeok didn’t care.

‘We need to help the lower class build up their fighting skills, and more than anything, I want to deal with the demonic spirit and demon spirit soldiers a little.’

Jinhyuk pushed himself into the struggle because he wanted to know how it could be used and how it would be used in a situation that could definitely be called a ‘battle’ even if it was not urgent, rather than an ‘experiment’ unfolding in an ordinary situation.

Of course, it is true that the thought that this battle would not bring about his ‘death’ played a large part in making this decision.

Even so, Jinhyuk’s thoughts did not change.

“Wake up.”

With a voice awakening those who were asleep, Jinhyeok’s spirit soldiers and two demon spirit soldiers appeared.

At most, it was a kobold, but it was made with only warrior-level or shaman-level souls, so there was no shortage.

Rather, the weaker you are, the stronger your body is and the amount of mana, so you can say that you are stronger than when you were alive.

“Soul disease and demon soul disease are gone, lower level. “Any help?”

“I do not need it.”

Although it may feel cold, Jinhyeok was pleased with Ha-ryu’s confident voice and began preparing for his fight.



It was at most level 10 magical energy, but in Jinhyuk’s current state, it was not enough, it was overflowing.

Such magical energy flows out of the ring and covers Jinhyuk’s body, and black magical energy swirls around, fluttering the hem of the robe Jinhyuk is wearing.


-…Key profit.

The fearful gaze of the kobolds, frozen by the creeping scent of magic, is focused on Jinhyeok.

Jinhyeok’s feet take a step forward, enjoying the gaze of the prey looking at the predator.

Trudging –

It was clearly a light step, and the sound was quite faint, but to the ears of the kobolds confronting Jinhyeok, it sounded louder than a thunderstorm.

Jinhyeok stopped taking any steps as he saw the small demons shivering in fear.

“From now on, I will run.”


At the beginning of the non-stop sprint towards at least the 10th floor, the kobolds were in front of Jinhyeok.

“Wipe it away.”



Ghost sound.

Jinhyeok’s new form, which was humming the sound of the soul soldiers and demon soul soldiers like a pope’s song, increased in number and rushed towards the kobolds.

“…Then me too.”

Ha-Ryu, who caught sight of Jin-Hyeok’s back, who had quickly moved away, lowered his head and prepared to leave.

The moment Ha-ryu’s head is raised, ready to chase after Jin-hyeok.

The stream disappeared from nowhere and only one Rakshasa was left in its place.

And soon the Rakshasa also left to step onto the starting line under the name Kobold.

Second floor.

The two people’s storm that would cause trouble not only on the second floor but the entire tower began to increase in size, starting with the group of kobolds brought by Balkan from the second floor.

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