Absolute Necromancer Chapter 21

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All Master Necromancer Episode 21

“What a brilliant start.”

“Once you take on a quest, you have to wake up to relieve your anger.”

[Laughs heartily, thinking that the pinnacle of all evil is good.]

‘Baal, that guy is not in his right mind either.’

Jinhyeok clicked his tongue and checked the quests on the second floor, seeing his attitude that it didn’t matter whether the quest he had given was successful or failed.

[2nd floor]

Pat Village is a village with a wasteland in front and a mountain with monsters lurking behind it.

They had a problem: kobolds that invaded the village from time to time.

Clear conditions: Kill the kobold (0/10), Kill the kobold warrior (0/5).

Jinhyeok, who was skimming through the quest window, which had not changed much, waved his hand to delete the quest window.

Jinhyuk’s mouth opened as he looked at the quest window disappearing in the air with a wave of his hand.

“Nothing much.”

“Anything would be no big deal to the guy who just killed not only the warrior, but also the shaman and the Lord.”

“That’s also true.”

In fact, to Jinhyuk now, interfloor quests don’t have much meaning.

It was just a quest that could be completed by simply closing your eyes and waving your hands a few times.

“Go and get him. Because I have something to do. Oh, and we also pick up those that the downstream will catch.”

“…I want to see you too.”

“Do you want to get hit or just go?”

“Come soon. “Don’t use up all your magic energy, just wait!”

Jinhyuk looked downstream with a kind smile, leaving behind the sight of the Vulcan flying high and low, wondering if Jinhyeok would use up all his magic energy.

“That old man will bring your share. “You just have to grab it.”

“…Is that okay?”

“You can grab more if you want. “As you know, there is no penalty for catching more monsters.”

Ha-Ryu nodded at Jin-Hyeok’s words, which he spoke casually.

A thousand kobolds have already been hunted through monster waves.

Now, it wouldn’t be surprising if we caught a few more, and even though we caught that many, there was no penalty.

All that remains is stronger strength and stamina, and a lighter body condition.

“Then I’ll just take a look.”

“as you please. I have no intention of detaining you. “You just have to live your life doing whatever you want.”

After shrugging his shoulders and answering, Jinhyuk immediately turned his head.


“Subject No. 1 is coming.”

A monster that looks at you with sharp teeth and glowing red eyes, and runs towards you with a strange, drooling appearance.

Jinhyeok pulled out magical energy from the dark force earrings while staring at the monster named Kobold, whom he had caught countless times.


It was a smaller amount than what was emitted in the village, but as if it didn’t matter, Jinhyuk released the extracted magic energy towards the kobold.

I flinched –

the reaction came immediately.

The kobold’s movements, which were drooling like a rabid dog, gradually slowed down, and fear soon appeared in its red eyes.

-Kek! Kegegeung!

“…Why are you doing that?”

Haryu, who had never seen a kobold experience the emotion of fear while experiencing a monster wave, tilted his small head and asked.

These are the guys who ran without fear even if their colleagues died in front of them.

It was surprising to her that a guy like that had stopped rushing towards her out of fear and was splaying away.

But Jinhyuk answered as if there was nothing surprising.

“That’s the nature of Magi’s abilities.”


“There is no way such low-quality monsters could withstand the ferocity that the Magi possesses. “Wouldn’t it be even weirder for those who cut the tower into four parts to hold on to it?”


These are the guys who cut the tower into quarters.

Although he did not specifically mention anyone or their names, Ha-Ryu immediately understood Jin-Hyeok’s words.

The Four Emperors.

Among them, the power that the demons wielded was demonic energy, and the ferocity they possessed was also deeply embedded in the demonic energy they wielded.

‘Even the monsters running rampant on the 100th floor become gentle sheep in front of the Magi, so can a kobold endure it? I’d rather believe that Baal will put an end to his voyeurism.’

Jinhyeok, who did not forget to subtly turn Baal and crack it, snapped his finger. The moment when a


click sound echoes throughout the mountain.


The demonic energy that had permeated the kobold’s body went on a rampage to make itself known to the world.

Simply put, it means that it turned into a thorn and tore the kobold’s body apart from the inside.

The kobold, who had become a rag in an instant, fell down, and a smile appeared on Jinhyeok’s lips as he confirmed that one kill list for the second floor quest had been filled.

“Let’s move on to the next experiment. “Here comes No. 2.”

There were a lot of things to test with what he got from the first floor, and in addition, there were a lot of test subjects to test them on.

After finishing killing kobolds from the inside using demonic energy, Jinhyuk’s next experiment was to combine soul bottles and demonic energy.

“I guess it will work out.”

The combination of soul disease and demonic energy was not an easy problem, to the point where even Jinhyeok, who prided himself on being a genius, tilted his head.



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On the contrary, it is a problem so difficult that even the most talented minds would explode if they put their heads together.

But Jinhyuk did not give up.

“Wake up.”

Jinhyeok took out the torn souls of two kobolds and floated them in the air, then pulled out the demon energy again.

Dozing –

The demons that escaped from the Dark Force Ring were just dozing around and floating in the air like the souls.

However, the Magi had the power to tear apart or subdue the enemy in front of them at any time as long as an order was given.

However, Jinhyeok chose to inject magical energy into the soul soldiers rather than consume it.

“It would be strange if it happened right away.”

Jinhyeok stroked his chin as he injected magical energy and observed any changes from a distance from the spirit soldiers.

“Is there a reason for doing that?”

“Magi is a useful energy. In the first place, spirit soldiers deal with spiritual power derived from mana, and magic is a higher energy than that. In other words, the spirit soldiers will become stronger when they deal with demonic energy. At least more than now.”

“It must be difficult.”

“It must be difficult. “It’s so difficult that even a genius like me can’t promise to succeed in one go…”

Jinhyeok, who was nodding in agreement with Ha-ryu’s words, had no choice but to hastily correct his words.

“…but I can.”

“…I think I changed it at the end. Is it because of my mood?”

“No way, it’s time to check the results. “Can you be quiet for a moment?”


Jinhyeok responded shamelessly and approached the soul bottle that was perfectly combined with magic energy.

It was an extremely difficult task, and he could not hide his surprise that what had been expected to fail dozens of times succeeded in just one attempt.

And he admitted it.

‘…This is so easy.’

A combination of soul disease and demon energy.

That said, it wasn’t that difficult.

Jinhyeok realized that there was a huge error in Balkan’s thoughts and his own thoughts, as the combination of spirit disease and demonic energy was achieved very easily.

‘It wasn’t because it was difficult, it was just that we couldn’t do it because we didn’t have the magic power to handle it ourselves.’

The reason why there has never been a case of combining demonic energy and soul disease until now.

This was because the Spirit Master had never had demon energy. Because it was a very easy reason.

It was a really stupid thing to do, but the result was a huge success.

As if to prove it, pancakes were exploding in front of Jinhyeok’s eyes.

[Achievement accomplished!]

[You have succeeded in combining your soul and demon energy!]

[Your name echoes throughout the tower!]

[Do you have a name to register? If you do not register your name, it will be registered as Unknown.]

The combination of Magi and Soul Bottle is so great that the tower system also recognizes it as an achievement.

It was natural, but Jinhyeok could not hide his bitterness.

‘It’s just that the demons weren’t interested, and it’s too shameful to be happy about the achievements made because I’m not a spirit master.’

Jinhyeok was not stupid enough to be happy about the achievements he achieved due to the Four Emperors’ indifference.

Still, things had to be registered, so Jinhyuk wrote his name in the name registration box.

“Ghost face. “I register as a ghost.”


[The achievement regarding the union of soul and demon energy has been registered with your name in the Tower of Achievements.] [

Many people will be amazed to see your achievement.] This

was revealed to the people in Pat Village . Jinhyeok, who had even registered his achievements with his name, smiled with satisfaction.

‘Okay, let’s think that I stole the achievements that the demons didn’t eat. And thanks to this achievement, it has become easier to complete Baal’s quest.’

Achievements registered in the Tower of Achievements are visible to everyone.

Who achieved what achievements?

Naturally, since it is not often that new achievements are achieved, the achievement of new achievements immediately leads to interest.

Above all, Jinhyuk’s new achievement is the one achieved on the second floor.

‘The tower of achievements also records the number of floors achieved. That’s also the highest number of floors reached. In other words, my floor number, which is still on the second floor, will be recorded in the achievements just now.’

A climber who achieved the feat only on the second floor, Ghost Face.

‘The guild’s scouts will have their eyes lit up.’


If you look at the important things to increase the power of a guild, there are many things that come out.

Money, power, connections, etc.

There are so many different things that are needed, but when asked to choose the future of the guild, everyone picks one thing.

‘Super rookie. ‘It is essential to have a super rookie who can become a future superpower who can support the entire guild.’

Super Rookie.

Someone who can tow the entire guild and become the next generation’s strongman, and even a super strong man who commands the tower.

Therefore, what many scouts pay attention to is the Tower of Achievements.

What is more certain than rumors is achievement.

Achieving an achievement on a low floor and having your name written on it is the icing on the cake.

Of course, there may be similar people like Jinhyuk in the tutorial who refused the All Master achievement because he didn’t want it to be stuffed, but not everyone is like that.

‘You guys should be my blue birds.’

Scouters from all guilds who spread out throughout the tower and try to increase the power of small guilds or maintain the power of large guilds.

Jinhyuk, with a smile on his face, imagined them becoming bluebirds and trumpeters who would make their names known, and entered the final experiment.

Chuck –

Jinhyuk took off the goblin mask that he had put on his head for a moment and lowered it to completely cover his face. Jinhyuk’s eyes turned to Ha-ryu.

“How do I use the mask’s powers?”

When Jinhyeok asked how to use his ability, Ha-ryu did not hesitate and told him how to use it.

“When a battle breaks out, just infuse mana with the goblin mask.”

“It’s easy.”

“But be careful because there may be side effects such as feeling dizzy after using it.”

“Even if I fight with those side effects all day, the kobolds won’t be a danger to me.”

“That’s right.”

After hearing it, it seemed to be true, so Ha-ryu shook his head and agreed.

Jinhyuk’s legs were already heading towards the kobold in the distance.


A kobold showing his ferocity as always.

Of course, he was a kobold warrior equipped with weapons, but to Jinhyuk, there was no significant difference between a kobold and a kobold warrior.

‘If the battle foresight is what I thought… ‘This is going to be awesome.’

Jinhyeok tried to calm his trembling mind before the demonstration and infused mana into the goblin mask.

‘…You win.’

I had a bright smile on my face as I looked at the kobold warrior moving extremely slowly.

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