Absolute Necromancer Chapter 20

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All Master Necromancer Episode 20

“…You behaved indecently.”

“No, I’m glad that it helped.”

Jinhyeok, who had been running around holding Hae-ryu for quite some time, finally came to his senses and let her go and apologized.

The blush on his face was a bonus because he didn’t look like himself.

of course.

[The pinnacle of all evil lowers the camera he was holding.]

[The pinnacle of all evil boasts that his collection has increased.]

[King Bifu shows interest in someone’s collection.]

[The nine-tailed fox tastes it.]

“. ..these crazy voyeurs. “Aren’t you going to delete it?”

[The pinnacle of all evil pretends not to notice.]

[King Mifu receives something from someone and closes his mouth.]

[The Nine-Tailed Fox is happy, wagging its tail.]

“…You can’t see it, but I will apologize on your behalf. “I can’t believe I was filmed by that voyeur…”

“It’s okay, anyway, it’s not like we’ll become known just because the gods or demons see us… But it doesn’t matter.”

Jinhyeok apologized to Ha-ryu, who had put his face in the collection of gods and demons because of him.

However, in response to Jinhyuk’s apology, Ha-ryu instead waved his hand and shook his head.

“okay? Well then, that’s a relief. There are many good things about getting used to the voyeurism of gods and demons. It will be a great help in climbing the tower in the future. “If it’s a talent, it’s a talent.”

Ha-ryu nodded softly at Jinhyeok’s words, praising his talent for reaching the level of ripping off the price of voyeurism without paying attention to the gazes of voyeurs.

“Still, there are things I have gained thanks to you, and there are things I have gained through selling your face, so I will give you one thing you want.”



Jinhyeok is not the type of person to say two things at a time, so he quickly nodded in response to Ha-ryu’s question.

Although I haven’t used the effect contained in the goblin mask yet, I thought that if it was similar to the ‘thing’ I was thinking of, it would be an excellent item that was more than sufficient.

‘Give and take. If you receive something, you have to give something in return. A relationship that only receives cannot last long.’

No matter how much you receive, no matter how much the other person says you don’t want.

Even a small stone has to be paid for.

That was Jinhyuk’s theory.

Jinhyuk, who had to break down the huge wall between the Nine Stars and the Four Emperors in the future, did not want any cracks to form between them.

The reason was simple.

‘There won’t be many people in the world who will fight with those guys, so we should take good care of the people who are there.’

Most of the Nine Stars would shake their heads, but the Four Emperors?

It’s a good thing that I don’t get called crazy.

In the meantime, each trustworthy colleague who would fight alongside him was precious to Jinhyuk.

‘No matter how necromancers and spirit masters are said to be one-man armies, they are also a walking army. There are not many trustworthy and strong comrades who will fight alongside you.’

Nine Stars.

As climbers of at least the 700th floor, their strength must be terrifying.

Moreover, considering the guilds they lead, their power is no less than that of the walking one-man army of necromancers (spirit masters).

Not only that, but the strength of each member of the Four Emperors was enough to be called a walking one-man army, so Jinhyeok also had to form his own force.

“Please continue to take good care of me in the future.”


In that respect, the downstream was a very important force.

First of all, the goblin tribe is renowned as an excellent race.

He must have been talented enough that the goblins of the village tried to save him when he was destroyed.

Above all, the sword she carried was also a sword worthy of being called a treasured sword or a famous sword.

Among the characteristics of such swords, the biggest one was that they identified their owners.

‘There are people who are amazingly selective about their owners and whose eyes are as high as the Four Emperors, and they are still calm and not reacting even once to a young goblin? That alone proves your talent.’

I don’t know about Ha-ryu, but Jin-hyuk’s evaluation of her has increased significantly because of the sword she handles.

Of course, Jinhyeok held out his hand toward her, who didn’t even know that and just shook her head.

“Then go. “I’m even afraid of how the Balkans will criticize me for eating boiled slugs.”

The moment Ha-ryu nodded, lightly holding on to Jin-hyeok’s outstretched hand, the two people disappeared from the field of ruined corpses.

“Why are you coming so late!”

Of course, as Jinhyuk thought, Jinhyuk came late and Balkan, who came downstream first and waited for them, reprimanded them.

“What are you thinking?”


Of course, the two people’s answers were 180 degrees different, but Jinhyuk’s face hardened as Balkan continued.

“Do you know how hard I tried to catch the guy who was trying to run away?”

“…run away? Him? “Did you go crazy because you wanted to die?”

“Tsk, I tied it with spiritual power, so there’s no problem, but what would have happened if I wasn’t there!”

“…I somehow felt like my mana was running fast. “Where is he?”

“It’s over there.”

With a nod, Vulcan pointed in the direction of Kim Seung-tae, a prospective guild member of White Swallow, and Jinhyuk nodded and walked towards that direction.

How long did you walk?

Jinhyuk could see Seungtae sprawled on the floor, drooling.

Spiritual power.

This power, which can also be said to be the power of the soul, was a power that Jinhyeok could naturally handle with the soul soldiers he handled.

‘Still, binding a climber with only spiritual power is something that only Vulcan can do at the moment.’



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As the first Spirit Master and having lived as a spirit for a long time, he naturally knew how to manipulate spiritual power.

Very well too.

That’s why he was able to catch Seungtae, who was trying to run away to the second floor, like that.

“Why did you do that?”

“Aww… Well, I was wrong… You’re so scared, stop…”

The spiritual power that bound Seungtae’s body and mouth to prevent him from escaping to the second floor disappears like snow melting as soon as Jinhyuk opens his mouth.

However, Seungtae could not escape to the second floor after completing the already completed quest.

‘…If you try to run away, you might really die.’

He did not forget the fierceness Jinhyeok showed earlier when he tried to spoon into the monster wave.

Rather, because I didn’t forget it, I tried to run away.

Above all, Seungtae was sure that even if he tried to run away before he arrived, even before his eyes, he would catch him someday.

‘…Damn you guys. I won’t forget that you ran away leaving me alone.’

Seungtae, who was gritting his teeth while thinking about his colleagues and friends who abandoned him and ran away, had to hastily open his mouth at Jinhyeok’s next words.

“From now on, I will tell you the location and internal members of the guild, such as White Swallow or something, that will be on the 10th floor, one by one.”

“Start, carry out!”

White Swallow.

To spew out information about the new home where his older brother belonged and where he thought he would also join.

“Well… then let’s go!”

“Okay, go in.”

“yes! thank you!”

Jinhyeok stroked his chin without even looking at Seungtae’s appearance, which turned into light and disappeared after a loud voice.

“Is there some problem?”

Seeing Jinhyuk looking like he was in trouble, Balkan rushed over and asked.

“No, there is not.”

“Then why?”

“I just feel like there are too many things to worry about.”

There are a lot of things to complain about.

This was Jinhyuk’s opinion after hearing things about White Swallow from Seungtae.

“First of all, their scale is too small. At most, it’s the 100th floor… No, it’s a guild that plays around the 100th floor. It bothers me that even though the members are on the 200th floor, the guild itself is on the 100th floor. ”

“…Isn’t it too trash? “I wonder if there’s any information I can get from there?”

“I don’t think you need to worry about that. “I said they are all connected like a thread, so if you look there, you will be able to find out where the guild above is.”

“What do you mean?”

“It would mean that you have to step up to the 100th floor, then the 200th floor, step by step.”

“…It’s going to be boring and annoying.”

Jinhyeok shook his head as he said that in order to get to where they were, he had to trample on guilds that were no different from subcontractors and shake off the information there.

“But I still have to do it. is not it?”

“…I just do what you tell me.”

Seeing Balkan grumbling and only choosing pretty words, Jinhyeok burst out laughing and got up from his seat.

“Anyway, the 10th floor is just a branch. The real thing is on the 100th floor, so that’s where it really begins. And for the quest given by Baal, this is actually better.”

“Because you can make a name for yourself?”


Baal’s Quest.

A very difficult quest to spread Jinhyeok’s name throughout the tower.

Above all, the already difficult quest has become twice as difficult as the 100th floor has not been reached.

That’s why Jinhyuk whetted his appetite, recalling the guild under Seongguk called White Swallow.

“For a fire to burn brightly, there must be a lot of firewood.”

“It’s a trashy guild, but it could be useful for firewood.”

“In the first place, logs that are useful as firewood are not tens of meters long. Rather, small twigs or moderately thick branches burn better.”

“Tsk, you’re worse than the devil.”

“Thank you for the compliment.”

Jinhyeok’s mouth opened as he stood up and expressed his gratitude at the sight of Balkan clicking his tongue and praising(?).

“Going to the next floor.”

Eventually, just as when Seungtae disappeared, the moment a bright light enveloped Jinhyuk, Jinhyuk could no longer be found on the first floor.

And soon after, the young goblin in front of him also disappeared.

2nd floor.

This is the basic level that most climbers reach.

Of course, some people stay on the first floor for a long time, and some die without even passing the tutorial, but most still arrive at the floor.

That place was on the second floor.

As soon as a bright cluster of lights burst out in the middle of Pat Village, a village on the second floor, people’s eyes turned to that place



-Are you saying that the guy coming up now is the guy who blocked the monster wave?

-It was strange to see climbers suddenly coming up, but it was a monster wave… Seeing as how they blocked it, they must be strong, right?

-We need to recruit him to our guild.

What I heard from those who got out before the monster wave started and those who came up in a hurry after the monster wave ended.

If that were all true, they would have instinctively realized that the climber coming up now was not something to be ignored as a climber who had just climbed to the first or second floor.

Fear, vigilance.

Although it was not an emotion experienced by climbers who were only on the second floor at most, everyone gathered in the village felt a similar emotion and focused their attention.

Those who were individuals wanted to be in a party with the climber who blocked the monster wave, and those who decided to join the guild on the 10th floor wanted to take him to their guild.

When each person thinks differently and focuses their attention on the bursting light.



“Um… what is that?”

A black energy wave emitted by the seal that appeared in the place where the light halo disappeared.

The moment when Inyoung is revealed, emitting energy waves that make you goosebumps and fill you with fear just by touching your skin.


“ghost? “No, what kind of mask is that?”

The image of Jinhyuk wearing a goblin mask was imprinted in the minds of climbers on the second floor.

‘It’s a good start.’

And inside the mask that led it all, Jinhyuk had a smile on his lips.

Following his instructions to make his name known throughout the tower, Jinhyeok reached the top.

“I am a ghost.”

“Ear… cotton?”

After clearly remembering his name and appearance, he left a statement that was like a declaration telling the entire tower to criticize him.

Jinhyeok, who had imprinted his image in people’s minds with the goblin mask and magic power, left the village that way.

“egg plant.”


The climbers tilted their heads at the sight of Jinhyeok talking while looking at empty space, precisely where Balkan was located, but that only lasted for a moment.

Another cluster of lights soon appeared.

Because the downstream has appeared.

The party, consisting of one person and one goblin, quickly left the village and disappeared into the hunting ground.

-What was that girl just now?

-I didn’t think he was human?

-The person who is said to be a ghost and a climber from an alien race… is very appealing.

However, even after the two people disappeared, the climbers stared at the spot where they disappeared and walked and started talking about them.

Just as Jinhyuk had hoped.

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