Absolute Necromancer Chapter 178

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Episode 178

Mach’s realm.

It was not the world of ‘combat foresight’ that Haryu always saw.

It wasn’t the slow world Jinhyuk saw either.

‘… … There is too much information.’

A ‘fast’ world that moves at incredible speeds.

A world of ‘all things possible’ that contains everything the other person can do.

That was Mach’s domain.

It shows everything the other person can do as an afterimage at a speed faster than light and forces a huge amount of information into the brain.

That could be said to be Mach’s domain.

-Open your eyes wide and see everything. And in the realm of Mach, you can draw a sword and swing it at Mach speed. That is the first gateway to the Maha Sword Technique.

‘It’s not enough to just move your body here, so you pull out your sword and swing it? ‘Is that really possible?’

My eyes can’t hold on.

My brain is burning.

My body feels heavy as if I am hanging from a thousand pounds.

These were the sensations that downstream was currently feeling.

In fact, red blood was flowing from his obsidian eyes, his forehead was hot, and he couldn’t even move his body properly, let alone draw his sword.

All of this was just the price of stepping into Maha’s realm.

‘How difficult is it to swing a sword like before when all you have to do is step this far?’

A sword strike wielded by the Dragon Slayer Sword, taking the initiative of its own body.

It was clearly a sword swing while stepping into Mach’s territory.

in other words-

-You can do it too. It’s a result of my ability being added, but in the end, it’s something you did with your own body.

‘… … all right.’

That you can do it too.

The dragon slayer sword is just a head.

The body wielding the sword is clearly his own.

“Whoa… … .”

Take a deep breath and repeat the exhale.

Although it was less than 0.1 second, an explosive amount of information filled Ha-ryu’s mind, but Ha-ryu stopped thinking.

‘What I need now is not information.’

I was tired of the overwhelming amount of information I felt upon entering the Mach Realm, but what I needed now was not the information provided by the Mach Realm, but the power of the Mach Realm itself.

It was to use the power of Mach.

Mach (Mach) and Mach (摩訶).

Great, excellent, fast power, Mach.

The realm of Mach is a power that allows one to manipulate that power and break the limitations of being mortal.


I grab the handle of the dragon slayer sword and break it.

-Hahaha! That’s it! harder! Hold on to me stronger! Strong enough not to lose me even at Mach speeds!

Even though he felt the happy voice of the dragon slayer humming in his head, Ha-ryu calmly focused on the hand holding the sword.

And when everything was ready-

“… … “Mach sword method.”

A low voice resonates within Mach’s realm.

With a tickling voice as if a jade ball was rolling, Ha-ryu took out the dragon slayer sword.


A dragon slayer sword gently slipped out of its scabbard.

Above that, the ‘anger’ of the downstream became ‘flames’ and swirled around.

Good luck!

A ‘flame’ that punishes evil, purifies evil, and burns everything that stands in its way.

Mach sword method is added to create a new sword method.

“Light Speed ​​Sword – Purgatory.”

Mach Sword Technique Chapter 1 The power of fire to wash away sins added to the speed of light sword.


The moment it was swung like that.



“… … Kwaaaaaaa!!!”

The flesh on the side of Miho’s side where Miho’s hand was stuck was cut precisely, and at the same time, Mug let out a painful groan.

When Miho, falling from the sky, lets out a shrill scream, and Mug’s scream echoes so loudly that it covers it.

“Mahasinbeop (摩訶body law) – Stepping into the void.”


The new model of Ha-Ryu, which struck the air, moved gracefully and headed toward the location where Mi-Ho would fall, gently accepting her.

“Are you coming?”

“Sorry, I’m late, right?”

“Tears of blood… … Doesn’t it hurt?”

Even though it was dangling tens of meters in the air just a moment ago, even though it was falling tens of meters in the sky-

Miho was worried about Ha-ryu, who had come to save her, as she saw tears of blood flowing from the corners of her eyes.

Haryu shook his head while gently stroking the head of Miho, who was worried about him.



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“It’s okay, Miho is not hurt, right?”

“yes! Miho is strong!”

“Okay, that’s enough.”


After confirming that there were no injuries, Ha-Ryu landed on the ground.

A walk in the air.

Literally kicking into the empty air.

Naturally, it was a difficult technique that consumed a large amount of mana.

-The sword method is not enough, it is a new law. I told you, but you have some pretty good talent.

‘… … ‘Don’t talk to me because I’m going to die of exhaustion.’

-Tsk, this is why we don’t harvest black-headed animals. My situation is also very miserable.

Machin method following Mach sword method.

Although it was an unrivaled growth rate, the dragon slayer sword was not satisfied.

-Finish it. And keep in mind that you have just reached the starting line. Even if you have created the Mach Sword Technique, the Mahashin Technique, and even your own ‘Ryu’, that is only the beginning.

‘… … ‘I know.’

Ha-ryu knew that what he had just laid out was really just the basics.

Of course, even the basics were a strength that most climbers could not even dare to think about, but in the end, if you put it in the framework of Mach Sword Technique, it was the basics, so there would be nothing to say.

-Show your strength, downstream.

‘… … yes.’

Miho was also saved.

It was also recognized as a dragon slayer sword.

“I’m killing you!!!”

“Whoa… … .”

Now all that’s left is to kill the huge Mug.

That was the only thing.

Mach’s realm has not disappeared yet.

Unlike before, Ha-ryu accepted the information in front of him wholeheartedly.


‘One step, then right. Then left, straight, right, straight.’

As soon as MuG takes a step, the next movements are immediately visible.

Ha-Ryu took his steps with his eyes set on the ‘future’, step by step.


Slow but unstoppable.

Calm but quick.

In a situation where even the slightest deviation or the slightest mistake could result in a rat attack due to its enormous size, Ha-Ryu did not hesitate at all.

He just believed what he saw and trusted his body.

More and more information comes into view and becomes imprinted in our minds.

‘Muscle movements, breathing sounds, heart sounds, eye movements, fingertips, toes. come.’


The moment when a lot of information gathers and comes together to arrive at a single result.

Mug’s fist landed in front of Ha-ryu’s eyes.

However, the downstream is exactly 1cm from Mug’s fist.

No, it was standing taller, closer than 0.1cm.

If I had moved forward even a little or shaken my body, I could have died.

And because they overcame that fear, downstream gained the right to attack.

Let’s do it!

Dozens of solid lines appeared on the fist stuck on the ground, and blood splattered out.

The hand that moved for a split second made dozens of sword strikes.

“… … !!!”

Mug, who was surprised by this, tried to pull out his fist with a puzzled look on his face, but the stream was already running.


Mug’s fist dug into the floor.

The wrist, arm, and shoulder connected to that fist.

They became a bridge downstream.

‘Threading in the air is useful, but it consumes too much mana. Chapter 1: It takes a lot of mana to use the Light Speed ​​Sword, but you can’t use it additionally to use the Void Blade.’

A walk in the air.

A technology and new method that allows you to walk through empty space.

Using it required overwhelming mana management talent and a huge amount of mana.

Ha-ryu had also been unable to step on the air a few times, so he couldn’t even imagine how much mana and control he would need to freely step on the air.

In other words, it is impossible to reach the head of a tens of meters in size by walking through thin air.

That’s why Ha-ryu chose the bridge called Mug’s arm that was placed in front of him.

Chop-up- Chop-up- Chop-up!


While running, he steadily moves his hands and makes cuts with his sword.


When the blood flowing from the sword engraved on the giant arm turns the ground into a sea of ​​blood.

“… … shoulder.”

-It’s soon.

“I know.”

It reached the shoulder, which could be said to be in front of the head and nose.

Warning of the Dragon Slayer Sword.

The moment I nodded at him, danger approached.



“… … “Let’s finish it.”

Ha-Ryu caught his breath after dodging the attack of Mug, who tried to catch Ha-Ryu, who was riding on his shoulder, with his palm as if catching a fly or mosquito.


An attack that moves toward the end.


The dragon slayer sword accepts the power of the downstream and resonates.

“Light speed sword.”

Once again, Ha-ryu’s hands, holding out the light-speed sword, trembled.

The dragon slayer sword uses the light speed sword once, then Ha-ryu uses it once, and even the empty bridge once.

All of them consumed mana and body strength tremendously, and were used a total of three times.

When you try to use it one more time, it’s natural that your body screams.



“… … Revenge of the villagers. Aunt, uncle, friends, house, hall… … “I can never stop avenging the person who destroyed everything.”

Haryu gritted his teeth and endured the pain.

No, it wasn’t enough to endure it, so I put that pain into the light sword.

As a result.

“Light speed sword – ruby.”

A bead made of condensed flames that contain the anger of the downstream.

It was on the tip of the sword.

“… … Haaaaaaa!!!”

Clean, clear tears, not bloody tears, flow from both eyes.

It’s my first time.

There is a target in front of you that you can take revenge on.

‘I’m glad I can train and become stronger.’

Furthermore, it has the power to kill the target.

That’s why Ha-ryu was grateful to everyone who helped him be in this position.

‘Director Choi Kyung-hoon, Mr. Hendrick, Grandpa Balkan, Grandpa Muyoung, and… who trained me. … Brother.’

I am grateful to everyone, but I couldn’t help but feel that there was one person I was especially grateful for.

The one who saved me when I had half given up on life due to the sadness and pain of losing my village.

‘Brother, I think I know what I feel now.’

A being who always had a confused mind.

Jinhyuk Cha.

An entity engaged in battle with an Elyos named Hamiel in the distance.

Looking at him, Ha-ryu smiled brightly, shedding clean tears.

‘Let’s shake it off. The core of my heart is in this place.’

Even if anger and revenge are resolved, the dead and the ruined village will not return.

It’s just self-satisfaction.

Kill Mug on this spot and shake off the core.

of course.

“There are many other Four Emperors that need to be killed besides you. “It doesn’t make sense to only be angry at those who made the village like this, right?”

This did not mean that they would stop killing the Four Emperors.

The wounds inflicted on the lower class were too great to harbor such feelings just for the small number of the Four Emperors who created the silk village like this.

In this way, Ha-ryu threw down his sword, shaking off the core of sadness and at the same time filling a new core of revenge in his heart.


Following the trajectory of swinging the sword, the flames flowing from the ruby ​​billow over and over, creating a haze.

Come on! Do it yourself!

A ray of swords and a red bead flew through the heated air.

Kwahiah ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!

And the moment it reached its target, Mug’s head, an explosion erupted and the huge headless body began to slowly collapse.

[Title, ‘Giant Slayer’ acquired!]

[Giant Slayer]

A title given to the person who killed a giant among the Four Emperors.

Title Reward: Strength + 10.

“… … “It’s not bad.”

The reward for killing a giant.

Although it has a new title and is fake and only +10, it has gained the mighty power of the Four Emperors.

Looking at the message window and smiling, Ha-ryu looked at the battle of others in the distance and then gently landed on the ground.


At the same time, the huge body of the fallen Mug created a heavy sound.

Watching the body of the fallen Mug slowly shrinking, Haryu closed his eyes and laid his head on Miho’s shoulder, who was waiting for him.

“Miho, let’s get some sleep.”

“… … Yes, sister. Hush hush… … .”

Only the lullaby Miho sung for Ha-Ryu, who fell and rested her head on her shoulder, echoed quietly around her.

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