Absolute Necromancer Chapter 177

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Episode 177


Every time they exchange offense and defense, the surroundings shatter and a tremendous sound hits my ears as if heaven and earth are changing.

However, both of them looked fine as they exchanged offense and defense.

‘As expected, I’ve become stronger.’

As Miho collided with Mug, she realized something clearly.

That he has become stronger and that his current body will never be pushed aside by Mug.

‘tail… … Mom was right that all my strength comes from my tail!’


Miho’s physical ability, which changed from Lee Mi-ho to Three-tailed Fox, was originally strong, but it has become so strong that it cannot even be compared to then.

‘Is your sister going to be okay?’

While he was embodying enlightenment and creating a new tail based on the energy he had gathered so far, he was worried about the health of the lower stream that was busy protecting him, but it was okay.

‘… … I think it’s okay.’

Haryu, who seemed to have fallen asleep, may have looked tired, but he did not look dangerous.

Miho checked the condition of the downstream and bent her fingertips.

“You bad uncle, I will scold you.”

My second favorite person after Jinhyuk.

Miho kicked out of her seat with the sole thought of scolding Mug for hurting Ha-ryu. * * *

“… … Wow!!!”


A roaring sound erupted.

Miho’s delicate body shakes roughly.

As Miho’s body swayed like a kite swaying to and fro in a violent wind, Mug rushed towards Miho.

Thump thump thump thump-!

“Kill, kill, kill.”

Mug’s condition was unusual, as his brain became more and more consumed by madness as time passed.

Speed ​​and weight reminiscent of a destruction tank.

Because it was rushing with all its might to destroy Miho’s fragile body.

However, Miho, who became the Three Tailed Fox, was not easy.


With her feet planted on the solid ground and her posture firmly established, Miho’s hands move mysteriously.

“Hojo Nanmu.”

Come on! Do it yourself!

A simpler but more effective technique than any other technique.

Hojo Nanmu unfolded in Miho’s hands.

Two hands.

Ten fingers.

They turn into sharp weapons and rush towards the charging Mugs.

Squeak – Squeak – Squeak!

An eerie sound as if something were being torn apart.

The fox’s attack, which cut through the wind and tore through space, tore Myug’s whole body to pieces.

“sick. But it’s okay!”

However, as if to prove that the body of the giant race is not called the strongest body for nothing, Mug did not stop charging even though it was bleeding profusely.

Thump thump thump-!

Mug came in front of Miho in just a few steps and proceeded to punch her in the body.


“Ugh… … .”

A 2M-sized muscular body is created by compressing and condensing the body of a giant that is the size of a hill.

Considering that there is an enormous amount of mass inside, the situation is no different from a moving mountain running at a faster speed than a car running at full speed and colliding with it.

Nevertheless, Miho withstood the charge even though she let out a pain-filled moan.

“… … You are strong. what? “You were weak.”

“Miho is not weak!”

Miho’s strength was so great that even Mug, who charged, was surprised.

Mug frowned at the 180-degree change from Miho from before and searched through her stupid head for memories, but as expected, Miho back then was weak.

When Mug was feeling confused, his decision to think that his rush would be enough to turn him into a blood clot was based on his memory of seeing Miho earlier.

Miho shouted harshly and stretched out both cute hands that had blocked the charge and grabbed Myug’s sides.

I couldn’t help it because I couldn’t touch his shoulder due to the height difference.

But that was enough.


“… … “Aaaah!”

“A fox’s claws are sharp. “Enough to beat a bad guy!”

The bent fingers and long, sharp, and hard nails dug into Myug’s side.

Mug felt a distant pain as his fingers and nails dug into his skin, which was as hard as steel and tougher than rubber.

And the pain was getting bigger and bigger.

‘The fingers… … My fingernails… … Increasingly… … !’

Mug felt horrified as he realized that the foreign substance that had torn his skin was moving into his body, gradually tearing even the flesh.

Even though he became a berserker and almost completely lost his senses, he felt an eerie feeling.

That’s right-



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‘… … Die.’

It was the fear of death.

No matter how smart or smart you are, your hair turns white in the face of death.

On the other hand, no matter how stupid you are, you feel fear in the face of death.

Although he is a berserker who is willing to fight against death, Mug’s simple mind felt death very clearly, and that saved Mug’s life.

“… … “Unzip!”

There was fear in his red-stained eyes, and Mug uttered words that should never be used.


In other words, it is consistent with the phrase ‘removal of predisposition’.

Of course, 2M’s muscular body made him look much taller than his numerical height, but to the giant Mug, he was just short.

And the first to react accordingly were the Four Emperors.

“K-Mug, you idiot. Are you planning to crush the same team as me?”

Hetz, who was eagerly exchanging fists and feet with Choi Kyung-hoon, ran away from him as soon as he heard Mug’s words.

“Don’t run away!”

“It’s not an escape, it’s an operational retreat, Musin! “If you stay around that guy, you might turn into a flat rat. Do you think he’ll stay there?”

“… … Everyone, get away from Mug!”

Choi Gyeong-hoon, who was chasing Hetz after he was killed, immediately informed the others that he would get away from Mugue.

Even Hetz, who was on the same side, was shocked and pulled away at the words ‘uncompressed’ by Mug, which clearly means that there is something there.

Choi Gyeong-hoon actually met many giants while climbing the tower, but he had never seen the giants ‘decompressed’.

The reason was simple.

Coo coo coo coo-

Just looking at the MUG’s growing size, you can understand that Hetz is retreating from its operational point of view.

As if the enormous height exceeding 2m wasn’t enough, the increasingly taller MUG quickly surpassed 3m and 4m.


No, actually, even the term “giantification” was funny.

“Tsk, such an idiot breaks his oath and returns to his original self.”

As Kainan, who was fighting Hendrik, said, what Mug is doing now is the ‘original form’ of the giants.

I simply took the form of a ‘little person’ like I do now, by covenant, to prevent damage.

“… … “Let’s take a step back and settle the matter.”

“I don’t like how you make me look disgusting and make me back down, but… … I don’t like the sight of it being covered in a cloud of dust, so there’s nothing I can do about it. “I agree.”

Hendrick wanted him to back off, and Kainan had originally planned to avoid him, but he maintained his tone of interest.

“If you are arrogant, I will soon separate your head from your body.”

“It’s disgusting, but it’s not enough to kill you. “There’s no need to go to dragon form, Hendrick!”

Of course, the two quickly moved away from Mug.

Even if you were here, it was obvious that you would be swept away by MUG.

Because there is nothing more stupid than knowing and getting hurt –

However, even as Hendrick chased after the retreating Kainan, he glanced at Miho, who was confronting Mug.

‘Downstream… … Is it impossible to fight right now? Phew, it’s a shame I don’t have time to help.’

It was obvious that even if he went to help now, Kainan would join in and it would become a two-on-two battle.

That would no longer be a help, but rather a nuisance.

After thinking about it to that point, Hendrick added strength to his steps in pursuit of Kainan.

‘I do what I have to do. All I can do is trust that these two will kill him. That’s enough.’

Haru and Miho.

Even though he couldn’t see the downstream, Hendrick chased Kainan and disappeared into the collapsed village, thinking that the two of them would be able to kill Myug, who had returned to his giant form. * * *

“Okay… … It won’t fall… … .”

Coo coo coo coo-

Mug’s muscles, which had grown to the point where they looked like a huge garden, held Miho’s hand tightly.

As if she was stuck in a sticky swamp, Miho tried hard to pull her hand away, but soon she looked down and felt her strength go away.

“… … “Hi, it’s too high.”

The giant Myug boasted a size of well over ten meters.

It is an enormous size, about mid to late ten meters long.

If you fall from here, no matter how good you are at landing from a high place, you will bleed to death.

“Ugh, fly… … .”

“… … Tsk-”


But that didn’t mean he could hang on to Mug’s body all day.

Miho was barely able to block Mug’s huge hand with one arm, which had naturally fallen out in the process of growing, but she had to feel her strength slowly fading away.

‘It’s too heavy…’ … .’

Even if it is just a hand, it boasts a size that is much larger than Miho’s, and Miho’s strength, which has become the Three-Tailed Fox, is not enough.


One arm is buried in the flesh, and the other is busy trying to block Mugue’s huge hand that is crushing it.

Miho felt like she was about to cry.

“Hueng, sister-”

Miho is still young.

No matter how much he went out of his way for the sake of the downstream, in the end, it was just a pure favor born from the heart of a child.

It wasn’t because he was confident he could kill Mug.

In the end, it was natural for Miho to look downstream in a difficult situation.

“Fly, fly away.”

Although it was nothing more than a person flicking their hand to swat away a fly, Miho’s slender body fluttered around with that simple hand movement.

There was no time to take in the pitiful sight, as Miho was just hanging on, trying to deal with Myug’s touch.

“Sister is here.”


A familiar voice came from a distant street.

Miho’s pointy fox ears prick up! and soared.

It was a distance that an ordinary person would never be able to hear, but Miho, a fox, could.

And the moment she heard that voice, Miho called out to the owner of the voice with a tearful face.

“Sissssssssssssssssssss! “Let’s save it!”


Haryu, who had briefly left the battlefield, stood in front of Myug, who had returned to his giant form with a body full of injuries and a tired look.

“Battle foresight.”

Kiiiiing- rumbling-

And at the same time, bloody tears flowed from the eyes of the downstream who used his battle foresight.


In the blink of an eye, I stepped into a world that was the same as before but 180 degrees different.

-Welcome to Maha’s realm, little one.

Mach’s realm.

It was the moment I first set foot there.

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