Absolute Necromancer Chapter 174

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“They seem to be fighting well, so should we get started soon?”

“Oh, I wanted to watch a little longer, but it looks like you wanted to get involved quicker than you thought?”

Talking nonsense.

Jinhyeok frowned at the sight of a woman who looked like a saint who would never exist again in the world casually making remarks like a rare seductress.

‘Elyos have always been like that.’

But it was a situation I had already been through many times.


They are said to be the cleanest race in the world and in the tower, but the disgust and ugliness within them is incomparable to any other race.

‘It’s better to be a demon.’

He is crazy about battle and dyes others with magic, but-

Nevertheless, Jinhyeok thought that demons were better than elyos.

Because of their single-cell appearance, they foolishly think that it would be a good thing for everyone if the world were stained with demons, but the Elyos are different.

“It looks like the chosen people ideology hasn’t gone anywhere yet.”

“Is this the idea of ​​the chosen people?”

The sight of Hamiel tilting his head as if he didn’t know anything was so disgusting.

Chosen people ideology.

Their actions, thinking that they are the ones who will save the world and the tower, cannot be described in words.

“Do you think you don’t know that you are selling the name of God within the tower and ordering all those with divine power to serve and idolize the Elyos?”

Demons control demons in return for giving them demon energy.

So what about the Elyos?

Are they also using divine power to create new beings called saints and control them?

‘The answer is no. There is no need to use divine power as a medium in the first place. Because there are many people in the tower who have divine power.’

Overall, there are not that many professions with divine power, but if you count them in terms of number, they are quite large.

And not only do they consider the Elyos to be God’s agents, they often follow their words as if they were God’s words.

All of these were the mindset laid down by the Elyos.

‘The Elyos are superior, they are God’s representatives, so you who have inherited the divine power, the power of God, must follow the Elyos’ – that’s a disgusting idea. After all, simple ignorant demons are better.’

Rather, demons pay the price of demonic power, while Elyos do not pay anything, and proudly say that the divine power they gained through their own efforts and faith is due to themselves and to the Elyos who have been recognized by God.

And what about those who ignore or treat the words of the Elyos, a part of the Four Emperors, as lies?

“Let’s do some trivial heresy hunting in moderation. “Don’t you feel sorry for the innocent people?”

“… … “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Heresy hunt.

As soon as those words came out of Jinhyuk’s mouth, Hamiel erased his smile for the first time and looked at Jinhyuk with a hard face.

Jinhyuk chuckled and waved his hands as if asking how you knew that.

“I don’t think we’ll be able to have a leisurely conversation.”

“… … one thing. “I would like to ask you one more thing.”


Seeing that Jinhyuk seemed to know a lot about something, Hamiel hesitated and asked.

Jinhyuk nodded his head as if asking him to say something.

“Elione, where is she?”

“As expected, it was you who put her in the black market.”

“… … “Just answer!”


Hamiel, who asked for the location of the dark elf he had released, screamed without heeding even though he was told the truth.

Jinhyuk shrugged his shoulders and responded.

Of course, it wasn’t the answer she wanted.

“Elione, she went back to her place.”

“… … “Do you know what that means?”

Where to be.

Hamiel stopped laughing when he heard that Elione had returned there.

Hamiel gritted his teeth, glaring at Jinhyuk with a hard face.

“Elione, she lived as a slave after being sold to a wealthy man on the black market, and the end of her life was when she faced a tragic situation and bit her tongue. “She said it would have been an easier end to her life!”

Wow, you only think about what suits you.

Jinhyuk burst out laughing when he heard that the best ending for someone who lost everything was to commit suicide while living as someone’s slave.

“Is that really the case?”

“of course. She was abandoned in the elf kingdom, and the only place she could go was… … The only place to go… … no way?”

“I think you’ve figured it out, but please stop talking about hurting your mouth.”

“… … it’s crazy! Did you really send it to the dark elf village? you… … Can you handle it? “I wonder if there is!”

Hamiel was smart.

It’s natural that you can’t be stupid to use tricks.

That’s why Elione, who became a dark elf and was abandoned by the elves, was horrified when she immediately realized that there was a fixed place for her to go.

‘Everything is twisted. It shouldn’t be like this… … .’

Elyos are a race that strives to become gods.

The giants and dragons are not very interested in transcendence, and the demons do not compete for position because they aim for the position of the devil.

However, since the Elyos and Demons have a back-and-forth relationship, they are bound to clash at every turn.

In addition, considering that from time to time, among the giants and dragons, those who aim for the positions of gods and demons appear, it was inevitable that they would have to make their forces stronger or find new ways to become gods and demons.

‘We were finally able to place the elves under our feet and turn them into a factory for the creation of divinity… … !’

The Elyos conducted research on the subject, and as a result, they realized that a being who receives a lot of respect and faith from others becomes closer to a god in itself.



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Although it started out as a being similar to the indigenous gods of the region, it ended up being no different from the real gods that exist beyond the 999th floor.

However, as ‘faith’ was used by many Elyos, no matter how much work was done, the supply of faith was extremely insufficient.

Then, what I realized was the strong faith of the tribe.

‘If all the elves in the elf kingdom were divine while serving the elyos, we could have come closer to becoming gods!’

An alien race such as elves or dwarves, and a race or entity that is exceptionally stronger than humans.

The faith they showed was stronger than that of dozens of ordinary humans.

Therefore, the Elyos secretly carried out underground operations on various races, including elves, and the elves were caught in it.

Now all that was left to do was pick the sweet fruit and eat it, but Jinhyuk ruined it all, so it was natural to be angry.

“… … Know that because of you the elves will gnash their teeth and the fiery arrows will be aimed at the dark elves.”

Despite his anger, Hamiel barely held back the swearing and hoped that Jinhyuk would regret the choice he made.

But Jinhyuk was not the kind of person who regretted such things.

“Anyway, I had no desire to receive applause from elves who stuck with the Four Emperors. And what does it matter to me whether a dark elf gets hit by a fire arrow or an ice arrow?”

“… … You are such a piece of trash. “Is this your reaction even though countless dark elves will die because of you?!”

“It’s fun. You don’t seem to think that all of this is because you ruined the life of an elf. And don’t you feel sorry for the elves who have to make a fool their king because of your choice?”

“… … .”

Absurd, absurd.

It was just a word suitable for Hamiel and the Elyos.

Jinhyeok saves Elione, frees her, and sends her to the dark elves, resulting in a war between the dark elves and the elves, resulting in numerous victims.

Even if that were truly the case, the blame should only be directed at the Elyos standing at the starting point.

‘Disgusting people. Not only did they turn the princess who was about to ascend the throne into a dark elf, deprive her of the throne, but then sell her as a slave. And what kind of bad taste is it that you come back to buy it again? I really can’t understand what’s going on in those pigeons’ minds. rather… … Yuriel, that woman will be better.’

Nevertheless, Hamiel, who is an Elyos, says that all the mistakes are because of him, so from Jinhyeok’s perspective, it is absurd.

Bye bye bye-

“Let’s stop the conversation there.”

“… … “If it’s your neck, I think even the elves would take extenuating circumstances.”

An eerie voice.

Jinhyeok paid no heed to Hamiel’s words, which seemed determined to correct all mistakes, and tightened his grip on the sword whose bracelet had suddenly changed.

“… … Yesach, open.”


At the same time, Hamiel also revealed his powers.


With a name that Jinhyuk did not recognize, the two pairs of wings that sprouted from Hamiel’s back began to emit a brilliant light.

Wings that give a feeling of reverence and majesty just by looking at them.

“Please die. For me, for the Elyos. Furthermore, for the sake of order in this tower.”

“Order is a mess. “It’s disgusting to hear the word ‘order’ come out of the mouth of a guy who only knows his own race.”

Hamiel’s floating appearance, looking down, resembled that of an angel in mythology, but Jinhyeok knew well that Hamiel was not anything like an angel.

“… … come.”

“You don’t need it below your neck.”


When the wings filled with divine power flapped once in the sky, the feathers filled with divine power on the wings poured down like a shower.

However, its power was too strong to be dismissed as just a feather.

bang! Quang! bang! Kwagwagwagwagwang!!!

Jinhyeok, who was frowning at the sight of the shattered and cracked earth, soon smiled.

“Why are you smiling?”

“It’s time to feast.”

“… … yes?”

Hamiel, who was looking at Jinhyeok with a smile as if he was displeased, tilted his head when he heard that it was time to feast.

I had no choice but to open my mouth at the situation that soon unfolded.

“Eat it up, greed.”


This is because Tam, a huge dragon with a purple-black body, ate all the dozens or hundreds of feathers that flew in with its mouth wide open.

[The greedy dragon looks at you with a confused face.]

Before he could pay attention to the real message of ‘Tam’ that was blocking his eyes, Hamiel’s voice filled with surprise rang in Jinhyuk’s ears.

“… … Nonsense.”

“Thank you, I haven’t had enough to eat these days, but because of you, I’m gorging after a long time.”

“… … “Shut up!”


Perhaps realizing that a feather attack would only benefit Jinhyeok, Hamail flapped his wings roughly and created a tempest.

A storm of divine power.

It came towards Jinhyeok and started tearing down everything on the road.

“It makes no sense that this is divine power. “It’s no different from demonic energy or divine power.”

Jinhyeok left his seat as he felt that there was no change in the divine power, magical energy, or deep destructive energy, just that the purpose of use was slightly different.

Battle with Hamiel.

Jinhyuk’s mouth was already watering as he thought about Hamiel’s body that he would eat after winning this battle.

There was no lie in what I said earlier.

The only thing I’ve been eating lately is doppelgangers, and I’ve been skipping it more than I’ve been eating it.

That’s why a deep smile appeared on Jinhyeok’s lips at the thought of eating Hamiel and the other Four Emperors.


Is that why?

Not only Hamiel, but also Jinhyeok himself could not feel the ‘seed’, which is the organ that generates divine power and magical energy, nestled in his heart, stirring.

Without even noticing the change, the two began to clash like crazy, letting out each other’s energy.

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