Absolute Necromancer Chapter 149

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Clearing the 101st to 105th floors didn’t take long.


“I know.”


Tune, who has become even stronger, jumps directly into the battlefield and spits out his own dark blue spiritual power.

Tune, who was advancing with spiritual power wrapped around his entire body, was like a tank of destruction, and there were no monsters in sight that could stop him.

That was actually the case.

– Hehe!



The various monsters that rushed in to block Tune were cut apart by the spiritual power that protected Tune as tightly as armor.

“I guess I learned a little bit from what I saw.”

“There is no reason why spiritual power cannot do what the energy of speculation can do. Well, the destructive power is slightly lower.”

Choi Kyung-hoon’s speculation.

Tune was clearly a talented climber, as he saw Tugi’s dealings with others and

applied his spiritual power to use it as if he were Tugi.

In addition, Basil and Ashur Hum were performing just as well as Tune.

“Go on, new kids.”


Dozens of dead spirits with their tongues sticking out swept the floor or flew through the air towards the monsters.

“… … “Blessing of light.”


Ashur Hum also ran forward, wrapping a bright light around himself as if he

would not be defeated.

Unlike in the past, it was not milky, but a white-purple color mixed with my spiritual power, but in fact, its power was better than in the past.

KwakagagakThe Four Souls and Ashur Hum become entangled and the battle continues.

As if they had formed a plan, they fought without getting in each other’s way,

but rather helping each other.

Even I stuck out my tongue at the strangely perfect combination.

“… … “What on earth did you do?”

“It is the result of a lot of hard work. “It is also proof of our qualifications to stand by Jinhyuk’s side.”

I shook my head in response to Tune’s response, which had already come back to my side.

“You guys are polar opposites too.”

“Anyway, it will be soon. “Let’s get ready.”

“Yes, I know.”

I was worried that they would not be able to mix well because each of them had such distinct personalities, but seeing them blend so well together was extremely satisfying.

But even for a momentI nodded at Tune’s words, “Soon,” and prepared for battle.

From the 101st floor to the 104th floor, I also attacked, but after arriving at the 105th floor, I did not participate in a single battle.

The reason was simple enough for anyone to understand.

“… … “It’s a cave of doppelgängers.”

105th floor.

This is because he was not stupid enough to waste his strength on the battle necessary to conquer the doppelganger cave, which could be said to be a hidden dungeon, right in front of him.

An undefeated monster that has never been defeated.

In front of him, unnecessary expenditure of power would have been a shortcut to defeat.

‘If I don’t kill you, it’s my loss. ‘I have to finish it this once.’

Losing the battle with the doppelganger was not the only defeat.

Unconditional victory.

If I couldn’t catch and kill the doppelganger and extract the core from him, that would mean my defeat.

“Go in.”


“Children, come back.”

“… … Phew, I will stand by your side.”

Doppelganger’s cave entrance.

The dark interior was enough to make you feel like you were voluntarily walking into the jaws of a tiger.

However, Basil and Ashur Hum, who eventually returned, stood behind and next to me, and their reassurance broke through the darkness.

So we slowly walked into the doppelganger’s cave.

* * *

Jeopuk- Jeopuk-

“Shall we turn on the light?”

“Oh, turn it on. “It’s definitely dark, so it’s hard to see inside.”

“All right.”

How long did you walk?

Even though I got used to the darkness, I couldn’t see the inside of the doppelganger’s cave at all.

In the end, Ashur Hum and Tune themselves came forward and lit the fire in the cave.

Paaaa- growlingA bright cluster of lights floated into the air, and dark blue flames flickered above Tune’s hand, lighting up the cave.

The thick darkness tried to swallow up even light and fire, but the abilities of

the two people were not weak enough to be eaten by the darkness.

The darkness admitted its defeat and moved away from our surroundings to focus its power where light could not reach.



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As a result, the world around us has become brighter.

Jumble-jumpSatisfied with the brightly lit cave, we couldn’t help but frown as we headed into the cave.

“This too… … ?”

“It probably belongs to a victim who came in to catch his doppelgänger.”

“Yes, I think so too.”

Arm bones, leg bones, and various weapons hanging like ornaments here and

there in the cave.

Although they were already so rotten that they could not be properly called weapons, the walls of the cave were decorated with items that could have functioned well as weapons before they rotted.

As it seemed like the work of a doppelganger, the discomfort gradually reached its peak.

“They say he lived a long time, but it’s really a lot.”

The cave was large, and of course, the further you entered, the more blatantly

the loot was hanging there, unlike at the entrance.

Human skulls, weapons with teeth removed, limbs that haven’t completely rotted away, etc.

As more and more things presumed to be the recently damaged climbers started popping up, I couldn’t stay still either.

PuhuaakThe spiritual power that lightly bursts out sweeps the area.

PussyukEvery time the spiritual power touches the victims’ remains and remains that the doppelganger had hung up like decorations, they lightly crumble.

-Isn’t the hobby of coming to other people’s houses and destroying their things too nasty?

From the depths of the cave, an angry voice rang in my ears, and I couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman, or even a child or an old man.

But I didn’t respond to him.

“Destroy everything.”


“This is our specialty.”

“If that is your will, I will follow it.”

One person became four.

They all have a knack for destruction.

With each gesture from me and others, the cave became a mess.

No, in some ways, it is safe to say that it will return to its original appearance

rather than being a mess.

-… … I would have told him to stop!!!


As if he was not satisfied with his cave returning to its original state, a sharp attack came from deep within the cave.

Ashur Hum stopped destroying the cave and pulled out his shield as the attack

was aimed precisely at us destroying the cave.

“Blessing of light.”


As the pure white light seeped into the shield, the pure white light transformed into a large shield.

And a large shield made of light blocked the doppelganger’s attack.

Quad deukMy body was pushed back to block the attack and relieve the force, but that was all.


Ashur Hum, who slammed his shield into the ground with a heavy sound, opened his mouth with a characteristic blunt expression.

“Let’s go. “I will clear the way.”

“Yes, please.”

Although he had clearly felt the power of the doppelganger’s attack just now,

Ashur Hum, who was now no better than a mere summon, moved forward without hesitation.

And I had no intention of stopping him.

‘Anyway, we succeeded in upsetting the doppelganger, and there’s no need to

restrict his actions if he can take care of himself.’

I didn’t destroy the victims’ items decorated on the doppelganger wall out of



It upset the doppelganger and made him come out in a hurry.

My intention was successful, and it was natural that Ashur Hum, the only paladin in the current party who could tank, would take the lead.

Therefore, rather than stopping Ashur Hum, who was leading the way, I ended up asking a favor and followed him towards the depths of the cave.

Jumble-jumpThe doppelgänger did not attack as we made our way to the large cavity at the end of the cave.

Clap- clap- clap-

“amazing. “I never thought that even after provoking me like that, instead of running away, he would come right back to where I am.”

The sound of applause coming from inside the cavity.

The being clapping was none other than a black mass.

The sight of people making black lumps like hands and clapping their hands

was extremely bizarre.

It was a black mass with only two human arms clapping its hands. If that wasn’t bizarre, it was clear that there wouldn’t be anything in the world that wasn’t bizarre.

Procrastination… … Procrastination… … .

Eventually, the black mass swayed roughly and turned into something.

“hello friend! “I’m Belle, an outstanding adventurer!”

“… … ?”

As I tilted my head to see the doppelganger greeting me with the face and voice of a cheerful adventurer, the doppelganger continued to transform.

“… … hi.”

A warlock climber with a gloomy voice.


A young climber with a cute voice.

“Kihi! Kihihihi!”

A climber who seemed to have a mental problem and was drooling and unable to speak properly.

The more I changed into the appearance of various climbers, the more my face became stiff.

“… … Are those the climbers standing in front of you?”

ChurrrrreutAs soon as I finished speaking, the doppelganger’s original body appeared.

So he came back looking like a black lump and nodded.

“Yes, that is correct. Their abilities and images live within me. Well, most of them escaped, but some are doing well in my stomach. And soon you will too!”


The doppelganger, who instantly transformed from a black mass into someone else’s appearance, attempted the same attack he had made earlier.

Seeing the rush of blade-like energy, Ashur Hum stepped forward again.

“Blessing of light. Guardian of light. Armor of Light.”


A beam of light so brilliant that it seems as if the sun has risen in the void is drawn into Ashur Hum.

And the remaining brilliance floats above Ashur Hum’s head and continues to

protect Ashur Hum and replenish his divine power.

Ashur Hum, who was supplied with almost infinite divine power at this moment, blocked the doppelganger’s attack like a strong castle wall.

Boom- boom- boom-!

Ashur Hum calmly blocked the attack without even blinking despite the blade

-like energy hitting his armor and shield, and Tune and Basil also jumped to their feet.

“Jinhyuk, there is no need for you to step forward. We will handle it on our own.”

“I don’t care about anything that isn’t a snake, just die.”

Tune’s calm voice and Basil’s attack, which does not show the slightest interest in the doppelganger, are devastating to the doppelganger.

But the doppelganger didn’t just sit there and watch.


The doppelganger, who changed himself again into a new appearance, became a giant.

The giant, full of muscles, crossed his arms to block the two men’s attacks.


Blocking Tune’s punch with his bare body.

Kwasik! Kwasik! Kwasik!

“… … Hmm, it tickles.”

Seeing him treating the private soldiers biting his arm as if they weren’t there,

I opened my eyes wide and checked for him.

And although I couldn’t tell what kind of climber the doppelganger had turned into, I could tell what ‘race’ it had turned into.

“… … Ha, giants? “Are you kidding me?”


It was surprising given that he was a huge man and muscular.

However, I was surprised to learn that a doppelganger could even copy the Four Emperors.

But there was something else that was truly surprising.

“Now let’s deal with him in earnest. Because time has already passed!”


The doppelganger, who had turned into a giant, transformed into another form again.

And this time, the doppelganger’s transformation looked very familiar.

“how is it? “Is it the same as you?”

“… … “You unlucky guy.”

Jinhyuk Cha.

It was me.

Starting with the coat I’m wearing, to the goblin mask Ha-ryu gave me and Miho’s fox mask.

I couldn’t help but laugh at the sight of the doppelganger who looked exactly

like me in everything.

But the important thing was not that he turned into me.

“Come out, come out and deal with those guys too.”

A doppelganger who gives orders in an eerily identical voice.


Jump, jump, jump –

We were all startled by the sound of footsteps coming from behind him.

“… … .”

“… … .”

“… … .”

There was no word as if my mouth had been sealed, and my eyes were blurry,

but the doppelganger who had turned into me appeared from behind and was

none other than –

“… … “It’s us.”

“under! “Do you feel bad?”

“It seems like even summoned beasts can be copied. It seems like there is no

ego or ego… … “It’s not at a level where I can let my guard down.”

My soul sickness.

So, they were people who looked exactly like Tune, Basil, and Ashur Hum.

Unsurprised by their appearance, which was translucent like a soul disease, the doppelganger stretched out its arms and shouted.

“ruler! good! “Show the ‘fake’ ones that you are ‘real’!”

It was strange to pretend to be real with a fake subject, but we couldn’t ignore

those who were rushing towards us.

Quad deuk!

Ashur Hum, who ran first, and Ashur Hum’s doppelganger collided.

Not to be outdone, on the other side, Tune and his doppelgänger and Basil and his doppelgänger clashed, creating an explosion of alcohol.

The moment when the large cavity is filled with heavy drinking –

“You have to fight me.”

“I was planning on doing that, fake.”

“Fake it – how about the guy who died here becomes a fake?”

“Not bad, you’re going to die here.”

I nodded at the words of the doppelganger who rushed through the dust cloud, then flung me backwards and muttered.

“Cha Jinhyuk Ryu – Chapter 1, Coin Creation – Devil Coin.”




Black coins raining down around me.

I grabbed them with my spiritual power and pulled out my bow from sub-space.

When the drawn bow is instantly imbued with spiritual power and glows purple-black.

Quad deukThe devil coins that fell like rain were crushed and transformed into one arrow.

A single arrow made of dozens of coins condensed.

Hang it on the string of the bow and pull it.


The bow bent as if it would break and made an eerie sound, but I paid it no

mind and focused my eyes on the doppelganger with an emotionless gaze.



I shot.

Ma Yeongsi (魔靈矢).

An arrow made from magic and spiritual power.

It flew like a guided missile towards the doppelganger standing in the distance.


The arrow, which was a mixture of magical energy and spiritual power, exploded violently as soon as it reached its target point, literally destroying the surrounding area.

It was powerful enough to kill a decent climber with a single blow, but-

“Isn’t this mask pretty good? “I like it more than any other ability.”

“… … “It’s going to be a pretty tough fight.”

The moment I saw the doppelganger jumping out of the dust cloud, I was convinced.

This battle will be quite difficult.

The reason was simple.

“Battle foresight.”

“Battle foresight.”

Because he was able to use the abilities of my items as well.

That’s why time slowed down, as if it had stopped.

And as time slowed down, only my doppelganger and I began to engage in rough combat at the same speed as each other.

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