Absolute Necromancer Chapter 137

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“How was it on Earth?”

“It was normal. “I’m just an Earthling with a bit of a dirty personality and no b

usiness mind?”

“… … “I can’t believe it.”

It started with a story about me.

Although it was a story that happened more than ten years ago, it was not difficult because ten years passed in the blink of an eye and all I had to do was search through memories from five years ago.

Climbers receive corrections in all areas.

There was no difference in memory.

“It’s all like that. I have a friend named Choi Kyung-hoon, and he is just a fighter. But on Earth, fighting in the streets is illegal.”

“If it’s Choi Kyung-hoon, he’s definitely on the 800th floor…” … ?”

“That’s right, isn’t it hard to believe that a guy who is famous in the tower as

an 800-story climber, and who would be similar on Earth, was just a criminal

who got into street fights just ten years ago? That and I are the same. “I was just an ordinary person with a dirty personality.”

The past was extremely ordinary.

There can’t be anything particularly surprising.

It was just a story about a guy who lived from day to day to get to the top, find

talent, and become the greatest power on Earth.

Ha-Ryu, who had heard that far, puffed out his cheeks and responded sulkily

as if he was not amused.

“I didn’t want to hear such ordinary things.”

“I can’t help it. “The image you know of me was created after I entered the tower.”


A soul lord who destroys those who stand in his way and commands the dead.

The ‘Death Star’ that leads death.

All of those names appeared to have been created within the tower.

My appearance on Earth was not mixed in at all with the appearance inside the tower.

Therefore, it was natural that there was nothing that could be done other than just shrugging the shoulders in response to the complaints of the subordinate.

“… … “Then, please don’t talk about your brother, but just talk about a place

called Earth.”

“Sure, whatever. “There’s nothing special there, either.”


Compared to the pagoda, it would not be an understatement to say that the place was peaceful, or even quiet.

Of course, after the appearance of the tower, it became quite noisy with the appearance of monsters, but it was still not enough compared to the tower.

However, such talk on Earth surprisingly worked well for the lower class.

“A karaoke room? Where to sing? Wow – that sounds fun. “Although I’m not a

good singer, adults told me that I was good at singing village nursery rhymes and stuff like that!”

“Cinema? A place where you can watch plays or something on video? I really like that play! Ha, that sounds fun.”

“… … Chicken skewers? This is my first time hearing it, but it sounds like a really delicious name. chicken? pizza? “What is all that?”

I really like it.

Ha-Ryu was so interested in the Earth that I was taken aback by his eyes sparkling and showing joy when I told him about the culture and food of the Earth.

“Unlike me, you are very interested in the Earth.”

“It’s also my brother’s hometown dimension… … “To be honest, talking about

my brother is not fun.”

“… … That’s kind of heartbreaking. “Ordinary is also good in its own way.”

When I responded bitterly to Ha-Ryu, who was much more proactive than when he asked about me, Ha-Ryu was also left speechless.

“… … Right, normal. “Ordinary is best.”

“Oh, this was my mistake… … .”


Because that was something that the lower class, whose normality had collapsed, wanted to achieve more than anything else.

When I realized that, I tried to admit that I had made a mistake, but-

“No, your brother is right. “If the village had gone on in such a peaceful and normal way, I wouldn’t be here now.”

Haryu shook his head and agreed that I was right.

Ha-ryu then smiled brightly, saying that she was able to meet me because her

normality was broken, and she was very beautiful.


‘… … ‘Is it heart failure?

I clicked my tongue and gently stroked Haryu’s head as I felt something that I

shouldn’t have been jumping into pounding.

“The broken normal will end if we create it again together. “It may not be the

same as before, but we can create a better normal.”

“… … Yes, unlike back then, now there are many other people, including your

brother and Miho.”

“There is also old man Muyoung.”

“… … Grandpa Genno. Yes, there are people who use the name Muyoung now, so I… … I’m fine!”

I could clearly see Ha-ryu saying it was okay, putting his hands together, clen

ching his fists, and putting in so much strength that the blood stopped flowing.

And I wasn’t a bad person or a bad brother to the point where I kept quiet even after seeing that.




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“… … swimming?”

As he felt my hand gently squeezing his head, Ha-ryu looked at me with a foolish face for the first time and let out a strange sound.

But I didn’t care about that and just shook my head and said.

“Good work. “You have held on for a really long time, strong and firm.”

“No, I, that’s… … .”

“Well, you can relax now. “Because I am by your side.”

“… … .”

The downstream is still young.

On Earth, I would be about the age of a middle or high school student.

Such a child loses his village, friends, family, younger siblings, and home.

lost everything

‘It’s even weirder to be okay at work. In other words, the downstream isn’t just fine, it’s trying to be fine.’

The child who clearly is not okay is fine.

That means trying to appear sane in the eyes of others.

However, it is not the place where everyone gathers as usual, and Miho, who is still present, is fast asleep.

Even in a situation where it was safe to say that they were alone, there was no

need for Ha-Ryu to be fine.

“I am… … I am… … .”

As I heard Miho’s voice start to cry and tremble, I held Miho up to prevent her

from falling and gently hugged Ha-ryu.

“You don’t need to say anything. Just, you just have to let out what you’ve been holding in like this. Even if he is a god, he cannot be fine at every moment. This is especially natural for you who are still young. “There is no need for any reason.”

Gods, devils, climbers.

There comes a point where everyone falls apart.

Whether it’s a colleague, a lover, or a family member that you share your feelings with.

Nevertheless, the lower river built a tower and a wall again to prevent it from

collapsing and to prevent anyone from noticing it if it collapsed.

Now there is no need to do all that.

Ha-Ryu buried himself in my arms with a more relieved and refreshed face than ever before and cried so that no one could see.

Instead of shaking off Ha-Ryu, who cried like a child in my arms, I wrapped her gently so that no one could see her.

TsutsutsutsuUnlike during battle, the spiritual power that did not burst out but just slowly flowed out, and soon it became a huge curtain surrounding us.

In addition, it was the result of a large number of magics that diverted people’s attention, including perception-impairing magic.

We closed our eyes, just feeling each other’s warmth without being disturbed

by anyone.

[The pinnacle of all evil shouts for the door to open.]

[King Mifu twitches the corner of his mouth.]

[The God of Lightning smiles sinisterly.]

[The perfect wife, Shin, looks at someone and sighs]

[A nine-tailed fox punches someone in the back.]

Even the messages from God and the devil, which are blocked by the curtain and cannot be seen inside, could not reach me at this time.

* * *

A full day passed.

Of course, my time with Ha-Ryu came to an end.

[The pinnacle of all evil asks what was going on inside.]

[King Mifu pricks up his ears.]

[The God of Lightning quietly pulls up a chair.]

“… … They’re like eight-punchies. What should I do with a child who hasn’t even had blood on his head yet? What do the police do? “Don’t catch people like that.”

[The pinnacle of all evil looks around with a surprised expression.]

[King Mifu quietly leaves the place.]

[The god of lightning runs away with a loud thunderstorm.]

[The wise man’s disciple appears, clearing his throat.]

“They are playing well. “Someone must be too busy, tsk.”

Leaving behind the noisy message window, I slowly saw off the people who were starting to leave the 60th floor.

“I definitely received the balance.”

The first was Shane.

Shane stood in front of me, dressed not much different from when we first met, grinning and waving his money bag.

A money bag that feels heavy.

Gold Rich probably gave me the balance in cash that I was supposed to give to Shane.

‘… … That alone would be in the millions, so give it to me in cash? He’s really

great too.’

I sent Shane off, once again sticking my tongue out at Gold Rich’s wealth, which others would have saved up in cash.

“Okay, if I have to see you again next time, please.”

“However much. If it’s something this big, it’s always good. “I like it even more because I gained a lot through this job.”

Even as he was leaving, Shane did not hide his satisfaction.

It is natural that not only is there a large amount of compensation, but also the ‘territory’ can be expanded, albeit imperfectly.

“Thanks to me, you gained a clue to the realm, so don’t you owe me a debt?”

“… … You were going to pay it back on your own without me having to say it,

right? Mercenaries are sure to get their money’s worth. “I have received compensation for risking my life in this battle, so I know that providing a clue to what is called territory is a debt I must repay.”

I smiled at Shane, who grunted as if it was obvious, and nodded.

That was enough.

It was profitable enough just to owe a little debt to an outstanding climber named Shane.

“What are we going to do now?”

“… … I’m going to climb the tower. “The answer was that it would be difficult to fully expand the territory in its current state.”

“It is close to the correct answer. The area is too powerful for a climber with less than the 300th floor to unleash. “If you climb the tower, train your body, and improve your energy, the realm will one day be by your side.”

“… … Ah, I can hear the debt increasing. Damn it, I’ll take note.”

Shane clicked his tongue but was satisfied because he knew that the advice I gave him was simple but expensive.

Just seeing a clear path forward would be of great help to Shane.

“Then I’ll go. see you later.”

“Did you talk to Hendrick?”

“… … “That lizard bastard just sparred all day?”

“Yeah, that’s the Hendrick thing to do. See you then.”

Are you still sparring with Basil?

The sparring that started when I spoke with Ha-ryu yesterday would not have

taken place for 24 hours.

I would have just eaten, sparred, slept, woke up, sparred, and so on.

In the end, Hendrick, who was engaged in sparring until Shane left, did not show up.

Jumble-jumpShane walks slowly.

One person came to her side.

“… … Are you going?”

“… … why? “Why don’t we spar some more?”

“Tsk, I didn’t know you were going already.”

“I had enough rest for about 2-3 days. “Didn’t you also spend time sparring?”

Hendrick, who was presumed to have come from sparring, scratched his swea

ty head as Shane pouted his lips and grunted.

“… … later. Also, if you see it later, tell me in advance. “I will find time to have

at least one meal.”

“… … “You’re living there, right?”

“I have that much money.”

“As long as it’s free food, it’s as much as you want. Instead, next time, if you just spar, I will feed you food and bullets, so be prepared.”

“… … “Sure.”

Hendrick burst into laughter and nodded at the threatening appearance of Shane tapping the pistol, which was like the essence of science, attached to his waist.

No one knows when they will meet again, but they know that they will meet again in the future, so they made a promise to have a meal together.

Hendrick, who was crazy about sparring, and Shane, who was crazy about money.

Jinhyeok and Ha-ryu looked at each other and grinned as they watched the two promise to eat together from afar.

“Does the day of love come even to lizards?”

“… … “Brother, if you call me a lizard in front of Mr. Hendrick, I’ll bring a knife to you.”

“I’m saying that because there isn’t one, right? Still not bad. “Shane is a decent person.”

A woman who is capable and makes good money.

A woman who is not discouraged by Hendrick’s strong temper.

Jinhyuk shook his head because there weren’t many women like this.

‘It will also be helpful in Yeokcheon.’

Jinhyuk didn’t give advice to Shane for nothing.

It was clear that he wanted to be indebted to Shane, but he also thought about the possibility that she might one day join Yeokcheon.

However, if Hendrick and Shane, who are members of Yeokcheon’s guild and

also hold the role of deputy guild leader, become deeply involved, there is a high probability that Shane will join Yeokcheon.

“You’re using Hendrick as bait to catch Shane.”

“… … “I feel sorry for these two people for no reason.”

After Ha-ryu’s words hardened with a look of disgust on his face, Shane disappeared, and Hendrick, who had come to see Shane as he was leaving, returned

to the training ground to spar again.

And another person leaving, who was waiting for his next turn, approached Jinhyuk.


“Yes, it was time for you to leave too.”

“hmm! Now that we have taken care of some of the damage from the Taoists,

we must return to Yuldo Kingdom. Because Taoists by nature cannot stay outside of Yuldoguk for a long time. still! Yuldo-guk will always be with Yeokcheon!”

Hong Gil Dong.

He, the owner of Yuldo Country, was the second person to leave after Shane.

In fact, most of the injured had recovered after two to three days, so their departure was predictable and was not surprising.

“And this is the ‘price’ I couldn’t give back then.”

“… … “Payback?”

And before leaving.

Hong Gil-dong placed a ‘reward’ in Jin-hyeok’s hand.

Hong Gil-dong left only a brief explanation to Jin-hyeok, who checked the trophy handed to him along with the word “price”.

“If you have that, even if you are in danger of death, you will be able to save your life at least once. However, you may be confused. “I can’t tell you the details, but I assure you that if you have that reward, Prince Eun-gong will be able to get out of a crisis for once.”

“… … It’s a nice gift. “The problem is that we don’t know the detailed effects.”

An item that can save your life in any crisis.

Jinhyeok nodded with satisfaction because these words were spoken by Hong Gil-dong, the master of a country, and not by anyone else.

“Then let’s go. “Go back to Yuldo!”

“… … yes!”

The moment Hong Gil-dong, who had finished giving a brief explanation while holding the trophy in his hand, turned his back and shouted.

The voices of the Taoist monks rang out loudly, and soon they disappeared without a trace.

“They are such an amazing people.”

“… … I didn’t see it either. “I think it’s probably the ability to move through space itself.”

The ability to move without being able to see properly, even downstream with

good eyesight.

The two people were amazed at the ability of the Taoists and Hong Gil-dong to freely use it.

of course-

“I want it. “I would like to try learning it later when I have the chance.”

All Masters.

For Jinhyuk, who can learn everything, such ability was not something that was just a thing of the past, so I couldn’t help but be jealous of it.

But think about that for a moment.

“If there are people who want to leave, come quickly, say hello, and then leave. “Don’t waste your time!”

Jinhyeok called them together in an irritated voice as the list of people who were leaving was still full.

When Ha-ryu bursts into laughter at the sight of climbers suddenly gathering

around Jin-hyeok and crowding around him.


“… … why? “It’s Miho.”

Miho, who had been sleeping in the aftermath of Advent, called out to Ha-Ryu.

Miho asked Ha-ryu, who tilted her head while gently looking at Miho calling her.

“Are you not crying today?”

“… … Miho, how do you do that?!”

Ha-Ryu was shocked to see Miho smiling and not crying and unable to hold back her curiosity.

Because I knew very well what that question meant.

A question referring to myself, who touched Jinhyuk’s chest yesterday in Jinhyuk’s arms.

When Ha-ryu asked a puzzled question, Miho answered by pricking her ears.

“Foxes have sharp ears.”

“… … what do you want?”

“snack! Danggwa!”

“… … Okay, let’s go. My sister will buy everything for you. therefore… … “Where can I go and say something like that?”

“huh! Miho, your mouth is heavy!”

Seeing Miho smiling brightly while pretending to put a zipper on her mouth,

Ha-ryu sighed and blushed, holding Miho’s hand and walking towards the market street on the 60th floor.

This was before the non-stop race to the 100th floor.

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