Absolute Necromancer Chapter 136

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“Hmm, I think I got some pretty satisfactory results.”

“It’s all thanks to Jinhyuk.”

“God’s help makes a paladin stronger. “It’s natural.”

I like it because it feels like absolute loyalty.

Aside from their increased power, I was satisfied with the strong loyalty I felt from both of them.

However, contrary to the two people, there was also a slightly ambiguous guy.


“… … Tsk, next time I’ll eat it all by myself. Falling behind once is enough.”

“do whatever you want. Next time, whether you share or eat alone, the choice

is yours, and the result is also yours.”

“… … I get it.”

Although Basil was blunt, I didn’t know if he had learned something through this incident or realized the importance of reading alone. I nodded to Basil’s answer and stood up.

“Quite a bit of time has passed. “Let’s go.”


“I will follow.”

As I stood up and headed outside the underground cavity, Tune and Ashur Hum quickly came and stood side by side.

It was kind of funny, but it still felt reassuring, so I smiled and nodded roughly.

“do whatever you want. I don’t care what you do as long as it doesn’t disturb you. “You guys know that line well.”

“Thank you for your consideration.”

“I follow your will.”

They are quick-witted and have great abilities.

Of course, they will try their best to not do anything I don’t want without their knowledge.

It would be even weirder not to have it next to you.

“There is a lot of work to be done. “It should end quickly and we can start clmbing in earnest.”

In particular, the race to the 100th floor was scheduled to start from the moment the work on the 60th floor was completed, so the work had to be completed quickly.

It is only natural, as the race begins from the moment work on the 60th floor


That’s why I moved on quickly.

Jump, jump, jump, jump –

The underground cavity, which was too wide to fill four people, was filled with only the sound of footsteps, and eventually even the sound of footsteps disappeared completely.

There was nothing left in the underground cavity anymore.

* * *

60th floor.

It became a battleground between a huge guild called Guild Alliance and a newly born guild called Yeokcheon.

There, a man with long black hair was swinging a sword.


The sword roughly cuts through the air, making an eerie sound.

Just a repetition of monotonous cutting and cutting.

However, the sharpness inherent in such monotony was not hidden.

“more… … “We must become stronger.”


It was the name of a climber who had rented a huge training hall located on the 60th floor and was working on his sword skills.

Grand guilds located beyond the 100th floor.

He, who could be said to be the backbone of ‘Yeokcheon’, the guild that broke their union, ‘Guild Alliance’, was swinging his sword as if he was being chased.


It was only when thick drops of sweat formed a small puddle on the floor of the training ground that Hendrick plunged his sword into the floor.

Just by looking at the sword gently digging into the stone floor, you can get a rough idea of how excellent Hendrick’s sword and his skills are.

But he was disappointed.

“… … “It’s still not enough.”


I clenched my fists roughly.

Even as he felt the enormous power pulsing in his hands, Hendrick was not satisfied.

“The true division of the world is not like that… … .”

Battle with Basil.

A technique close to Hendrick’s special move that shattered his territory.

However, that special move was very different from the ‘splitting the world’ that Hendrick was familiar with.

Crucially, in terms of destructive power.

“Tsk, time will solve the problem, but I can’t help but feel disappointed.”

Hendrick did not know that no matter how perfect a technique is, if the body

is not built to perform the technique, it is only half a technique.

It was just disappointing.

The technology that you have perfectly designed in your head cannot be perfectly implemented in your body.

“Tsk, I think we can achieve some decent growth as long as there is someone

who can coordinate it…” … After all, such a being would not be common.”

Technological and physical growth.

It had a lot to do with collision.

Whether you lose or win, sparring with beings of a similar level is directly related to your skills and physical growth.

In that respect, Hendrick clicked his tongue.



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‘My current level is already far beyond the 100th floor. It wouldn’t be difficult

for a climber to the 150th or 200th floor in perfect condition.’

It is not difficult for climbers between the 150th and 200th floors who do not

receive a penalty to guarantee victory.

Naturally, how many climbers are there on the 60th floor and above 200?

No, it was safe to say that there was almost none.

“… … Cha Jin-hyuk is the only one, but I can’t even see where he is.”

Jinhyuk, who was climbing with him, was almost the only climber who could satisfy Hendrick’s thirst.

There was no way Jinhyeok, who was busy with construction work, would have time to leisurely spar with Hendrick.

Of course, it was not that Jinhyuk was reluctant to spar with Hendrick, but rather that he could not do it, but due to reasons such as repairing damage to the

60th floor and coordinating future schedules, there was no way Jinhyuk, who lacked two bodies, would have time to spar with Hendrick.

It was right then.



“… … This?”

Hendrick looked at the translucent snake running across the floor of the gym

with a slightly surprised face.

But even for a moment.

Hendrick, seeing the snake running towards him with its mouth open, lightly

pulled out the sword stuck on the floor and swung it forward.


Although it was a sword strike without energy, it was not enough to cut the snake in half.


-… … Sigh!

The translucent snake did not die even after being cut in half by Hendrick’s sword strike.

Just recovering from cuts.

No matter how powerful the sword strike, if it does not contain energy, it will

not die.

Hendrick knew such a thing very well.

“You don’t get cut. Is it a spirit body? No, not exactly… … .”

“It’s a soul disease.”

And before Hendrick could answer, the person who sent the snake intercepted

the answer.

“… … Yeah, ha… … Hahaha! “I thought it was you, Basil!”

“Should I say it’s been a while? “I must say that I have been looking forward to

this meeting again~”


A ‘king’ level climber who was revealed to the world again as a soul disease by


He was standing in front of Hendrick with a smile on his face.

Hendrick burst into laughter at the sight of the translucent appearance, but with its unique madness and joy.

The object for which I had been fighting for my life not long ago appeared before my eyes again.

“Are you interested in joining my collection this time? And then, after you die,

you will once again enter my private soul!”

“It seems like he didn’t come to his senses even after dying once, but I wonder

if he will come to his senses after dying a second time.”

I laughed.

I liked the confidence of Basil, who told people to join the collection even after he died.


“You can please me this time too, right? Cha Jin-hyuk’s replacement?”

“It’s a substitute. There is nothing I can’t say to my master. lizard.”

Hendrick liked Basil and was happy beyond finding him fun.

The appearance of a being who could face everything against Jinhyeok and no one else gave him tremendous excitement.

“Push your limits, Basil!”

“As long as the losing side becomes a slave.”

“You will lose unconditionally, so becoming a slave is enough for me. Because

I’m going to win anyway. Even if I win, I won’t make you my slave. “Because you belong to Cha Jin-hyuk.”

“… … “Your knack for making people angry is as good as your swordsmanship.”

Basil, who was given free time by Jinhyuk, gritted his teeth at Hendrick’s attitude of being confident that he would win unconditionally, as if ignoring him.

One defeat.

Because that wasn’t enough for Basil to give in, he soon spread his hands and

kicked away.

“Let’s pretend there was no bet.”

“Are you not confident?”

“No, I’m just saying this because I think it would be enough to just hear the word ‘defeat’ come out of your mouth.”

Hendrick chuckled and nodded at the words of Basil, who was smiling but not


“as you please. I can just fight and that’s enough. “My body is a little sweet.”

“Really? It’s the same. After all, we look a lot alike… … peel!”

Basil, who pronounced the last word with force, immediately rushed towards


Hendrick also lowered his posture and placed his hand on his sword sheath as

he looked at Basil, who was rushing towards him with translucent dead spirits

wrapped around his body.

“Similarity does not mean sameness.”


Along with that, Hendrick’s dragon sword was revealed to the world.


The second fight between Basil and Hendrick began with an explosion loud enough to fill the 60th floor training hall and to be emitted outside.

* * *


“I’m already having a hard time.”

“yes? “What did you say, brother?”

“Nothing. “It’s just noisy.”

At the sound of an explosion coming from the direction of the training ground where Basil was heading, I picked my ears and frowned slightly.

But even for a moment, he looked at Miho, who was sleeping soundly on Ha-Ryu’s lap, and asked.

“How is Miho?”

A full day had passed since the arrival of the nine-tailed fox, and until now, Miho had not been able to open her eyes.

“There are no major injuries. “It is very strong and has extraordinary resilience.”

Fortunately, there was no problem with Miho.

It was also a trustworthy enough horse because it was the horse of Ha-Ryu, who nursed Miho by her side all day.

“Then why can’t you get up?”

“Well, I guess it feels like a penalty for accepting too much force into my body.”

[The nine-tailed fox says that is correct.]

[The nine-tailed fox looks at his child with a worried face.]

[The pinnacle of all evil pats someone on the shoulder and comforts them.]

[The nine-tailed fox slaps someone’s hand, asking where an incompetent man

would touch it.]

[The pinnacle of all evil holds his numb hand and bows his head.]

Have fun, have fun.

Jinhyeok clicked his tongue and gently stroked Miho when he saw Baal get hit

after going to comfort him.

“So when do you think it will happen?”

This was not something to ask downstream.

Ha-ryu seemed to know this as well, waiting silently and looking at me.

And then the answer I was waiting for came to mind.

[It is said that the nine-tailed fox will wake up tomorrow.]

[The nine-tailed fox says he won’t be able to use his strength properly for a few days.]

tomorrow… … “Tomorrow would be appropriate.”

“They say you wake up tomorrow? Haha, thank goodness. “I was worried that

I might have to sleep like this for a long time.”

“Still, it won’t be of much help in battle for a few days.”

“… … As Miho’s older sister, I can handle that. “I will try harder so that Miho’s

absence is not felt.”

I smiled with satisfaction at Ha-ryu’s resolute answer.

No matter what anyone says, it was Miho who played the biggest role in this guild battle.

If she hadn’t played her role as the vessel for the coming of the ‘Nine-Tailed Fox’, we would probably have lost.

‘Sandalfon, that monstrous bastard. A penalty is a penalty, and yet it sweeps the battlefield. Even if I had come forward, the result probably would not have

been different.’


A heavenly race god who is both a high celestial being and a member of the Four Emperors.

As it is a being that has existed since the distant past, its strength was by no means small.

If it weren’t for the arrival of the ‘nine-tailed fox’ at that time, Miho wouldn’t

have been lying down with such a comfortable face right now.

That’s why I gently stroked the head of Ha-ryu, who said he would try harder

on Miho’s behalf.

“I will leave as soon as I wake up tomorrow. The work here is almost done and in the final stage. “Are you prepared?”

“… … Of course. “Please just leave it to me.”

“Yes, I will believe it.”

I sat down next to Ha-Ryu, who revealed himself by clenching his two cute fists, lightly ruffled his hair and smiled slightly.

“You don’t have to go? Something to do… … .”

“Before Miho was my pet, she was a living being and a child who worked hard

for me. “That child is sleeping like he’s about to pass out, so I have to be by his side.”

“… … I have something. “I don’t think Miho will be too disappointed.”

“Even if you don’t regret it, you won’t like it. don’t worry. You said everything

is already in the final stages. And now there are a lot of kids on the 60th floor

who will do the work for me.”

Smiling, I made everyone laugh as I counted on my hands the people who would do the work for me.

“Valkan is currently working on my behalf, and Halcion and Puppet are in the

final stages of setting up a new guild for traitors. Gold Rich is similar. As a merchant, he will be helping Halcion and Puppet with their work, as they have not yet been refined. Oh, there’s Ken too. “He’s as smart as a wizard, so if I just teach him a little bit, he’ll figure it out, right?”

“There are a lot.”

“There are a lot, and do you know what they have in common?”

“What is it?”

I took off my goblin mask as I looked at Ha-Ryu, who was stroking the soft fur

of Miho, who was sleeping soundly like a fox on my lap, with an expression on

my face that said I knew nothing.

“… … swimming.”

Purple-black hair that sparkles and reflects the sunlight.

When Ha-ryu, looking at that, opens his mouth involuntarily and thinks, ‘That’s cool.’

Jinhyuk smiled slightly and opened his mouth.

“They are slave-like subordinates who will do anything I say. So, it’s not enough to dedicate today just for you and Miho.”

“… … !”

Jinhyuk, who is always busy every day, devotes his entire day to himself.

There were no more beautiful words for Haryu, who knew Jinhyeok’s busyness

more than anyone else.

Not on the battlefield, but in an ordinary day, a day with someone who makes

his heart pound every time he walks alone or with Miho.

“… … If that’s the case, fine. Instead, you should stay by my side and by Miho’s side.”

Pressure to not leave anywhere.

Jinhyuk shrugged his shoulders with understanding.

“That’s right, it’s nothing that can’t be done. In the first place, the time was taken to check Miho’s condition, so it was natural. Well, is there something you

want to do? “I think it’s okay to take a break as long as it doesn’t harm sleeping Miho.”

“Then there’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Can I do it?”

In the end, Jinhyeok burst out laughing and nodded as Ha-ryu asked carefully

while pursing his cherry-like lips.

“as you please. “As I just said, as long as it doesn’t harm Miho, it’s okay.”


As soon as it fell, Ha-Ryu opened his mouth with a bright smile, showing no signs of concern.

“The world of brothers and sisters. “I want to know about this place called Earth.”

“… … “Is that all?”

I expected something great to come out of it, but when Jinhyuk was told that it was just a story about himself and his hometown dimension, Jinhyeok laughed with a listless face.

But that didn’t mean it was a rejection.

“Of course.”

“… … Hehe, please hurry up.”

Jinhyeok, who was called Rakshasa on the battlefield, smiled brightly everywhere and nodded towards Ha-ryu, who urged him on while holding his arm, and

Jinhyeok began to tell stories about himself and the earth.

Enjoying the peace that does not match the battlefield of the tower under the

warm sunlight.

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